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Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 8

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Telepathy Therapy


Yes I said telepathy.  I have written a book on this subject.  

telepathy book


This phenomenon has been well documented in science.  I recently heard a psychologist say that if someone does not think that telepathy is real he is just not up on the recent science.  You can consult that book for more details.


Telepathy is not that hard to do.  It is just that we culturally have not been doing it.  Like a muscle, if you do not use it, you lose it.  


To send a message, you make a connection between your third eye and the other person’s third eye.  

disance healing

That is you just imagine an energetic beam between you and the other person.  Then what you want to send, you imagine in your mind and imagine it moving over on the energetic wire.  [The people of the runes imagined the same way to send only from heart to heart.]


Here is an example, I had a lady come for a healing session.  I could tell from our talk that she was suffering from a recent break up.  For some reason I thought that she needed some joy in her life to help her feel better.  Neither she nor I said the word joy, but that was my impression.  


We started the formal healing session, and I went through a standard methodology that she had thought she needed.  I also thought that could do her some good.  But I had this nagging feeling that she needed joy in her life.  


So, during the session, I made the energetic connection and just mentally started saying joy.   I never said the word out loud.  Joy, Joy, Joy…  I did not do it all the time during our healing session, but I returned to it often.


When the healing procedure was complete, she with a big smile looked at me and said, “It is strange, but I feel so much joy right now.”


Somehow the vibration that we call joy had been sent and received. This was important in her healing.  And it came wrapped in telepathy therapy.  


I was once in a restaurant and needed a refill of my tea.  My waitress was nowhere to be seen.  I saw a waitress across the room and telepathically sent the message to check on me.  When she finished what she was doing, she walked straight over to me, passed everyone else and ask, “Do you need anything?”  Telepathy works if we use it.


Why not, if nothing else, send the thought smile.  Smile, Smile, Smile… [I am assuming that you have read the section on smile therapy.]


One of the amazing facts about telepathy is that it transcends language.  It is about vibration.  Even if you are thinking and sending in English, the receiver will understand the content in their language.  You can even do it with animals.


My veterinarian friend thought I was crazy because I said something about telepathy.  He said he was a man of science.  I just let it go because a friend is more important that winning an argument.  


About a month ago I was at his vet clinic, and there were two dogs barking to no end.  

barking dogs

He looked at the cage and pointed at them, while saying nothing verbally.  In about 20 seconds they stopped barking.  


I said, “That works?”


He said, “Yes, it works well.”


I just smiled because I knew he was using telepathy.  He just did not call it that.  It is a natural ability.


Aboriginal peoples use it as a natural course of life.  You can send the word calm and promote de stressing toward healing.  Use it in healing even though it is too simple to be true.  
Telepathy is a too simple to be true healing therapy, but it is.  



Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 7

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Smile Therapy


The idea of using smiling as a therapy has been around for a while.  By the time of King Solomon in the Bible it was know.  There is a smile therapy that works to your health.


“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine; but a broken spirit drieth the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

And again,

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance [a smile] …” Proverbs 15:13


When you are in a bad mood, you are in a difficult place to heal; you negatively affect your health.  If you move into a better mood, you better situate yourself to heal.  We all know the benefits of cheering someone up when they are sick.  This is an intuitive knowledge of mankind.  


In many cases the mood change toward merry can work to our good like a medicine.  And guess what?  The science is clear.   If you consciously smile, you will in a few minutes lighten your mood.  You are moving toward merry and good medicine.  This is true even if you have to force the smile.


There is the well known case of Norman Cousins.  

normon cousins

He was given a few months to live in 1964. His problem was Ankylosing Spondylitis, which is a rare disease of the connective tissues. The doctor, who was his friend, told him that he had a 1 in 500 chance of survival.


But Cousins thought different.  A journalist, he was used to research and set himself to find a solution.  What he did was rent a hotel room watch funny TV shows and take intravenous vitamin C.  Surprise to the doctors, his illness went away.  He lived a full life after that.   


This would not have surprised Solomon because he knew that a merry heart works like a medicine.  Cousins’ funny TV raised his merry heart and his countenance, his smile.  


In the DVD The Secret there is a woman who moved past breast cancer into vibrant health.  She did not use any of the standard medicine.  I do not know if she had heard about Cousins, but she did something similar.  


She went on a journey to relieve all the stress in her life.  She knew that stress was the 800 lb. gorilla in the room.  


In other books I deal with the science on stress and healing.  Any thing that brought on stress she walked away from it.  What she did to avoid stress and/or more fully de stress was to watch funny movies.


Like Cousins, she moved into a predominantly merry heart, and her continence became happy, the smile.   A smile worked like a medicine for her.  She laughed her way into better health.  


These two incidents are not just isolated incidents.  There has actually been scientific research on smile therapy and health.


The U.S. National Center for Biotechnology tells us that smiling increases the immune system.  This is part of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, which is related to the CDC.  


They did an experiment about gastrointestinal cancer.  This involved surgery and chemotherapy.  One group received just surgery and chemo. The second added smile generating therapy.   


The first group had an natural immunity ability decrease.  That is their immune systems were compromised.  In the smile group they had an increase in their immune system function.  The smile was working like a medicine by turning on their bodies natural immunity.  


