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Cinnamon as a Supplement? Pt. 6

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12. Weight Loss

weight loss

Cinnamon appears to have an effect as blood thinner.  As a result there is an increase in blood circulation. Increasing the blood circulating generally fires up your metabolism which raises the possibility of it being helpful in weight loss. This blood thinning property of cinnamon also causes it to act as an anti clotting agent.

Be careful NOT to take cinnamon with other blood thinning medication. The coumarin in cinnamon causes your blood to thin.  This is present in high doses in cassia cinnamon (4%) [generally the grocery store type] but not in ceylon cinnamon (0.04%).  Coumarin causes liver damage. Therefore taking cassia cinnamon for weight loss may end up causing liver damage.  Moderation here!

I might suggest to do a liver cleans while using cassia as a supplement, if you are using board line too much.  But moderation is the key.  It should be safe in moderation.  

There is a paper referencing Dr. Greenburg of Tufts University as saying it holds promising possibilities for weight loss.  


13. Massage Therapy, etc.


Cinnamon works as a warming agent.  When you combined it with a carrier oil it can effectively relax and relieve muscle pain. Some add a few drops to bath water which relaxes and soothes tired and aching muscles.


14. Toenail Fungus, etc.



If you have toenail fungus or athlete’s foot? Cinnamon leaf oil acts as a powerful anti fungal agent often better than commercial topical treatments. You might try to use cinnamon sticks, tea or powder for internal treatment and  add to that a few drops of Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil and soak your feet to treat the toenail fungus or athlete’s foot. Some claim amazingly effective fast results . 


Cinnamon as a Supplement? Pt. 5

Check out previous parts for important info

  1. Odor Neutralizer 

bad smell

Pure cinnamon leaf oil works an effective odor neutralizer that is because it kills bacteria which creates the offensive odors. It does not just cover up odors.  Put 2-5 drops of cinnamon leaf oil into water in a diffuser and quickly all odors are neutralized.

Alternatively spray watered down cinnamon leaf oil on toilets, floors and kitchen counter tops, garbage cans and the interior of vehicles to rapidly remove foul odors. Wiping down improves the coverage.  This is better than chemical sprays. As I side effect the smell will improve your mood.  It banishes the blues.


  1. Alertness, Memory & Cognitive Development  


There is a  study by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, Director of Undergraduate Research and associate professor of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV which suggests that cinnamon may keep you alert and decrease your frustration when you are driving.


One German study claims that taking Cinnamon improved their response times and memory recall.  


  1. Antioxidant


With an ORAC (the scale for ranking antioxidant value) value of 267536 μmol TE/100g (USDA 2007) cinnamon is in the top seven antioxidants that is known. The suggestion has been made that antioxidants reduce the creation of free radicals that cause cancer.

An Indian study found potential antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of cinnamon oils and oleoresins found in the leaf and bark. Remember that all antioxidants are good for your whole body, repairing damage to almost all parts of your body.


cinnamon oil

Cinnamon as a Supplement? Pt. 4


Check out previous parts for important info

 7. Anti-Bacterial/Anti Microbial

anti microbs

Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil works as a great anti-bacterial and therefore, a great natural disinfectant. Cinnamon oil had the best antimicrobial effect when compared against several oils.  That is when used against escherichia coli , staphylococcus aureus , aspergillus oryzae , and penicillium digitatum according to one study.


Cinnamon bark oil is also a good anti bacterial. This study discovered that cinnamaldehyde levels of cinnamon bark oil was effective against listeria monocytogenes, salmonella typhimurium, and enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli.


Dilute the cinnamon oil with water as a disinfectant for kitchen countertops, sinks, your refrigerator, etc.. When there are young children around and you do not want harsh cancer causing chemicals use cinnamon oil. Cinnamon sticks works also an effective  anti bacterial.  However, you would need a lot of it to be effective.  For a mild disinfectant, to wash something like your face, feet, or hands, then a few cinnamon sticks boiled in hot water could be an idea.


