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tree upside down

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #12

Entry 12 – Othala Reversed & Wunjo Reversed

othala reversed

wunjo reversed


When a world tree separates from its roots, it dies.  


But trees are not that stupid.  They need help to leave their roots.  


Sinking roots deep into the earth, they are nourished.  In the air the roots dry and die.  


Green leaves rustle in the breeze.  In joy they clear the air and free exchange with the passing flow.  


The leaves do what they do because the roots do not try to do what leaves do.  The roots live because they do not try to do what the the leaves do.  They are roots.  


Do otherwise and the world tree is upside down.

 tree upside down

Do what you should, because if you do what you could you could kill you, the world tree and the roots.  


a toss 0f the coin

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #11

Entry 11 – Sowilo & Jera





Pop your suspenders.  Look at your harvest.  Pride goes before destruction.  Amid the lightning, the hail can return.  Hamingja is in the air, and the harvest hangs in the balances.  


Harvest or destruction, the coin is in the air.  

a toss 0f the coin

And who controls the coin.  The air?  Who controls the air?  At the rainbow bridge Tyr waits to act.  Tyr will rule over the victory.  The victory comes before Tyr.


The lightning brings nitrogen for the harvest.  The hail brings destruction for the harvest.  
The final word has not been given.  Live amid the flow in justice and fairness of exchange, hamingja hangs in the balances.

fire bow

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #10

Entry 10 – Wunjo Reversed & Naudhiz

 wunjo reversed




So, you are unfulfilled.  You are out of focus on your needs.  


When winter winds’ blast blows, and the need fire is out, you use the need bow,

 fire bow

and you are fulfilled.  As you curl up by the hearth, the blizzard recoils. It hisses its wind, winds around, and slithers on.    


When you are needless, when you sleep by the need fire, you dream the want bow.  You are fulfilled, but you feel unfulfilled.  There is no want bow, only the dream.  Wake up to the need fire.  


Rest in peace from the labor the need bow and repose by the need fire and enjoy the luxury of what yet is.
Thanks be to the time of need where you can know fulfilled.  

placebo cure

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 27

Check previous parts for important information.


Placebo Therapy


There are two sides to this therapy.  There is the placebo effect and the nocebo effect.  The placebo effect deals with positive healing outcomes.  The nocebo deals with negative healing outcomes.  


In the early 1900’s there was the a university that did an experiment on the nocebo effect.  They took a healthy man who had agreed to be involved in a medical experiment, and they activated a nocebo scenario. He did not know exactly what the experiment was.   


They told the man, who they were going to experiment on, that they needed to give him a medical exam

 medical exam

so that they could see how different he was at the end of the experiment.  There was no experiment in the normal sense that was planned.  Rather this was a setup for the real experiment about the the nocebo effect.  


After the initial physical exam, they came and told the perfectly healthy man that they could not do the experiment, because they had found that he had a deadly disease for which there was no cure.  They told him to come back in a week, and they would have a specialist there to see what possibly could be done for him.  


Their intent was to in a week give him another physical and see what changes had happened in the body as a result of the bad news.  However in a week the man did not return.  As a result, they went looking for him.  They found him dead.  The perfectly healthy man had died from the nocebo effect.  


This experiment was never repeated, at least intentionally.  How many doctors do the nocebo in what they tell or how they tell the patient about a serious condition?  Nowadays many doctors seem to have as a part of standard practice to tend toward bad bedside manner.  It for them is all about test tubes and has nothing to do with the mind.   


If I am doing a reading for someone,

a card reading

and I were to think that they are going to die, I would never tell them that.   There is the nocebo effect.  Joseph Murphy wrote about a kinsman that died because of the death prediction of a reader.  


Doctors, just because they wear a lab jacket, are no less likely to initiate the nocebo effect.  Maybe because they wear a lab jacket, they are more likely to initiate the nocebo effect.  The effect may not be to death, but it could be to the extension of the problem before health returns.  Emil Coue as talked about elsewhere proved this.  


Here is a good thing to say and it is true.  “There is no disease or problem that has not had cases of remission or healing.  There is no reason that that can not be you.  Here are some options for you to deal with this issue.”  This tends to initiate the placebo effect.  That is certainly better than something like this problem its terminal or you will have this problem for the rest of your life.   

The mind is more powerful in the realm of health and illness than we would normally think.  