The Japanese came up with Smile Sun Therapy and experimented with it in 5 cities.  They found many benefits to smiling.  Some of them were improvements in depression, anger, and vigor.  All of these improvements when they happen are well known health boosters.  


If you are sick, smile.  Be merry.  Do things that make you laugh.  It is a too simple to be true therapy that works.


This might be especially good when you do not feel good.  You can not put your finger on what is wrong; you just do not feel good.  Switch on the smile.  Get the stress out.  Bring things into your life that make you laugh.


Some people complain that I joke around too much.  When I come to do a hospital visit, I try to make people laugh.  When people come for an alternative healing, I try to be a funny man.  [Yes, sometimes they do not get my humor, but I am trying.]  


I am told I need to be serious.  I am being serious in humor.  I am giving smile therapy.


I remember in seminary going to a funeral and the preacher went on and on and was making the audience cry.  Wrong.  There will be some tears at the funeral.  But pushing that button is wrong.  


They need smile therapy for their health.  In the depression of the passing some will with a depressed immune system actually get sick.  Long time spouses often die within a year of the death.  It is time for smile therapy.  I always look for some humorous event in the life of the departed one and make that a hinge point in the funeral sermon.  


I am doing smile therapy.  While some may not appreciate it, the science is on my side in this.  When you attend funeral services for a departed one, look for some sweet humor and do smile therapy.  It works like a medicine.  Give them something happy to remember.  Celebrate as best you can.  

I went to the grocery and just looked at the people.  Almost no one was smiling.  [There were some but that was the exception.]  I intentionally started smiling at people and got more smiles.  I was doing random smile therapy for them and for me too.


It occurred to me that amount of people not smiling is sort of symbolic of the health condition of the community.  Why is there so much chronic illness now days?  Why are so many people on perceptual medicine?  That seems to be parallel to the lack of smiles.  


Surely smiling is not everything.  So chronic smilers get sick too.  
We have become afflicted with a lack of vigor.  But as we have become a nation in the main of downcast countenance, the statistical health of the nation has declined.  We are as a nation not taking the advantage of that which can be gained from smile therapy.  

Why do so many of the qigong masters demand that their disciples smile while doing their exercises or meditation?  They know what they are doing.  They are prescribing smile therapy, because it works.  Thousands of years of qigong have proved it true.  


Smile therapy it is too simple to be true, but it is.  The science is in.

enema bottle

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 6

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Enema Therapy


I have written a book on enema therapy.  While viewed with mild revulsion today, it is effective as it was 5,000 years ago in Egypt and before.  We are not talking here about colonics that deal with the entire intestinal tract.  An enema deals with the large intestines no higher than the trans colon.  

enema bottle

One of the major contributing factors of many types of cancer is food not moving thru the digestive track fast enough.  Things tend to get stuck. Then they begin to putrefy, and your blood is ingesting poison into your system.   


This can be a long term source of many degenerative processes.  For example, one of the alternative treatments for arthritis is fasting.  I read a book on one way that this is done.   In that system you fast and at the same time take activated charcoal capsules.  Why the activated charcoal?  It absorbs the toxins in the digestive tract.  That process acts as a toxin cleanse of the digestive tract.  Many claim amazing results with arthritis doing this.  


Long term exposure to toxins brings on many of the degenerative diseases. If we stimulate our intestines to flush, we reverse the damage.  Given a clean system, you body know how to heal itself.  


One doctor wrote a book that death begins in the gut.  In my book I show how health can come thru the intestines.  


If you just do a simple warm water enema, you stimulate you whole intestinal tract to move things thru faster.  And in that speeded movement toxins are grabbed better to move them out.  


Let us say you have diarrhea.  It is in vogue now to use some pharmaceutical to stop you up.  Bad idea in most cases.  Your body is trying to get rid of something.  Help it do that.  Do not interfere.   


To the modern mind, that sounds a bit counterintuitive.  But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  


One of the alternative treatments for diarrhea is a simple warm water enema.  Nothing fancy.  No drugs.  Just good old warm water.  You may need to do it a couple of times but it will usually end diarrhea swiftly.  That is too simple to be true for most people.  


In my book on enemas I give many enema recipes for targeting specific maladies.  For example, if you have bleeding hemorrhoids, a water enema with some cayenne pepper will stop the bleeding.   However, just warm water often for many things does the trick.  Too simple?


I like many others are afflicted with seasonal allergies.  The locals call it cedar fever.  

juniper tree

I have learned to keep my nose flushed out and that helps remarkably.  


However, when the pollen is especially bad, I often get to feeling feverish in the afternoon.  I am not running a fever but am feeling like I have a low grade fever.  When I start to feel that way, I do a simple water enema.  And in 15 or 20 minutes, I feel better.  No aspirin or ibuprofen is needed.  And I used to go through the bottles of that.  Those drugs even giving me side effects.  The only side effect of the warm water enema is that I feel better.  


