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When Belief Does Not Work?

Why does belief sometimes not work to manifest your intent?

When you desire a manifestation, healing, cleansing, salvation, money, relationship, etc. there is an element of faith that is required.  Jesus said all things are possible to him who keeps on believing.

Notice first that this is not a statement of probability, but possibility.  If all you have is faith, you are in the right place but need to have more.

Faith is not here mere conscious believing. There is more. We all know people who have consciously believed something and affirmed it all over, but it did not manifest.

You may think you believe, say you believe; you may demand that you believe. That may be nothing but empty words running around your head.

Jesus talked about people who thought by their many words they could have their prayers. That of itself will not work.

This belief that opens the possibility of manifestation is deep profound belief from the mind, body, and spirit.

James, the brother of Jesus, says in the Bible doubts (superficial belief) belief of that type takes from us the right to expect manifestation, a receiving.

Next James says that faith if it has not works is dead. I must live and structure my life as if my deep belief is true.

It would be foolish, to believe that you will manifest being a good student in school and never study.  Good STUDENT by definition requires study.  Do all the rituals and meditations that you want.  You can pray until the cows come home. You need to restructure life according to your belief that you are a good student; then that belief is possible.

Restructuring here would say that if you believe that you are a good student you will start studying. You will take the posture of a good student. Confucius said good posture makes for good morals.

Lauren Bacal saw Humphrey Bogarde in a movie. She believed she would someday marry him. She believed and restructured her life. She became a model. Then she became from that an actress. She then availed herself of a chance to make a movie with him. Their professional relationship later turned personal, and she structured her life to be available. They finally married.


She believed in her mind, body (restructuring her life), and spirit (the way she acted around him).

She believed and then restructured her life as if that belief was true. Her belief was then possible and manifested.

Thank you.

turmeric [;ant

Turmeric as a Supplement? Part 3

Check out Part 1 for introduction

C. Turmeric Dramatically Increases Your Body’s Antioxidant Function

Some say oxidative action is a part of the cause of the ageing process and many diseases.

Curcumin in turmeric works as a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals tend to negatively impact important organic substances, such as fatty acids,proteins or DNA.

Antioxidants, like those in turmeric, guard your body from these free radicals.

Curcumin also stimulates the working of our body’s antioxidant enzymes.  That is it works and it helps other antioxidants work.  It does double duty.

So, curcumin hits in two directions against free radicals. First, it blocks them directly, then it kick starts the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes.


turmeric tea


D. Curcumin May Increase Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, Which Improves Brain Activity


Years ago, some scientists thought neurons could not divide or multiply except in early childhood. But now, most doctors accept that this does happen, even in adults.

The neurons establish new connections, including in  areas of the brain, where they also multiply in number.

One hormone in this process is Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), which works as a type of growth hormone working inside your brain.  Not a few brain malfunctions are associated with declining levels of BDNF. Two that you might recognize are depression and Alzheimer’s disease.

Curcumin tends to work to raise the levels of BDNF.  In that increase, some think turmeric is useful in delaying and/or reversing some brain diseases and geriatric decreases in brain function.

Based on the foregoing some say turmeric also could help boost your memory and intelligence.   


Turmeric as a Supplement? Part 2

See Part 1 for  Intro

B. Curcumin in Turmeric Acts a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Turmeric’s anti inflammatory properties are significant.

Inflammation is important to good health.  Without inflammation, bacteria could run wild in our bodies.

While  short-term inflammation is helpful, in the long term it is a  problem.  

Some scientists now postulate that even low-level inflammation plays a major role in almost every chronic disease. This includes heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s and many diseases.


Therefore,when we fight inflammation, we are interdicting and even correcting many diseases.

inflamation chart

Since curcumin is strongly anti-inflammatory, it tends match and sometimes exceed the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs.

Curcumin in fact targets several steps in the inflammatory pathway, at the cellular even molecular level.

Curcumin block a molecule that travels into the nuclei of cells and turns on genes related to inflammation.

Some studies suggest its potency is comparable to anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical drugs… but not dangerous side effects.



Turmeric as a Supplement? Part 1

Is turmeric as effective as some say?   Is it the most effective nutritional supplement known.

Many high quality studies show that it has major benefits for your body and brain. 

