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alternative medicine

Why some reject alternative healing?

Why do people out of hand reject alternative healings?

Several observations can be made here. We will here look at two.

Propaganda – belief

Many are true believers. Most of these are not bad people. However good people can be mislead in their belief.

[Do not take what I am saying too far here. I am not making a direct parallel only referencing a grain of truth, showing how effective that was.]

J. Goebbles had a principle that he worked on. Principle – Tell a lie long enough, and it becomes the truth.

j. goebbels

I disagree that a lie ever becomes the truth. However it will be believed as the truth, and anything contradicting that propagandized lie will be anathema as evidenced in Nazi Germany.

We have been propagandized through education, and almost all media, that modern medicine/science is were medical answers can be found and every thing else is quackery.


It is quackery now if you do not believe that the only answer is to be found in modern science.

When my mother was dying of cancer, the doctors had told her there was no hope. I suggested try alternatives. Her first response, each time I suggested something, was that she would say I will have to ask the doctor about that. Nothing could work outside that approved by her doctor. She was a true believer in the omniscient medical community.

Everything doctors do now days first started outside mainstream medical practice. Consider Pasture who came up with the crazy idea that rabies could be treated by a series of shots. Today that is standard practice. Then it was quackery.


The medical community dragged kicking and screaming had to admit that he was right.

One reason alternatives are rejected is the propagandized place of science and the ad hominem defaming of alternatives and practitioners of them.

Franz Mesmer was run out of Paris as a quack.


The scientific community admitted that there were many healings that they could not explain. They admitted that it worked, but they could not explain it in their type mind set of science. So he is a quack, get out of here.

The same thing happened with Emile Coue in the 1920’s when he came to the US.


The media describe his method as “Hells bells, I am well”. The fact that many were healed at his clinic in France and healed of problems declared incurable by doctors was irrelevant because his method contradicted science treatment as they believed it. He was run out of the country as a quack.

I am not here arguing that across the board alternatives are effective. I do think some are. What I am saying is that the broad brush condemnation of alternatives and the propagandized elevation of the place of doctors in healing may be a reason for the immediate rejection of alternatives.

Loss denial – emotion

Many are emotionally invested in medical treatment.

Try to tell a woman, who has had a mastectomy as a prophylactic to breast cancer, that there is an alternative. That means that she has lost her breasts for nothing. She has an emotional investment in the standard practice and will reject the possibility of alternatives out of hand.

I told a Christian lady about an alternative treatment for type 2 diabetes. It involved a diet found in the Bible. [I do not give medical advise.]

She lashed out at me. “My doctor is a Christian, and he would have told me if that was true. He has been my doctor for years.”

What does him being her doctor for years have to do with whether the alternative might work? There was no room for considering that it had helped some. She was emotionally invested in her doctor. She could not give up her belief in the doctor. Anything outside her doctor’s advice for this condition could not be true. So, she out of hand rejected the possibility of an alternative.

Many couples have been helped with fertility problems using a particular alternative treatment. I suggested it to a couple. The man said we have spent thousands of dollars with doctors. They rejected the simple alternative out of hand. And it would have cost nothing just to try it.

They could not even consider the possibility that they had spent all that money for nothing. They were emotionally invested in standard medical practice. Anything else had to be quackery.

There are other possibilities to answer the question.

See now my pages please on various healing modalities, because as you can imagine there is more info.

Thank you.

Use the u-rune in healing?

Why is the u-rune considered good for healing?

a aur u

I started using the u-rune in some of my healings as I kept reading about it being used for that. As I began to see positive results, I continued to use it in certain circumstances.

That is how I started to use the u-rune. I could be flippant and say I use it because I have seen it work. But the question is more why does it work.

The energy of this rune includes the vital energies of life, strength and power in physical life. This rune appears in fehu eight, the first eight runes. These eight generally deal with physical issues. One who is physically sick or injured needs strength and power to over come his physical healing problem.

The u-rune was symbolized by the aurochs,

a cave art

a now extinct wild giant bovine of Europe and the north lands. The shear largeness and strength of it was the very essence of vitality to the proto-Germanic people.

