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Archangels – Pt 6

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Naming the Archangels


The importance of a name was seen from the earliest days of humanity.  Adam was told to name the animals.  Normally when you take a pet into your house what is the first thing that you do?  You name it.  


When Moses was at the burning bush, he asked God what his name was.  He was told it was “I AM That I Am my name is I Am.”  Moses knew that the people would want to know the name.  Because the invoking of the name of a numinous being would invoke power, the people would want to know it and thereby prove Him to be the supreme God even over the Egyptian gods.  They could then accept their freedom.  


Naming is so important that there was a whole set of rules set up about God’s sacred name.  It was called the tetragrammaton, YHWH or JHVH.  These were the consonants of the name of God.    


That name was considered too powerful, and the ecclesiastical order of Judaism hide it from the people.  And it was a taboo to say it because the mere vocalization was thought to unleash power that was too eminence to be trusted in human hands.  Think here a the ten plagues called down on Egypt.  They were brought with the pre declaration “that you may know that I am the LORD [the now unspeakable sacred name used]”.


Evidently the name can be used for good or ill.   So it is with archangels and their names.  What powers they have can be invoked as we use their name.  But like the name of God, the correct name must be used and do we really know their names.  


What we do know for sure is their descriptive titles.  These are descriptive of their individual work.  That can be invoked and not necessarily their full power but more specifically focused power.  This would tend to make their services less volatile than the power of the sacred name of God.    


When the archangels are named it is a naming of access to specific intent and not a broad spectrum of power unleashed.  In days past many farmers blasted stumps out of their fields with a judicious amount of blasting power.  You could blast it out with an atomic bomb too.  But that would not be prudent.  


We can use the archangels as focused power sources to help us.  They are sent to do service.  By invoking their names and/or titles you are activating their power.  


We do not need to know the tetragrammaton, sacred name of God.  If we did, the potential for activating it would unleashing something that could easily get wildly out of control.  That being said though, we can still accomplish our goals.  


The ancient Hebrew language had no vowels in the writing.  Later writing added the vowel points below the consonants.  However when the scribes wrote the tetragrammaton they did not use the correct vowel points.  So when the text was read and pronounced, they were saying the consonants of the sacred name of God with the vowels of a descriptive title of God.
Now 5,000 years later no one appears to have any concrete idea as to what the vocalization of the name God really sounds like.  There are a lot of claims and speculation, but who really knows?  What we do have are the names of the archangels.  That is enough to fulfill, maybe not our greeds, but our needs.


Archangels – Pt 5

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What are Archangels?


The archangel Michael is called by Daniel chief among the princes.  This is, to be simplistic, indication that there is a hierarchy in among the angels.  Since the prefix arch means principle, there are princes with is someway lesser angels that are their minions.  


And among these princes there is Michael who is the pinnacle of the angelic realm.  If we were to use a military metaphor, Michael is the angelic generalissimo, the other princes, of which he is one, are his marshals, and the lesser angels are the foot shoulders.  


Why the term generalisimo?  I used the term generalissimo pointedly.  It is very descriptive of the hierarchy of the angelic realm.  That general would be the head general in a military operation.  In a particular operation there may be many generals, but someone has to be in command.  That is the generalissimo.  


In this context the rank of the generals is of no significance.  There may be appointed a general of even lesser rank than some of the generals involved, but for this mission the generalissimo makes the final decision.  There may be a war counsel and much discussion among the general officers.  However, in the end the generalissimo makes the final decision ,and that is the way it goes.  The others follow his order.


In the late battle at Gettysburg in the later war between the states in the United States,  


General Lee was the southern generalissimo.  When the battle plan for the final day was being drawn up, there was a legendary argument between General Lee and General Longstreet.  


Theoretically Lee’s plan could work.   Theoretically Longstreet’s plan could work.  In the end General Lee gave the orders for his plan and ultimately Longstreet followed orders.  