A. Turmeric Contains Compounds With Powerful Medicinal Properties


You might have noticed turmeric in cooking, especially Indian foods, like curry.  Through the centuries it has been used in cooking.  But it also has been used a herbal supplement remedy.

Recently, places like M.D. Anderson Hospital are starting to discover what the Indians have known for a long time.  There is something to its medical application.  Now in the general grocery stores I have seen turmeric/curcumin pills for minor pain relief.  These are even FDA approved.  It does have many properties like aspirin.  

The scientist call the medicinal parts of turmeric curcuminoids.. Both antioxidant and anti inflammatory curcumin turmeric has power to heal and relieve pain.

Your body  does not absorb well into the bloodstream curcumin. So some scientist suggest that  you take it with a little black pepper, which contains piperine.  This is a natural herb that increased curcumin assimilation some say up to 2000%.

You might do this pepper ingestion by popping a few whole peppercorns when you take your turmeric.  That is not so bad as drinking ground black pepper in some liquid.  Should work well.

Curcumin is what is called fat soluble.  That would lead some to think that it would also be helpful to take your turmeric with some fatty food.

More info in a future blog.  Check back.

Part 2 coming soon.




hypnosis autogenics san antonio

Healing When Needing Healing?

How can a healer have health problems?

Think about it. Doctors have health problems, sometimes even chronic ones, but that does not mean of itself that they are bad at what they do.

This is also true of doctor’s advise. I remember my mother many years ago caught her cancer doctor smoking a pipe. He, I am sure, would advise patients not to smoke. Did that advise suddenly become wrong?


I doubt that many doctors are as strict about their eating habits as they advise their patients. Does that make the nutritional advise they give worthless?  Have you seen over weight doctors lecturing about being over weight?

So doctors develop health problems. So what?

I for awhile had an asthmatic cough that I could not shake. I still worked as a healer and still had good results.

Sometimes a healer has to go to another healer. It maybe as simple as they are not objective about their sickness, but at the same time, they can be objective about others. The gypsy can not read the gypsy hand. I believe that that is why doctors do not deal with major health problems in their close family, clouded objectivity.

I have several Reiki masters who come to me when they have problems.

There is a Biblical example. The Apostle Paul was a great healer not doubt. But yet he had his thorn in the flesh.

There has been much speculation as to what that thorn was. Some say it was an eye problem. Some say it was his back. Whatever it was, he was not the picture of health. He wrote Timothy that he had been left sick in Rome.

If he was a healer, why did he not heal himself? He wrote that he had prayed to have his health restored but it was not to be. God told him that His grace (gift) was sufficient for him. God had given this to him so that he would not think too highly of himself.

If you think of grace as a gift, God told Paul that his gift was sufficient. In that understanding the sickness of Paul was a gift for good. Ours is not to ask why in cases like this just look for the gift.  Paul later concluded that because of the malady his ego was kept in check.

I wrote an earlier article on getting to your spiritual goals. This situation, when the healer needs a healing, would be a perfect time to sit back and ask, “What are you (the universe or God) trying to say to me?” There is more details on this in that article.

There maybe a greater reason why a healer is sick.

Sickness can be a blessing. I think about here Ray Charles.


He became blind as a child. Because of his blindness he went to the school for the blind where he learned to play the piano. Being blind he did not have the boyish distractions from his practice. Maybe his blindness was a blessing for him and all of us because of his wonderful musical talent being nurtured.

I know of a spiritual healer in Monterey, in Mexico. She is blind. Why does she not heal herself? That is not important. The proof is in the puddling. She is very successful.

How can a healer have a health problem? That is not a good question. It is though a good distraction.

This is related to a primal principle in  reconnective style healing (RH). We do not look for what we think should be or do not expect what we think should happen. We just witness what is and know that in someway what is is good, whether we figure out what the good is or not.

Check out now please my pages on various healings, because there is more info.

Thank you.

The Secret of Runes?

What is the secret of rune magic?

The runes magic secret is that it is secret. That is what the word rune literally means, secret. [Sometimes figuratively it means whisper.]


That may be a little simplistic. It is secret in the sense of “mystery”. Think of it like this. If you read a mystery novel, it is only a mystery/secret until you have read the book.

It can also mean “secret counsel”. Without going into the linguistic etymological process their word for “roar” came from this. Once the secret counsel is received it grows into a roar or bellow.

However the secret is still secret to those outside.

runes reading

It is often secret between two rune masters. That is not a problem for the true master because he understands that rune is secret whisper.

