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How can runes help in life?

Let us look at an example.

As some know, I had problems with a boss. She flew into rages of anger and bullied everyone.

One day she jumped me, and as to what I just said, “Not true. ” She literally got in my face trying to inflame an argument. She feeds off that stuff, energy vampire. Angry talk.

I called (mentally) my fetch, an aurochs, a now extinct giant wild bull of Europe.

(In ancient runes the fetch of the vitki was called a fylgja.)

Even in that small space I put him between her and me. I said nothing more and just looked in peace straight at her in the eye, unflinching. I remembered a runic saying, “From the west charges the bull to give me might and main.”

Everything immediately changed. Instead of the usual getting worse she got confused and could not find what to say. She took on a look of fear in her eyes. I thought how interesting.

There is another saying in ancient runes which came to mind. “To the east swims the dragon to the dread of my foes.” Her face strangely turned to dread.

That was strange because she was the boss and had all the power? No, the vitki has the dominant power when the foe is spiritually unarmed, and the vitki remembers to think runicly. (Sometimes I forget, and to that day I had forgotten with her.)

Finally she with slumped shoulders just walked off in a posture of abject defeat, not finishing what she was grasping at to say.

She has always gotten her way running over people and brow beating them. She was this time going no where and knew it. She was blocked.

Another person, who was there, the next day asked me what I had done. It was so stunningly obvious.

He has known her for over 25 years. He said he had never seen anything like that with her. He pointed out she started stuttering. (I had missed that happening.) He remembered out loud that she never backs down, and she did. He, shaking his head, continued, “You won. No one wins with her. What did you do?”

It was very powerful to be present when the incident happened, and made me feel in control of my space,very powerful.

The fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle is important to use when you need it in situations. I can think of nothing but my use of runic powers that gave this result. But the Bible does say a soft answer turns away wrath. However, the change came over her the very second that I called my fylgja between us.

It was like an impenetrable barrier sprang up and prevented her from bullying through. She was defeated by a secret of the runes.

Now click on the page on runic magic please because there is more info. Imagine what can be. Thank you.

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What is the hardest thing for a healer?

Well, every healer is an individual. So that could have as many answers as facilitators.

For some it maybe the ability too just be a witness, and let what happens happen. I have discussed this in other articles. As a “healer” is seen in augmented reconnective style healing (ARH), the term healer maybe misleading. Many prefer the term facilitator; I prefer witness right now. However, for lack of vocabulary all these terms may be used.

This vocabulary discussion is not just technical. Once we define something we limit our thinking, or we at least express a limit in our understanding of the object named. Deepak Chopra wrote what limits mortals first and last are labels, names, and definitions.

So what happens when you are named a healer. When someone is not healed, then what are you? Because someone is still sick or injured, you must see yourself as a failure, and your failure brings the patient’s suffering on your shoulder.

Here is what is the hardest thing for me and other care givers, at least the ones who care.

There are many sleepless nights thinking what I could have done or done better.

How do you get past the limits that we place on ourselves by definitions?

The hard part is finding the place before there are labels. The ancient Chinese called this entering into tranquility. The Native Americans called it entering into silence.

To the extent possible do your practice without carrying words around with you. Just be; be the witness. Limits are lifted.

Deepak Chopra gave an interesting exercise related to this. After being totally blind folded have a friend feed you different slices of fruits. (It is important not to know the different fruits that will or may be used.) Without knowing what it is just taste it. You will experience a festival of flavors and textures that you have not before realized were there.

Why? You have entered a place before labels, a place of undistracted knowing, tranquility, silence. This place is without named expectations. The fruit is free of your labels to be what it is. You are the innocent witness.

Surely “innocent witness” is a limiting naming in some ways. But this is a move in the right direction. It is a move toward pure being. (That “pure being” is a liable. And so it goes. Closer and closer to a place before words.)

This nebulous innocence state is the hardest thing for me in metaphysical healing arts.