8. Food Preservative

Cinnamon  can be used to good effect to inhibit bacterial growth. Some say this is the reason for the wide use of cinnamon in food preparation in Asian countries. In Sri Lanka, almost all dishes have a pinch of cinnamon. In addition to pleasing flavor, ceylon cinnamon in combination with spices like turmeric and chili may have been a way to preserve food before refrigeration.


One study used cinnamon oil coated paper as a preserving practice.  They found a 6% cinnamon oil solution was responsible for completely stopping mold in sliced bread packaging. This study also found cinnamon oil effective in creating insect resistant food packaging film. Cinnamon also came on top in this study, even against allspice and clove oil as very effective for making an edible food film.


Cinnamon as a Supplement? Pt. 3

See previous parts for important info.

5. Cancer Prevention

cancer cell

Researchers tell us that cinnamon oil has promise in the treatment of Tumors, Gastric Cancers and Melanomas. Research studies points out that sugar may be a major factor in causing or sustaining cancer cells. Cinnamon by controlling blood sugar levels in the body could mitigate or in some cases end this problem. Some studies show positive results with leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.


Cinnamon in all its types has two chemical constituents, Cinnamaldehyde  and Eugenol (From Cinnamon Oil). The scientists have used these to develop nutraceuticals that have proven somewhat effective in fighting human colon cancer cells (Eugenol) and human hepatoma cells. As a result, evidence seems to indicate that cinnamon starves cancer cells by denying them sugar which they need. A University of Arizona study established that the cinnamaladehye component of cinnamon worked as a potent collectoral cancer fighter.


  1. Arthritis/Osteoporosis


There is a widely cited Copenhagen university study that is a hoax. Most evidence that cinnamon helps arthritis comes from personal testimonials. Some people claim drinking cinnamon tea helps arthritis pain while others claim a cinnamon oil massage oil helps ease the pain.


What at this time we do know is that cinnamon has high levels (73% DV in two sticks of Cinnamon) of manganese which helps bone building, also blood and connective tissues, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. We require manganese for bone health.  So people who deficient in it stand a greater chance of developing osteoporosis.   

cinnamon tree

Cinnamon as a Supplement? Pt. 2

Please read pt. 1 for important info

3. Stomach Bug or Flu

Cinnamon may be one of the best remedies for a stomach bug.

stomach flew


Why not since cinnamon is a powerful anti-bacterial? Researchers have proved that cinnamon is one of the most effective treatments for  E-coli, and  salmonella. as well as campylobacter . Another study as noticed cinnamaldehyde from cinnamon bark oil in its various forms as effective against adenovirus. Another reason to drink cinnamon tea which contains cinnamon bark oil is that it has high levels of cinnamaldehyde (between 40-50%).  


  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


As a digestive aid cinnamon can reduce the uncomfortable feelings some people get with IBS, especially the bloating. This works because cinnamon kills bacteria thus healing infections in the GI tract helping the gastric juices to work normally. One Japanese study claimed it would cure ulcers but this cannot be verified. However, when you experience stomach cramps or upsets, a cup of cinnamon tea 2-3 times  per day will help to reduce the pain.


Cinnamon as a Supplement? Pt. 1





Here is the typical legal warnings.  The FDA has not approved cinnamon to cure any medical condition. This information is given for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. consult a physician before taking any cinnamon.

We find the evidence backed with research citations as to why cinnamon spice maybe the solution for diabetes, candida, weight loss, cancer, Alzheimer’s, toenail fungus, parkinson’s, stomach flu and much more. In this section we will look the evidence results. The benefits of cinnamon are surprising.

1. Blood Sugar Issues

Several studies indicate that cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin issues. It is, as a result, used by many with Type 2 diabetics to control their blood sugar swings.


Warning high doses of typical grocery store cinnamon can cause liver damage.  An alternative is ceylon cinnamon, which has low levels of coumarin as compared to cassia cinnamon from your grocery.  But the upside is that grocery store cinnamon is more effective in dealing with blood sugar issues, so you do not need that much.    A practical answer is to double your dosage of ceylon cinnamon, if you choose to use that, since that dosed will not come close to the high coumarin levels found in cassia cinnamon.  But either can be reasonably used.  Remember more is not necessarily better with cassia.  Be reasonable.  Even drinking too much water can kill you.

