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Fasting to Life Pt. 11

See previous parts for important information.


What are Some Fasting Health Victories?



allergic process

There are many symptoms that appear in people that are the result of allergies and food sensitivities.  Modern science often mistakes allergic symptoms for diseases of themselves.  Deal with the allergic response process and these diseases vanish.


Some of these allergy symptoms are seen in stomach problems.  

stomach issue

We spend our time treating things like gluten intolerance when that is not the problem.  It is an allergic reaction.  Others include things like gas, Crohn’s disease, diarrhea, constipation, cramps, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, and indigestion. This is not to say that every form of these problems are allergy related, but it would surprise most people how many, maybe the majority, of them are.


Some immunological problems

immune problem

may merely be symptoms of allergies.  Some of them may sinus problems, auto-immune problems, frequent colds and flus, ear congestion, psoriasis, acne, eczema, etc.


Fasting is well know for eliminating allergies, all kinds allergies.  When the body is clean, it returns to balance.  And the allergic reaction processes reverts to normality.  


Some nervous conditions

nerve issues

can actually be an allergic reaction an allergic condition.  The list includes joint pain, delayed speech development, arthritis, joint stiffness, ADD, ADHD, fibromyalgia, headaches, autism, asperger’s syndrome, etc.


When you deal with underlying allergy problem, often these symptoms that modern medicine looks at as diseases of themselves go away.  That is by indirectly attacking these symptomatic problems.  


Fasting is well know for eliminating allergies, all kinds allergies.  This has been documented over the centuries.  Many people who for other reason fast for the first time are pleasantly surprised to find that their known allergies disappear.  


Do have cat allergies, food allergies, seasonal allergies, etc.?  Many claim that fasting worked for them.  Fasting may help you. When the body is all washed out and clean, it returns to balance.  And the allergic reaction processes reverts to normality.  How the body reacts when a food is interpreted as a foreign harmful substance changes.


While fasting may not bring instant relief at a critical time in a problem, it may be a long term solution.  




This is a biggy. I am not giving medical advice or diagnosis.  That being said, there are legions of reports of cancers disappearing in relation to fasting.


It seems that, when the fasting process turns on, the body begins to cannibalize the abnormal cells first.  

a cannaibal

There is a tearing down of the bad so the good can be rebuilt.   The water washes it away.  


Here is a story that I am personally aware of.  I went to seminary with the grandson of an old preacher, Bro. Smith.   In the 1940’s he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.  The doctors told him that they were going to cut out half of his stomach.  After they would have done this, they predicted that he would only live for one year.  He was assured that if he did not have this done he would live for only six months.  


Bro. Smith told the doctors that he would just take the six months.  


He then prepared himself for the coming “doom” in a different way than most would of.  He decided to go out preaching.  


He called all of his preacher friends and started setting up gospel meetings, revivals.   He told his friends that he was dying, and he would set up the appointment with the understanding that he might not be able to make it.


As he readied for the revivals, he fasted and prayed for success.   When he could not continue the fast any more [he had reached the second hunger which is talked about elsewhere], he finally eased back into eating.  After the long, long fast, he did feel different.  He did radically modify his diet for the rest of his life.  He did gospel meetings for that next year.


In a year he went back to the doctor and was pronounced cancer free.  The doctor was scratching his head.  When he told the doctor about fasting, the doctor remarked that he had heard about that before, but he had never seen it happen.  [I think probably because who is doing it.]


Bro. Smith died several decades later of old age.  He was cancer free.   He swore that the answer had been the fasting.  


Can anyone say that fasting will cure your individual cancer?  No, no more than a doctor can tell you that you only have six months.  But there are thousands of examples of people having results like Bro. Smith, down through the centuries.  Fasting can not be simply discounted out of hand in cases of cancer.
If you have been given the death sentence by doctors, fasting is something to consider.  



Fasting to Life Pt. 10

See previous parts for important information.

What is the Time for a Fast?

… Continued …


E. Are you Having Bad Breath?



bad breath

Often bad breath is coming up from the digestive system and not from the mouth.  During the fast you will wash out the digestive system with water. It is a cleans.  This will end this type of bad breath.  If your mouthwash is not handling the problem enough, for sure a fast may be in order.


This situation may mean that your digestive system is retaining putrefying waste.  Time for a wash, clean out.  Time for a fast.


F. Do you have Irregular, Infrequent, or Constipated Bowel Movements?

digestive problem

All of these problems have to do with the digestive tract not working up to par.  It well may be time for a reboot.  It also may be a sign that the bowels need a cleansing.  During the fast, you body can reset the system and the water will tend to wash it out so that impurities can be eliminated.


