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making prayers work

Prayers not Working?

Prayers not Working? – Secrets of Perfecting Successful Prayer 101


Ask for it by name at

In this course we will reexamine the basics of prayer and you can then apply the principles of prayer is a new way toward perfecting successful prayer.

Also there are books at

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Distance Healing Made Easy

Distance Healing Made Easy – Telepathic Healing 101 – The course – Secrets of Telepathic Healing for Healer – The book

or – Ask for the course by name – ask for the book by name

Learn distance healing and so much more with these links.
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telepathy and prayer

Two New Metaphysical Courses at Telepathy and Prayer

Two New Metaphysical Courses at  on Telepathy and Prayer


Short Link to Telepathic Healing 101 –

Short link to Secrets of Perfecting Successful Prayer 101 –

You can also go to and search for them by name.

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prayer secrets

Secrets of Perfecting Successful Prayer 101

Successful Prayer


The course SECRETS OF PERFECTING SUCCESSFUL PRAYER 101 is up at Udemy courses. The direct short link is … .

The principles learned here are applicable to all forms of prayer and any form of manifesting that you may be using. Ask God or the Universe with these principle and you will be perfecting successful prayer. In the right time the answers will come.

Check out the preview at the link provided and start using the principles for better success in your prayers and manifesting. Imagine that.

Start the course at the special introductory offer price now.

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Telepathic Healing 101

Telepathic Healing


At courses now there is Healing Telepathy 101. This is a follow up to my book of Healing Telepathy for Healers at . The course is available for preview at .

Learn healing telepathy. Ways to apply Emile Coue healing, autogenic healing, Qi Gong Emotional Organ healing and more. How to use telepathic healing with children, adults, animals, comatose persons, plants and more. Learn how to be a secret healer. Improve you healing success and your encouraging visits with friends. You will be amazed at the versatility of this healing tool. Start healing mind, body, and spirit with Telepathic Healing 101.

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