In another study cinnamon was shown to be effective for blood sugar control in rats. If you take cinnamon for diabetes, take it in moderation as part of a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

Paul David of UC Davis said in this NPR story of 2013 that cinnamon provides a 3-5% effect on blood sugar levels.  This is like older diabetes drugs. That tends to make it a good choice for pre diabetics.  


  1. Candida Yeast Infections

Cinnamon has been found to the surprise of the researchers to have an amazing ability to stop medication-resistant yeast infections. This even  works on Escherichia coli bacteria and Candida albicans fungus. This study proved that cinnamon oil was one of three leading essential oils effective against Candida.



One doctor claims that all cancers have candida associated with them.  So, he theorizes that if you take care of the candida you take care of the cancer.

Another study found that cinnamon oil is effective against three strains of candida, candida albicans, candida tropicalis, and candida krusei. Real ceylon cinnamon Tea infused with Cinnamon Bark Oil could be used to fight internal candida infections and boost your immune system. For topical applications (except genital areas and mucous membranes) 1% Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil mixed with a good carrier oil could be an effective treatment.  It is good to have cinnamon in a prepared essential oil.


Dismissing Alternatives by Andy Kaufman? Pt. 2

Andy Kaufman died using alternative healing methods; so how can you say they work?


Please look at pt. 1 for intro and other info about this


Also Kaufman was trying every alternative that he could find. If something new came up, he would do that. He was not deciding to believe that some treatment or combined treatment was what would work for him. He kept looking for the one new magic bullet, the one that would work.

This presents a number of problems. Remember Salomon maxim, as you think in your heart … Each time he grasped at something new, he was inadvertently saying in his heart that he needed the new one because the old one did not work for him. So it was so; he thought it.  Your thoughts can nix any healing.


As you think in your heart … Running to each new treatment, he on some level thought the before treatment(s) did not work for him. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

Kaufman, whether the old treatment(s) were or were not effective, nixed the treatment(s).

Jesus said, all things are possible to him that believeth, that is keeps on believing. Kaufman had ceased to believe in the treatment(s) as seen in his grasping for the new one. He nixed the treatment with doubts. James in the Bible said the one who doubts should not expect anything.

Kaufman may not have died because of ineffectual alternative treatments. So the answer to the original question of this article is that the death of Kaufman may have nothing to do with the effectiveness of any alternative treatment.

These are some things to think about in the death of Kaufman.

See now my several pages please on alternative healings.  As you can imagine, you will find more info there.

Nothing here is intended to replace the advice of licensed medical or psychological workers. This is the old preacher’s opinion article.



Dismissing Alternatives by Andy Kaufman? Pt. 1

Andy Kaufman died using alternative healing methods; so how can you say they work?

That is the fallacy of a complex question. It assumes that if one dies while using a modality that that proves the approach is completely bogus.

That is just not true. The at-this-writing leading cause of deaths in the United States by the governments statistics is standard medical treatment. That does not say that standard medical treatment is bogus. It, all agree, has its place.

One notable death during alternative treatments should not be held up as a broad brush dismissal of alternatives.

Should we say because of Joan Rivers’ death under medical treatment that modern medical treatment is totally bogus? No. They have their place.

Further, no matter what modality people choose or modality combination they use, everyone by a law of nature will die.

That being said we will now consider what might have been the issue in the death of Andy Kaufman.


He was a nonsmoker, a meditator, and a health food person, and developed lung cancer.

In Chinese medicine they say that when some one is sad that sadness resides in the lungs causing lung problems. Without going into details here Kaufman was depressed and sad because of the way he lost his place on the Saturday Night Live TV show. It is from the Chinese view point that the lung cancer may have come from the mind, sadness. He appears to have never shed that sadness.