So as one focuses on this vitality, this power and this energy, the energy of vitality is called into the healing.

Remember Salomon said, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. As one thinks about receiving healing energy, he receives healing energy. This is much like healing visualization.

But beyond that I have noted this rune to work in more or less secret healing when the healed person does not know that I am doing it. I do a signing and sending and positive results are often achieved.

I think that thinking about the visceral power of the aurochs becomes a way to focus the right energy to the right place.

I note also that a general sending of this vitality gives room for the universe/God to direct it to the right place for the best results.

This is like in reconnective style healing. You do not focus on an apparent problem. You just play with the sensations in the aura, and then be a witness as to what happens. (See now the page please on reconnective style healing because as you can imagine there is more info.)

That general sending is the hard part. We want to do something, something specifically. Well, getting out of the way is something.

I remember an old man collapsing. The EMS was called. A lady friend was trying to help him as the EMS showed up. She was continuing trying to do something.

I took her gently by the arm to the side. I said, “Don’t try to help now. Just get out of the way and let them do their job. They know what they are doing. And you may get in the way.” She nodded. And we waited.

I could tell that it was hard for her to just stand by. It was uncomfortable. However, it was best.

The same is true of the u-rune healing. Call in the u-rune energy, and when the vital energy arrives, get out of the way. It knows what needs to be done. Become the witness.

(See now the page please on rune magic because as you can imagine there is more details.)


Hypnosis in Complimentary Medicine?

How does hypnosis help when someone is seeing the doctor anyway?


Hypnosis may help in several ways. We will here talk about stress.

Almost all problems have a stress component. Hypnosis can be used as a take-the-stress-out procedure.


Stress pushes one into things like high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. As one is taken into relaxation those possibilities lessens.

[Some with uncontrollable high blood pressure have brought it under control with hypnosis. Some have reduced their need for as much high blood pressure medication. Some have even eliminated the need for medication at all. This reduction should be done with the advise of the doctor.]

Aside from immediate physical relaxations, with the help of hypnosis you can be programmed to meet stressful situations with different reactions, less stressful responses.

For example, I have been called on to do pre surgery preparation. Doctors have told me that with less stress often the surgery has better results and quicker recoveries.  There is research to support their observations.

You may have seen the situation were a barren couple adopt a child. Then suddenly the woman who could not get pregnant out of the blue gets pregnant. All the stress of trying to get pregnant blocked it.

[ I heard a news report once talking about an increased ability to get pregnant on vacation. Why? The stress is off.]

Hypnosis can relieve the stress and aid in naturally becoming pregnant. If there is no physical issue, it is an easier and cheaper possibility than fertility treatments and test tube procedures. Just get the stress out and relax with the help of hypnosis.

I once helped a family who before had lost a child in pregnancy. The lady was trying so hard to have a cild that it would not happen. Stress. Then with hypnosis she became in the family way. But then the fear/stress about loosing a child before made for a problem pregnancy. Hypnosis helped keep the stress at arms length, and she carried the child to term.

There have been clinical trials were people with broken bones where treated with a hypnosis add on. X-rays were taken every week by a radiologist who did not know which patients had hypnosis and which did not. Over twelve weeks the hypnosis patience consistently healed exceptionally faster.

Stress is a factor in the speed of any recovery and should not be discounted.

There are stress factors in migraine headaches, hemorrhoids, skin conditions, mental issues, etc. … Hypnosis is an easy and productive way to deal with stress.

See now my page please on hypnosis and autogenics because as you can imagine there is more info.

Thank you.


Manifesting With Runes Works?

How do you know that you can manifest the powers of runic energies?

The problem is not manifesting the powers; rather it is controlling the energies or powers. Coming to know the energy of the k-rune helps.


It points you to an energy that can control and direct the other energies. But that is not the subject here.

The powers are easy to manifest. Years ago before I knew very much about runes, I made a scary manifestation of power with the runic energies. I knew little except what I knew from my readings as a folklorist.

