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New-Moon Wish List

New Moon Experiment – February 2015


New-Moon Wish List

The new moon coming

I used to wait for the full moon to do magic manifestation.

However the new moon may be in some ways more powerful. Here is a suggestion.

Let us experiment together.

February 18, 2015 at 5:47 p.m. San Antonio, TX time starts the next new moon.

The most powerful time is said by some to be the next four hours. However, there is power for the next two day.

Try this experiment with me.

Write out secretly ten wishes during the power time.

Then each morning and evening during the rest of the moon phases check the list for movement toward fulfillment or fulfillment.

As you check, whether you see movement, fulfillment, or not, say ‘thank you’ to God or the universe for receiving the desire. A simple ‘thank you’ is enough. It is that simple.

Example, say your request desire is maybe “a new green car”. You read “a new green car”. Then say “thank you”. Move to the next desire. It is that simple. (Do not waste wishes on trivial things, this was an example only.)

I have noticed in past experiment within two weeks things happening. It seems that a majority of my wishes have been fulfilled regularly. Sometimes up to eight out of ten.

Plan B is just start when you can. It will be interesting to have a control group who did this outside the new moon window. My dad used to say, “If you don’t ask, you won’t get anything.”

Those who wrote their requests in the the power time of the experiment may wish to do a different set of ten outside the official time as a control list experiment. We are being curious because this is an experiment.

E-mail me with your results. And I will post some. I am counting on you to help me with this experiment. I will not use your real names, if you wish.

I am counting on you to help me in this.


Eeman Electric Touch For Sinus Promlem?

Eeman Electric Touch For Sinus Promlem?

Eeman involves opening blockages in the body’s electrical system.

You touch positive pole points in the patient’s body to your negative hand and negative pole points in the client’s body to your positive hand. This completes an electric circuit. When the circuit is held long enough with passive concentration, blockages are opened, electricity flows correctly, and the body heals itself. Sometimes instantly. Sometimes organically in time faster than normal you experience healing.

This healing modality can be seen in the Bible as the “laying on of hands”. In some metaphysical healing modalities it may be seen as a form of “palming”.

I had a lady come with a sinus headache. I in passive concentration laid hands creating three circuits over a thirty minute session..

After session she told me that when I started a spot at the area of her headache began topulse with irregular beating. It felt like I was tapping her head. But she knew my hands where no where near there; I was working with the spinal column.

Her nose had started to run, indication that the problem was opening up. She was using tissues left and right. She had dry sinuses before. Things were moving out that needed to be cleared. The headache was diminished and on the way out.

You can learn how to help other with Eeman in one of my healing classes. It works on a variety of problems, mind body and spirit.

Or you can arrange a spiritual healing session with me.


Spiritual Healing Surprise

axiatonal-alignmentSpiritual Healing Surprise

I had a healing at a fair. The session went very well. It was just a general healing with no specific problem presented to be dealt with.

After the session the man told me that during the session he had gone to a dark place. That was not an evil or negative just a description. There he had encountered shame and guilt.

He said others had been telling him that he had this suppressed emotions and he had not believed them. Now he saw them and was able release them.

He now has the door open to a better life.

Healing is not always physical often it is spiritual.

The next day a fellow healer called me about Rene Mey coming to San Antonio. She was explaining what he taught in his seminar. The first thing she brought up was his theory of all healing comes out of going to the dark place.

I thought that was too coincidental that I had just seen the dark place at work.

In the good sense when you encounter the dark place in meditation or healing embrace it and heal.

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