If for some reason President Jeff Davis


had directed that Longstreet would be generalissimo for the sorte in force into the north,  Lee would have followed Longstreet’s orders.  
This will be a template for understanding how the archangels work.  And it will be instructive as to how you can call upon them when you have a special need for their help.


Archangels – Pt 4

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What are Angels? – Pt. 3


When you examine the Christian literature in light of the Melchizedek tradition, the insights are mind blowing.  Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek.  


What am I talking about?


Religious history divides into three ages.  There was the patriarchal period, when God spoke through the fathers as priests of the family or people.  Then there was the Mosaic age in which God spoke through the prophets and priests.  The revelations came not through the patriarchs, but though the ecclesiastical class of prophets.  


Finally, there was the Christian era, when there was a combo of the ecclesiastical prophets of what we call the New Testament.  That teaching was to be understood in light of the schoolmasters of the patriarchs and Jewish prophets, all that had come before the Christian age.  


This schoolmaster concept of that which preceded Christianity included both Abraham and Moses, the patriarchal time and the Mosaic period.  So that which preceded Christianity is valid truth to understand that which is applicable for spirituality today.  


As we have indirectly noted, during the Mosaic dispensation of the Israelites, God had not left the rest of the world in the dark.  Truth in the Old Testament and truth in the writings of the Patriarch and priests of the parallel system are schoolmasters to inform us about useful truth.


Some of the patriarchal truths were written, but most of them were handed down in the folklore from that pre Christian world.  When we find concepts that are repeated in differ traditions, we are seeing truth.  And that can be instructional and enlightening.  And note that those truths were written in the cultural context of their origins and in that jargon.  


That being said when we look at angels and archangels we may see them expressed in different terms.  There seems always to be a concept of a god behind, but the development of what we call polytheism may be nothing more than a cultural depiction of archangels and angels, god and demigods.  Surely they would have thought of angels as more like God than man.  


Consider the earth elementals of such entities as fairies, elves, gnomes, etc as angels.  They had their kings and queens that are most likely descriptions of archangels.  They are just angels expressed in other cultural jargon.  

star of the wise men

Archangels – Pt 3

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What are Angels? – Pt. 2


These numinous spirits or angels in Biblical sources and non biblical sources are what some would call shapeshifters.  By that I mean they appear in a form that is acceptable to the cultural archetypes that they are doing service for.  


Two examples are the cases of The Wise Men who came to the young child Jesus.  

star of the wise men

And Samuel who was manifested for King Saul.  

saul and the witch

The angels took a form that would be culturally and personally received by the intended beneficiaries of their work.  [I cover this in detail in my book on Guardian Angels.]  


First it is to be noted that angels and archangels do not deal strictly with those in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  E.g., Balaam was not of the Jewish tradition, and the wise men were vedic astrologers from India.   


Second, there was divine revelation outside the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The divine message was given through angels to the wise men who came from India to visit Jesus.  Moses during the wilderness wandering to the promised land sought counsel  of Jethro, his father-in-law, who was a priest of the Midianites.  


Abraham gave an offering to Melchizedek.  Jesus is said to be a priest after the order of Melchizedek.  That is He was not a priest of Judaism; he was not of the Aaronic line.  But he, while being a man in the Jewish tradition, was a priest outside the Jewish tradition.  
In Jesus day He exemplified there was truth outside the Jewish tradition, the Melchizedek tradition.  That Jewish tradition was true, but there was other truth too.  Jesus in part came to point to the combining of Jewish and extra Jewish truth.  That was what Christianity was supposed to be.  


To be continued

bird feeder

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #60

Week 60 – Gebo & Isa






For good or ill it is an eye for an eye.  You have placed yourself in the way of the gift that will come.  You have cast your bread upon the water.  It will return unto you.  


Good things do not just come.  Bad things do not just come.  There are no simple happenstance.  Plan yourself to receive the gift by getting all things ready.   After you put out the bird feeder, the birds will come.  

bird feeder

The birds will not come into the house.  You must put up the feeder.  You must fill the feeder.  Then comes the gift of the birds.