By the way water enemas can bring down fevers.  When I was a boy a neighbor’s daughter got an extremely high fever.  They could not get to the doctor.  In those days in rural Texas, there was no doctor in town, and it was a long way to San Antonio where there was an emergency room.  So, they sent a runner for the nurse down the street.  This nurse was trained in the old school nursing.   

 old school nurses

When she heard what was the problem, she brought with her an enema bag and began administering water enemas, just water.  Very quickly the fever reversed.  


The little girl’s brother was a playmate.  After that he was always afraid to tell his mother that he did not feel good, because he knew that he was going to get an enema.  I have found through the years that that is good medicine.  


If you just do not feel good or out of sorts and you do not know why, do not worry about figuring it out.  Just do a water enema and in a few minutes you will feel better.  


Yes, it is too simple to be true.


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 5

Check previous parts for important information.

Breathing Therapy – Pt. 2


Energy is not the full story.  I was doing research on mushrooms for treating cancer.  


I had a Chinese doctor who turned me on to this.  There is a trace element in mushrooms that has been linked to many cancer remissions.  In fact mushroom has the highest concentration of this trace element of all the know food sources we have.  


It is germanium sesquioxide. Sesquioxide means an oxide in which oxygen is present in the ratio of three atoms to two of another element, here germanium.  [There is an germanium oxide which is not the same thing even though it is germanium.]


If I remember the univerity right, research at the University of Tokyo, has found why they think that this seems to work with cancer.  This germanium form seems to clean or allow the cell to correctly receive oxygen from the blood.  


One theory of cancer is that the cancer cells are inadequately receiving oxygen.  When the cancer cells are correctly oxygenating, they cease to be cancer cells or go away.  In this theory oxygen absorption by the cells is key.  


If you are shallow breathing, you are creating an atmosphere for cancer.  If you are deep breathing, you are creating more correct oxygen absorption and tending to prevent cancers from forming.  


Would this be true of all cancers?  Who can say?  But the theory is in the ballpark of known modern science.  The old oriental mushroom folk treatment for cancer may have some potential.  Some swear by it.  But eating some mushroom daily can not hurt you.  


If you have cancer, can deep breathing cure cancer.  It is not outrageous to say it may in some cases.  But it is equally not outrageous to say that deep breathing can be a simple non intrusive way to supplement treatment of that malady.  And also you can say you are not helping yourself if you continue shallow breathing.   


Modern science seems to be most interested in how much oxygen is in the blood.  Breathing therapy is concerned by how tightly that oxygen is bound to the blood.   


In the case of hyperbarics if the body gets a ton of oxygen in it, but it is bound too tightly to the blood by shallow breathing that therapy has been radically limited in its potential.  Maybe that is why there are great results for some and no results for others.  Even though a lot of oxygen is in the blood, the cells can not get the oxygen to use it.  


For those people that hyperbarics did not work, maybe deep breathing even without that oxygen chamber would work.  Oxygen can heal if the body receives it in a useful way.


I believe that all healings and health are benefited or taken care of by deep breathing.  


Well, how do you deep breath?  

 meditation sit

No, you do not have to become some kind of meditative guru.  Although that is not a bad thing, it is not necessary for deep breathing.


When I was a boy, I found that I could do something that I called stomach breathing.  Many of you I am sure did the same.  You in that though are not breathing in the stomach.  You are simply dropping the diaphragm down.  


When I say breathing in the stomach, I am talking about diaphragmatic breathing.  What happens when you drop the diaphragm, it get it out of the way of the lower lungs so that they can receive air.  If you do not drop the diaphragm, the air goes into your upper lungs; that is shallow breathing.  


As you do this shallow breathe, the body knows that there is not a full supply of new air in the lungs.  In that situation it grabs tight to what it can get.   Then your cells may be bathed in oxygen rich blood, but it is on the cellular level gasping for oxygen.  


So as we used to call it, consciously start stomach breathing.  Deep breathing is not what most would call taking a big breath.  It is dropping the diaphragm and allowing the deep lung to exchange air.  


You do not have to puff up you chest.  In fact if you concentrate on puffing up your chest you are shallow breathing because you are not dropping your diaphragm.  Just breath in you stomach. You chest will rise a little, but that is a side effect and not an intent.  


Sometimes I have had people on the massage table and I tell them to breath in their stomach.  They think they are not getting air where it needs to be.  The opposite is true.  If you are not stomach breathing, you are not getting air where it needs to be.  


Often I have someone say they can not breath in their stomach.  This may be true because the diaphragm is locked up in tension.  In that case there is an answer to loosen it up.  It is called reverse breathing.  It is the opposite of breathing right.  


In reverse breathing you consciously expand your chest on the inhale, while at the same time you contract your stomach as much as you can.  You reverse that on the exhale.  You expand your stomach and contract your chest as much as possible on the exhale.  


Some qigong masters always start with 5 cycles of reverse breathing and then do diaphragmatic breathing for the rest of their exercise sessions.  This tends to loosen up the diaphragm and allows for full practice of deep breathing.   


If you are having trouble breathing in your stomach, do 5 cycles of reverse breathing.  Then try 5 cycles of stomach breathing.  If you are still having a problem, repeat the reverse breathing and stomach breathing.  When you are able to deep breath, continue with that stomach breathing.  