While not all smokers get lung cancer, not all sad people get lung cancers. Lung problems may manifest in other ways. (And this is not to say that all lung problems come from sadness.)

The Chinese theory reminds me of Dr. Wayne Dyer


who said and wrote a book I believe with the title “all problems are spiritual”.

[This is why I prefer empty bone style healings. It allows the universe/God to deal with the deeper problem and not necessarily the presenting problem. It finds and deals with the correct problem in the body, mind and/or spirit. (See now my healing pages please because as you can imagine there is more info.) ]

This sadness may have put Kaufman in the position of constantly feeding cancer generation in his lungs. This would have made any healing only superficial because the cause of the cancer was never addressed.

Salomon said as a man thinks so he is. In this sadness Kaufman may have inadvertently been thinking cancerous thoughts. Dr. Joseph Murphy



wrote I believe that if you have cancer you are thinking cancerous thoughts.

Now we might combine Chinese philosophy, Solomon, Dyer, and Murphy. Eliminate the cancerous thoughts and eliminate the cancer. Kaufman had not done this. So, maybe this is why the cancer festered, and he died.

The standard medical community may dismiss this possibility because they can not put it into a test tube.

mental trapped



telepathy book



telepathy book

The telepathy book that you have been waiting for is up. THE HEALING SECRETS OF TELEPATHY FOR HEALERS at  This is the only book I know of dealing with this tool in healing.  (Usable in other areas of life too.)  


It covers how I discovered and perfected this as a healing tool for me and how you can do this too as an amazing add on to any healing modality, no modality, or just being a healing presence in your work and life.  


Powerful, Practical, and EASY.


Telepathy is an essential secret for you   now   to know  because as you  imagine  it works.


Who can you   imagine   will be the first to apply these AMAZING principles in their healing work and life?  Send me results.  


The links are not all working yet, but  for my special friends,  you can     get it    at   now   before all the hoi polloi rush the store.    In the search bar just type bill haberman or the name of the book THE HEALING SECRETS OF TELEPATHY FOR HEALERS.


Happy healings!

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Honey as a Healer? Pt. 4

Check out the previous parts for into and other info


G. Treats Wounds And Burns

Honey is one of nature’s great antibiotic. This is true internally and externally. This is why it works good as a preserver of meats, like honey cured ham.

It is sometimes used in modern medicine as a conventional treatment for wounds and burns because it disinfects wounds and sores from bacteria such as methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). A 2005 study which was published in the British Journal of Surgery it was reported that in all but one of patients who suffered from wounds and leg ulcers showed remarkable improvement after applying topically honey.
I saw this for myself with a man I knew. He had a sore on his leg that would not heal. The doctors had tried everything. You name it; I bet they tried it. He was finally told that if it got no better in two weeks they were going to cut off his leg.
When he told me, I said I was not giving medical advice, but what they were doing was not working. I asked if he would consider an alternative. I emphasis that I was only giving a historical natural treatment that had worked for centuries. His choice it was.
I did not know about the British Journal paper (it had not been published yet). I only knew about history and the use of honey on wounds.
He decided that a shot at saving his leg was better than just agreeing to amputation. It was something that had not been tried. We had two weeks.
Twice a day, I suggested that he wash the wound. Then he would pack it with honey and wrap it. And so he did.
At the next appointment the doctor saw improvement. He told him to come back in two weeks again. In two weeks, the doctor patted himself on the back thinking that his treatments were finally working.
At that time the doctor was informed that the man was using honey and not the doctor’s treatment. The doctor said that was wonderful. “Now you need to get back on the meds.” That’s right the meds that had not worked for this particular man.
The man stayed on the honey treatment and saved his leg with honey.
I told a veterinarian friend, and he said that was a good treatment for a open wound. He would, depending on the case, use honey or sugar as a first aid before applying the regular meds. He used it as an add on.


Honey is a natural answer to several problem. And sometimes works better and with less side effects than conventional medical treatment. Example, When I have a bad cut, I do not go for the antiseptic gels. If I am at home, I go for the honey.

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