Figuratively I was a child playing with a loaded gun. The legendary mystery of power was the lure. But I had no idea what I was doing. I was making it up as I went along. In my ignorance I did not know or follow the rules or even know if there were rules.

Young and wanting to have my ego stroked, I started to experiment with the energies. I was just going for the powers unfocused. Mistake.

I do not remember exactly what I did. However I did some ritual that I had made up for power. Part of the ritual involved a candle which I had lit and placed in a bowl candle holder that had been used as a regular candle holder for years with no problem.

holding candle

It had been passed to me from my parents’ time when they had used it often. It was a perfectly good and sturdy bowl of heavy glass.

I did not know enough to make some type of protective circle or such. I just did the made up ritual.

I had experienced nothing in the ritual and thought that this search for power had been a bust. As a grand finally to the experiment, I pointed my gandr (the runic version of a magic wand) at the candle and imagined power shooting to the flame.

magic wand

In that exact instant, the flame flared, in concert with the candle bowl sounding a boom, and glass flying in all directions around the room.

shattered glass

This scared me so much that I did nothing with runes for a while. I still keep the shattered pieces of the bowl in a place where I see it every day. It is a reminder not to do unfocused work with the runes.

shattered bowl

I did not know anything, and I manifested power. I think most anyone can. However doing that does not make one a vitki or magician. The shaman manifests specific power, specifically directed.

[That is why I prefer the elder 24 rune character elder furthark. The energies are more specifically focused than the younger 16 character furthark. This makes for more focusing the the right energy in a magic working. (That is a personal preference and not a put down of a vitki who prefers the younger.)]

What I did back then was like throwing a loaded gun randomly in the air. Then expecting that when it hits the ground it would go off and hit the target. Good luck in that. Unfocused power shattered the bowl.

How can I know that I can manifest the powers of runic energies? When coincidences like this line up, I must start to think that I can manifest the power of runic energies.

See now please the page on rune magic because as you can imagine there is more info.

Thank you.

stop thinking

Stop Thinking and Heal?

What should you think about during a healing session?

One should not think; he should experience. Strange as it may seem thinking is at best a distraction from the healing process. Often we interrupt our experience by thinking.  When we do, we mare the experience with our preconceptions and expectations.

over thinking

In the way I am using the term we sometimes spontaneously ‘experience’ things. It can happen in many ways, but consider this example. You may have been on the beach as the sun is setting. Of that experience you may have said, “The sunset was so beautiful that time stood still.”

That ‘time stood still’ event was not involved in analyzing the happening. It was not naming things in the event. It was not in the application of words. It is moving into a place of total innocence.

The Bible says except you become as a little child you shall not enter …


It is with child like innocence that you observed the sunset. On the adult level you are not thinking about it, rather with eyes of your inner child you are observing. You are absorbing it without word.  You are in a world before words.  Just being experiencing being.

When we return to a world before words, we have entered this tranquility where healing flourishes.

To get to this innocence, I use three d’s. Denote, disown, and dismiss.

A word is an adult creation. When a word arises in your quest for child-like innocence, denote it, say hello to it. “Oh hello.”

Then once denoted, about the word ask, “Who does that belong to?” You have disowned that word, denied ownership.

Finally, to the word say, good-bye, bye-bye, so long, or dismissed. “Bye.”

Exercise. – Look at a flower. Just observe it.  Do not think flower.  Just observe it.


The word rose may ease into your mind. “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” You likely feel a slight shift in your head at this point. You are moving into child-like innocence. Just observe.

The word red may come into your thinking. “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” You likely feel a shift in your mind at this point. You are moving into child-like innocence. Just observe.

The word petal may come up. “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” You likely feel a shift in your brain at this point. You are moving into child-like innocence. Just observe. … Etc.

The longer you do the exercise the deeper you can get into innocence. This is the non-thinking innocence that you should go for during a hesaling session. Do not think. Just observe.

In autogenics this is called passive concentration. [Please see now the page on hypnosis and autogenics, because as you can imagine there is more info there.]