Do deep breathing for improved healing and health.  You are standing in the checkout line in the store; check your breathing.  You are sitting at your desk working; check your breathing.  You are watching TV; check you breathing.


Do not beat yourself up if you find that you are shallow breathing; just deep breathe.  Before you know it will become the more normal way of breathing for you.  Take a few minutes every day just to consciously deep breathe without distraction.  Watch what is going on.  


One last thing.  We are talking about inhaling and exhaling through the nose.  


[The mouth is a fail safe, if you can not breath through the nose.]  


Remember in the beginning God breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life.  Was that trying to tell us about nose breathing being the correct way to breath for life?  Often not noticed, it is a truth in plain sight.  


Almost all qigong systems emphasis nose breathing as the healthful type of breathing.  If you nose breath for a while, then notice how you feel.  Then mouth breathe for awhile, and you will note, if you consider it, that you do not feel as good.  


I read an interesting account of a plague ship.  It was in the days of the British ruling the waves.  When the harbor saw the anchored ship in the bay with a yellow flag, they sent out a doctor.  He wrote a report about his time on the ship.  Having few distraction to ease his boredom, he watched the patients meticulously.  


He noted something interesting about breathing.  Some of the sick, while sleeping, breathed through the mouth.  Others used their noses.  The ones who died of the plague were mouth breathers.  None of the nose breathers died.  


Is that saying that nose breathing is more healthful?  It certainly was not more harmful.  


Start stomach breathing through the nose.  As you go through your day, note how you are breathing and if you are not, return to deep breathing through the nose.  Spend consciously some of your free time breathing correctly through the nose.  It is a too simple healing therapy.  

Here is a breathing therapy that I accidentally tried one time.  One nostril was clogged from seasonal allergy.  I closed off the good nostril and breathed only through the clogged nostril.  


There was almost no air that could get thru.  I was having to force hard in and out.  I thought I was going to suffocate.  But I was getting a negligible amount of air in and out.  My nose was not clearing, and I was suffering, and it got a little scary.  I was trying to open it by in and out air pressure.  


Then I gave up and started to breathe with the clear nostril.  I thought that did not work.  However, in about 5 or 10 minutes, that clogged nostril opened up like I had put the drug spray up it.  It was practically fully clear.


That spray up you nose works great, but it can be addictive.  I had to have a pharmacist tell me how to get off it once.  Breathing is not addictive; it is normal.  I got the same effect with breathing, as a therapy.


I have since used that forced breathing to good effect.  It works every time for me.  I think one time I had to do it a second time after 20 minutes.


I am thinking that when the air is practically cut off the body know it, and it corrects the problem naturally in self defense.  The body has an amazing healing ability.  We just have to turn it on, or allow it to be turned on.


Try it.  This strained breathing may work for you.  


And as you think about it, deep breathe.  It is a true healer too simple to be true.


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 4

Check previous parts for important information.


Breathing Therapy – Pt. 1


We generally do not think about breathing.  But it is one of our most important processes.  If you do not breath, you die.  


In the beginning God breathed into man’s nostrils the “breath of life”.  


There is more to breathing than just sustaining life.  It can be a health promoter.  If you breathe incorrectly, you will negatively affect your health.  If you breathe right, you can positively affect your health.  Some of our health problems are related to bad breathing.  Some of our health problems are unnecessarily prolonged by bad breathing.  It is the breath of life.


When you think about it, you know that your emotional state affects your breathing.  If you are scared, you breathe faster and tend toward hyperventilation.   While few of us are involved in chronic hyperventilation, a majority of modern people are involved in chronic hypoventilation, not taking in enough air.  We tend to breathe shallow.  


[I will be using shallow breathing and such to mean hypoventilation in the following discussion, and fast breathing to mean hyperventilation.]


Most of us know that our emotional state affects our physical health. For centuries people have known when someone is sick it is helpful to cheer him up.  The ancient Chineses even took this truth to the point of pointing out which organs or affected by which emotions.   Then they would treat problems with counter emotion to the problem ones.  


I read in my studies of qigong about posture and emotions.  Your posture changes too with different emotions.  So they have you correct your posture and the emotion changes in concert.  


That is sort of like smile therapy.  If you smile for a period of time your mood brightens.  That is well documented in psychological literature.  


Well how does that apply to breathing?  If you start breathing right, also you can alter your emotional state.  When you are upset, how many times have you had someone tell you take a deep breath?  And you know if you take a few deep breaths you begin to calm down.


This is one reason why I am a strong proponent of a little autogenic coaching to be a add on to any healing modality.  It gets you to breathe deeply for a period of time.  That alone can relieve stress.


I have written extensively on this in my books on healing hypnosis for non hypnotist healers and my designed system of healing Tele-Nosis.  I give a lot of the science there.  Here I will say if you reduce stress, any stress, even if you think it is not related to the presenting problem, you heal immediately in some cases and at a minimum speed the healing 40% in other cases on average.  


Stress is a killer and de stressing is a healer.  The science is in.  


If you move from shallow breathing to deep breathing, you tend to destress.  You are putting yourself in a better position to heal.  Sometimes that of itself will heal you.  


Master Yin Shi is a case in point.  He started out life sickly and developed tuberculosis in his twenties.  Tuberculosis during those days was a death sentence.  


