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Sabotaging Your Healing?

Can you sabotage your healing?


As a man thinks in heart, that is the way he is or becomes. Solomon penned this long ago in the Bible.

I had a doctor once tell me that most otherwise healthy people bitten once by a rattlesnake should heal. Yes, they will be sick for a time, but heal. The ones in this group who die, die because they think they are supposed to die.

I recently had a lady come to me. She wanted a readings to tell if she would ever get pregnant.

I quickly told her that I am not a fortuneteller. (See now the page please on readings and blessings for more info. Thank you.)

Then she started telling me about how she could not get pregnant. I asked if she had seen a doctor. She said yes, and that there was no physical problem for her or her husband.

I thought if it is not physical then is it … So in the style of the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung c. jung I laid out some cards to see if through the archetypal symbols we could remove the mental blockages and see what the real problem was.

As we went through the cards, she told me that she had been pregnant once and lost the baby. Now several times she kept saying, “I can not get pregnant.” She was telling on the surface me, but more importantly she was telling this to herself.

Dr. Joseph Murphy murohy wrote, “… if you are constantly naming your your aches and symptoms and discussing them, you give them power over you.” This is another was of saying what Solomon said long ago.

The wisest man that ever lived they say was Solomon. In my head I paraphrased to this situation. As she thinks she can not get pregnant, she will continue to be barren.

Hanna in the Bible was the mother of Samuel. She was all stressed out about not being able to get pregnant. But when the high priest Eli told her that she would, she relaxed and had Samuel and many more children. As she thought she was barren, she was barren; as she thought she was fertile, she was fertile.

If you receive a healing session, while believing the healing could not work, the healing is jinxed by your thinking.

self jinking


Sometimes a respected authority figure can set your thinking aright by what he says, like Eli did. Other times one may need a ritual to correct the thinking. The ritual might be a simple as prayer or more complex like I can do for you in Rune Magic. (See now please the page on rune magic because there is more info.)

I know that you know that the principles discussed here go beyond problems in getting pregnant. It is about all healings.

Two other things may be helpful here, augmented reconnective style healing and hypnosis/autogenics coaching about your thinking. (See now the two pages please on healing and hypnosis because there is more info.)

strong infection

Alternative Healing vs. Super Bugs

Can alternative healings work with the super bugs that are antibiotic resistant?


The medical community has manifested tunnel vision about the emergence of the antibiotic resistant infections. They are not looking at medical history. There is a sense that they seem to think that what is old is bad, and the only hope is in their type science future.

On the history channel there was a documentary about medicine in the American civil war. The south was cut off from modern medicines and had to make do without such. In desperation they tried Native American herbal treatments. In that time they found that those treatments gave better results than the modern drugs.

I knew a man who had a sore on his leg that would not heal. The doctors had tried all their tricks, which are often effective, but nothing was working for him. They were talking about amputation.

When he told me about it, I suggested doing an old treatment. They are going to cut the leg off anyway why not give an alternative a chance. He agreed.

Twice a day he cleaned the sore, packed it with honey, and dressed it. When the surgeon examined the sore, he began to see improvement. After hearing what he was doing he shook his head and said it seemed to be working. His leg unexpectedly healed with the alternative treatment.

I have written before of Dr. James Esdaille.



He was an early 1800’s surgeon. Hearing of the work of Frans Mesmer, he began in hypnosis to suggest to his patients that they would not develop infection.

There were no antibiotics then. There was no sanitation. Therefore, there was a extremely high infection rate. Most died of the infections related to the surgery.

The doctors of the day were amazed to notice that Dr. Esdaille had only a 2% to 4% infection infection rate over 400 surgeries. The only difference was he had given the hypnotic suggestion that they would not develop an infection.  He had turned on the immune response.  It was a figuratively speaking a hypnotic vaccination.

Question? What would happen if today every person entering the hospital, where these super bugs seem to appear most often, where hypnotized and given the suggestion that they would get no infection?

hypnosis, autogenics


Hypnosis is painless and has no negative side effects. What would be the problem with giving such a try?