In chi gong meditation Kenneth Cohen


calls this entering into tranquility. “Entering into tranquility means training the mind to be silently aware without any particular point of focus. … The mind is not thinking about but rather experiencing directly, immediately, without the mediation of thoughts and concepts.”

Dare I say the devil is in the details.

May be in session you feel your stomach growling [common in session]. When you think my “stomach” is … , “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” You likely feel a shift in your head at this point. You are moving into child-like innocence. Just observe.

May be you sense an “angel” above you. When you think there is an angel … “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” You likely feel a shift in your brain at this point. You are moving into child-like innocence. Just observe.

You may think you are having a “vision”. When you think I am having a vision [concept word] … “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” You likely feel a shift in your mind at this point. You are moving into child-like innocence. Just observe it.

I remember once, as I was having a session, I was just observing. Suddenly I thought “I am smelling green”. “Oh hello … Who does that belong to? … Bye.” I returned to just observing, experiencing, silence, tranquility.

When we return to a world before words, before thinking, we have entered this tranquility where healing flourishes.

Please visit my pages on healing because as you can imagine there is more info there.

Thank you.

turmeric [;ant

Turmeric as a Supplement? Part 5

See earlier posts for intro

G. Curcumin Can be Helpful in Preventing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is almost epidemic in the world of neurodegenerative disease and it is so common that is used interchangeably with the broader term dementia.


As of now pharmacology has no promising treatment to deal with Alzheimer’s.  Could there be a more natural help available?

Well they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   

There is natural hope, because in studies curcumin found in turmeric crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Science now says that inflammation and oxidative damage are integral in Alzheimer’s.  As shown before, curcumin effects both of these issues.

Amyloid plaques accumulation is a key factor in Alzheimer’s.  This is a protein that some research has shown to be reduced by curcumin.

It is an important road to research. But it would not hurt to add turmeric as a supplement for its other benefits anyway.  The Bible says in hope are you saved.

H. Arthritis Patients Respond to Curcumin Found in Turmeric

The western world is filled with arthritis.   


While we know that there are several types, scientist say most have some form of inflammation present.

Since curcumin found in turmeric acts a powerful anti-inflammatory, it only stands to reason that turmeric may aid with arthritis problems. There have been studies that indicate that this is true.

For example when rheumatoid arthritis was researched, curcumin proved to be better than an anti-inflammatory drug.

Many different symptoms of arthritis have been seen showing improvement with curcumin.


Consent and Healing?

Will an alternative healing work when someone does not agree to the healing?

If by this you mean that they are rejecting the healing, then the answer is it will not work.

I have a doctor friend who thinks that I am crazy about this healing stuff. Although I have great brotherly love for my friend of many year, I would not waste my time offering a healing.

Deciding to be ill, can make you ill. The wisest man who ever lived, Salomon, said as a man thinks so he is.

healing root

Subconsciously thinking the healing will not work is a form of deciding to be sick. You are in that mind set thinking subconsciously about proving that the alternative healing will not work. You are thinking that you will still be sick. As a man thinks …


On the other hand, if one does not know about the healing they are not actively rejecting it even though they are not agreeing to it per se.

Example, I went to visit my uncle in a nursing home. I was told that he had slipped into a coma two weeks before. My cousin had told me that the doctors were putting him in hospice the next day. He could not agree to anything.

I started doing a chi healing on him. After I finished, I went into the hall and told my cousin that I had felt something so there was hope. I also during the healing mentally told my uncle that it was not time for him to go yet.

That was in the evening. Early the next morning I was awoken by the phone. I thought … oh no he has passed.

It, yes, was my cousin. This was the day that hospice was to start. He told me that he had just received a call.

That call was from my uncle. He had awoken from the coma. After telling my cousin that he did not know where he was, he told my cousin that he should pick him up.

He was disoriented for a while. He, out of caution, spent a few more days in the nursing home. Then he went back home and lived 5 more years. He died of other causes.

