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a rose

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #22

Entry 22 – Thurisaz & Othala




If you do not know where you come from,  you do not know where you are going.  


Thorns are on both sides of the rose.  

a rose

They hurt; they protect.  Be careful when you pick your flower.  


Have pity on the rose without a thorn.  When you become the torn, you must choose what to hurt or protect.  You are not a thorn to protect the busy bee that comes and goes, although there is the spore of the next rose.  


When the gardener respects the rose, yeld.  When he prunes in love, yeld.  


When a boy of evil intent picks a flower for seductive advantage, protect and defend.  


Though the rose grows old, protect and defend for it is the seed of the new which is because there was the old.  


If you do not know where you come from, you do not know where you are going.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #21

Entry 21 – Berkana & Sowilo






There is birth.  There is life.  There is death.  There is rebirth.  The goddess among the branches watches.    We think, “Terrible mother.”




We rush willfully away seeking victory under the sun.  The sun rises.  The sun burns.  Where is the victory?  


The greenwoman looks on the meadow and silently smiles knowingly as only a mother can.  


The sun has risen.  The sun has burned.  The sun sets.  


In darkness we wait for sunrise.  Our flesh burns in the night waiting, lost til dawn.  At the slight of light we fear the coming burning sun.   


By the fire peaking over the hills, we willfully return to the branches and from the burn as we surrender below the shading mother.  
There is birth.  There is life.  There is death.  There is rebirth.

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #20

Entry 20 – Tiwaz & Jera





The harvest is the unseen hand of justice at the assembly of the “Thing”.  Tyr presides.   


The first is law of Tyr is as sure as gravity.  “What you have not sown you shall not harvest.”   


Think otherwise and it is vain repetition.  


There may be a gathering, but there is no harvest.  The judges at the “Thing”


the thing


will require it of you with penalty.  You are out of the flow, and there will be no hamingja.  


To receive from the harvest, give to the harvest.  It is more blessed to give for therein is the receiving found in the “Thing”.  


In the giving is the receiving.  Nothing given; nothing received.  As you sow, so you reap, quantum meritum.  

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #19

Entry 19 – Laguz & Jera





Instincts are ripe for the harvest.  If they are natural, the harvest will be great in hamingja.  


Fear is not the natural.  Democracy is not the natural.  Trust instinct.  Set your ship’s plow,

a viking ships plow

and know in dark blue water, by day or by night.  There is no chart.  There is instinct.


At sea there is no baring point we know of.  That is good for interdicting non instinctive reason.  No such reason, there is instinct; we sail by trust.


When we see the iceberg, we reason a right, but we sail in trust.  Blending with the flow,  we sail for the harvest and not from the iceberg.  Such happens in the year of the harvest of hamingja.  

rainbow bridge

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #18

Entry 18 – Hagalaz & Raido



In the right order of journey there are nine world that you must journey through.  


Where is Asgard? It is across the rainbow bridge.  

rainbow bridge

The cloud is necessary. For from the cloud is made the rainbow, this holds the hail on the bifrost.  Do not revel in the rainbow bridge.  Beauty is not in the eye of delight but the utility.   It paves the icy path of the bifrost.  


Walk until the cloud consumes the rainbow in its fog.  Then walk by faith and not by sight.  Walk above the clouds.  There you find Asgard.  


The sire of Sleipnir is saddled for your arrival and departure safely,  easily to fly you to the seven more worlds, and you then are home in the Midgard.

reflective walk

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #17

Entry 17 –  Ehwaz & Jera





The spiritual and the physical are one in the harvest.  


When the water does not mirror, the water is not the water.  Spiritual does not mirror the physical; physical does not mirror the spiritual.  There is no correspondence; there is no water.   There is no hamingja.  


Whatever the harvest is, there is this mirror.  If the harvest is not to your expectation, the spiritual does not mirror the physical, and the physical does not mirror the spiritual in the year of the harvest.  


Your journey is spiritual.  Your journey is physical.   When you walk the physical road, the harvest is not to your expectation.  When you walk the spiritual road, the harvest is not to your expectation.  

 reflective walk

When you spiritually and physically walk, you come to know that hope delayed is the bane of life, but when the harvest comes, it is the well watered tree of life.  

hail cloud

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #16

Entry 16 – Hagalaz & Wunjo





The day of destruction is the first day of beginning the road to joy.  Room must be made for the new.  The seeds of destruction are the fertilizer of the joy that will come.  

 hail cloud


The instrument of destruction, hail, is the icy seed of joy.  It rots that which it destroys, which fertilizes the future harvest of joys.  


It putrefies and stenches the nostrils of every breath … for a while.   


Ice melts taking the stench into the heart of the earth, and there is resignation, during the gustation. This gives way to tender green shafts, and one morning the odiferous flower spreads its petals to greet the sun.   


Marvel before the dance of Frey and Freya.   All is beautiful in the divine order of The Lord and The Lady.  


Bless the hail.  Know the joy.  Receive all with thanksgiving.  

facing yourself

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #15

Entry 15 – Thurisaz Reversed & Raido

thurisaz reversed




Standing in the place of desire?  Move above the clouds.  But move on.


Sometimes stillness is strength; sometimes movement is strength.


Lingering long with desire is in the bramble corral, and desire opens the door for domination.  Desire says lay down your armor in the day of battle.  Be a sheep before the slaughter.  In this you die while you live.  


These brambles are illusionary.  You face off with yourself.

 facing yourself

Move on … Pass through the brambles  …  Move on.   Walk through the thorns that are not there.   


If you are as strong as Thor, it makes no difference.  Remember Thor’s tactic is mobility in the war wagon.   


Move the mind.  Move the body.  Move on.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #14

Entry 14 – Dagaz & Isa




There is a day that is night.  There is a night that is day.  There is twilight.  


There is no day.  There is no night. There is twilight.  


Now is day.  Now is night.  Now is twilight in the one.




Stand in Odin’s paradox.  Freeze in the all of twilight.  


A child of the day does not know the secret of the night.


A child of the night does not know the reality of the day.  


A child of the twilight stands and watches the secret and the reality embrace.  Then she places her left hand in the hand of the night and her right hand in the hand of the day.  There she walks hand in hand in hand in perfect stillness.  
Walk in the stillness of twilight.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #13

Entry 13 – Thurisaz Reversed & Ansur Reversed

thurisaz reversed

r ansuz reversed



The torn protects and destroys.  Without the answer it destroys.  Turn your face to the answer.


When you run defense for the Thurs, stupid giants, you hedge out the answer from the Aesir.  You are a fellow of the stupid.  For a while you may be a jolly good fellow … for a while.


Raise your hands to the heavens in surrender to the answer.  


No preconception is the field of the answer.  No other protection holds back the answer, stupid one.  


Surrender to the answer, not fencing out the spectrum of possibility.  It is in the field of possibility that you will find the answer.  Allow for other possibilities, but surrender to the answer which is in the field of possibilities.


The inordinate is inordinate and disjuncts from the answer.  The boil blisters until it bursts.  The blood of innocence flows through the brambles.


In that day you, the brambles, are cut down and cast into the fire of desire of the thurs.  
You can protect the solution or burn with the problem.   

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