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Andy Kaufman died using alternative healing methods; so how can you say they work?

That is the fallacy of a complex question. It assumes that if one dies while using a modality that that proves the approach is completely bogus.

That is just not true. The current leading cause of deaths in the United States by the governments statistics is standard medical treatment. That does not say that standard medical treatment is bogus. It, all agree, has its place.

One notable death during alternative treatments should not be held up as a broad brush dismissal of alternatives. They have their place. And no matter what modality people choose or modality combination they use, everyone by a law of nature will die.

That being said we will now consider what might have been the issue in the death of Andy Kaufman.

He was a nonsmoker, a meditator, and a health food person, and developed lung cancer.

In Chinese medicine they say that when some one is sad that sadness resides in the lungs causing lung problems. Without going into details here Kaufman was depressed and sad because of the way he lost his place on the Saturday Night Live TV show. It is from the Chinese view point that the lung cancer may have come from the mind, sadness. He appears to have never shed that sadness.

While not all smokers get lung cancer, not all sad people get lung cancers. Lung problems may manifest in other ways. (And this is not to say that all lung problems come from sadness.)

The Chinese theory reminds me of Dr. Wayne Dyer who said and wrote a book I believe with the title “all problems are spiritual”.

[This is why I prefer augmented reconnective style healing (ARH). It allows the universe/God to deal with the deeper problem and not necessarily the presenting problem. It finds and deals with the correct problem in the body, mind and/or spirit. (See now the page on ARH for more info.) ]

This sadness may have put Kaufman in the position of constantly feeding cancer generation in his lungs. This would have made any healing only superficial because the cause of the cancer was never addressed.

Salomon said as a man thinks so he is. In this sadness Kaufman may have inadvertently been thinking cancerous thoughts. Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote I believe that if you have cancer you are thinking cancerous thoughts.

Now we might combine Chinese philosophy, Salomon, Dyer, and Murphy. Eliminate the cancerous thoughts and eliminate the cancer. Kaufman had not done this. So, maybe this is why the cancer festered and he died.

The standard medical community may dismiss this possibility because they can not put it into a test tube.

However even they admit that all that is beneficial to healing can not be put in a test tube. For example, the medical community knows that a patient in a loving relationship has a better out come than one who is not. Put that in a test tube. They know that one with a positive expectation has generally a better out come. Put that in a test tube.

Also Kaufman was trying every alternative that he could find. If something new came up, he would do that. He was not deciding to believe that some treatment or combined treatment was what would,work for him. He kept looking for the one new magic bullet, the one that would work.

This presents a number of,problems. Remember Salomon maxim, as you think in your heart … Each time he grasped at something new, he was inadvertently saying in his heart that he needed the new one because the old,one did not work for him. So it was so; he thought it.

As you think in your heart … Running to each new treatment, he on some level thought the before treatment(s) did not work for him. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

Kaufman, whether the old treatment(s) were are were not effective, nixed the treatment(s).

Jesus said, all things are possible to him that believeth, that is keeps on believing. Kaufman had ceased to believe in the treatment(s) as seen in his grasping for the new one. He nixed the treatment with doubts. James in the Bible said the one who doubts should not expect anything.

Kaufman may not have died because ineffectual alternative treatments. So the answer to the original question of this article is that the death of Kaufman may have nothing to do with the effectiveness of any alternative treatment.

See now my several pages on alternative healings, ARH, pendulum, Eeman, hypnosis/autogenics. You will find more info there.

Nothing here is intended to replace the advice of licensed medical or psychological workers.


What is the secret to runic magic?

There several answers which could be viewed as true for this question. The word rune means secret. Consider this answer.

Whatever the intent of the magic, manifestation or healing, whatever form of magic, shamanic, Wicca, runes, chi gong, prayer etc., there is a secret element. It is so secret that in my experience none of the metaphysical workers know or acknowledge it. I have not even seen it put forth as significant in manifestation. There is rather an obsession with getting what you want.

When one moves past superficial use of the runes, this principle is not only viewed as important, but it is viewed essential to the use of real power. (Sure somethings can be done with out it, but results are tepid and inconsistent.)

In runes this is found in the g-rune or gebo, which is written as a large X.

Gebo is the rune of giving or gift. This principle is true in all of life’s pursuits. Whenever there is a giving in gebo there is a receiving. Whenever there is a receiving there is a giving.

If you are to be consistently effective in manifesting your intent, you need to be able to consistently see the giving as well as the receiving.

There was a lady who prayed for seven years for the receiving of a winning lotto ticket. Finally she said I guess God does not answer prayers. Then she heard a voice from heaven, “First you must buy a ticket.”