If your bowels are not working properly, there is an effect on the whole body.  Before the fast and after the last time you eat, I would consider taking a normal dose of psyllium fiber to clean everything up during the fast.  And at the end of the fast take a dose dose too.  I am not giving medical advice.


G. Are you having Skin Problems?

skin problem

This might include such things as oily skin, spotty, or dry skin, to name a few possibilities.  The skin with perspiration eliminates toxins from the body. This process may be overloaded or stopped up. You may be in need of a body detox.   The water fast will wash out toxins and bring things back into balance.  


This may be why pure water enemas are helpful to the skin.  It like fasting adds the universal solvent, water, to the body.  The water collects toxins for elimination.


H. Do you Have allergies, a cough, or runny nose?




often magically seem to disappear after fasting. [This includes all kinds of allergies.] The mechanism may be that the immune system is boosted was the body flexes its muscle in the detox associated with fasting.  Many problem like this are rooted in a depressed immune system, which may be corrected by fasting.


By the way many doctor now say that some forms of asthma are really related to allergy.  Fasting might be a solution.


I. Are you Feeling Depressed?


Sometimes depression is the result of toxic build up in the bowels and body.  Energy normally used to facilitate clear thinking are diverted to deal with toxic overload and the digestion process.  The fast will detox and bring thing back into balance.  As a result, you will see things more clearly.


This is also why a fast might be in order for a big decision.  You will think more clearly after a fast of sufficient time.  Then you will be in better physical condition to make the right decision.  


J. Are you Over or Under Weight?


Yes that is right; I said underweight also.  As your body comes back into balance, so does your metabolism balance out.   


We are not talking here about attaining some socially imposed weight number.  What fasting tends to do is put you more in line with what is the proper weight for you as an individual.  


Caution.  If you are just looking to drop pounds in a fast.  You may be setting yourself up for the yoyo effect.  That up and down pattern is not healthy and would be a misuse of fasting.  


K. Are you experiencing acute or chronic disease of any kind?

chronic problem

Down through history, fasting has been successfully used for  acute and chronic disease.  There is a boat load of anecdotal evidence that fasting helps is acute and chronic diseases.  The body know how to heal itself if we just put it in the right environment to do it.  


L. Are you having headaches?

a headache

Sometimes, not always, headaches are a symptom of toxic overload.  The fast will clean you up and banish the headaches in such situations.





a reboot

Fasting to Life Pt. 9

See previous parts for important information.

What is the Time for a Fast?

… Continued …


B. Are you having problems digesting raw, natural foods?

raw food

This is a sign that your digestive system is not working at top level.  You should normally have a natural digestive process with natural foods.  In fact, historical that was human food.


Like when your computer is not acting right, what do you do?  You shut it down and reboot.  Often this is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Do a reboot.

a reboot

There is a chi gong healing technique for dealing with a woman who has an irregular menstrual cycle.  There is a certain place to rub for a period of days.  Then what happens is that the entire cycle of her periods stops.  But she keeps doing the daily rubs.  After a period of time, she stops the daily rubbings.  Then the periods return, and they are regular.  There has been a menstrual reboot.  


The same thing is true with the digestive system.  When you shutdown the system for the fast, when it starts up.  It has done a reboot.  The problem is often corrected like magic.


C. Does eating leave you feeling tired?


You are using an excessive amount of energy in the digestive process.  This may be the sign of a sluggish digestive system.  Since it is not working correctly, the system becomes an energy glutton leaving you with a feeling of tiredness after eating.  


As we previously noted, fasting make the digestive system work quicker.


Fasting cleans out your digestive system so that it does not have to work so hard.


D. Have you noticed  that Your Bowel Movements are Regularly Smelly or Runny?

porta potty

Your waste material is moving improperly though the system.  Time for a fasting reboot.  Smelliness may be a sign of sluggishness.  





Fasting to Life Pt. 8

See previous parts for important information.


What is the Time for a Fast?


I will make a few suggestions.  This is not a complete list, but will give you some things to think about.  Remember an occasional fast is good just because it is so good for you.  I think of it similarly to getting an oil change for your car.  You get the dirty oil out regularly before it starts to damage your car.  

oil change

Here are some questions to think about.  They may indicate that a fast would be a good thing for you.


A. Are you waking up in the morning feeling tired or worn out?


This may be a sign that your energy has been used up in a sluggish digestive system.  This may be corrected by fasting.  