The secret of rune energetic power is that, figuratively speaking, it is a secret until you have read the book and then it becomes secret counsel that roars.

Of course there is no book. Why? Because it is secret. If it could be definitively written there would be no secret, no rune.

The best you can find in books on runes, and even mine if I choose to right one, is broad principles that point you toward secret counsel. The path of the vitki or rune master is the path of Odin hanging on the tree until out of the silence the secret reveals itself.

The secret is that within the context of some broad principles the vitki finds his secret path. I may in class tell you how I might do something, but that is only to say that worked for me.

Rune magic is profoundly libertarian in nature. My counsel, the whisper I receive, on how to do something may not be the same counsel that my student would have, but the roar would be the same. My secret whisper is not his secret whisper.

I once had a student that insisted on doing something I was showing her different. I did get a little perturbed. [We all have our ego sometimes.] The result was her magic roared as well, I think, as in my way mine would have.

I remembered the the principle of secret. Then I was able to in a true libertarian mind hear my whisper more clearly, without the limiting filter of my habits from my past paths.

There is no one way, not even for one vitki. What is in the “now” is still secret. The master vitki always, each time, listens for secret.

One master vitki poem includes this, “help me evoke the power of rune / may it act as a load stone and bring me a boon.” The power of rune, the power of secret, is alway present tense.  It is always secret.

Everything in true rune magic involves secret. There are constant reminders of secret. Rune magic may be secret in plain sight, but it is secret.

Rituals use burnings and inscribed candles to secret the working.

Inscribed objects are thrown in water (rivers, lakes, ponds, and sea) to secret the working.

Similarly things are buried or sunk in bogs.

There are secret signings.

There are secret sendings.

Magic workings are not spoken of to keep them secret.

Magical writings are written in rune script to keep them secret from those not initiated.

Rune binds give their purpose to the informed but keep them secret from those outside.

The names of your fetches are secret.

The uses of your fetches are secret.

Some things are swallowed to secretly internalized the magic working.

There are many other things, but in all rune magic there is secret in one way or another. All rune magic honors rune, honors secret.



Did you get that?  It is a closing secret.

See now please my page on rune magic, as you can imagine there is more info.

Thank you.


Cream of Tartar & Health?

Cream of Tartar & Health?

Many of you know of cream of tartar in cooking and baking.  It comes from the residue left in the barrel after winemaking.  

tartar wine

But it is more than that.  It is a health supplement that is little known. In technical terms it is called  potassium hydrogen tartrate. 



chemical name tartar


I am not diagnosing or giving medical advice.  Just experimentally noted opinion.


Here of some of the maladies that it is said to help eliminate from your life or mitigate.


Urinary Tract Infections.

Acne – applied as a paste

Athletes foot, jock itch applied as a paste.

Candida cleanse.

Cancer.  (This is resulting from candida cleanse)

Preserves or restores normal function of nerve cells, heart cells, skeletal-muscle cells, kidneys, stomach-juice secretion.

Muscle weakness.



Elevated blood pressure.

Abnormal muscle contractions.

Helps normal function of the brain.

Promotes normal red-blood-cell formation.

Helps in energy production by metabolizing proteins, urea, amino acids and fats.

Acts as coenzyme in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. Treats some forms of anemia.

Treats cycloserine and isoniazid poisoning.

Maintains normal homocysteine levels. (It is not cholesterol that is the problem is is imbalance in homocysteine levels.)

Acts as a tranquilizer.

Promotes proper immune function, involved in the synthesis of several neurotransmitters and neurohormones, including epinephrine, serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin.

Assists in the transport of potassium into cells, and is needed for healthy nerves, muscle, blood, and skin.

Helpful with pregnancy in helping with nausea. (Consult your doctor.)

Helps with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Helps deal with problems of the nerves.

Helps with water retention.

When mixed with baking soda, cream of tartar can help make teeth appear whiter and cleaner.  

tartar and teeth

When mixed with vinegar, this acidic salt can be used as an insect repellant. The tartaric acid it contains can kill insects such as ants immediately.

Heartburn, associated with stress and spicy foods, can be very painful, and many over-the-counter drugs take hours to days to start working. An immediate remedy is to mix a half teaspoon of cream of tartar with a half teaspoon of baking soda, and blend into in a warm or lukewarm cup of water. Relief should occur within minutes of drinking the solution.

