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tea bag

Black Tea as a Supplement Pt. 4

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I. Black Tea Risk Considerations


What risks come with using supplemental black tea?

tea bag

If you are consuming black tea in moderation, most researcher consider it to be generally safe for most people. However, if you decide to drink large amounts, that is say more than four or five cups a day, you may experience health problems. That’s mostly because of caffeine-related side effects.




Here a list of some things that have been noted in some people from overuse of black tea.


Anxiety and difficulty sleeping

Faster breathing


Increased urination

Irregular heartbeat

Nausea and vomiting

Nervousness and restlessness

Ringing in the ears



It should be noted also that mixing black tea with other types of caffeine or other products called ephedra can be dangerous. Some of the problems that may result are things like jitteriness, increased blood pressure, heart rate changes, seizures, and passing out.


Black tea or black tea supplements may produce certain drug interactions, or things similar to drug interaction, with medicines and other supplements you are taking.  Since medicines can cause caffeine to linger longer in your body, talk to your doctor and consider if the medicines you are taking may possibly have some negative effect.  Remember the moderation rule.


The caffeine, which is found in black tea, may also affect some types of blood tests. Give your doctor a heads up if you drink a lot of black tea.  That is if you are an immoderate drinker of it.

Black Tea as a Supplement Pt. 3

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F. Black Tea and Sunburns

When I was a fair skinned boy, I had problems with sunburns.  



They were so bad that twice I had to go to the doctor and was laid up for a while.  One of the older ladies from church told my mother to apply black tea to my sunburns.  It worked like a miracle for me.


You make the tea very, very strong.  [Of course you let it cool.]  Then you take a paper towel, cotton ball, or something like that and paint the tea on the burned area.  [Know that this will probably stain a cloth.]  You leave the strong tea bowl out, and whenever you walk by, you smear a little on the area.  It is up front very soothing and pain diminishing or relieving.


I found that for light to moderate sunburns is worked so fast that the next day you are not even red.  And further I never had the normal result of peeling skin when I used black tea.  It was amazing.


Some say that this is the result of tannic acid in the tea.  This is a chemical used in some formulas for tanning leather.  There is even a black tea tanning formula.  I guess you “tan your hide” with black tea.  Ha.


G. Black Tea and Metabolism



Preliminary studies in people show that a black tea supplement can boost metabolism.


H. Black Tea Dosage

Optimal doses of black tea have not been established. Supplement ingredients and quality may vary widely. You can make it strong or weak tea.  This makes it hard to set a standard dose.  Moderate usage is considered to be between one and four cups a day.

black tea

Black Tea as a Supplement Pt. 2

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C. Black Tea and Clogged Arteries

clogged artery


There is now accumulating evidence that the antioxidants in black tea may reduce clogged arteries, in women more pointedly but also maybe in men. Relatedly there may also a lowering of the heart attack risk.


D. Black Tea May Lower Certain Risks

reduced risk

When you regularly are drinking black tea, some research suggests that you may be lowering your risk for several conditions including the following …



High cholesterol

Kidney stones

Parkinson’s disease


Lung cancer


Further if there is a lower risk, who is to say that the regular use of black tea after onset would not be a boost to other treatments, at least to some extent.  


More research is needed.  Seeing that something did not happen may be related to other factors, but in group studies there are lower incidents than in the control group.   


E. Black Tea and Blood Pressure

blood pressure


Drinking one to four cups a day, moderate use, of black tea may increase your blood pressure a little bit, but the effect does not last long. Most agree that there is no long term effect on high blood pressure, moderately using it.

Since some initial  studies in people show that a black tea supplementation increases blood pressure, small boosts in that may be helpful for people who have dizziness due to low blood pressure when they stand up.

tea plant

Black Tea as a Supplement Pt. 1

Black Tea

Black tea is the same as green tea except that the black tea has been allowed to oxidize. This oxidation does cause it to have different effects as a supplement.  This is the common tea that in Texas we use as ice tea, but it is also commonly used for a hot tea.

tea bag

A. Black tea for energy and alertness



Black tea is well attested to as a supplement for alertness and energy. This attestation has been validated by scientific research. It works in this regard  because it contains a large supply caffeine.  Depending on conditions it may even have more caffeine than coffee.


This tea also has theophylline, which does some stimulating also.  In combination of caffeine and theophylline black tea can increase up your heartbeat and also affect more alertness.

B. Black tea as an Antioxidant



Now we are talking polyphenols.  Black tea is stuffed full of these healthy elements. These substances, antioxidants, are  good for protecting your cells, especially your DNA from damage.  


Scientific researchers think that the kind antioxidants we see in black tea, which includes polyphenols and catechins, can aid in preventing some types of cancer. Consider this; the research points us to the conclusion that women who regularly drink black tea manifest a sharply lower risk of ovarian cancer compared to women who do not.  

