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Hypnosis Enhances Surgery?

Can hypnosis help with surgery?

Yes, and more than you may think.

You may have heard of Dr. James Esdaille.




Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about that 1840″s surgeon. He was using hypnosis for anesthesia. After hearing about healings and Mesmer’s work in France, he decided to add a stay well suggestion to his anesthesia hypnosis. The scourge of surgery was infection in those days.

He simple suggested that no infection or septic condition would develop. In a time before antibiotics and with horrible sanitation practices he had a near nothing percentage of infections. The only difference between him and other surgeons was that simple hypnotic suggestion.

I am sometimes called on to do pre-surgery hypnosis to relax and ease fears in the patient. Remembering Dr. Esdaille, I use some simple add on suggestions. Like, you will heal so fast that the doctor will be amazed.

I did this on one lady who was having leg surgery. I did not think much about it. Shortly after the time for her to have the stitches removed, I received a phone call.

“You were right,” she excitedly exclaimed.

Taken aback I asked, “What are you talking about?”

She told me the story. At the doctor’s office to take out the stitches, at the right time, the doctor’s assistant began to extract the stitches. It hurt so bad that she was moaning almost to the point of screaming.

The doctor burst into the room. He thought something was wrong. “What’s going on in there?” he sternly asked.

Directing him to look, the assistant pointed to the stitches. As the doctor’s eyes grew wide, he began to realize that the flesh had begun to grow, figuratively speaking, into the stitches. This situation that only happens when stitches have been left in for an extremely long time.

She was healing way too fast. It was the equivalent of the healing process for extremely over due stitch removal.

The doctor told his helper, “Well, you have to take them out.” So he, as instructed, ripped them out. The doctor shook his head and walked out. He was amazed.

He was in disbelieve at the fast healing. The lady had diabetes and several other problems that should have made healing slower than the average patient. But as they say seeing is believing.

Just as I had instructed, she healed so fast that the doctor was amazed.

Hypnosis can be a surprising add on to any and amazing healing process.

See now my page please on hypnosis and autogenics, because imagine there is more info for you not to miss.

There are other pages on various healings that I do. Thank you.


Protecting others with runes?

Can your rune magic protect others?

Yes, Here is one way.

One of the ways that this is done is by the intentional use of your fetch or fylgja.

One of the original forms of rune magic was mental magic. This magic in folklore belonged to and came from the goddess Freja.

the lady


Later this type magic was combined with ritual magic into a combination form. But here we are looking at it in its original and separate form.

One author tells us that most of the ancient vitki work was done with the advanced use his personal fylgja. In Christian thought think of the fylgja as parallel to the idea of the guardian angle. These are primarily protecting entities assigned to each person. However, they can be directed to do additional things.

The vitki when protecting others would call on his fylgja and ask him to go and protect another person. This is a mental exercise of seeing the fetch, talking to the fetch, and sending the fetch. This does not have to be a long mental exercise; it can be done in a second or two if you are well exercised in using your guardian angle.

Once I was at the convenience store. The man in line in front of me was arguing with the lady clerk about something. He appeared to me to be escalating into something that would be violent.

The former law enforcement officer woke up in me, and I was mentally preparing myself to intervene if needed. I realized that my back was acting up at that time. So, this would not be good.

What could I do I thought? Duh, think runicly, Bill. Mentally I called one of my fylgja and asked him to protect the lady.




This guardian angel has the form of a bear.




Like a parent from behind might put his hand in the shoulder of an unruly child, I mentally had my bear stand and put his paw on the shoulder of the unruly man.

In that instant, that situation flipped to calm. The potential confrontation was passed. The timing was amazingly coincidental. Or was it a coincident?

Of Jesus it is written he could have called 10,000 angels to protect. One time he walked away from a situation where they were picking up stones to stone him. He walked right through the crowd and no one even touched him.

My fetch may have been protecting me from a situation where my back would be badly hurt, or it may have been protecting me from the mental distress of the situation. Who knows? I mentally wanted a protection for the lady, and my fylgja obliged me.

See now please the page on rune magic now, because imagine there is more info there. Thank you.

distance healing

Distance Healing? Really?

Is distance healing affective?

This is hard question for me on one level. Everything in our five senses world tends to push us to think that the thought of distant healing is silly talk.