And more.

Used in moderation there are virtually no side effects.  Anything can cause problems if over ingested, even oxygen and water.

I suggest for myself taking one or two teaspoons a day for maintenance.   (With cancer some suggest six teaspoons a day.  Not all at one time)  If there is an active problem take a little more than one or two.

If you are doing, it for candida cleanse, do one or two teaspoons a day for around six months.  You will have quick results, but the extended time is for candida deep in the body. You may increase the amount for a time.  It is amazing how many problems go away when candida is banished from the body.

You can dissolve it in good water or juice to ingest it.  I sometimes make a pitcher of tea in the morning and put it in that and ingest it during the day.  That would be in addition to my one teaspoon in the morning or morning and evening.  This is when I am addressing a particular problem.

In something other than water it has little taste.  In water it tastes a little citrus like or maybe toward an old unflavored alka seltzer. Not bad at all.

When you first use it, you may, may not, think you are having diarrhea. That is initial candida die off in the gastrointestinal tract.  In less than a day or so that is not an issue, and you will not have diarrhea type side effects. (If you ease into it. This may not happen.  A quarter teaspoon for a few days,  Then a half.  Then one.  Then two.  etc.  Or maybe take smaller portions two or three times a day. )

In the regular grocery stores cream of tartar can be pricey but it in bulk can be bought at a reasonable price at many health oriented markets like Sprouts in San Antonio.  In bulk it is cheaper than most supplements.  And that also can be used in cooking and enjoy the benefits of cream of tartar.  



Bless Yourself; Bless Your Water?

You can bless yourself by blessing your water?

I remember as a boy we always gave thanks before meals.  It was a religious thing. The Bible says things are to be received with thanksgiving. But I have come to learn that it is more.

Dr. Masarsu Emoto, an academic physicist, found that by talking to water, or sending messages to water you can change the crystalline structure of the water.  


I am not going into detail here.  However before the water, when frozen, has a ugly structure; after sending words or intention to the water, the structure becomes beautiful.  And amazingly the same water has different structures depending on the words or intention used, e.g., love, peace, grace, hope, etc.

changing water

Check on Youtube for Dr. Emoto’s rice experiment, amazing.

This is not strictly a christian practice.  The ancient Runic vitkis used to sign thor’s hammer over the filled cups they would drink from. (It was identical to the catholic ritual of signing of the cross centuries before Christ.)

hammer thor

The catholic priest over the wine does a ritual in the communion ceremony.  He is changing the water.  It is not exclusive their power.  He is simply changing the water by intention.  The same is true about making holy water.  You can do it the same as they.

Bless your food (it has water) you consume.  Bless your liquids that you will swallow (they have water).  You are changing water for the better.  

Toast your consumables for yourself and others.  It is not about religion.  It is about physics.  It is about health and sprituality.

“To your health.”



Cursed, The Simple Answer?

What can be done when I have been cursed?

The simple answer is do not be cursed.

SOME curses are nothing more than the victim believing they have been cursed. In those cases the victim is self cursed. Believing that there is a curse, he subconsciously puts himself in position to have bad things happen.  Jesus said as you believe so is it done unto you.

Example, there is a man at an archery shooting event. He believes that his opponent has cursed him to shoot badly. He truly believes that.

There are hundreds of things that can be done wrong in drawing and shooting an arrow. There is an precise anchor point that the arrow is to be drawn to each time. There is the procedure of just letting the fingers relax as the string breaks through. There are three mussel in the back that bare all the tension of the drawing, while all other mussels are to be totally relaxed. There is the no peeking so that you can watch the arrow in flight. There is the follow through in the shot of not leaning into the releasing arrow. Etc.

Believing that he is cursed the archer may subconsciously fail in some of the procedures of shooting form. Perhaps while he draws the bow, he tenses up the mussels in his legs. That alone could give an equally qualified opponent an edge.

Who would have thought it? Well, for one Al Henderson, the former US Olympic coach. He talks about the little things and the way they effect peek efficiency in a shot.

So the shooter believes he is cursed and without knowing he curses himself in lack of full confidence to mess up minute points of form. The result is a loosing score. It is quiet possible that he would believe that low score was the result of a curse. He may not realize that he had subconsciously victimized himself.

