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Ask what you want?

Ask for what you want?

Ask for what you want not how you want to have it.

Example. Say you see some one you think would be your soul mate. So you want that person. RIGHT.

WRONG. What you really wanted was a soul mate.

How many times have seen someone get the one they THINK they want and that person is not at all what they thought they wanted.

You see, they did not really want that particular person. They wanted the soul mate thing. They wanted the feeling that they thought that person would bring.

They were asking for the how of their imagination and not the what of their heart’s real desire.

Sometimes you need an emergency healing; that is another question.

But really you do not want a PARTICULAR healing. That is the how.

You do not know. Maybe there is another problem that caused the malady you thought needed fixing. Maybe the other problem fixed takes you into health in many more areas than just the malady of your how request.

You really want vibrant health. Ask for health which is the real want and not a particular healing, which Is the how.

However health comes say thank you.

This way it will come exceeding abundantly above all you ask or think.

Ask for the want not the how.

Fear not?

Fear not said the prophet. We are also told that perfect (complete) love casts out fear. Love then is the absence of fear. When we make our choices based on fear, we are not walking in love.

Do not choose because of something that you fear in your past. Do not choose because you fear some possible future. Neither of those emotional motivators of choice are based in reality, right now.

Do what is right, right now. The past is a filtered memory, unreality. It is the garden of irrational fear. The future is many possibilities where one possibility is unreality. It is the limitless door of possibilities, only possibilities.

Do what is right, right now.

Sam Houston’s motto was, “Do what is right; and live with the consequences.”

Do what is right. Do not fear. Walk in love.


When you are God (big G), then you do not have to think past what you think.

Healing by Working with Health

Stop trying to heal and start working with health.

Every patient has some health, or they are dead. To them that have more will be given. Start your session with the healthy person, and then take that to the problem area. If the left foot is the problem. First, start attending to where there is health. Honor the health.

Then bring the honor of the healthy foot with you as you attend the problem foot. When the feeling of health returns, health returns.

When you start with the problem, you honor the problem. To them that have more will be given. When the feeling of the problem is honored, the problem persists. Do not think about it. What you subsidize you get more of.

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Bedside manner

William James – Β Doctors do more good with bedside manner than with any drug.

I teach how any one on this level can be as good as a doctor.

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Seeing Healing Help

Some people go through the forest and see no firewood, but in the winter it is everywhere.

HELPERS IN THE FORESTIn the time of dis-ease we can see more clearly if we choose to or need to.

There are legions of helpers mental and spiritual that are all around us in the forest life.

Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it shall be opened.

Gather from the abundance of the forest.

Meditation Series

What is Mind Silence?

MIND SPACE (stepping into stillness) Remove negative blocks automatically and quieting the mind and enter a state of bliss and awareness.

Many will try to copy this but nobody will ever match the INTENTION that Paul Santisi created this with.

This meditation takes you all the way, so you can see further than ever before. You will be positively charged and all your blocks will be removed and the true you will be released.

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