Another possibility may be that your cortisol,  another term for hydrocortisone, is out of balance. This steroid hormone produced by the adrenal cortex

major glands

is not functioning properly. You should have high cortisol in the morning because this helps you wake up, and in contrast low cortisol at bedtime to help you sleep. In this scenario though your pattern has reversed.


This is not medical advice or diagnosis, but …


Do you have morning fatigue and do not feel fully awake until maybe 10 am?


Do you have afternoon fatigue and do you become sleepy and have brain fog between maybe 2 and 4 pm?


Early evening is there a burst of energy around 6 pm?


Then in the late evening sleepiness do you get sleepy again between 9 and 10 pm, but you make yourself stay awake?


Then is there a night time wake up somewhere around 11 pm lasting until 1 am?   Through it all do you never feel fully rested, no matter how much sleep you get; low energy?


It just may be your cortisol is not functioning properly.


The answer for this adrenal fatigue is intermittent fasting.  [For this problem most do not recommend a long fast.]


Intermittent fasting is similar to what is done in some forms of yoga.   


One way to do this is the Martin Berkhan’s “Leangains” protocol. This form of fasting is for 16-20 hours, and then comes the eating window where you eat what you want for 4-8 hours. This is an every day deal.  You do not gorge during the eat time, and you eat a good balanced diet.  

Some call this the a caveman eating pattern.  No, they did not eat three, four, or more meals a day.   

Here is a quote from Dr. Khalis …


“The reason why intermittent fasting works so well is this: There are two fuels your body can burn for energy: sugar and fat. And you have about six to eight hours of stored sugar as glycogen in your muscles and in your liver.


Once you exhaust that, then you’re out of fuel for the most part, unless your enzymes are adapted to burning fat. Most people have plenty of fat to burn. The problem is that when you keep your glycogen stores consistently replenished by eating every six to eight hours, then the enzymes that are adapted to burn the fat get impaired, preventing your body from burning the fat.


So you get into a vicious cycle, which I think is exacerbated by having breakfast, as this doesn’t allow your body to enter that fat-burning zone. You need that 12-hour window (or more) where you’re not eating any food, which upregulates your enzymes to burn fat, downregulates the enzymes to burn the carbs, and shifts your body into fat-burning mode as your primary way of supplying energy.”


In the yoga form of this


you skip supper and do not eat until the morning and only in the morning.  Either way you give yourself at least 12 hours to switch on the fat eating harmons.  This would allow you two health meals a day.  It has been proven to be safe over centuries of practice in yoga.  Sometimes I eat an early breakfast and have a late supper.  Sometimes I eat only one meal a day.  But except for special occasions you eat where there will be a minimum of 12 hours of water fasting per day.  


Some do say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  They are looking a health from an intake perspective and not a fasting perspective.  When involved in an intermittent fasting pattern, this is not the case.


I personally prefer skipping the evening meal.  This allows you to combine the fast time with rest.  Rest and fast is a plus to the health purpose of fasting.  But that is just me.  
To be continued.


Thank You


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law of attraction

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ENJOY and LEARN with me.


Fasting to Life Pt. 7

See previous parts for important information.

What is the Why of Fasting?


The first reason for fasting has to do with in energy.  


The digestions of food in a big energy burner.  And this energy glutton works not just right after you eat; it is energy intensive right through the ingestion and elimination process.  When you stop the energy drain during fasting, you are making that energy available of other things like thinking and healing.  You are supplying more power to other fuel function.  

During fasting your body looks for other sources of things to burn for energy.  However, your body is wise.  It does not just go around cannibalizing whatever.  The things that important are left alone.  It starts with things like fatty deposits, abscesses, damaged tissues, dead cells, tumors and the like for conversion to body fuel and elimination.   When a fast has gone on for a sufficient amount of time, many bad things in the body are washed out by water in the elimination processes of the body.  This being done the immune system and metabolic processes are rejuvenated to function a top levels of performance.


Fasting tends to cause a full return to good digestion and elimination.  

digestive system

The progressive wave of contraction and relaxation of the tubular muscular system, especially in the alimentary canal, by which the digestive consumables are forced through the system, is made faster by the time of rest in fasting.  


There has been a deep rest time for the digestive organs, and the energy which is saved during that rest goes into self-healing and body repairs.  Normally the healing and repair are regularly delayed while energy is redirected to digestion requirements.