If the mind can be proactively engaged in the positive placebo effect, the old saying is true.  The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  


If the mind can kill you, it can heal you.


It is well known that in drug testing a control group is given placebo medicine that has no medicinal effect.  

 placebo cure

But the patients think that they MIGHT have the real drug.  The standard placebo effect in this situation is noted to appear in 33% of the subjects.  And remember that this is in a situation that they only think they MIGHT have the true drug.  Just thinking they might heal works 33% of the time.


If the patient is lead to believe that the treatment is a real curative, no maybes, what would that percentage be?  As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.


On one level this is what Emil Coue was doing when he talked up the medicine that he had prepared for the patient.  He super energized mediocre drug treatments of the early 1900’s.  He was engaging the mind and the placebo effect.  He was doing an add on placebo therapy.


Alway be encouraging about the problem when you are talking to the patient or yourself.  


As a preacher, I was often doing hospital visits. Often I heard this about my visits, but this is one that stands out in my mind.  The patient had been diagnosed with a very serious cancer.  I did not go in to put a nocebo blanket on the treatment that he was doing, even though I would have chosen other options.  


The man was very down, and his wife was on the verge of tears.  I did all the standard preacher things like have prayer.  But I gave placebo therapy.  


I started talking about how strong he was and about how with God’s help he would walk past this.  I talked in detail about several people who had beaten the doctor’s prediction.  I reminded him that the doctors do not know everything.  And that God knows more than the doctors.  [Which is true.]  I watched as he pirked up in hope and his wife started to smile.  


The Bible says in hope [desire plus expectation] are you saved.  I told him that I had engaged him to prove the doctors wrong.  And I was not going to dismiss him or accept his resignation.  “You are the right man for this job.”


This man contracted the doctors and walked away from the cancer despite treatments that the doctors gave him as a last ditch effort.   They had said that the drugs would not work, but they would try.  Maybe they did not work.  He later told me that every time he started to get down he wife would remind him what  Bro. Bill said.  He was getting placebo therapy, if not from the medical staff, from his wife.  


Placebo therapy is too simple to be true, but it is.


I have a medical friend who tells me that placebo is unethical.  It is not scientific.  I ask him if there was such a thing as love and could he find it in a test tube.  I asked him if I was unethical for using the placebo therapy in a situation I had.  


After getting my breakfast taco at the Mexican resturant  a daddy and his little girl, kindergarten age, were behind me at the cashier.  Noticing that the little angel had a bad cough, I said, “That is a bad cough.”  


The father told me that they had been to the doctors many times for the morning only cough, and they could find nothing wrong with her.  But every morning she coughed.  The big eyed angel look up at me, and I knew I needed to do something.


I told her that there was a magic spot in her hand and if she pressed it that the cough would stop.  As she pressed for some reason she stopped coughing for a little bit.  I said, “See it is already working.”  She stopped coughing and did not any more as they left.  I told her that in the mornings if she started to cough just press that magic place.


I did not think too much about this.  Two week later I was eating at the same cafe and a man walked up to me and thanked me.  I asked what for.  He reminded my of the little girl; it was her father.  He told me that she had been coughing for almost a year.  However now that I had showed her that magic place, she has not coughed.   I smiled and said, “You are welcome.”  


I did not tell the man that I had made it up.  It was pure placebo therapy.  


How many mothers have put a bandage on a hurt place that was not cut open and the child stopped hurting.?  Placebo therapy.


These are just a few examples of placebo therapy.  
Placebo therapy is too simple too be true, but it is.

viking ship burial

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #9

Entry 9 – Wunjo & Mannaz




When the goal is yours, you still have to live with yourself or die with the goal.


Is this the limit of your happiness?  When you are not yourself and leave in the fire ship,

 viking ship burial

will the happiness of the goal go with you?  Or will it return to the deep?  If it does, your goal was burden and not a joy.    


Desire is a burden.  Point the dragon plow to the unknown discovery and do not seek the past in desire.  Sail into the unknown, the land of ice and green.  Eat from the vine you find.  Know the joy that is beyond your expectation others will follow you to the joy that you find.  
Flow of the clan.  Joy of the clan.  


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 26

Check previous parts for important information.


Faith Therapy


We have all heard about the faith healers.  These people do not practice faith healing at least in the sense that I am talking about in faith therapy.  Sometimes they do though get close, but they are involved more in placebo effect.  