Sometimes it is important to just figuratively speaking put our brains in a basket and just set out on a fool’s journey.

First I had to know that things could be done outside your five senses. This took some benign experiments and practice to develop faith.

For example, I started outside the five senses with sending of messages to someone in the same room.

I had a lady come in, and her problem involved in part not feeling loved. During the session, I practiced mentally sending of love to her. I will not go into detail here but my sending involved mentally saying to her over and over “I love you.”. [Do not take that the wrong way.]

Toward the end of our time together she said, “I do not know why, but I am feeling strangely like I am loved right now.” She needed to hear that, and I told her mentally. I use this often now when needed. This mental sending saves me from being misunderstood by men and women, because I say it outside the five senses.

I began to increase the distance to see if there is any distance difference. I was in a restaurant once and needed my waitress to bring me whatever it was. However she was nowhere to be seen.

I looked across the room and saw another waitress. I started sending the message to check on me. Instead of going directly to the kitchen, she went out of her way passed other tables and asked me if I needed anything. Hum.

Next I had a friend on vacation 2000 miles + away. I sent a message to call me. I spent about 20 minutes on this experiment. The time was unusual for a call. As I finished the mental sending, the phone rang. What?

Try this experiment. As you walk through the mall or a store, mentally say to everyone you see, “I love you.” You will start to notice more people responding/acknowledging in different ways to you. Smiles, nods of the head toward you, under their breath saying hi, etc. This works.

I once was trying to get out of the parking lot into rush hour traffic. No one would let me in. Finally I had had enough of the waiting. When the traffic again stopped in front of me, I looked at the driver in the third car down and mentally repeatedly said, “I love you.” When the light changed, the third car let me out of the parking lot.

As in five senses communication, some do not listen or some say no; so you are not manipulating them; they still have their free will. Distance doing something can/does work.

More than once we see distance healing in the ministry of Jesus. Things can be activated at a distance.

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about a method which he called the absolute method. It was for healing at a distance. Without detail here, it involves saying the person’s name and repeating a certain word until there comes a feeling that the word has been received. That is like the mental sendings experiments that I have done. There have been many healings at a distance that have followed this method.

See now please my pages on various healings that I can do for you, because there is imagine more info there. Thank you.

Runes Anti Christian?

How can a Christian say the runes are compatible with Christianity?

The first misunderstanding is not one of compatibility. There must first be an acceptance that rune energy does exist.

There are many energies in the universe that God created, gravity, electricity, magnetic, solar, etc. Some are seen; some are not. They are just created energies, energies that we can use for good or ill.


toaster in bathtub

Do Not Do This At Home


Example you can harness electricity and do many good things. You can also with evil intent throw the electric toaster into someone’s bath and murder him. The electricity is not bad. It just is.

This is true with the metaphysical energies referenced by the runes. These energies are not Christian or antichristian; they just are.

One would not think that the energy electricity is antichristian. Nonetheless, one might think that someone was acting unchristian when they threw the toaster into the bathtub.

One should not think the metaphysical energy of runes is unchristian. Nonetheless it might well be said that to use that energy for some black purpose would be unchristian. Judiciously used, rune magic is on this level no different than other energies used like electricity.

That being said, among the ancients there were two different words that need consideration here.

The first is the vitki. He just uses the runic energies to some end. He might be called now days the magician or the shaman. He is just one that works with the energies. Think of him as an electrician, electronic technician, electrical engineer, something along those lines. Outside of some evil intent he is just working with energies that God created in this world.

The second is the godhi. This was the priest of the pagan religion. (He would sometimes act as a vitki too.)

If the vitki is just using the folklore and runes to direct him to the energies that he will use in a working, he has not become in that unchristian. If he uses the rune energies for evil or in the pursuit of pagan religious activities, he may well be unchristian.

It maybe that in times past the churches condemned the vitki because they saw them as a threat to church power over ignorant masses. I am reminded here of the church in old England trying for several century to stamp out the practice of “will worthing”. Why would the poor come to the church priest and pay him to get something done? He could just go out himself and do a “will worthing” and manifest his desire.

follow the money



Follow the money.

Of itself rune magic and Christianity can blend well. The ancient Druids in the end blended seamlessly into the then church. The church adapted many runic energy philosophies into theirs.

See now the page on rune magic for more info.