Say a bad card reader (not one like me. See now please the page on readings and blessings.) tells a person that they have been cursed and that they are going to die before some date. The otherwise healthy person through the power of the subconscious mind begins to decline and dies.

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about a relative that this happened to.


The perfectly healthy man died before the predicted moon phase, because he believed in the reputation of the reader and the pronouncement.

How many times has this same thing happened because of the gloomy prediction of a doctor with bad bedside manner.

Just as the mind can heal you, it can kill you.

The news told of a problem with drug companies advertising. They are required to list in the US all the possible side effects. Shortly after the advertising started, patients started having side effects at a much greater percentage of the times used.

If you believe you have been cursed, your subconscious can make it happen in your life, health, accidents, whatever. And then remember sometimes stuff just happens. So, you think you are cursed and more things happen. That is a self cursing.

Every time you think you are cursed just reject the thought. Say something like 1) who does that belong to. Then 2) tell the thought good bye and then finally intentionally think about something else. Put it out of your mind.

Sometimes people need a good hypnotist like myself or an autogenics coach like myself to help you finally put the self curse out of your mind. (See now please the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more info about my work in San Antonio, TX.)

On the other hand there is a real curse. I rejected the idea of a real cursing and a professor at seminary warned me not to be too sure. I later changed my mind.

I had a lady come to me saying a bruja (witch) had put a curse on her and bad things now were happening to her, including things like traffic accidents. I thought that it was self cursing. But she, literally being from a ranch in Mexico, was not ready to hear that.

So to vanquish the self cursing, I made up a ritual and told her it would send back the curse to whoever sent it. She did it. Then in a few days another lady told me what happened.

For effect in the ritual which I gave, I told her to do it at midnight. A third lady told me that on the midnight of the candle ritual the lady who was supposed to have done the cursing was asleep.

Her daughter burst into the room and said that the devil had just come in her room.

child seeing

The curse, the real curse, was sent back to the house from where it came.

I was shocked and a little frightened at this. Then I remember a quote from the Bible.

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The lady who was  returning the curse when she did the ritual was resisting the devil, and he fled from her.

In a real cursing it does not matter what you do. It is just that you resist, and the curse is lifted.

Some people have the need to come to someone like myself to give them a ritual or do a resisting ritual for them. But that is just their way of resisting.

(See now please my page on cleansing because as you can imagine there is more info. Also see the page on rune magic for more info.)

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Thank you.


Focusing Foiling Healing?

Can focusing foil healing?

Yes, it can? At least some types can.

Sometimes we get so involved in trying to do something that we loose our goal.

Some try to manage their problem. Think about it. If one focuses on the management, then he is saying that he must maintain the problem so he can be the manager.

In extreme cases the focus on management even becomes a bandage of honor. This gives even more motivation to maintain the problem.

It is politically incorrect to says this is what is wrong with programs like alcoholics anonymous (AA). They push people into management focus and not problem elimination.

True there maybe a management issue during the time of withdrawal. However that is not the long term solution to the problem.

In our example the Bible says about some people who used to be drunkards, “such some of you were.”

That was what they were, past tense, not what they had become.

But the focus of AA is getting up and saying regularly “I am an alcoholic”, present tense.


The problem persists.

When you keep saying I have the problem, you blueprint the problem on the subconscious. Then the problem manifests. In the example, they have the drinking monkey on their back. They may be not drinking, but they still have the problem, “I am a alcoholic.”

mental trapped

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote much about this focusing principle and blueprinting.


He writes that your subconscious will accept your blueprint. Further if you have a bad blueprint, get a new one.

You might replace the “I am an alcoholic” blueprinting with “I was a drunkard but I am a tea toter now”. [tea toter – a non drinker]

[I use drunkard because alcoholic has the modern baggage of you have it forever. You do not need that.]

If someone offers a drink do not say “no, I am an alcoholic”. Do not say it; do not think it. Say the positive, “I am a tea toter now.” Each time you say this you are making a new blueprint. Eventually drinking is not your problem.

Where is your focus in your healing quest? On the problem? Focus on having the problem solved, gone, behind you. Blueprint that.

There is a truism, “What you resist persists”.

This principle is true in many medical issues.

Several healing modalities can help with the reblueprinting, hypnosis, autogenics, axiatonal lines, rune magic, reconnective style healing, etc. Check out now those pages please, because there is more info there.

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