What he did was start to meditate, which involved deep breathing.  And he in time conquered the disease.  If someone is all upset about a sickness, they move more into shallow breathing.  Shallow breathing is also noted with stress.   


Good advice might be to take a deep breath. [And by that I mean change your breathing to deep breathing.]  That is too simple.  But let us look at some scientific truths.    


When we shallow breathe, science has now established that the oxygen attaches more tightly to the hemoglobin.  


And it is more difficult for the cells to receive correct amounts of oxygen.  Many physical and psychological maladies are related to too little oxygen.  


The first thing that comes to most people’s mind when I say this is hyperbarics.  The doctor, when he uses this therapy,  puts the people he is treating in an oxygen rich chamber and increase the air pressure.  

a hyperberic camber

They are starting to uses this for many and varied issues.  They are trying to force into the body more oxygen because they know oxygen heals many things.  


When you deep breath, the oxygen binds more loosely to the hemoglobin and is easier for the cells to receive it.  Your cells do not have to struggle to breathe.  You can say that the oxygen gained from deep breathing is more bio absorbable in that sense.  


You in deep breathing are using less energy to oxygenate your cells.   Think of all the cells in your body, millions of them.  Now think of all those cell straining to pry the oxygen that has tightly attached to the blood in shallow breathing.  Now think of a million cells just naturally receiving loosely bound oxygen.  


When you think about one cell, that may not be much energy.  But when you think about millions of cells, that is a significant energy depletion  from shallow breathing.  All that energy has to be redirected from healing to oxygenation.  Your health and healing is negatively impacted by shallow breathing and positively affected by deep breathing.  You can consciously free up energy for healing by deep breathing.  
Energy is not the full story.

… T0 be continued …

drinking water

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 3

Check previous parts for important information.


Water Therapy


It is too simple too be true, but in many cases just drinking a lot of water will solve your health issues.  


Let us start with a quote.  It may be a hyperbole but it is truer than most of us would believe.


“You’re not sick; you’re thirsty.  Don’t treat thirst with medication.”

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj


When you have a cold or the flew the first thing the doctor usually will tell you is drink a lot of liquids, water.  If you have kidney stones, drink a lot of water.  Urinary tract infections can go away if you drink a lot of water.  


I had a man tell me that he had had chronic neck problem.   One surgeon was talking about neck surgery.  That does not sound good at all.  But another doctor suggested that before agreeing to surgery try drinking copious amounts of water.  I forget what the amount was, but in lieu of the other option he swallowed the advice.  


Surprise, Surprise.  His neck problems went away.  Who would have thought that water would cure a spinal problem?  Now he drinks a lot of water every day.  And cured himself with the water cure.


I heard one medical professional say that for any health related problem drink a lot of water.  There may be a few instances where water is not a good thing to do, but these would be exceptions to the rule.  Try the water cure.  


Do you have arthritis?  Paul Harvey wrote about a man that had had 31 years of pain.  The Mayo Clinic had said there was nothing for him.   He started drinking water with a little salt and presto chango.  


He wrote,


“I continue to be pain-free with my ankylosis spondylitis one year after starting the water/salt regime. My blood pressure is normal as well. I thank God everyday for allowing me to finally be pain-free.” Lloyd Palmer.


Drinking a lot of water can deal with certain types of arthritis.  


Some incurable diseases are the result of long term chronic dehydration.  Change your water intake, and change your life with the water cure.

drinking water

A few years ago ABC news reported that there are 110 million people in U.S. with chronic pain.  How many of them just need to drink more water?  If that did not work for them the worst thing that can happen is that they will have a cleansing flush of their systems.  Is the possibility of pain elimination worth the experiment?  And it may be a cheap cure.  Drink more water.  


There are many diseases that water has been has been attributed to the cure.  Here are a few


High Blood Pressure

Lower Cholesterol

Chronic Pain


Weight Loss

Rejuvenate Skin

Increase Mental acuity and alertness

Stress Reduction

Migraine Headaches

Alzheimer prevention – your brain is 85% water

Angina and Heart Disease

Sexual Disfunction



Muscular dystrophy  

Multiple sclerosis

Some Cancers

Urinary tract infections

Kidney stones


Reduces having a fatal heart attack


One doctor who promotes the cure says the dose is individual because everyone is an individual.  But he suggests dividing your body weight in pounds by 2, and the result of that is the number of ounces you should drink daily.  If you weigh 150 lbs. you should be drinking 75 ounces of water a day.  If you weigh 200 lbs., then you should down 100 ounces of water a day.  


This might be a big increase to some people.  But it can be slowly achieved by drinking a little more each day.  And that is all through the day.  You do not have to over do it in one sitting or try to.   


O.k. let us say you are 150 lbs.  That is 75 ozs.  There are 8 ozs. in a cup.  Round figures that is 9.5 cups.  So you might consider 3.5 cups in the morning, 3.5 cups in the afternoon, and 2.5 cups  in the evening.   That is doable.   That is a suggestion.  Do the water as you desire.  Just shoot for the 9.5 cups during the day.