Emergency Alternative Healing?

Can you use alternative healings in emergency situations?

Yes. Why not; healing is healing?

In fact new physical injuries often respond more quickly than old injuries.

In the immediate injury situation I had one healer tell me to wave the palm of your hand in the air over the spot for a minute or two, and be prepared to be surprised. [I believe the old curanderos called this technique the broom. ]

You can either go back and forth or circular. Just feel where sensations are the strongest. The strongest may actually be farther back in distance from the injury than you may think.

That healer suggested that I could try it on myself if I bumped a knee, stumped a toe, or something like that. I tried it on a stumped toe. Normally it would hurt for a couple of hours. In a couple of minutes or less of waving my palm it was better. Granted it was not a major injury, but that gave me the confidence to put that in my bag of tricks.

Shortly after that I had the real test. A friend had an car accident. He was about a block down the road from where I was so I rushed over. I made it there before the EMS.

There was a stranger lady there with a painful neck injury. Great. Could be a major problem? I thought.

I went over and asked her how she was. She started telling me about the accident.

I had at first when I went over placed my hand behind her neck were she was obviously hurting and had begun the waving circling movements looking for sensations in her aura.

While we talked, she suddenly stopped. “What are you doing?” she asked.

I explained that I did vibrational healing. She said, “I know you do healing? I can feel it.” There came on her a face evidence of fading neck pain.

We talked maybe 30 seconds more and suddenly concern came into her face. I thought what now.

She said almost sternly, “You better stop or the doctor may not be able to find anything.”

I laughed and moved on. I thought to myself, “Isn’t that the point?”

Yes, there is often benefit in alternative healing in emergency situations.

Please now check out my pages on alternative healings that I do, because there is more information there. These can also be done at a distance.

When Healings Don’t Work?

Why does augmented reconnective style healings (RH) sometimes not work?

Here is one way of answering that question?

RH works on three levels, body, mind, and spirit.

Sometimes people look for a specific healing in one place, for example, say a physical problem. They might miss the fact that a healing had happened in the spirit.

In one near death healing an elderly lady woke from a coma. She was able to tell her attending daughter good-by. Then after that she drifted back into the coma and in a few hours passed.

Did that healing work?


She had been in a restless death coma many days. The hospice had told me that judging by her restlessness in the coma while also on heavy medication that she was just hanging on for something. They were at a loss as to what to do for her. She looked very uncomfortable. (I guess they viewed a healer as a grasping at straws event.) They indicated that nothing could be done now.

After the RH, she was resting calmly in her comatose state. The hospice nurse was amazed at the lady’s resulting calmness. Then suddenly she became conscious and lucid. She talked with her daughter and had some broth.

The physical problems were not healed. However, there was a healing in her mind I think. She got to say her good-by. Her spirit healed evident by her new calmness. It was a beautiful transition after RH.

The family thought at first that RH had not worked. However, it had worked beautifully just not the way they expected. That is why they at first could not see it. They were looking only for one thing.

It is not the purpose of RH to specifically address any problem. Often, however, the presenting problem is addressed,

God/the universe decides what will be healed. We are just the witnesses. We often miss what is done for us by expecting something specific. Being open to healing includes being open to recognizing other possibilities outside our expectations.

[This is like asking to win the lotto, when really all you want is financial security. We should not ask for the how to get there or expect the how. We should ask for what we really want and take our expectations out of the how we want it. Leave the how up to the universe/God. (Yea, I want to win the lotto too.) See now please the page on rune magic because imagine there is more info.]

Even if you do not see the healing given, RH always feels like you have a good massage. That is even though normally there is no touching involved.


RH always works on some level.

See please the page now on augmented reconnective style healing because there for you is more info.

Hypnosis and autogenics can adjust your thinking in healing related situations. See the page on hypnosis and autogenics now. Thank you.

Alternative Healing Side Effects?

Are there side effects to augmented reconnective style healings (RH)?

There are always side effects, some noticed and some not noticed.

The mere fact that there is a side effect does not mean that that is a negative.

I had one older man say that he vividly contacted his dead brother while in session. The brother had died when they were young. I hate to use the word seance. However what he described sounds like that. I am not a medium. This was just a side effect for him of the healing time. Their private meeting was very fulfilling to him.