  As fasting eliminates obstructions, cleanses, detoxifies, and purifies the intestines, it also does the same for our blood and cells.  This puts us in physical shape to overcome many of our sicknesses, maladies, and handicaps.  


Included with the freed up energy gives us an energy boost.

energy boost

Fasting gives all this and is rejuvenating and life extending.


There can be lasting benefits in your mental and emotional health.


When you are sick or afflicted, you may have some degree of stress caused by some depression.  

a stress 2

As I show the science for it in volume 1 of my book on hypnosis, anytime you reduce stress, any stress, you dramatically speed your healing.  As energy is diverted from the necessary digestive process, you have more energy for your mental processes and you see things more clearly.  It is a mental energy booster.


Mental acuity is improved in fasting.  Dr. Herbert Shelton who supervised the fasting over a period of fifty years. He thought is that the more the body free of toxins through the blood and lymphatic system, the clearer is the ability to think.


Cleansing is one of the the things that fasting does.  Because you are not intaking, you are to that extent not taking in bad stuff.  As you drink water, the residue of past bad intake is the first on the list for elimination.  There is no new bad stuff to compete in the elimination process.  You think more clearly as a result.  


My experience is that about the third day everything mentally just seems to open up.  There is a profound clearness of thought.  Strangely, you can dramatically feel when this happens.  It is one of those things you have to experience to appreciate.  For me this happens about the third day.  


You may be down for the first couple of days of the fast.  Those of you who have gone through a detox program will know what this is about.  It is part of cleansing out of the body, the detox, DTs.  It is not like coming off an addiction but there is a mild DT experience at first in the fast, like any detox program.  


Your mind will become clearer, and at the same time your ability to think and solve intricate problems betters. This may even led you into sense of well being or euphoria, especially during longer fasts.  


Some have reported that they have emotional level headedness that they have not known for years or ever.  That is the energy redirection and detox working for them.

Your body changes during fasting.  It  tends to destroy and to rebuild that which is damaged.  From your conception


your body knew how to build itself and do that right.  Guess what, it knows how to do that still, it just need a clean and energetic environment to do what it knows how to do.  We call this healing.
Dr. Rai Casey wrote, “I had a medical practice for 20 years in NYC, supervised hundreds of long fasts, and I found that the physical healing or weight loss was but a pleasant side effect. What really happened is that the person got in touch with their higher self, their true self, and came to the experience that healing can take place at every level, simply by letting go and allowing Mother Nature to do her work.”




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law of attraction

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ENJOY and LEARN with me.


Fasting to Life Pt. 6

See previous parts for important information.

What are Fasting’s Subliminal Objections?


Sometimes we are subliminally conditions to reject the possibility of health out of health fasting.


One of the things that puts modern man against fasting is that health is seen as related to what we put in our bodies.  It appears that many think we are sick because we have a pharmaceutical deficiency.  


For example, I am always hearing about the need to get immunized for this or that.  


When I was  in barbering, the boss was going to pay for all the barbers to get their flu shots.  


Two of us did not want them.  It was interesting to watch them have the side effects of the shot.  And I and the other barber did not get the flu.  They got the side effect, and we did not.  [Flu shots may be important to someone who has special health issues.]


There is currently an ad going around that you have to be immunized against whooping cough


or you are a danger to any baby you come in contact with.  

whooping cough

I am not questioning their true belief in immunization.  But they are subtly telling you that health is dependant on what you put in your body.  


However they completely dismiss the fact that if you cultivate good health almost always your body will reject the disease out of hand.  You will not get it.  You come in contact with germs every day.  But you do not get sick every day.  Your healer within says no to the pathogens.  This is self immunization.


I know of one lady that her daughter-in-law would not let her see her new grandchild because she had not taken something into her body.  She was deemed to be danger because of a pharmaceutical deficiency, the inoculation.  She was not sick and did not appear to be sick.  She was the picture of health, but she had not taken the right things into her body.


[Jesus did say that those who continue to be sick are in need of a physician.  Just asking.  Why do we seek medical advice when we are not sick?  Just a thought, not advise.]


Now when we look at fasting, we view it with jaundiced eye because we associate health with “healthful” intake, and that is diametrically opposed to idea that health can come or be enhanced by purposeful abstinence from things.  We are conditioned to think, “You have to do something to be healthy.”  So, you can not, not do and expect the end product to be health or better health.


I am not judgement of those who use immunizations.  But the message of the salesman of inoculations is that you’re being sick or that you will become sick because of a pharmaceutical deficiency.  They and their listeners completely discount the idea that working for a healthy body will also make your body immune from pathogens.  