Check out now the pages now on ARH and other healing modalities please, because there is more info. Thank you.

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What can a non psychic do as a card reader?

I had a lady come for a reading about her business. She was planning a big event. Would it work out o.k.?

Her first question when she set down was are you clairvoyant? I said no.

She then said what can you do? I said let us see.

[This is a general remembrance of this reading. There for conciseness are more details not given. ]

I laid out cards, and we began. It became clear in the discussion of the archetypal symbols on the cards that the problem with her business event was not the business. She was being indecisive about making decisions. It was a confidence issue. It was her first big event.

The decisions that she needed to make were not choices between good and bad. That would have been easy. They where just choices that needed to be made.

For example, which caterer of two should she use? Both had been recommended with a good reputation, and the prices were comparatively equal. She just baulked at making the decision.

As we discussed the choices as seen through the symbols, she took out a piece of paper, and she wrote down her decisions. On a couple of them she just flipped a coin. Then she wrote the time she would do the actions required in the decisions.

The issue she had come about was an event she was planning. The event was put together as far as the decisions. She made an agreement with herself to follow what she had decided. Not having choices anymore all she could do was do it.

I said it looks like it will be a successful event.

Confidence may not be the word for when she started. However as she was fulfilling her agreement with herself, she began to see things coming together and confidence grew.

It was a great event.

No psychic needed.

See now the page please on readings and blessings because there is more info. Thank you.

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How accurate with readings are you in telling the future?

I am not a fortuneteller.

Every time you make a choice you change your future. It is not set in stone.

Joshua called on the Israelites to choose which god they would follow. Obviously they had the free will to choose. If the future choice was their free will decision yet to come, no one, not Joshua, not even God could see what would be in the future.

God, when he gave free will, limited even Himself. The future is not knowable in this context.

Using a Carl Jung type reading style, we can together consider if you make certain choices what will be the collateral results. For example, if someone is about to choose should he step off the top of a skyscraper, we can foresee that making that choice would produce a future with a bad event.

I often use this illustration. Say I told you that tomorrow you would have a traffic accident on Main Street at two o’clock. What could you do? That is your future. Right?

The future is not set in stone. You can choose not to be be on Main Street at two.

The future can be good or bad. For the Israelites concerning their choice to serve God, Joshua foresaw that there would be a relatively better or good future if they chose God. In that same vein, I can foresee if a person chooses to step off the edge, there will be a bad result.

Many of our problems are more complicated than these illustrations, but the Carl Jung type reading deals with them in a similar way.

Further, most people know what is the right choice, they just need to get all the mental blockages out of the way. In that clearing they will see the best future that they already know to choose.

I had a lady come for a reading. She was having many emotional problems in several areas of her life. (Often readings are more complicated. However, I use this one for clarity of the example.)

In the discussion of what was going on in her life it came up that a social group had recently made some rules that she emotionally disagreed with. She had been with the group many years, making moving on from that group emotionally unbearable.

I had her draw one card from the tarot deck. Amazingly the card was the moon card. In this deck it pictured a dog coming out of the water. As he looked forward, there was a passage and road. Also, there was a women with a hand gesture directing the dog to go through the open door and on down the road.

I simple asked, “What does this card say to you?”

She looked for a short time at it as I calmly waited. A smile came over her face where there had been tears. “I should move on down the road.”

Her future was to choose to move on from the group or not. With the association with archetypal symbols on the card she clearly saw what she already knew. It was time for her to choose to move on from the group.

I did not tell her that. She saw what she already knew. The cards in this allowed her to see, to admit, the better choice for her.

Two weeks later I saw her at the market. The crying had departed. All her collateral emotional problems had vanished. She on the reading had seen the good/better future.

She hugged me and said, “You are amazing.”

I smiled, “What did I do?”

Click now on the page about readings and blessings please, because there is more info. Thank you.


Would it be better to have two or more healers in a session?