Another facilitator told me of an older lady she was working with. She had a similar experience. The seeker revisited many departed family members and was very greatful. She had the chance to say some things that she had not had a chance to before.

Some times I have heard, and other workers have heard also, strange knockings in the walls.

One man told me that what I can best describe as a gnome or leprechaun, little man, ran in the room and after laughing, scurried out.

There are often experiences of entities being present.

One lady had an encounter with a host angles and archangels.

I have heard several times of the person seeking the RH event starting to channel messages from beyond.

I was doing RH in a darkened room. Orbs of light began to dash around the immediate area of the session. A person in the other room saw strange light and came in to see what was going on. The lights left while the third person looked in.

A common side effect is stomach growling.

Some start to cry or tears run down their face. That is not necessarily sadness.

I have hay several begin to laugh, a wild belly laugh. As I moved away from the aura sensation point I was working with, the laughing stopped. When I went back to that point, there it was again.

One lady alternative worker had finished one session and sent the first seeker into another room. While doing a second session, both her and the second seeker heard the first person fixing a snack in the kitchen. It sounded like she was throwing pots and pans around. Very noisy.

After the second session, the seeker was very annoyed at the first lady. However the first seeker, had not made a snack. She was in the kitchen just reading a book. She had heard nothing! The facilitator looked at the second person like what just happened here.

I had a session where I was allowed to smell green.

These are a few examples of side effects. There are others. Every session is individual. And we should not expect anything. We do not induce them; they just sometimes happen. Just, when they come to me for your session, experience what happens without words.

See now my page on RH please, because imagine there is more info. Do not miss out. Thank you.

No Proof of Alternative Healing?

Why can not you prove alternative healings?

Nothing in this article is intended to replace the advice of licensed medical workers.

The fact may be that you have not heard of the scientific confirmation does not mean that such does not exist. The fact that you do not know proves only that you do not know.

For example at the University of Arizona Dr. Gary E. R. Schwartz and Dr. Linda G. S. Russell are directors of the Human Energy Systems Labratory. That laboratory did research on Dr. Eric Pearl’s style of reconnective healing.

Even though several in the research panel were prejudiced to the negative about frequency healing and vowed to disprove it, the scientific naysayers of the group ended with the conclusion that they could not say what was going on, but they had to admit positive results came from it. They even found that after treatment there were curious changes in the DNA, Dr. Pearl told me. He has a book on the technical findings of the scientific research.

The news media gets revenue from pharmaceutical company advertising. They have a financial interest in not reporting the research in to alternatives.

For example there were double blind scientific studies that proved that red rice yeast lowers cholesterol better than the statin drugs. The findings were so scientifically clear that the FDA tried to take that yeast off the market (after a 5000 year history of being safe). They wanted to make it prescription only.

The federal court had to prohibit them from doing such. As a result you can still by red rice yeast over the counter.

Let us see. That yeast was scientifically proven safe and effective, more effective than pharmaceuticals which have a long list of dangerous side effects. But the safer and more effective treatment was targeted.

Does that sound like it is news worthy? Especially in the touted epidemic of high cholesterol in this country?

The major media were silent. They continued to receive advertising revenue from the drug companies. That area of their business is in the millions of dollars. They did not question the science. How could they? They were just silent.

Similar silence was noted in N. B. Anderson Cancer Center’s use of the herb turmeric as an add on to their skin cancer treatment protocols. It with two other herbs relieves inflammation, a factor in sun related cancers.

The fact that you do not know of the scientific verification of some alternatives does not mean that that research has not already been done.

The original question here assumes that some alternative protocols have not been scientifically proven.

And it should be noted that just because something has not yet been proven to work does not mean that it does not work. Reconnective healing, turmeric, and red rice yeast worked before it was proven. These are just three examples.

See now the page please on augmented reconnective style healing, because there is more info. Thank you.

[Nothing in this article is intended to replace the advice of licensed medical workers.]

Runes For Better Living?

How can runes help in life?

My alter-ego is myself as a vitki. Most of the work of ancient vitkis was done with help of fylgiar. In other systems these are called fetches, spirit guides, guardian angel, etc. these are all cultural depictions of the same thing.

Let us look at an example.

As some know, I had problems with a boss. She flew into rages of anger and bullied everyone.

One day she jumped me, and as to what I just said, “Not true.” The Bible says that a soft answer turns away wrath.