Sadly I think that for many doctors this would be scoffed at.  It goes against their mind set that all answers are in their science.

strong infection



I believe that among the alternatives there is an answer to the super infection that doctors treatments seem to be failing to correct.

I am not giving medical advise.

Check out my pages on alternative healings please, because as you can imagine there is more info there.

Thank you.

light angel

Universal Realignment

E mail from a person who had a reconnective healing and Axiatonal adjustment with me.

The excerpt is from that e mail. This was sent January 14, 2015.

Dr. Bill’s Reconnective Style Healing and Axiatonal Alignment sessions were beautiful, powerful and life changing. I went into the sessions with no attachment to the outcome but immediately my third eye was opened, I experienced wonderful peace and many wonderful visions and pictures from Creator. My intent for a long time has been to reconnect back to the energy of joy which seemed to be missing in my life. On the table I felt a heaviness lift and started laughing and giggling and was so thrilled that joy was back! I noticed a subtle but noticeable shift immediately after-wards where I felt more grounded and whole. Early the next morning I had a ground-breaking experience in my prayer and meditation where answers came flooding in and beautiful realizations from Spirit which I knew were a result of the sessions. It seemed to open me to new vibrations or raise my frequency. I highly recommend Bill Haberman and Alum Ministries as the next step to your spiritual growth and awakening or if you just feel plain stuck, try this!

***** Austin, Tx

My books are now available on Amazon,

healing trilogy 1


There are other books also.

See now my pages please on reconnective style healing, Eeman, pendulum, hypnosis/autogenics, runes, axiatonal adjustment, exorcism, etc. because as you can imagine there is more info.

I work in San Antonio, TX, but I also do distant work.



need rune

Manifesting Your Desires Fail?

Why do I pray and/or do magic and/or apply the law of attraction and still do not get what I want?

James, the brother of Jesus, said, “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that you may consume it upon your lust.”

The truism applies whether you are Christian or have another moral template. When you ask for what you need, the probability of manifestation is greatly increased.  We often confuse need with want.

The lust here is self indulgent grasping. It is not on occasion being a little self indulgent. However when that becomes the focus of your desire, do not expect to receive.

The proto-Germanic peoples saw this principle in the n-rune, the naudhiz. When you focus on manifesting the need-fire you have collateral blessings.

The n-rune, as drawn, resembles its inspiration, the fire-bow. These bows are used to twirl a stick in a piece of wood. With the resulting friction fire was created.

The fire-bow was needed to warm the freezing whether in the north country. Without that fire the clan would die. It was therefore a need-bow and a need-fire.


fire starter


However, with that need-fire came the luxury of a hot meal. [I want my sushi fried.] Granted you may not need a hot meal, but it sure is nice on a cold winter night. Also wild animals were kept at bay by the fire. Granted you could fight off the bear, maybe kill it. But you with the need-fire have the luxury of protection from the beast, and you can sleep peacefully.

When our needs are met, luxury comes into our life.

Now days most of what we ask for in prayer and magic is not what we need, but what we ask for is the luxury. [Let me win the lotto.]

For example, in love magic I have people ask for a specific person. They say they need that person. However, considering James lust principle and the need-fire principle, they do not need that particular person. They may want (lust) that one. But need; no, that is asking for a luxury.

One may well have a need to be in a giving-receiving / receiving-giving relationship. That maybe the correct focus of your asking.

How many people have you known who focused on one person thinking that was the one? Then when they get him and it is not at all what they want. That is because they were not asking on the need level, but on the want (lust) level.  They asked amiss.  They asked and did not receive what they wanted.

The better asking would have been to ask for a person to come into his life who would bring a giving-receiving / receiving-giving relationship. Maybe it could be that wanted one; maybe another. Leave it to the universe/God to fill the need and then be surprised at the collateral luxury.

This is true of course in other askings. Are you asking for a need or want (lust)?

The Bible says God is able to give exceeding abundantly above all we ask or
think.  Ask aright.  Ask for need.  Receive the luxury beyond what you ask or think.

Ask for the need. Receive the need and collateral luxury.

See now please my page on rune magic, because there is more info. Imagine. Thank you.

natural healing

Doctors Reject Alternatives?