The answer is generally no. In fact it may diminish the effectiveness of some healing modalities.

Let us say that you are involved in an augmented reconnective style healing (ARH) session. If the needed light vibrational regularity is brought back into balance it is brought back into balance. There is no reason that a trained facilitator can not do this. On the surface the question is why would you need another. What is done is done.

The only reason for needing a second facilitator is doubt about the one facilitator session. James in the Bible said the one who doubts should not expect to receive anything. True it may happen, but there is a diminished expectation.

I remember Dr. Eric Pearl at a seminar being asked to do a healing. He declined. Although he is a master facilitator, he explained that anyone could do it. He argued that adding a second facilitator cut the effectiveness in half. As he explained that, without using the word doubt, it was clear that he was talking about the diminishing power of doubt.

It is more powerful just to receive what healing comes in faith; become as a little child.

That being said I will walk this back a little. If two facilitator dissuades a doubt of the seeker, it may be a positive. But still that is an infusion of doubt about the healing modality of itself.

When you come to me, just become as a little child, and be thankful for what comes, what ever it is.

See the page on ARH for more info now.

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Can rune magic be used in healing?

The short answer is yes.

Jesus said that all things are possible to one who believes. So, someone, if he truly believe that rune energy can heal him, according to Jesus he has entered the possibility of healing.

This is indirectly verified in modern medicine. Someone, who prays and believes that the healing is coming, statically has a better possibility of positive out come. Even out side a religious context someone who uses hypnosis or autogenics (see the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more details) has the same better statistical possibility of good out come. Using meditation and visualization does the same. All things are possible to the one believing.

Dr. Joseph Murphy writes about the power of belief in this context. This is not belief in the sense of religion or dogma or moral system. This is belief as a entity into itself. If you believe that runes will do it, you have entered the realm of better possibility of healing out come.

There is no reason to think that belief in a coming healing related to runes would be any less effective. All is possible to the one believing. That is the general truth.

I have used rune magic once in distant healing and the outcome was very interesting.

I had a lady friend tell me that the doctor had found a grapefruit size tumor on her uterus. X-rays, cat scan, MRI, etc. I suggested augmented reconnective style healing. But she too busy to come by my office. She told me before she was to talk to the surgeon.

I thought the world for me would become a dim and ugly place without my beautiful friend. While doing sleeping runes, it came to me to do distance healing for her using the u-rune.

Without details here, I did a signing and sending of the u-rune’s healing energy every morning. I did not tell her what I was doing. I had to do something. I could never have forgiven myself if I lost her to cancer and I had not tried. I believed that could work and all things are possible to the one believing.

This was sort of like what Dr. Joseph Murphy calls the absolute method of healing.

Long story short, when the surgeon x-rayed her, the tumor was gone. It had vanished. Did my rune magic do that. Who knows? But it is possible. (See now the page on rune magic for more details.)

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Can hypnosis be an alternative medical treatment?

Yes. That is not to say that one should set aside licensed medical advise. But in conjunction it can be helpful and in some situations it may be a better treatment.

Many years ago I saw this first hand. It was past time for a lady to deliver her baby. The doctor told her if she did not naturally deliver in two weeks (if I remember the time correctly) he was going to do a c-section.

A friend told her to come see preacher Bill. Understanding that the doctor had said it was time, I was willing to take on the case. I would not have done anything without that implied clearance to start hypnotically the birth process.

In the pre-hypnosis talk I began to see a thinking problem. This was her first child. She had a mother who had repeatedly told her how horrible the delivery would be. Other friends had reinforced that thinking.

While I will admit that the birth process can be for some horrible, I was thinking here that she had developed an inordinate fear of birthing and was unknowingly holding it back.

That being said I also mentally noted that I have known women that recounted the birthing as not horrible (not to say it was fun). One lady even said it was poof, and she had a baby. It was very easy for her six times.

