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treasure map

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #51

Entry 51 –  Gebo & Sowilo






You found a treasure map.  

 treasure map

X marks the spot.  


You put it in a drawer.  In the evenings you pull out the map and look at it in joy.  Then you put it back in the drawer.  The next night, you do the same.  And the next.   


The treasure is out of your reach one that first night.  It is as out of your reach on the second, third, fourth evening.  


You walk around in the days imagining the map and not the treasure.  You invest emotion and time in the map.  You lust for the treasure.  It is as out of your reach then as in the evening.  


When will the victory in the treasure come?

second ammendment

What Does the Second Amendment Really Mean?

What Does the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Really Mean?

This New Book gives the answer in the words of the framers themselves. It is a historical book including the framers in their own words explaining what they were constituting.

Get past all the passionate rhetoric on both sides and hear the truth.

The Wealth Mindset

The Wealth Mindset

My new book is now up. The Wealth Mindset.

As a follow up to his successful book, Before The Law of Attraction, Dr. Bill has given us an insightful perspective into the wealth mindset as understood by the ancients.

It from the mind of a folklorist involves a complete reversal of the popular modern concept of wealth.

These usable precepts can direct you into knowing an abundant life in any society or economic system. The well illustrated applications are clear and practical.

Are you ready to move into a world of abundance?

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