Let us look at a get started program of 75 ozs.  So you get up with a morning glass of water on your nightstand, and you drink straight down 1.5 ozs.  of water.  That means that during the rest of the day you will need to consume eight cups.  If you have an eight and a half ounce cup of water with each of your three meals, you have consumed six cups.  So at your morning break you swallow 12 ounces, [the same as an old bottle of a soft drink].  That means you only have had 7.5 ounces already.  Just before bed drink a cup and a half cups.  You have only have now imbibed 9 cups sometimes during the day.  Easy, just 4 ozs., sometime during the day.  You have hit your minimum water intake.  As you get into drinking the water, you will be easily building up to the proper level for your weight.  


What every your problem, try the water cure.  It has even been linked to some psychological issues.  


Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, was a great proponent of apple cider vinegar.


you might, as I do, add a teaspoon of this to a glass of water once a day.  It tends to balance your system and is great for some forms of heartburn, among other things.


Dr. F. Batmanghelidj suggests that separated over every 4 or 5 glasses of water use a quarter teaspoon of salt.  I think sea salt or specialty salt is best.   


That is spaced out so it does not shock the system.  Surprisingly blood pressure on this regimen is not affected and even improved.  


The Amish people take in a quarter teaspoon of Epsom salt every day for health purposes.  

epson salt

This might like Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s regimine be separated over 4 or 5 glasses.  


You may have heard of the health benefits of cream of tartar.  

cream of tartar

I twice a day add a quarter teaspoon of cream of tartar to a glass.  It tastes a little citrusy and is quite good.  [If you buy it in bulk it is very cheap and lasts a long time.]


You might use some vitamin C crystals in one of you glasses of water.  It is a healer.


The main thing in all this is drink water.  It is to your health.  Did I mention if you are sick or out of sorts, drink a lot of water?    


Another thing to think about is that water is absorbed through your skin.  Taking a long luxurious bath will increase your water intake.  Or you might think about some hot tube time.  [Yes, a shower gives you some too.]  That is a relaxing way to add water intake to the water cure.


I had an uncle who told me when he was a boy and got sick his mother would start to fret.  He would tell her not for worry, but he was going to a distant windmill on the ranch,


and he would drink water.


He had gotten it in head that that water was mineral rich and would do the trick.  Maybe the mineral were good for somethings.  However, what he was doing was the water cure.  He swore by that well all his life.   
Water is a healer.  It is just for some too simple to be true.  


farm boys

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 2

Check previous parts for important information.



Preface Pt. 2

… continued


Sometimes we reject the simple way because the simple way is not what is commonly approved of.  Some of the therapies we will look at would fall into this category for some people.  We have had it pushed into our head that certain things are not right, and so we reject them no matter what evidence is given.  For medical issues it is the best way that is looked for without regard to what might be the normal case in our life or society.


My uncle Ervin was born in 1923.  As was the the case in those days, the country doctor came out to the farm

old farm housewhen my grandmother went into labour.  There was a complication.  Grandmother was in labour and the baby was breached.  


It was one of those classic scenes that you watch in the movies.  Old Dr. Blake was considering an emergency c-section on the kitchen table.

a farm kitchen


 There was no anesthesia for such, but it was looking like the only option.


Grandpa’s head was spinning, but he tried to comfort grandma.  In the midst of that he said,  “If it was a cow, I would stick my hand in and turn it and it would come out.”  


Dr. Blake suddenly had an idea.  



At that point grandpa said he was so mad because the doctor excused himself and left the room.  Grandmother was asking for the doctor.  


In a couple of minutes the doctor returned with my uncle Eddie.  He was a young teenager with skinny arms.  As a farm boy he had seen this done with a cow once, and the doctor was there instructing him.  Long story short, he reached inside his mother, turned uncle Ervin, and the complicated dangerous surgery was not needed.  

farm boys

Sometimes the simplest way is not what you would normally want to do or think is right or may even be abhorrent to you, but it is the best thing to do.  


There was a man in the Bible who rejected a simple healing.  His servant rhetorically told him that he would have done the complicated thing, but he would not do the simple thing?  He did the simple thing, and it worked fine.  

locked out

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 1

Preface Pt. 1


Sometime we look for the complicated solution.   We may think that the complicated way is the best.  But often the complicated way is not the best way or even the way that would work.  This is true of self healing and the work of healers.  


Once I was at a man’s house, and he had locked himself out.  

locked out


I knew the house and remembered a way to get in.  Upon arriving I found the man at the back door taking the door off the henges.  He had found a few tool of the wrong kind and was hard at work.  

I told him he did not have to remove the door.  There is a simpler way.  He got mad at me and said he was not about to call a locksmith.  He explained that a little sweat was worth it to save some money.  He was so upset with the situation I just decided to do it the simple way for him, while he struggled to dismantle and remove the back door.


I knew that in his garage there was of pull down door into the attic.  Inside his house there was a pull down door into the attic for the central heating unit.  

a attic door

I went into his garage and lowered the latter into the attic.  As I was going up the latter, I laughed as I heard him complaining that I was not helping him.  I shouted back that I would be there in a second.  


I stepped into the attic and went to the other drop down door.  After entering the house, I put the drop door back up.  Then, I opened the back door and said, “I am ready to help you take this door off that needs to be taken off now.”  He was in shock as to how I had done that.  