Every woman and every birth is an individual person and event. I am thinking that much of the horrible birthing experiences are because the lady thinks it will be horrible. If you think you can not have a relatively easy birth, then you are right.

I know I am a man, and I know nothing.

I talked with her about the non horrible experiences of some and discussed the above things more deeply. I also noted that birthing was natural and all things considered can be a beautiful natural experience if she would let it be so.

In hypnosis I reinforced the possibility that she could have a beautiful and natural experience as many other women have. There is no reason that she could not. I also mentally took her into the the delivery room and though the birthing process, having her visualize an easy birth. This was done in the evening.

The next morning the baby turned. Soon she had an easy and natural birth.

That was certainly better than a c-section.

There is now evidence in medical literature that c-sections and artificial inducements create some increase possibilities of dangers for the child and mother. Sometimes these things are necessary, but when there is time, hypnosis may be a better treatment.

(That was before I knew augmented reconnective style healing. It might work also. See now the page on augmented reconnective style healing. Depending on the circumstances, I might choose modalities other than hypnosis. But hypnosis has a place in the healing arts.)

See the page on hypnosis and autogenics.

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Can hypnosis help find lost things?

Yes, this has worked several times for me. What follows is an unusual example.

A man came who had lost some money. After he had cashed a birth gift check for his new born son, he had taken the money to his home office and hid it there. When he went back a week or so later he could not find it. So he engaged me to see where he had hid it.

I knew that somewhere in his mind a memory existed of exactly what he had done with the money. I had no doubt that forensic hypnosis could recover that true memory. He was perplexed because he had looked everywhere.

In the pre-session talk the older man talked about his younger wife. I did not think much of that at the time.

In the session I took him back to the bank and receiving the money, searching for memory details of the trip home and hiding the money. The more details you recover on the way to the hiding the more details you will recover about the hiding itself. He insisted that he secreted it in a particular place. However that is one of the places that he had looked.

In the midst of having those memory recoveries he said a couple of times that his wife was not there when he did this or that.

Red flag.

He was an older man with a very young wife. Of itself a young wife is not bad and more power to you. However, some times it can be a marriage for the younger woman about something other than a loving marriage relationship.

After the session he was disappointed that he had not recovered a memory of where the lost money was.

I was convinced that he had hid the money in the place as he had recovered the memory. It was a large amount, and he was understandably upset at the loss. While expressing his feelings, he brought up that his wife was not there when he hid it. Again?

I just asked why would she take the money. I bind-sided him. Before he could think to defend his wife, he said that she is not good with money.

What did that have to do with my question I asked? My question I said was why WOULD she take the money. (A little NLP trick) “Are you saying that she is not good with money in answer to THAT question?”

He looked at me like I had shot him with a gun. He had been involved in a deep, can I say even emotional, blinding to the situation to protect his wife and more specifically himself.

The wife had taken the baby’s money for some shopping. Yes, she was not good with money. This was later confirmed.

Out of the hypnosis session we had found the money.

Click on now the page on hypnosis and autogenics.

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How do you choose the right rune for doing magic?

This question could fill a book, however I will give an advanced answer. Remember there are other hints that would be part of an informative answer.

So you are looking for something that you want to effect with rune magic. Let us say for example that this has to do with some type of trip or movement.

Now consider the full alphabet. There are several runes that can be used in some type of movement magic. What do you do?

The more advanced runster or vitki immediately shifts from thinking about all 24 runes. Granted any rune dealing with movement could be used. But looking at the runes from a different direction can more focus the magic intent and increase the effectiveness.

The runic alphabet divides into 3 lines. The f-rune eight, the first eight, the h-rune eight, and the t-rune eight. The first eight have on a deeper level to do with the physical, the second with the mental, and the third with the spiritual.

If the movement intended has to do with something in the physical, then you could choose a rune from the first eight, say the r-rune. If it is mental movement, consider one in the second eight, maybe ei-rune depending … If it is a spiritual movement, look to a rune in the third eight, maybe the l-rune.