Jesus said, “All things are possible to the one who keeps on believing.”  The first thing I note there is that this maxim does not involve a one time ecstasy of believing.  


The motivational speaker comes in
motivational speaker

and pumps up an audience.  Maybe he makes 90% of them believers.  But in six months or a year how many of the people are experiencing positive possible results from his speech?   


It appears that the statistics are very low for real results from the speech.  There is maybe a short term spike in positive results.  But that fades as the memory of the dynamic presentation dims.  The audience is finally left with a boat load of doubts or down right disbelief.  That type belief is connected with the speaker or writer, as the case maybe, and not the heart.  


What Jesus was talking about is heart belief, or as Solomon put it as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.  The first type of belief is externally sourced and the second type is internally sourced.  


This is sometimes a problem in medical treatment, especially with treatment that takes an extended period of time.  All the patient’s faith is in the doctor and not internally sourced.  So the patient may continue the treatment, but in doubt. The issue becomes chronic because there is no heart belief, and it is not in the belief area of possible.  The healing may come, but it is a longer time coming than it should, if internal belief was added to the therapy.   


William James, was a doctor and philosopher,  


said that the doctor does more good with his bedside manner that with any drug he prescribes.  This includes keeping the external belief fire burning to aid in the healing process.  He was noting the short term external belief effect and the need for the doctor to keep it re enforced.  


Once a belief has been internalized, then the effect is self sustained and always operative.  This is why the old time doctor patient relationship was so helpful in healing.  The patient had to some extent internalized his faith in that doctor.  So, there was often noted better results with the family doctor.  


Now the idea of faith therapy is this.  You want to internalize a belief in your heart about the healing.  And that can be done, and there is some scientific research to back up that this can be done.  


I read once of a major university doing research into foot surgery.  Without going into a lot of details here, they used all the scientific protocols for testing and worked with similar foot surgeries.  One group was given the surgery, meds, and standard therapy.  The other group was given the same with added self hypnosis therapy.  


In the hypnosis they were sending positive healing messages to the injured foot.  


On average the group that did the hypnotherapy healed in half the time of the control group.  The doctors were surprised at the results. They  never imagined that there would be such a dramatic beneficial result from the hypnosis.  


What had happened?  The patients had internalized belief that the healing was speeding along.  As a man thinks in his heart so is he.  It was a form of belief therapy.  Since their subconscious was being blueprinted with the belief, it was worked faith therapy 24/7.


I will show you a quick way to do an easy self hypnosis session and start to internalize faith therapy.  You can do it in any place, where there is little distraction, and it is private even if you are in public place.


First, get comfortable, laying down, sitting, or standing.  


Second, close your eyes and roll your eyes up as if you are looking at just above your eyebrows.  Some prefer to roll the eyes up as if you are looking out your third eye.  


Next, notice your breathing in and out of you stomach.  Just observe your gentle breath for a minute or two.


Then, when you have gotten into observing your breathing, start mentally repeating the belief that you wish to implant in your subconscious.  Coordinate the phasing of the belief statement with the rhythm on your breathing.  [Some say 20 times.  But more or less as you have time.  Do not be distracted by trying to make an exact count.]  Just repeat and breathe, eyes rolled up.  


Finally, when you have finished, go about your business.  


This is a sample simple belief implantation that you might use.  “Thank you for my rapid healing.”  Of course you may adjust that to the particulars of your situation.  And KEEP IT SIMPLE.  


You can also do this as part of a meditation if you are into that.   


Faith therapy is too simple to be true, but it is.  

power play

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #8

Entry 8 – Uruz & Jera




The harvest is not the harvest.  It is the year of the harvest.  Outside the year there is no harvest.

 power play

The vital force flashes its fierceness in the forest.  The wood pays him no never-mind.  It is not the harvest of the vital force.  It is the year of harvest.  


Force is not vital force if it is discharged outside the year of harvest.  Rather it dissipates by the square of the distance.  Here today gone tomorrow.  There is no harvest.  


No matter the force applied, the harvest will only come at the right time of the year.  Wasted energy walks away from the year of the harvest and dissipates by the square of the distance.  


Be still mighty aurochs and know the harvest in the year of the harvest.  


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 25

Check previous parts for important information.

Surrender Therapy Pt. 2

continued ..

Do not doubt the simplicity.  Just go there and surrender.  


The second aspect of surrender therapy is change.  