We have an old saying in the Texas Hill Country.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.  


We get fixated on dealing with things or doing something one way, and we sometimes can not see the forest for the tree.  Most of the time that way is not the only way.  And there is a simpler way to do it.


A pregnant lady was brought to me one time for hypnosis.  The doctor had declared her over due.  

pregnancy overdue

[I am making a long story short.]  The medical advice was that if in a week she did not deliver they were going to do a c-section.  [This is complicated and dangerous for the mother and new medical evidence is that is dangerous for the child.  That being said, sometimes that has to be done.]  In this situation there was an alternative, because there was time.


She was brought to me to ask about hypnosis for this situation.  


I said it is possible to get the natural birth sequence started with hypnosis.  When being trained in hypnosis, they taught us how to do it so we would not inadvertently induce a birth at the wrong time.  [There is also an easy way to do this with acupuncture.  I had a doctor from China tell me about it.]


I did the hypnosis and inside of two days she had a natural child birth.  Everything went physically in smooth correct order.  Yes, a c-section would have gotten the baby out.  But the complicated way is not always the best way.  
The doctor would have never thought hypnosis would have worked.  But it can.  Nothing is 100%, but when there is time the simple way is worth a try.  

… to be continued


Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 14


See previous parts for important information.


Observation To Know


Observation is an often missed means of alternative knowing.  We almost alway look, but we not so often observe.  We may see that something is or is happening.  At the same time we may not observe that something is happening.


A good example of is Doyle Burnson.  

 doyle burnsonHe is a legend in the poker world.  If he sits at your table, be polite and excuse yourself.  You are not that good.  


What most people do not know is that poker is not luck.  There maybe some luck involved, like in farming.  But that is not the real issue for a master player.  It is observation to know.  


In an interview Mr. Burnson was asked what was his secret.  He said in effect that he did not play the cards in his hand.  He claimed that he could leave his cards face down on the table and never look at them and still win.  [That is maybe not one hand, but if there were several hands played he would ultimately win.]    Nobody is that lucky.  It is not luck.  


He went on to explain that he observed the other players.  If someone has a bad hand, he acts subtly different than if he has a good hand.  The gamblers call this the tell.  There are a thousand ways that this can happen. Mr. Burnson will only rarely miss a tell; he has seen them all.  He does not just look at who he is playing against.  He observes the fine points.   He observes to know.

A man came into my office for pastoral counseling saying his wife had left him.  He wanted help in getting her back.  I asked why she had left.  His eyes looked to my left.  It was a very fast movement like a flash.  He said he did not know.


I imagine that most would have been looking at their parishioner and not have observed that eye movement.  They would be looking, maybe even noticed that, but not observing.  


The question now is you have observed something, but what does it mean?  When you see things and start asking what that means, you are beginning to observe.  You are opening a door to alternative knowing.


That eye movement as explained in Neuro Linguistic Programing is a sign of auditory construct.  It is an involuntary response to what is going on.  He is constructing something.  If his eye had darted to my right, it would have meant that he was remembering.  [That is not 100%, but it is an observation that needs clarification.]  I immediately began to suspect that he might be making up what he was saying.


I had by observation come to know that I should pursue that answer further.  The standard follow up question is, “Did she tell you why she was leaving?”  Again his involuntary eye movement was to my left.  He is not involved in remembering or did not want to remember.  And he is making something up.  


I had two tells toward the same conclusion.  If it was some ultimately innocuous marital spat, he would have told me and not had to make something up.  I knew that this was not good.  I was observing and thereby coming to know.  


I observed.  Thereby I knew.  And it was confirmed later.  


This is not as complicated as going and studying something like neuro linguistic programing.  You note something, and you ask what does that mean.  You are moving into an observation where you may know.


This brings us into the area of hunches.  Everything that you have seen in your life is in your mind.  You may not consciously know that you know, but you know all that is involved in your memory.  And you can draw upon it as needed.


I once studied a thing called photo reading.  Without detail, there is one aspect of this that shows the amazing ability of the subconscious mind to provide you with knowing that you are not consciously aware of.  You might think of it as meeting prep.


So, you have a meeting coming up

business meeting

that you must attend to discuss something and material concerning what you are supposed intelligently talk about is in a book or a bunch of written material.  You do not have time to read through all that material what do you do.  [I am not giving details here.]


There are certain ways of scanning the material.  You just spend a second or two on each page and move on to the next page.  You may do this several different ways.  Now you are not in the classic sense reading the material.  You are not trying to put things into your conscious mind.  You are for lack of better terms, photographing the page, and you mind just files them somewhere.  


Basically, you have just looked at the pages.  But they go into your subconscious where it is sorted out.  An amazing thing happens; you can do this even by going through the book from the back to the front.  You egoic conscious mind is tell you that you are wasting your time.


But when you get into the meeting, and the subject is discussed, you blend right in.  You can intelligently join in the conversation.   You find that you are knowing things that you did not know that you knew.  


It is not like a photographic memory; you can not see a photo of each page of the material.  However, the content of the material is there when you need it.  It is in your mental hard drive.  


