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lotto win

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #50

Entry 50 – Wunjo Reversed & Pertho

wunjo reversed





When you seek what you are not prepared for, you are casting the dice.  The odds are against you.  


This is the bane of impatience.  It is the disaster of desire.  Even when you receive, you do not receive.  


And if you receive it, it is fleeting.


Maybe you will win the lottery.  


lotto win


Maybe it will be gone in six months.  You were not prepared for it.  You only knew how to use it.


Prepare for you manifestation not the manifesting.  


Plan for the preparing, pray for the manifesting.


Prepare for the receiving of what you seek.  Know how to cherish it.  Then what you seek will come in its time.  And you will have it.  

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #49

Entry 49 – Jera & Elhaz





The way is clear, but the way appears to be impossible.  Forget the way.  Judge not by appearances.  Judge by preparation to receive the gift.  


Your fylgia goes before you.  You just point the way to it.  Is it not a ministering servant sent forth to do service to you who should be delivered to you goal?  


The way may appear impossible, but the goal is possible.  Forget the how focus on the what.  Enter the fool’s journey.  Walk under the light of the man in the moon.  


The shadows are long.  In the moonlight the trail shines.  Fear not the shadows.  Be they are only distractions.  Walk the pathway.  Receive the goal that you are prepared for receiving.  

a goal

nornir 2

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #48

Entry 48 – Othala Reversed & Berkana Reversed

othala reversed


berkana reversed


You are running from your past.  “Look at me.  I am free now.”  Affirm. Affirm. Affirm.  …  Affirm until you are out of breath and gasping.


The breasts of your past nurture your present and shape your future.  But when you do not suckle …  Skuld has prepared your lesson.  


 nornir 2


Your mother’s milk protects you from infection.  


Where is your mother’s milk?   

Grow in the clan.  It is your soil.  And know the grounding, nurture, and balance.  Embrace your past, be learned, or repeat it in one way or another.  


Beware.  Your abandon will find you out.  


Anarchy is the whipping boy of Skuld.  The rules are being taught to you.  Listen and learn.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #47

Entry 47 – Wunjo Reversed & Dagaz


wunjo reversed



The lemniscate is cast.  




This is your infinity.  


The lion roars.  The lady rides. The good and the bad meet in the circuit.  The bad cancels the good at the crossing.  The good cancels the bad.  All the circuit leads to this point.  Being.  For good.  For ill.  Oneness or war.  


Being always exists, but is only known in oneness.  Embrace the darkness and light the night.  There is no night.  There is no day.   They are the divine oneness in dualistic severance.  


If your eye is singular, your world shall be light, body and world.  Accept, forgive coexist with yourself.  Stop duality of personhood and live in stillness at the crossed circuit.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #46

Entry 46 – Pertho Reversed & Thurisaz Reversed

pertho reversed


thurisaz reversed


Yes, I know that law, but it does not apply to me at this time.  The Nornir will understand.  




I have a “me” exemption from orlog.  I want it it will be o.k.  


The Nornir are not your protectors.  Once the dice are cast, the three sisters can only weave from the material they have been given.   They are under the world tree.  


You can not predict the future.  Only Urd can do that because by law she knows what you have done.  Verdandi spins it.  Skuld says it is necessary for you to learn.  

Woe unto you who think themselves divine above the law.  


“I am God. And I have decreed it.”


You are not.


Urd knows.  Verdandi spins.  Skuld teaches.    

sword of justice

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #45

Entry 45 – Tiwaz reversed & Hagalaz


tiwas reversed




When you put your thumb on the scale, you do not win. The scales are for the good of all, not for you, but all, including you.  


Judge not with unbalanced scale because one day you will be weighed in the same balances and found to be wanting. The sword of justice has two sides for cutting, coming and going.  


 sword of justice


Rue the day when you seek advantage.  See to injustice and receive injustice.  The unbalanced scale is weighted with hail.  


Measure to others as you would measure to yourself.  What goes around comes around.  Do not start it going around or you will will block the world that is in your hand.  It will move into the hand of Tir.  

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