The change in surrender follows acceptance.  The fact that something is not changing is evidence that there has not been acceptance.  Once you accept where you are, then you can get your bearings to set your compass and move on.  


In any change there is then the time of thank you.  The thank you is that in acceptance you have a starting point.   If you are in a boat and it capsizes, you do not just start swimming.  

 capsized boat


You embrace the turned over hull and then you have a place to look and see your direction to swim.  If you just start swimming you may only be moving into deeper water.  Thank you for the boat bottom turned up.  


A friend had a problem with depression for many months.  



She, one night, in depths of depression gave up the fight against it.  She surrendered.  


She said to herself that she must really enjoy the problem because she was hanging on to it.  While thinking about what she enjoyed about depression, the depression slipped away.  With her having surrendered to the depression the condition had no more power over her.  She had taken charge of her feelings and life in that thankful surrender.  


What you resist persists.  First therapeutic step, surrender and accept the situation.  


The chi masters talk about surrender in the art of standing.  One of the things that you do while standing is scan your body for any tight muscles.  The goal is to be totally relaxed.  


I would find a muscle that was tight, and I would get mad at myself for allowing that tight muscle.  As a result, the muscle stayed tight or got worse.  [What you resist persists.] I continued trying and no therapeutic practice or thinking was working for relief.  


I learned from instruction and practice that the answer was surrender.  O.k., the muscle is tight. [surrender – acceptance]  Relaxed is normal.  Then I would think about the normal and the muscle would relax.  [Change]  


That is the essence of surrender therapy.  O.k., this is where I am at. [Thank you] That is where I want to be.  Change.


Are you having thoughts and feelings that are toxic to you?  Do not resist. Surrender.  


There was a man who had a bad divorce, and he felt that the ex had taken him to the cleaners in the settlement.  This was causing him not to be able to enter any, any type, relationship personal or business with women.  He resisted because he knew that was not normal, but the feelings persisted.  


One day he in effect said to himself that that was the way he felt and he was not going to beat himself up over it any more.  [Surrender]  He just decided to be content with just acting normal even if he did not feel normal.  So he just thought about how to act normal.  Very soon he realized that he was not only acting normal, he was feeling normal about women too.  [Change.]


This is something that has been noted with some lower back problems.  Surrender to the current problem and quite trying to get better.  Just walk the most normal that you can.  Then you in surrender therapy change the condition and you quickly recover.  


In qigong when you are doing exercises

 qigong exercise


you do not fight your way through the pain of a movement.    You just accept that there is that pain.  You move that direction until you feel discomfort, and you back off.  You do not try to force through the pain, for that will just cause further injury.  But in moving as normally as you can [and thinking about normal movement] you bring the change to the pain and with it range of motion increases in time to normal.  You have changed with surrendering to the problem not fighting the problem.


Some of the healings that we have noted in other sections have a surrender factor.  The man who used travel to over come the death sentence of the doctors was practicing on one level surrender.  He did not fight the prediction of death.  He just moved on with his bucket list travel.  And the problem had no power over him.   Bro. Smith did the same type surrender when he started his bucket list revivals.  


Do not try to fight your way through life just surrender through life.  
Surrender therapy is too simple to be true, but it is.

field of grain

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #7

Entry 7 – Jera & Hagalaz




The harvest is in the field, as the year has promised.  But it is not the harvest; it is in the field.  Wait for the magic all you want; there is harvest above the magic.  Sing about the 9.  Revel in the 9.  Worship the 9.  And still the harvest is in the field,

 field of grain

and it is not the the harvest.


You pray in the hail.  As you pray, the hail follows you.  


Hamingja is on your side.  But are you on your side?  See to the field and know the hamingja.  Go to the field.  Glean and accept the hamingja.  


Manna that falls from the sky is not manna.  Manna is what you gather and brings to the table.  That is manna, hamingja.  The gods are on your side.  Are you on your side?


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 24

Check previous parts for important information.


Surrender Therapy Pt. 1


When I say surrender, the ego goes berserk.  


But I do not mean giving up.  On the other hand, I am talking about stopping doing.  That being said, there is a necessary time of surrender, quit doing.  This is related to faith therapy.  There is a time to be still, and know that I am god.  There is a time to stop being a human doing and just be a human being.


There are two aspects of surrender therapy that we will cover.