Agreement in such situations is not a determining factor. There is a similar situation in many distant healings which I do.  I have worked with family members about someone far away, like from San Antonio where I live, to Chicago and Seattle. These did not know what the family members were doing with me so they were not rejecting the healing.

So I am thinking that agreement is not the determining factor. A more important factor is if the person is rejecting the healing. That rejection may be conscious or subconscious.

You have seen this I am sure in traditional healing often people reject the healing even though they are taking treatments that have a descent success rate. They expect to have a chronic problem; so they do in spite of the good treatment. They expect to die; so they die in spite of the treatment. It is the same with alternative healing.

(Click now please on the pages for healings because as you can imagine there is more info.  Also the page on hypnosis and autogenics may be informative. Thanks for checking them out.)


Migraine Miracle?

Migraine Miracle?

Here is a too simple migraine solution.


I found this treatment in a side note in Men’s Health magazine.  It uses cayenne pepper.


I am talking not specifically about migraine headache, but this also works well for ocular migraines and cluster headaches.  So say you have a sinus headache or other type headache this is not the answer.

A sinus headache can trigger a true migraine.  In that case, this will take care of the migraine, but you will need something else for the sinus headache.

This treatment works very fast.  It is like a miracle most often in less than 15 minutes.  If you let the migraine go and do not treat it early on, you may need to do two or three treatments.  But it will work for this problem.  I have never had to do more than three applications. (That was because I let the problem go for a while before I treated it.)  It has always worked for me.

In a true migraine the capillaries have constricted.  The cheyenne dilates them, and the migraine vanishes the instant when that happens.  It is like a miracle.  

Anyone who has had a true migraine knows that this treatment is nothing compared to the agony of a full blown migraine. There will be a little discomfort for 15 minutes or less.  When that discomfort is over, the migraine almost always is gone.

Here is what you need.  A very small amount of cayenne pepper (no other type pepper is known to work).  A little water.  A q tip/cotton swab.

Dilute a very small amount of cayenne in a small amount of water.  I do not measure.  I just use a small amount.  If you use too much, it, in my experience, will not hurt you, but you will have unnecessary application discomfort.  It will still work on the migraine.

Then use the cotton swab to swab the inside of your nose. Go deep into both nostrils.  This is not hot like the pepper in your mouth.  However your nose will feel raw for about 15 minutes.  If it does not feel some amount of discomfort, you have not used enough chayenne.  Redo it, in that case, with a touch more.  

Now watch for the miracle.  If the capillaries have not dilated in 15 minutes, do a second application.  Then, if needed a  third.  If you still have no relief, the headache that remains may not be a true migraine.

One time I was at a cafe when the migraine started.  I did not have access to my kitchen.  I asked the waiter if they had some cayenne and a glass of water.  I am sure he thought I was going to use it on my food.

Since I did not have a cotton swab, I put some water in a spoon and added a touch of pepper.  Then I snorted it up my nose. When needed I blew my nose. That worked the same as the swab.  (The rest of my meal the waiter watched me out the corner of his eye.)

Once I was having a sinus problem, I was going to flush my nose with salt and baking soda.  As I was preparing that solutions, I noticed the starting of an ocular migraine. So I added a little cayenne.  That worked perfectly too.  I had caught the problem early.  


Alternative Healing and Placebo?

Is not what you do in healing just the placebo effect?

If it is, so what? Healing is healing.

People will believe what they want. I do not think that all my work is placebo, but if it is, so what? Healing is healing.

Doctors used to use placebo with intent.  Why is it wrong for alternative healers to do the same?


I went to my regular Mexican restaurant to get my breakfast taco. In the line behind me a little kindergartner girl and her dad were waiting to pay. She had a hacking cough.

I commented to her, “That is a bad cough.”

She smiled at me as her dad explained that she had had it for awhile. They had been to the doctor who was stumped as to why she kept having that morning dry cough.

If there is not a physical cause, I as an alternative practitioner thought then it must be …

I told the little girl that there was a magic place in her hand that she could touch, and the cough would go away. I showed her a place that I had made up. She tried it.


