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sun holder

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #44

Entry 44 – Berkana & Dagaz





Freja nurtures the idea in her womb.  All that is and will be is in her hand.  But she must release it.  


You can not take it.  It must be given.  


All that is or has been or will be is an idea.  Receive the idea tentatively.  It needs time.  


Sleep with it.  In the twilight of dawn you will awake and mix the idea with all things. And the day is born.  


Never mix in the night.  Have the temperance to wait for the dawn.   Mix the waters and eat the afterbirth and step onto solid ground.  The day is yours.  


When is the dawn?  


 sun holder


It changes by seasons, but it is always the dawn.  


Wait for the dawn.

dance to the music

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #43

Entry 43 – Eihwaz & Kenaz






When is focus not misfocus?  When it involves no lack of perspective.  


When you look at the world upside down, then you can focus your power.  With the reverse of polarity there is a fresh view and new ways are seen.  The way of the best option is open to you.   


You are still on the world tree axis, but you have reversed your perspective.  In reversing perspective you advance your way.  


You hear what you hear.  Now hear what they hear.  Now focus the music, and they will dance to your tune.  

 dance to the music



When you see what does not work, think about what does work.  Stop seeing what does not work.  Find what works and focus.  

flying chariot

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #42

Entry 42 – Raidho Reversed & Sowilo


 raido reversed




You can fly above the clouds.  It is amazing what you can do.  But it is bad when you try to do it.  


You rather should realize that you have your part in the chariot’s flight.  You get in the flying wagon.  It flies you.  Relax and leave the driving to us.  

 flying chariot

If your disembark the wagon you, you fall to the earth.  Of yourself you really have no wings to fly.  Flap your arms?  For what?  Your wings are illusionary.  


When you surf the sky, you ride the power.  Let the power happen.  It has its own time, and that is out of your power to control.  


Victory is when you hitch the ride.  Be still and know that in being after the ascent into the sky chariot, there is victory.  

a moon flag

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #41

Entry 41 – Othala Reversed & Ansuz Reversed

othala reversed

r ansuz reversed

So things are not going right or down hill.  You have asked, but the mouth of god gives no answer.  This may be true of the individual, or the clan, or the colony.   The problem is spiritual, even if the effects are imagined or seen in the physical.  


Return to you heritage.  There is this answer where it always was.  When we disregard our past, we  deny our present, and devastate our future.  


Look at the banner of the clan in the day of battle.  That is where you need to go.  It will direct you to victory.  Let this be the great organizer for your innovation.  


Alone, the enemies will overwhelm you.  To the flag where there is surety of the tried and true.  Be a flag bearer wherever you go.  


a moon flag


snake truth

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #40

Entry 40 – Uruz & Berkana





What you do in pride with your great power is not of your power.  You only do by the indulgence of the great mother.  


But do not mistake indulgence for approval.  She lets you talk to Loki who constricts you.  

 snake truth

When you leave the snake to do it, he giggles and says, “Mine.”  It is the illusion of freedom.  


Thor brings the apple of truth and Loki screams, “What have you poisoned it with?”  


The truth will show your victory of power as the victory of death in the day of truth.  


The Loki’s apple of death tastes sweet but sours the stomach.  Eat the apple of Thor.  


Mother nature says you have free will.  Know by receiving the apple of truth.  Or know by eating the apple of knowledge of good and evil.  
She smiles and says, “You have free will.  But you have no indulgence not to know.  You and the clan will know.  Look and listen.”


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #39

Entry 39 – Naudhiz & Kenaz






Focus is the power.  Power is not power unfocused.  Desire before need is focus unfocused.  


Focus on need, and know that deed.  Your focus on desire is singular next.  There and then the power is focused on the luxury, and you know the power in deed.  That you desire, but can not see,  distracts you from the seeing before the being.  


The flashlight shines


one way in focus and step by step you see your way.  You do not see too far.  This I need.  Illuminate now need.  Move forward to the need.  Then desire see, as it forms out of the shadows of defused light, and the approach can be.  


The road is dark and deep.  Walk in the light and then all the road will be light in all the steps.


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #38

Entry 38 – Gebo & Sowilo





The gift you receive is a victory of will.  When you give in free will, you make room to receive the gift.  Reciprocity, or indirect reciprocity, this is a universal law in the world tree, the cosmic barter.  


This is a physical to metaphysical law on the world tree.  It functions in all nine worlds.  It is the secret of manifesting the gift.  


Your freewill giving on the physical and mental lines registers in the spiritual realm and is returned in the physical realm.  


The gebo has put you in the place to receive the gebo.  X marks the spot.  This is the victory of giving.


You may not know or notice the how.  But gravity was the law before Newton.  Give from the heart, and know that you will receive in the hand.

viking ship in storm

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #37

Entry 37 – Laguz Reversed & Hagalaz


 laguz reversed





How terrible; you have suffered a loss.  Your ship is thereby stalled?  


No … you have stalled.  It is a spiritual blockage of journey.  


The wisp wind of the frothy dark sea is peppering you in salty droplets in waters of ice and mist.  

 viking ship in storm

Do you not remember when you were sprinkled into the life force of the clan?


In the loss you are rebirthed.  In the mist you are initiated into the life force.  To the east, sail on in the dark sea and meet the sun.  It will come  sooner than you could have expected.  


Cast the loss into the sea.  Do not watch it sink beneath the waves.  Believe in the eastern horizon.  
SAIL AWAY.  Sail Away.  sail away.

Create your world

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #36

Entry 36 –  Elhaz & Raidho






Do not torment yourself to despair.  It is done before you ask.

a supplication

Know now, as you ride to victory, that there are three guardians.   And you are protected under the three branches of the guardian tree.


Know their guardianship.


In the middle is life.   As long as there is life, there is time for victory, because you are in the now.  All is in the now, no past, no future, now.  Victory will be in the now whenever that is.   Know your victory in the now.


One branch is protection.  If you listen to the guardians, the way of escape will be provided in the now.  Take it in the now.  Do not look back.  That is the way of protection, now.  There is time.  


One branch is knowledge.  You are not a reactive animal.  You have been given the gift of knowledge.  You in knowledge choose, and there is the victory in the now of time.  Now is your time.


Live to victory in your ride with the three guardians.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #35

Entry 35 – Othala & Jera




The nature of things is the nature of things.  The harvest is at the end of the year of nature.  If you use chickens for seed, they will be buried alive and harvested dead.  There is no harvest festival.  


Freya rule.  She is a hard task mistress for some.   


You may think out of the box.  But you can not live out out of the box.  Nonsense is nonsense.  


Run and hide from nature.   When you are well hid, you are not hid.  When you violate the law of mother nature, your transgression will find you out.   All your plannings are dead chickens in the the year of harvest.  


Sacrifice your nonsense to Freya and Frey.   Follow the flow of nature.  


But Freya whispers in your ear, “Not all that is thought is nature is nature.”

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