Where do I need to be to receive the gift?  What preparations must I make to have the gift offered?  When you are prepared and in the right place you will have the gift that you desire.  

angel and balaam

Archangels – Pt 2

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What are Angels? – Pt. 1


As we have discussed in other books angels are messengers.  In the book on guardian angel we explain how the work of angels is often seen as showing people the door that is open or closed for them so they can make the right choices.  This would also apply to archangels.  


That being said,  the archangels may have an additional function as seen and unseen interventionists.  For example, there was the situation of Balaam going to curse Israel.  

a angel and balaam

The angel in the road served both as a messenger to Balaam and an interdictor to the cursing journey.  At first he was unseen and then he visually manifested.  This is generally assumed to be Archangel Michael.  


It is those two functions that we will be looking at.  


It should be noted that the concept of angels is not a strictly Judeo-Christian concept.  In all religions and worldviews there is the concept of numinous beings that intervene in human affairs to a greater or lesser extent.  We will be discussing the universal concept of archangels.  


So in this book we will not be limiting our research to the Bible.  


Many of the brothers in christendom have just done a double take.  While the Bible is a book of truth about angels, when properly understood, it is not a book of all truths.  And when we view it as such, we get tunnel vision and miss many helpful truths.  


The Bible does point this out in the book of Daniel that Archangel Michael was one of the chief princes.  “… but lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me …” This indicates that there are others not named in Biblical sources.  We must learn about them elsewhere.  


From another direction there is the situation of the Hittites.  They were an ancient civilization referred to in the Bible.  Many in academia rejected this because as everyone knew there is not evidence of the Hittite people.  


However, archaeology accidentally discovered ancient Hittite cities and even a library of their writings.  You can now purchase a grammar of the Hittite language.  The “scholars” had tunnel vision.  They thought that what was in their academic library was the truth on the matter of supposed Hittites.  


Angels and archangel are mentioned in the Bible, and what it tells us is true.  But they are also mentioned in other traditions.  The jargon may be different, but they in Biblical jargon are called angels.  And those other traditions can have truths that are not in the Bible.  
For example, the angel guarding the tree of life in the garden of Eden is not named.  In extra Biblical sources we find a name for it.  And we also learn that it is an archangel.  As you will learn later, that can be useful information.  


to be continued


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #59

Entry 59 –  Othala Reversed & Kenaz Reversed

othala reversed

r kenaz reversed


When you forget or reject your heritage, you are uprooted.  Then your potential power is unfocused on the the road before you.  


You do not know where you are going if you do not know where you have been.  To reject your past you must look back to rebuke your past and heritage.  


Embrace your past including your heritage, if it were not for that, where would you be?  You do not know.  Without it you do not know where you are.


Come home.  Come home and move forward.  As the plant is nurtured by its roots, the past is your heritage.  


Archangels – Pt 1



One of the teachings of groups like the Catholic Church is that to deal with a demon [fallen angel] you need to find out its name.  Some claim that a demon possessing a person will not want to tell you its name, because when you know its name you can command it away.  Your command for it to leave I assume is more focused when you name it.  


Jesus did something like this with a possessed man.  Jesus asked what was the name of the demon, and they responded “Legion for we are many.”  That is the famous incident where he commanded Legion into a herd of swine.  


It appears from the account that the fallen angels became afraid after the name Legion had slipped out.  Their following conversation seemed to indicate that they were at that point at his mercy.  Jesus was evidently then able to do what he willed with them.  Sending them out of the country or into the swine was simply a choice of Jesus with that name Legion known.  


This may will be a related situation with the archangels.  When you call on them by name, you are activating a type of control.  I am not using the word control in some absolute sense.  Maybe it might be better said that you are awakening them and their powers to your request of intention.  They no doubt have some free will.  However, we might phrase it, there is some activation of their power.