Others beat their drums about our depleted soil, processed foods, and such.  They say that we are sick because we have a supplement deficiency.


[I am not discounting benefits from supplements. I have written much about them.]  Other talk about balance in our diet; other preach about fat, eggs, meat, etc.

bad food

[I do think a health diet is important.]  While they might be pointing out some important consideration, they are leaving the subtle thought that health is related to intake, and so if there is no intake, there can not be health or better health as a result.  


No one is saying that you do not have to have intake or pay attention to your intake.  But even to think that interrupted in take as in fasting becomes eccentric.  It is not.  It his natural.  It is historic.  It is proven to have a place in both returning health and maintaining health.


Many of these things may have their place as considerations for a more healthy lifestyle.  But it appears that almost of the reasons given as a solution for health problems has to do with what we consume.  Even when you consider a cleansing of an organ, it has to do with what you take in, a drug, herb, or vitamin.   


You may get a strange look and the brush off is you said you could cleanse your organs by water fasting.  
So, if you stop taking any thing in, the fear arises that you are not doing what you need for healing because healing is assumed to be related to intake.  You are thought to be harming yourself.  However in some, maybe many, cases this might be wrong, even dead wrong.  

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Fasting to Life Pt. 5

See previous parts for important information.


What are the Sensations of Fasting?

This is one of the booger bears of fasting.  “I do not want to be hungry for 40 days.”  


There are a lot of misconception of how you will feel when fasting.  For example, it, most think, will be some sort of prolonged self imposed torture.  For some this may go back to the use of hunger as a punishment.  


For others hunger was associated with lack and deprivation of past memories of poverty.  So they view fasting as a negative.  But on the contrary it can be an extreme positive.  


For others, it is what you have been taught to expect.


This would be an anti masochistic sensation.  It is not masochism.  When done for health purposes, it is developing your self-disciple for absolute self love.  Remember the old saying, “No pain; No gain.”


But this fear of hunger is an old wife’s tale about fasting.  It is not in the main about hunger.  In fact for most of the fasting time there is no hunger.  Strange as it may sound, depending on the length of the fast, you will not be hungry.


My personal experience is this.  Somewhere between two and three days, I stop being hungry.  My latest experience was that I stopped being hungry right after the second day started, a little over 24 hours.


I remember in seminary a term paper on fasting pointed this out also.  It seems that there is a gland in the body that switches on during the fast.  It starts its full operation at that time.  This is when the body stops getting its nutrition from the intestines and starts to feed off the stored fat of the body.  Basically your body says,  “You do not need to eat now.  I am dining on stored food right now.”


There is an interesting story in the Bible.  Jesus fasted for 40 days.


 [Do not try this at home.]  Immediately after we are told he fasted for 40 days it says, “… and then he hungered.”  Before I studied fasting and practiced it some, I saw this and thought “Daaaaaaaah”.   Of course, I thought he had not eaten for 40 days; he was naturally hungry.  I had believed the hunger myth about fasting.


After you stop being hungry in a fast, you do not experience it again until something happens.  The body has been switched on to live off stored fat.  However, the stored fat will not last forever.  


When that food source is depleted, then your body starts sending signals of hunger.  It is saying to you, “You better break your fast, because I am starting to eat off the organs in your body.”  Starvation harm and death is coming into view.  This is a survival hunger pain.  


Jesus was not hungry and then he was hungry.  If you are in a fast and hunger passes, and then you, after some time, become hungry again.  Start breaking your fast!  Listen to your body.  


So, let us say that you a planning a seven day fast.  You should on average not be hungry for a minimum of four days.  [Everyone is a individual.]  My last fast would have been nearly six days of not hungry.  


The return of hunger is generally pretty far down the line.  I would not expect it in, for example, a seven day fast.  But let us say that you have intended a seven day fast, and you stopped being hungry on day two and a half.  Then on day six you started feeling hungry again.  Start breaking the fast correctly.  


Do not be self discipline macho and force your way through.  Listen to your body!  To continue that fast might start doing you injury.  The setting of time for a fast is somewhat arbitrary any way.


I can see a monk in a monastery


trying to be like Jesus and do a 40 day fast.  He in some perverted spiritual quest finds that hunger has returned at day 29.  However, he continues in abject self disciple to go for the 40 days.  That is at best ill advised.  Forty days is not the way to fulfill your quest.


Do not be goal oriented in fasting.  Be health oriented.  Listen to your body!



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