She literally got in my face trying to inflame an argument. She feeds off that stuff, energy vampire. Angry talk.

I called (mentally) my fetch, an aurochs, a now extinct giant wild bull of Europe.

Even in that small space I put him between her and me. I said nothing more and just looked in peace straight at her in the eye, unflinching. I remembered a runic saying, “From the west charges the bull to give me might and main.”

Everything immediately changed. Instead of the usual getting worse she got confused and could not find what to say. She took on a look of fear in her eyes. I thought how interesting.

There is another saying in ancient runes which came to mind. “To the east swims the dragon to the dread of my foes.” Her face strangely turned to dread.

That was strange because she was the boss and had all the power? No, the vitki has the dominant power when the foe is spiritually unarmed, and the vitki remembers to think runicly. (Sometimes I forget, and to that day I had forgotten with her.)

Finally she with slumped shoulders just walked off in a posture of abject defeat, not finishing what she was grasping at to say.

She has always gotten her way running over people and brow beating them. She was this time going no where and knew it. She was blocked.

Another person, who was there, the next day asked me what I had done. It was so stunningly obvious.

He has known her for over 25 years. He said he had never seen anything like that with her. He pointed out she started stuttering. (I had missed that happening.) He remembered out loud that she never backs down, and she did. He, shaking his head, continued, “You won. No one wins with her. What did you do?”

It was very powerful to be present when the incident happened, and made me feel in control of my space, very powerful.

The fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle is important to use when you need it in situations. I can think of nothing but my use of runic powers that gave this result. But the Bible does say a soft answer turns away wrath. However, the change came over her the very second that I called my fylgja between us.

It was like an impenetrable barrier sprang up and prevented her from bullying through. She was defeated by a secret of the runes.

Hypnosis – an Alternative Healing Treatment?

Can hypnosis be an alternative medical treatment?

Yes. That is not to say that one should set aside licensed medical advise. But in conjunction it can be helpful and in some situations it may be a better treatment.

Many years ago I saw this first hand. It was past time for a lady to deliver her baby. The doctor told her if she did not naturally deliver in two weeks (if I remember the time correctly) he was going to do a c-section.

A friend told her to come see preacher Bill. Understanding that the doctor had said it was time, I was willing to take on the case. I would not have done anything without that implied clearance to start hypnotically the birth process.

In the pre-hypnosis talk I began to see a thinking problem. This was her first child. She had a mother who had repeatedly told her how horrible the delivery would be. Other friends had reinforced that thinking.

While I will admit that the birth process can be for some horrible, I was thinking here that she had developed an inordinate fear of birthing and was unknowingly holding it back.

That being said I also mentally noted that I have known women that recounted the birthing as not horrible (not to say it was fun). One lady even said it was poof, and she had a baby. It was very easy for her six times.

Every woman and every birth is an individual person and event. I am thinking that much of the horrible birthing experiences are because the lady thinks it will be horrible. If you think you can not have a relatively easy birth, then you are right. Solomon said as man (woman) thinks in his heart that is the way it is.

I know I am a man, and I know nothing.

I talked with her about the non horrible experiences of some and discussed the above things more deeply. I also noted that birthing was natural and all things considered can be a beautiful natural experience if she would let it be so.

In hypnosis I reinforced the possibility that she could have a beautiful and natural experience as many other women have. There is no reason that she could not. I also mentally took her into the the delivery room and though the birthing process, having her visualize an easy birth. This was done in the evening.

[I only did this delivery room visualization because the doctor said it was time. Doing this can induce labor.]

The next morning the baby turned. Soon she had an easy and natural birth in less than 24 hours.

That was certainly better than a c-section.

There is now evidence in medical literature that c-sections and artificial inducements create some increase possibilities of dangers for the child and mother. Sometimes these things are necessary, but when there is time, hypnosis may be a better treatment.

(That was before I knew augmented reconnective style healing. It might work also. I might choose modalities other than hypnosis. But hypnosis has a place in the healing arts.)

See my several pages on healings now.

See now my pages please on augmented reconnective style healing, Eeman, pendulum, hypnosis/autogenics, runes, axiatonal lines, exorcism, etc. because as you can imagine there is more info. I am here to help you in San Antonio, TX, but I also do distant work.

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