Why do not doctors practice alternative healing arts if they work?

First the question assumes that all doctors reject the alternatives. This is not true. Some doctors do use them.

One example is Dr. Deepak Chopra who does not dismiss the alternative. Even though he is a Harvard trained endocrinologist,


he combines alternatives in his practice.

I knew one m.d. who generally considered alternatives first and then he used standard medicine. He used an alternative for a certain heart problem. His doctor friends were very negative about it. Then, one of the doctors got the problem.

The sick doctor did not go for the standard approved medical treatment. He went to the doctor with the alternative treatment. He knew it worked, and it worked for him. Sadly the formerly sick doctor went back to his practice and just offered the approved treatment.

In Europe doctors appear to be a little more open to alternatives. For example the standard medical community commonly uses autogenic



as an add on to standard treatment. (See now please the page on hypnosis and autogenics because there is more info. Thank you. I am an experienced autogenics coach.)

So it may be a hasty generalization to say doctors do not use alternatives. And what follows is not to be viewed as a broad brush answers. There are few things that can be said about ALL doctors.

Possible reason 1 –

The FDA is at least viewed as more than willing to attack alternative approaches and the facilitators of such. True or not, some doctors do not want the burden of the full force of the government to come down on them.



One doctor, I hear from several sources [this maybe to some extent an urban legend], was tried criminally about 6 times for using an unapproved treatment. This was in spite of the fact that he had a documented 90% cure rate with patients that were already pronounced as terminal with a specific cancer.

The only people the government could put on the stand to say that he had done this treatment were people who had disproved the medically given death sentence and were now cancer free. With each witness the defense simply asked two question, what was your diagnosis before? — terminal cancer, and what is your diagnosis now? — cancer free. The cases were so obvious that his defense attorneys called no witnesses. The juries always came back with not guilty.

Who wants to put himself and his family through that type of “justice system” ordeal?

Possible reason 2 –

Doctors are trained and blueprinted to think of things in one way and everything else to them is wrong. I asked a cancer doctor, a good man, one time about an alternative cancer treatment that I had read about.

He said that it would not work. As we talked further, it became clear that he did not know what the treatment was. He soon admitted that he had not heard of it, and he did not know what it was. However, he still insisted that it would not work. I changed the subject.

He had been trained to think one way. Any approach outside that was (without any consideration) quackery.




Possible reason 3 –

I read an article in an old readers digest. A doctor had noted that several of his patients had used a particular herbal alternative for a particular sickness. They were showing good results.

He wrote to the AMA asking that they support a movement to research this possible effective alternative.

He received a letter from the legal department of the AMA. The responder was both a doctor and a lawyer. He said they could not support that research because there was too much money in the current approved treatment.

Follow the money.


follow the money


There are I am sure other reasons but this will give you some idea of possibilities for lack of medical community support of alternatives.

Jesus said the one that continues to be sick is in need of a physician. I do not completely reject medical doctors. They have their place.

While I may express my personal opinion sometimes, I never intend to give medical advise, diagnosis, or medical treatment. I offer metaphysical and spiritual coaching and facilitation.

Nothing in my spiritual practices should be taken as advise not to follow doctor’s orders. You are at liberty to follow your own choice as to which route or combination of routes to take.

See now please my pages and books on healing, because there is more info. Thank you.

(I, as a preacher, provide spiritual services. I do not recommend that you do not follow a licensed medical practitioner’s advice.)


Doctors Dismiss Hypnosis?

Why is hypnosis not more commonly used by doctors?

The answer may at least be two fold. There are some ignorant operators, and there are some ignorant doctors. Notice I said ignorant not dumb. There is on both sides often ignorance.

Hypnosis is not rocket science.



Almost anyone can direct a person into trance state. The ignorance problem may raise its head in what is done after the trance state is achieved. Once you have them there, what are you doing?

For example, hypnosis is often used as an aid in natural child birth.



Done correctly and in tandem with sound medical advise it can be a plus.

In ignorance some operators may direct the mother into a mental place to avoid pain.