As she had a break in the cough, I said, “See … It is starting to work. Now every morning if you start coughing press that magic place.” She looked up at me with her big brown innocent eyes.

She smiled, and they left without her coughing any more.

In a couple of weeks they were at the cafe again. The dad came over and thanked me. I just said, “You are welcome, but I did not do anything.”

He told me that she had not been coughing since I showed her the magic spot.  I did not tell him that I made it up.

That was placebo, pure and simple. A placebo given in a belief generating way was the correct advise in that situation. Healing is healing. What is the problem?

Some doctors use placebo in appropriate situations even today. For example when you are in the hospital and have pain medication, a doctor may put you on a drip bag. There is a button that you can push when you need pain medication. But the placebo is that it will only give out so much. After that, you push the button, and the thought of getting the pain drug gives you a pain relieving placebo effect.

Sometimes some doctors can not see anything beyond their standard treatment protocols.  Some alternative healers can not see beyond their method or doings.

Remember healing is an art as well as a science.

The proof is in the pudding. With that little girl the answer was believable placebo. Healing is healing.

People will believe what they want. I do not think that all my work is placebo, but when it is, … so what? Healing is healing.

Check out now my pages on healings please, because as you can imagine there is more info there.

Thank you.


Turmeric as a Supplement? Part 4

See Part 1 for Introduction

E. Curcumin Stimulates Improvements Which Some Say Lower Your Risk of Heart Problems


Heart disease runs high on the list of medical problems worldwide.

heart problem

Scientists are beginning to understand better why this happens.   

Many studies tell them that heart problems are incredibly complicated and there are various things that contribute to it.  

Curcumin in turmeric may help reverse some of the factors in the process of heart disease.

One benefit of curcumin in regard to heart disease, is improving the lining of the blood vessels which is called the endothelium.

Researchers tell us that endothelial dysfunction is a bad actor in heart disease and causes an inability of the endothelium to control blood pressure, blood clotting and other related functions of your body.

Studies suggest repeatedly that curcumin can cause improvements in endothelial function. There is research showing turmeric’s curcumin is as effective as exercise, some testing shows that it works as well as the drug Atorvastatin, and that without the side effects of that drug.

Also curcumin reduces inflammation and oxidation (as discussed elsewhere), which are also an important factors in the progress of heart disease.

In one study, 121 suffers of clogged arteries, who were to have coronary artery bypass operations, were chosen to either have placebo or 4 grams of curcumin per day, a several days before and after the surgery.

The ones receiving curcumin experienced a 65% decreased risk of heart attack while in the hospital and on curcumin.


F. Turmeric Can Help Prevent (And Perhaps Even Treat) Cancer


There are different kinds of cancer, but  several things that are common about the appear to be affected by curcumin of turmeric with supplemental usage.  

Researchers, like those a M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, have researched curcumin in cancer therapy.  This herbal compound can alter cancer’s growth, development and spread at the molecular level.


Studies have shown that it can reduce growth of new blood vessels in tumors, which is called angiogenesis, spread of cancer which doctors call metastasis. It even contributes to the death of cancer cells.

Many studies show that curcumin can reduce the growth of cancer in the laboratory animals.

Whether high-dose curcumin (preferably with an absorption enhancer like pepper) can help treat cancer in humans has yet to be tested properly.  But what could it hurt.  

Research M.D. Anderson suggests that it makes no difference if you take a high dose or low.  It is just getting curcumin into the body and the body does the rest.  They use turmeric as an add on to treatment of skin cancer which is an inflammation related cancer.

Beyond this, there has been evidence gathered from research suggesting that supplementation of this herb may aid in preventing cancer from occurring in the first place.  This is especially true of cancers of the digestive system,like colorectal cancer.

There is a study which used 44 men with colon lesions that were expected by the doctors to turn cancerous. Each day 4 grams of curcumin where taken for 30 days, and the number of lesions reduced 40%.

Maybe curcumin will be used along with conventional cancer treatment one day more extensively.   


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