The mere fact that you are thinking more deeply about the intent’s subject of your magic helps increase your focus and effectiveness. As hypnosis or autogenics (see that page for mor info) can refocus you subconscious blueprints, thinking more deeply about what you want, blueprints a more clear focus on what you intend to manifest.

In target shooting the smaller the target you shot at the more accurately you shoot. Good shooters do not shoot at a target. They shoot at a little spot, say maybe a slight discoloration, in the middle of the bull’s eye. This is what thinking deeper here does in rune magic.

This is sort of like when I am running axiatonal lines on you (see the page on that for more info), and you are aligned with the universal or God light, or like I help you align your internal light with augmented reconnective style healing (see the page on that for more info). Things just work better in you life and personal mind-body-spirit wellness.

In this deeper thinking about the intent’s subject you are able to aim more accurately the focus of the runic magic, and the power is more readily assimilated to the issue. Think of this as cleansing your magic of all extraneous energies in the other two lines. The runic directed energy goes right to the heart of the issue. This is the alignment with runic ethereal magic power. Other runes may work but not as easily and effectively as runes chosen by thinking deeper.

What a blessing comes in reading the runes more deeply. Think beyond the surface to physical, mental or spiritual. Then you have narrowed your choices and sharpened your magical focus. Then, like in augmented reconnective style healing just become child like and play with the hidden energies. This is magic. (See the page on runes magic for more info.)

Check out now the different pages on healings.

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Why does augmented reconnective style healing (ARH) sometimes provide positive results in spite of traditional medical opinion expecting negative results?

There may be several answers to this. Every case is individual; one size does not fit all. Remember that every person is an individual and not a subpart of a statistic about the greater whole.

What may be true statistically of the whole is not necessarily true of the individual. Some of modern medicine thinks along the lines of the fallacy of division, a well known informal fallacy.

Even within the medical literature they make this admission. They refer to some healing as spontaneous remissions and the placebo effect.

I will give one factor that may play a part in medically unexpected healing when you receive from me ARH. (Some say this is related to hypnosis or autogenics, but it is beyond that. Check out now the page on hypnosis and autogenics.) The obvious answer is that ARH deals with the universal or God mind. When I do ARH, Β I have to get my mind out of the way and through instinct listen to the God mind.

Often what we think is the problem is not. The apparent problem maybe only a symptom or side effect of another problem. Often doctors deal with symptoms and not the real problem. The apparent problem will vanish when the affecting problem is corrected.

In some cases medical practitioners are understandably so focused on the apparent problem that they miss the nexus to another subtle or hidden problem. As a psychologist will say, that may even be a mental problem.

It might, even as St.Paul in the Bible says, be a spiritual problem. He said that some were sick because of sin. Yes when one, without regard to what his moral system might be, lives his life in a different way than he believes is right, that can make him sick. Few doctors would look for that.

If the affecting problem is not corrected, the effect problem will not be corrected.

If using just my mind, I would only play with aura sensations near the apparent problem. With ARH I feel around all the aura and play with sensations everywhere. Instead of letting my mind or what I see or think be the limiting factor, I turn the places to work with over to the universe/God. This is like a sort of aura reflexology.

Say a person has an apparent stomach problem. As I feel around the aura, I find sensations to play with on the left side of the head. I then put my mind in a basket and like a little child I play with that sensation.

What does a place in the head have to do with a problem in the stomach? That is a mind limiting question. The universe/God has shown me this, and I will not be limited by my mind. I will be open to God. Work there for now.

In a real session there would be many places that I work with, maybe near the apparent problem, maybe far away. Sometimes a sensation is even several feet away. Why and how questions are just mind limiting.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says all problems are spiritual problems. Remember that ARH deals with mind, body, and spirit. Look beyond the apparent for healing as I do with ARH.

(See now the page on augmented reconnective style healings. You will now also be interested with my page about axiatonal lines, aligning with the universe/God.)

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