I talked to a doctor once who told me that he did not recommend hypnosis in the delivery situations because the women, in his experience, become so detached from the process that they did not listen to his directions in the delivery room.

birthing aid


That was operator ignorance. With whatever pain diminishing hypnosis system is used, the operator should blueprint the lady to “always be attentive to the instructions of the medical staff”. This, if imprinted on the subconscious, will cause the patient to instinctively listen to the doctor while doing the pain releasing part of the hypnotic preparation. The doctor then should find hypnosis not a negative but a positive.

Ignorant operator practice in this situation makes for ignorant medical opinion about the possible benefits of hypnosis.

There is some ignorance in the medical community itself.

Consider this example. I was doing pre surgery hypnosis once when the young anesthesiologist came in. She intently watched what I was doing. Later she called me out in the hall and talked for a long time to me about it.

As you may imagine, anesthesiologists are more respective to the idea of hypnosis. It is a known way to do anesthesia.

She said something that stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

“It was interesting to see that done. In specialty school we read about it, but I never saw it done.”

If an anesthesiologist has no practical experience with it, surely regular doctors are even more ignorant. It has been my experience that most of what doctors think about hypnosis are things that old wives tales are made of. While good at what they do, they know about as much as most people know about hypnosis.

So for them hypnosis is not generally on their radar scope.

[This is not true about all doctors. I knew one anesthesiologist, an old man, trained in the old school medical school, who was an accomplished hypnotist.]

The reason why hypnosis is not used by doctors is ignorance.

Check out now please my page on hypnosis and autogenics, because there is more info. Thank you.

healing hands

Too QuickHealing?

How long a session is needed for a healing to work?

Dr. Eric Pearl,



when he was instructing me in his form of reconnective healing, said that a session should be 35 minutes. However he explained that when you find the right spot in the aura the healing is instant. Whether the healing is a complete healing or the start of a longer healing process, what will be done in that session is done. But still he suggested 35 minutes.

There are many instances in healing modes of instant healings, like in chi gong, energy healing, religious healings, yoga healings, reiki, shiatsu, faith healings, Biblical healings, etc,

I remember hearing of one chi gong master who had too many people coming to him for healing.

chi master


There was just not enough time. So he just started inviting the people to have tea with him in the morning. He would shake hands with each one. Surprisingly by the time of their healing session many had already received a healing from the tea party.

What did he do? Who knows? (Dr. Pearl has a way to heal by just using your eyes?) But this shows unexpected healings in an instant. It is not about method.

In the Bible people over crowding caused some seeking healings to position themselves so that the shadow of the healer would pass over them. Many were healed.

One explanation may come from William James.



He was a M.D. who became a psychologist. He said the doctor does more for the patient with his bedside manner than any drug.

I remember one lady who came to me with a headache that appeared to be caused by an electrical system blockage.



I did an Eeman electrical circuit connect between myself and her. The headache vanished in 45 seconds.

Time is not the issue. All there is, is the now anyway. It is as simple as contacting with the right frequencies; and it is done.

The 35 minutes of Dr. Pearl maybe an expression of the bedside manner principle of Dr. James.

A barber once told me that cutting hair can be done very quickly.



But the people will not think that they got their money’s worth. When a client said there was something wrong with a quick hair cut, he would just go through the motions of cutting, but cut nothing for a while. The client was then satisfied.

When people think they can not be healed that quickly, they reject the healing in their mind and the problem persists. They are not ready to be healed.

My healing sessions usually last between 35 and 50 minutes. But I have seen miraculous healing I shorter times.

See now please the page on healings because there is more info. Imagine that. Thank you.

death bed

Healing for the Dying?

What can alternative healing do for someone who is about to die?

First, alternative healing, when done correctly, works with the mind body and spirit. So, even as we all must, one is about to die there can be a healing in the mind or spirit that is helpful.

I was call to the death bed of a lady who was 102 years old.

death bed

Hospice was there and she was morphined down into an unconscious state. Even with all the medication she was thrash around in the bed. She looked so uncomfortable.

I thought why am I here. What good is a healing now? I thought though her daughter had called me so I would do a healing for the family. Just I and the hospice nurse were in the room.