Well, believe it or not, this is how hunches work.  Everything that you have seen in you experiences is in your mind, and you can draw upon it.  


This is what happens with someone like the poker master who observes and knows.  He has these hunches that you are bluffing.  He has seen it so many times before.  He may not have thought about it and analysed it consciously and be able to write it down.  But the subconscious has sorted it out.  When you do whatever the tell is for you, the master has a hunch that you are bluffing.  It is not 100%, but it is usually right.  He knows alternatively.  


You meet somebody and you start getting what they used to call bad vibs.   That is not 100%, but it the result of sorted out observations.  You have seen it all before.  Your subconscious is making that available when it is needed.  Listen to what you subconscious has observed.   


Remember the man who came for counseling after his wife left him.  You may not have studied Neuro Linguistic Programing eye movement.  But you as you moved through life have seen this before.  So you for some unknown to your conscious mind mind reason get a hunch that he is making things up, lying.  You have a hunch.   You know by observation.  


One of our problems is that we tend to second guess our hunches.  Then we dismiss them.  Many problem have come from not listening to your subconscious observation analysis.  


While you may not instantly act on a hunch, you are well to be forewarned by them.  [Example, the sheriff was asked why he shoot the man.  He said, “I had a hunch that he was going to rob the bank.”]  But to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  


Listen to your subconsciously analyzed past and present observation. It may not be 100%, but you like the master poker player have the odds in your favor.   


Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 13

See previous parts for important information.



Writing/Speaking To Know


When I use the word writing or speaking in this piece, you can generally assume that I am referring to either or.  For example, if I may write, “You can use speaking to learn,”  I am in fact meaning that you can use writing or speaking to learn.


One of the magic alternative ways of knowing is writing or speaking.  These two can cause you to access the deep mind which has already sorted the facts out.


This phenomenon was discussed in homiletics class.  There was a student that was called on to fill in Sunday preaching at a small church.  

a country church

He came back all excited.  While delivering the sermon, he received inspirational thoughts about the subject that he had not noted before.  I call it inspirational because it was so out of the blue to him that he thought that information or knowing had been inspired by the Holy Spirit.  [I do not know if he thought he was St. Paul or St. Peter.]


The professor smiled with a knowing smile.  He then used this incident to tell us about a common side effect of preaching.  You have studied for your sermon, and all the research information is in your head, somewhere.  Then when you start to preach your prepared sermon, some things that have been sorted out in subconscious mind, pops into the conscious mind.  


This phenomenon, when it happens, appears so out of the blue that many interpolate it to be a gift from the Holy Spirit.  This quite commonly happens with preachers.


How can we use this phenomenon to know?  When you have done all the research or you have the facts, you can make a speech.  I am not talking about a real public speech.  Find a quiet place and stand up as if you are going to preach or give a lecture.  Then deliver a talk about whatever it is.  You will be surprised at the insights and knowings that might come up.  Just start speaking.


In my years in the pulpit I did this regularly during sermon preparation.  I would do my research and go into the empty auditorium and just let a sermon rip.  


I was not worried about proper homiletics and such I just let it out.  Almost always I came to know insights that I had not seen and probably would not have noticed if I had not done the mock preaching.  


Often the knowing was so profound that it completely redirected my message that I would deliver.  Several times I had worked and worked on a sermon and this still happened.  One time I had been called upon to give a lecture at a conference.  I had worked for two months on the message.  I was so proud of the work.  


Two days before I was to leave for the lectureship I went into the empty auditorium


and preached that sermon.  You know just a practice run through.  It was the perfect sermon on this subject which I had been given.   Hours and hours of work had gone into it.  


When I left the mock presentation, I rewrote the entire sermon in a different direction.  In the presentation, I came to know that some of my points did not hold water.  I knew this  because I gave the speech.  I am so glad that I did this because surely someone in the assemblage of preachers would have called me on it.  


You can alternatively know by speaking.


I had an aspiring writer talk to me about a writer’s block

a writer's block


that she was having.  She ask what to do about it.


I said, “Write.”  


She said she did not know how to start.


I said, “Write.”  


She said that what she would write now she knew would be no good.


I said, “Write.”  


She started writing, and she came to know her voice.  


I had a professor in seminary who almost every class would start us off with an assignment.  He would say, “I want a two page article on …”  He would give us a topic sentence.  “You have 5 minutes.”  


Time was short, and you had to get to writing, just writing.  The words were going along as you started.  But suddenly you started knowing what to write next.  It was one of those out of the blue experiences.  There is something about writing that taps into the deep mind and gives you knowing.


To write you have to think, move your hand, be grammatical, be logical, flow in the process, etc.  All this gives you the lubrication to slide out the knowing of the dispassionate subconscious.  It is an amazing alternative way of knowing.


Here is a way that might apply this in your everyday life.  Let us say that you are having a problem with a co worker.  

a workplace problem

It has been a while, and you do not know what to do.


Quick … give me a two page article telling people how to handle a situation with your same problem with a co worker. [You could also go give a lecture.]  “You have 10 minutes.”  [Remember murder is not an option.]


Then when the writing is over.  Write down what you came to know and how you are going to apply that in your situation.  It is amazing what you will often come to know.


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