First, the ego says I must do this or that.  Or I need a little more of this.  Maybe, what else can I do?  All of these ideas are invoking masculine energy.  Balance says there must be a feminine energy also.   


This is what I am talking about when I talk about surrender therapy.  You do what you need to do [masculine], and then your wait in surrender of the doing [feminine] and faithfully expect the harvest of what you have sown.  

sowing seeds

When you have done what needs to be done, forget it, i.e., wait on in expectation.  


Cast your bread upon the water and it will return unto you.  If you believe this is true, you will cast your bread and then surrender your doing for the bread to return unto you.  You do not keep on casting your bread upon the water to get it to return.  You surrender to what you have done and then surrender your doing while the bread returns.  

We tend to think if a little is good more is better.  We want instant healing, or we start to think that it is not working.  As a result, we never stop doing something more [masculine].  We never take the time to receive the healing [feminine].  


All this is a manifestation of doubt.  We start to doubt that what we have done is efficacious.  We begin to expect failure unless we do more.  The Bible says let not the one who doubts think that he will receive anything.  


In the runes philosophy they put it this way.  You put yourself in the place where you can receive the gift and then you wait.  


This is the place and demeanor of miracles.  That is, you stop trying to do and surrender to the coming result, you have cast your bread upon the water.  


I heard of a lady who understood this principle.  She developed breast cancer.  She knew a couple of things about cancer.  1) Cancer can not exist in an alkaline environment.  And 2) Cancer needs a lot of sugar.  


The doctor was recommending, chemo, radiation, and surgery.  She decided to do something else.  She started making sure that her body was highly alkaline and stopped ingesting sugars except for that which might naturally be in fruits and vegetables.  


The doctor was beside himself, when she refused the rush into the carcinogenic cancer therapies of modern medicine.  She went home and put herself in a position to receive a healing.  That is what she figured she needed to do.  While maintaining a position to heal, high alkalinity and reduced sugar, she surrendered from there to receive the gift.  


In a month she returned to the doctor and found that the tumors had reduced in size.  The doctor assured her that this was only temporary and she needed what he was offering.   She chose to surrender to what she had done.  She had no doubt that things were going in the right direction.  


Long story short in 90 days the cancer disappeared.  If she had gone the extra mile and taken the carcinogenic treatments, what would have been the outcome?  At best more would not have given her any better results.  But she had to surrender to receive the gift of healing.  


The interesting thing about surrender therapy is that you do not try to accomplish the end.  You are not trying to get your goal, but to get to where your goal will be.  


When I was a young boy on the ranch, I was taught about hunting to feed the family.  One of the keys to a successful hunt is scouting.  I was taught as season was approaching to start noticing where the deer were, where there was a lot of deer signs.  

 deer track

Then I told to go to that area and wait.  It may not happen the first day of waiting, but it would eventually happen.  That is where the deer were.


What was the hunter doing?  He was putting himself in the position to receive the give and surrendering in stillness to the wait.  

deer sign

I had a friend comment to my dad that he did not know how I always saw deer and he did not.  I said, “I do not find deer; they find me.”  I had stopped trying to find deer, while I waited were they would come by.  


A young boy came one day to the ranch to try for some venison.  I told him to go wait in a meadow that was a opening in the cedar breaks not 75 yards from the house.   He explained to me that it was too near the house, too much noise would come from the house.  I told him that I often saw deer there near sundown.  


That place was just too simple for him.  He wanted some place remote and hard to get too.  He thought he should be doing something, walking through the wood and looking.  I said if you harvest in that remote area then you will have to get it out.  


So he sat in the place I told him.  Then in about 30 minutes he walked back to the house and said that he would walk across the hill.  


The vinson in momma’s freezer was getting low.  So, I decided to go to that meadow he had left.  Around sunset, I harvested a good resupply of meat.  I had gone to where the deer were and surrendered my hunting to waiting.  


The hunting was in the scouting, not in the hunt per se.  The harvest was in the surrender.  After I put myself in position, I surrendered the hunt.  


The young boy thought he needed to be doing something [masculine].  He was walking around hunting.  He got nothing.  I knew when it was time to surrender and in surrender came the gift [masculine and feminine].  


So it is with is with healing.  Scout a therapy that puts you in place where healings have been seen.  The do what you need to do to be in that place.  Then surrender.  [Masculine and feminine]


Do not doubt the simplicity.  Just go there and surrender.  
The second aspect of surrender therapy


To be continued …



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