This may not apply to other cancers risk, but that is just to say that that research has has not been done or I have not noticed it yet in my searchings.

Stress & Healing – Pt 7

Check former parts for important info

Why have we been talking about stress?


Stress is an overlooked element in healing.  It appears that most doctors do not consider it to be significant in the healing process.  Atleast that is not important enough to send much if any time on.  Let me be charitable; they maybe do, but in their treatment regimen they do not consider the ill effects of stress and the importance of stress reduction.


In most medical training there is an emphasis on the mechanical model of healing.  This at times is very important, especially in emergency situations.  However, there is a whole other element in healing. That is the spirit/mind element.  This is one of the areas that the conventional practitioners can stand out amongst their peers and alternative workers can (among other things) do important work in support of the mechanical model or at times replacing it with the this missing element of healing.  


Dr. Joseph Murphy relates a story of a man who had gone deaf.  The doctors were stumped.  It was discovered that the wife was a nagger.  As a result the man finally did not want to hear it.  Stress had caused the problem.


Once this cause was isolated and the wife stopped her nagging, the man was able to hear again.  It was not a mechanical issue at all.  The deafness was a stress issue.  


Isolate any stress in the patient’s life; work to reduce that in whatever modality you are using, and you will be a positive factor in the healing process.  As you have seen earlier, there is a need for stress reduction in speeding healing or in healing itself.


I had a massage therapist tell me of a school principal.  This was many years ago, but that account makes for a good parable here.  Every year when school was about to start, he had a terrible lower back problem.  

start school


A surgeon had suggested surgery for a “permanent fix”.  That doctor had not considered stress as a factor.  To him it was strictly a physical issue.  


The problem had to be mechanical.  Of course the first response was muscle relaxers.  [Given the pain; that may have been a wise first aid.]   However the answer in the main was not in adjusting the mechanical model.  It was in reducing the stress factor.  


The therapist had noted the non coincidental starting of school every year.  And every year the problem left as the operation of the school year worked itself out.  She pointed that out to him, and he agreed that there must be a connection.  Just that put him in the area of dealing with stress as a treatment for his situational back problem.


She then suggested something for him to do to deal with the stress.  While she may not have known about Emile Coue and Joseph Murphy, she was suggesting something that they would have recommended in that situation.  She suggested that at bedtime he should do an affirmation while he was going to sleep.  


“Every year the starting of school works itself out.  There are just things to do to get things going right.  I am at peace.”


He repeated this during his time of falling into sleep each night.  In shorter than usual time, his back problem went away.  The next year he started the same nightly ritual as the opening semester approached.  



Surprise, surprise.  He did not have a back problem that next year.  This was the first time the problem had not shown up since he had become a principle.


In that situation, there was a mechanical issue created, but it was not a mechanical problem.  It was a stress problem, something that few doctors would have thought about.  Of course a surgeon thinks first about surgery.




Stress & Healing – Pt 6

Check former parts for important info


Intervention studies


Intervention based studies have substantiated healing outcomes were better when there was a reduction in psychological stress.  This  provides further evidence that stress impacts of psychological and behavioral factors in wound repair is real. Meta-analyses of clinical studies tells us that when there is behavioral stress management interventions before surgery there is a resulting associated postoperative improvement, including fewer medical complications and shorter hospital stays.

a stress 2

Surprisingly to many, emotional interventions decrease psychological distress, while it improves health, enhance aspects of immunity on a cellular level, and decrease healthcare requirements.


Men were randomly divided into a written emotional disclosure intervention group or a non-intervention control group.  They then received a forearm punch biopsy. Healing was assessed using ultrasound biomicropsy three times during the following twenty one day period. Men in the intervention group had smaller wounds at fourteen and twenty one days than the control participants.


Physical exercise can be used to reduce psychological distress in addition to improving cardiovascular function. Older adults were divided into an exercise intervention group (aerobics exercise for an hour, three times per week) and a non-intervention control group.  After the beginning of the intervention one month, the men received a 3.5 mm punch biopsy on their upper arm. The older adults who exercised were found to heal faster than those in the other group.


This was also found in animal studies.  They had two groups of older mice.  One group had a thirty minute daily exercise period during 8 days.  These rodents healed a punch biopsy wound faster than sedentary control mice.


Social positive interaction is associated with better health outcomes. In animal studies, some rodents who were kept in pairs healed a punch biopsy faster than rodents isolated from other mice. Pair associated rats also lessened the impact of restraint stress on healing. Immobilization stress negatively impacted wound healing in hamsters kept alone, but not in hamsters living in pairs. The data seems to indicate that a familial/social interaction improves healing results in rodents.


A pharmacological drug, fluoxetine, is commonly used as a treatment for mood and anxiety issues. In a study where they used both isolation and crowding stress, the stressed rats were given fluoxetine.  They healed at a similar pace as their non stressed rats.  This is more evidence of the importance of stress reduction for the healing.

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