August 27, 2014
Bill Haberman
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How accurate with readings are you in telling the future?

I am not a fortuneteller.

Every time you make a choice you change your future. It is not set in stone.

Joshua called on the Israelites to choose which god they would follow. Obviously they had the free will to choose. If the future choice was their free will decision yet to come, no one, not Joshua, not even God could see what would be in the future.

God, when he gave free will, limited even Himself. The future is not knowable in this context.

Using a Carl Jung type reading style, we can together consider if you make certain choices what will be the collateral results. For example, if someone is about to choose should he step off the top of a skyscraper, we can foresee that making that choice would produce a future with a bad event.

I often use this illustration. Say I told you that tomorrow you would have a traffic accident on Main Street at two o’clock. What could you do? That is your future. Right?

The future is not set in stone. You can choose not to be be on Main Street at two.

The future can be good or bad. For the Israelites concerning their choice to serve God, Joshua foresaw that there would be a relatively better or good future if they chose God. In that same vein, I can foresee if a person chooses to step off the edge, there will be a bad result.

Many of our problems are more complicated than these illustrations, but the Carl Jung type reading deals with them in a similar way.

Further, most people know what is the right choice, they just need to get all the mental blockages out of the way. In that clearing they will see the best future that they already know to choose.

I had a lady come for a reading. She was having many emotional problems in several areas of her life. (Often readings are more complicated. However, I use this one for clarity of the example.)

In the discussion of what was going on in her life it came up that a social group had recently made some rules that she emotionally disagreed with. She had been with the group many years, making moving on from that group emotionally unbearable.

I had her draw one card from the tarot deck. Amazingly the card was the moon card. In this deck it pictured a dog coming out of the water. As he looked forward, there was a passage and road. Also, there was a women with a hand gesture directing the dog to go through the open door and on down the road.

I simple asked, “What does this card say to you?”

She looked for a short time at it as I calmly waited. A smile came over her face where there had been tears. “I should move on down the road.”

Her future was to choose to move on from the group or not. With the association with archetypal symbols on the card she clearly saw what she already knew. It was time for her to choose to move on from the group.

I did not tell her that. She saw what she already knew. The cards in this allowed her to see, to admit, the better choice for her.

Two weeks later I saw her at the market. The crying had departed. All her collateral emotional problems had vanished. She on the reading had seen the good/better future.

She hugged me and said, “You are amazing.”

I smiled, “What did I do?”

Click now on the page about readings and blessings please, because there is more info. Thank you.

About The Author

Dr. Bill in San Antonio, TX, holds six degrees in religious studies including a Ph.D. and a Th.D. He holds several other certificates and certifications. He has been what some call a professional student.

Raised mostly in rural south and south-central Texas, he is equally at ease on the ranch, in the woods, in meditation, or metaphysical pursuits.

He was the author of two books now out of print and several that he has not pushed for publication. He has written numerous articles in pier review journals during his time in traditional ministry.

He was invited to be on the translation committee for a modern Bible translation but declined, for philosophic differences over translation presuppositions.

His studies in comparative religions led him into an in depth study of metaphysics.

He has a knack for noticing overlapping principles in different systems. It occurred to him that when things keep showing up in many religions that these maybe the secret truth past down from our ancient past that are applicable to us today.

As in folk lore Odin hung from the tree upside down and after nine days, came to know the secret runes. Today Dr. Bill strives to look at repeating truths in a different way. He is willing as needed to take the time to see the secrets that are ready to be opened from different directional considerations.

Dr. Bill was a traditional minister for 25 years, filling pulpits two times a week and teaching many classes.

Now he has centered his work on the metaphysical of spirituality.

Dr. Bill looks at the metaphysical and spiritual from a new eclectic perspective. This rare insight has been a boon to him and as he works to help you can be a boon to you

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