That concept may be hard for some people to digest.  It was for me from my religious background.  But remember the angels, including the archangels, are ministering servant sent forth to do service.  So says the Bible in Hebrews.  


There are two ways to look at this.  Actual or focusing a thought in the heart.  I can not definitively say which way that is.  But it makes no difference; both ways work.  [More on this later.]


There is little doubt in the ancient text that angels and archangels exist.  There is no doubt that they function to do service.  It is no doubt that they can and do do service in your life.  And at times they can be called upon [or used in one way or the other] to do their work.  


to be continued


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #58

Entry 58 – Eihwaz & Berkana




The bow supports your life, food.  


The bow ends your life, weapon.  


You must eat and keep your enemies at a distance.  


Develop your skills or you will die.  Use your skills or lose everything.  Use them for sustenance.   


Think to evade your enemies at a distance.  With your skills stand beyond their skills.  


Know that in the tree is your spiritual support.  Take it from the tree.  Make your bow.  Hone your skills, and as you use it, she will protect you.  
All you need is ready for you.  Without your part it is nothing and you will die.

locked out

A Brief Introduction to Cancer and Alternatives – Pt. 7

See previous parts for important info


A Possible Alternative Response to Cancer and Cancer Prevention


We noted in the chapter “Basic Cancer Truths” five known truths about cancer.  In a integrative alternative approach to cancer or cancer prevention we will propose to deal with cancer and cancer prevention in the context of these scientific facts.  This method does not seek to fight cancer, per se, because in informed alternative philosophy the problem is not considered to be cancer.  Cancer is only a symptom of something else.  


I used this illustration in another book, Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies, but it is applicable there.  I once had a friend who had locked himself out of his house.  When I arrived he he was trying to take off the back door to get in the building.  I thought for a second and said, “There is easier way to do this.”  You see he did not have the proper tools to do what he was trying to do.  


He informed me that he was not going to call a locksmith.  He was all focused on the locked door.  
locked out

I knew the house and remembered a way to get in.  It would be easier than the man with a few tools of the wrong kind at the back door taking the door off the henges.  He was hard at work.  

I told him again he did not have to remove the door.  There is a simpler way.  He got mad at me and said he was not about to call a locksmith.  He explained that a little sweat was worth it to save some money.  He was so upset with the situation I just decided to do it the simple way for him, while he struggled to dismantle and remove the back door.


I knew that in his garage there was of pull down door into the attic.  Inside his house there was another pull down door into the attic for the central heating unit.  

a attic door

I went into his garage and lowered the latter into the attic.  As I was going up the latter, I laughed as I heard him complaining that I was not helping him.  I shouted back that I would be there in a second.  


I stepped into the attic and went to the other drop down door.  After entering the house, I put the drop door back up.  Then, I opened the back door and said, “I am ready to help you take this door off that needs to be taken off now.”  He was in shock as to how I had done that.  


We have an old saying in the Texas Hill Country.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.  


The problem was not the locked back door.  The door was doing exactly what it was supposed to do given the circumstances.  The problem was that my friend believed that the only way to get into the house was through the a locked door.  Therefore, all he could see was the problem locked door.  


We get fixated on dealing with things or doing something one way, and we sometimes can not see the forest for the tree.  Most of the time that way is not the only way.  And there is a simpler ways to do it.


Let us consider another way to deal with cancer.  Do not fight the cancer, deal with the cancer causing situations and become aware of positive benefits.  Many have successfully done this down through the centuries, and it should work for other people too.  


The five factors about connections to cancer we noted about cancer are alkalinity, sugar, candida, inflammation, and stress.  


What do you think would happen if you made your body alkaline, eliminated refined sugars and such, cleansed your body of candid, balanced your body’s inflammation response, and eliminated most stress from your life?  The alternative practitioner might think that cancer would say, “I do not want to be here”, and leave.    


That is just too simple to be true.  Or is it?
Everything that you can do toward dealing with these known cancer partners will be moving you toward living cancer free.  

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