I worked hard to find sensations in her aura. So near death it is difficult to find such. However there were some areas to work.

After about 30 minutes, all the thrashing around stopped and she moved into a visual picture of peace. Her daughter came back and hospice nurse said to her that her mother looked so much more at peace.

The daughter, a reiki master, smiled and was comforted. She asked me to do a reconnective on her because she was stressed over the pending passing. So, we left her mother with hospice and started RH in another room. About 30 minutes later we heard her mother cry out.

We returned to the death bed. The lady had awoken up amid all that heavy medications. When she saw her daughter, she stopped crying out and returned to calm.

hello, good bye

They talked a little. She was able to take a little broth. They said their good-by.

good bye

She drifted back into a morphine foggy sleep.

The next day I got the call. With RH she was given two things a calming and maybe more importantly the lucidity to say her good-by, which I think was what she needed and wanted. She had a beautiful transition at 102.

See now my pages please on augmented reconnective style healing, Eeman, pendulum, hypnosis/autogenics, runes, exorcism, etc. because as you can imagine there is more info. I work in San Antonio, TX, but I also do distant work.

free healing

Near Vs. Distance Healing?

Is in person healing better than distant healing?

images (3)

Healing is healing.  (mind, body, and/or spirit)

I feel better doing things in person but that is just a personal preference.

Jesus did distance healing.  So we must say that that it is possible.

Here is one example of a distance healing that would be hard to top in person.

A lady had a broken ankle in Seattle, WA. It was one of those breaks that required surgery and the temporary use of a surgically implanted brace which protruded out of the limb.

I practice way down in San Antonio, TX. I did a distant augmented reconnective style healing session.

The next day she went to physical therapy. The therapist had her to move her foot in a certain direction. The therapist said, “You should not move your foot that much.”

The lady replied, “O.k. I will move less.”

“No,” corrected the therapist, “I mean you should not be able to move it that much yet.”

The next week we did one more distant session. Then next morning she noticed that screws in the apparatus out side her where backing out of the bones. It was like her body was saying we do not need this anymore.

The doctor removed brace much sooner than predicted before the distant healing. He may have left it in a little longer than was necessary because he could not believe the speed of her bone fusion.

And that was at a great distance. What could be better near or distant?


Check now out please my pages in healings, because there is more info there. Thank you.

Donations are appreciated.


Distance Rune Protection?

Can runes protect others at a distance?


What you can do up close you can also do at a distance. Our only limitation is our imagination.

I had a friend who’s son was sent to Afghanistan. Naturally this mother was worried for his safety.

One day she thought to ask her fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle (different names for the same thing) about protecting him.



The panther fetch agreed.

A few days later she started hearing strange stories. The men in her son’s outfit had a few days off. They were thinking about a visit to a near by village. While getting ready to go, he had something tell him do not go. Then he got a glimpse of his mother’s fetch. “If you go something bad will happen to you.”

He decided not to go. After telling his buddies, they decided not to go.

That day at the time they would have been there, there was truck bombing. Many were killed. However he and his friends were protected.

Similar incidents started to happen. It became so well known that this man could tell a safe situation from a danger zone that the officers started to consult with him about which way to go in certain circumstances.

Like my previous article on protecting others in general this is the same process the mom saw her fylgja, asked her fetch, and sent the guardian angel.

There is no big ritual involved. This is a mental magic.

There is no need to repeat the magic. Just do it, know that it is done and be thankful for the protection. Sometimes at a distance that is all you can do, but that can do more than you might think.

You are driving down the road, where there is an accident. As you drive by, send your guardian angle to protect. The car is on fire and someone is trying to get the door open. Send your fetch. It may be more helpful than you can imagine.

He may give the strength needed to open the door. We all have heard the stories of a car falling on a child and the little mom lifts the car and removes the child. Your fylgja may help this. It may do more than you think or know.

For that which we are about to receive we are truly thankful.

See now my page on rune magic for more info.

Also see now the page axiatonal lines. Having these run can increase you ability to do this and other types of magic, among other things.

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