Always look for what you must give to receive. Maybe this is why Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Sometimes it is extremely hard to find, but look first for a giving and view the intended receiving from the view point of that giving. Stop trying to receive, and start focusing on the giving.

Let us say you want to manifest peace in a relationship. Maybe you should be giving peace in the relationship, peace in the midst of chaos. The Bible says several times cast your bread upon the water and it will return unto you.

State what needs to be stated calmly, and then do not argue about it. Just shut up peacefully.

Look at the other person calmly in the eyes as they attempt to escalate into an angry argument. Try to project (give) the blessing of peace and love; give a pleasant peaceful smile; or just give a calm (unresponsive) listening ear. Be at peace with what you give and say thank you for the harvest of peace that you know will follow.

I had a man come into my office. He was very upset with energies going in every direction at once; he even talked of suicide. My first thought was to say calm down. That is what I intended to happen, to receive, what I wanted to manifest.

If I had done some simple or complex ritual to force his calmness. I dare say it would not have been as quick, and it could not have been more effective. I simply gave him something that put me in the position of receiving my intended manifestation.

I did not try to manifest the intended outcome (calmness). Instead I gave him an autogenics exercise expecting that in the context of that giving to him he would give to me that which I intended to receive, manifest (his calmness).

I had not acted to manifest my intention for the man to be calm. I shifted to thinking about what I was giving, the autogenics exercise.

In thirty minutes he left my office very calm.

Think in terms of gebo; Think in terms of giving and not in terms of receiving, and you will more than likely manifest the desired receiving, the gift, the gebo.

See now the page on rune magic for more info. See also the page on hypnosis and autogenics.


How is the x-rune used in giving and receiving a rune practice?

As you have read earlier the x-rune or gebo is used in rune philosophy to redirect your thinking toward what you could give to receive what you want to manifest. I do not here repeat all that former article. However, if you focus on what you could give to create a situation of giving and receiving, then your intention will most likely manifest. (Read that other article for more details.)

That on its face may not sound like magic, much less rune magic.

However, it is.

When you move into the giving mode in a receiving context, you are accessing a different vibration or energy zone. That is the energy that the gebo points the vitki to. There is an energetic or vibrational field that powers up your manifestation.

If someone is just looking to receive, manifest, there may be no place to receive.

I had an older lady come saying that she wanted a man in her life. She was looking for a manifestation ritual. That of itself is not a bad request. And that can be helpful.

However, she was not putting herself in a position to be noticed, at least in the context that she wanted. All that she did was focused around doing things with her lady friends. She was not in a position to be noticed.

She was not giving the time outside her female friendships to be around a male friend and be noticed.

We worked on how she could give her time more focused toward her intended manifestation. [The focusing of gebo energy is seen in the k-rune energy.] We energized that giving (of time) with a rune ritual. Soon she was noticed by a suitable partner. She had entered the energetic area of the power of gebo.

[Remember that rune means secret. The energy may not be seen or felt, but it does not mean that the energy is not there and working to the manifestation. Maybe better this exemplify that the energy works in secret, works in rune.]

The gebo energy exists and can be accessed in manifestation, either intentionally or accidentally. Why leave things to chance? The gebo is a powerful aid in manifesting your desires.

On the other hand if someone just gives without looking to be in the receiving context, they create a blockage to receiving.

Almost all parents want to make their children happy. A good thing to want to manifest. However, some parents give so much that they have a reverse effect. The children may end up with a haughty demeanor and are very unhappy people.

These parents are involved in giving as an end in itself. They are not entering the gebo realm of giving and receiving. They give because it makes them feel good. As they keep giving, they keep feeling good.

Even when it becomes clear to all around them that they are spoiling the child, they can not see the reality that they are only spoiling the child. They just keep giving because it makes them feel good to do so. They may give lip service to the intention to make the child happy. They may even deceive themselves into a false belief that they are in this type giving making the child happy.

They are not though manifesting their original intention, making the child happy. They are in a broken giving cycle, a giving that is separated from the receiving of their originally intended happiness of the child.

It is just giving. For some this might be the often misused “unconditional love” excuse. It is not “unconditional love”. It is just giving, giving because giving make them feel good.

They are not in that process going to manifest happy children. They maybe in some type of giving mode, but not giving in the receiving context. This type giving renders a situation were there is little to no gebo energy to manifest the intended manifestation gift, in this illustration a happy child. They are separated from the gebo energy or vibration.

Remember in the earliest runes magic times there were two types of rune magic, ritual (Odin style) and mental magic (Freja style). The magic primarily talked about here is mental magic. The mental rune magic helps you move into the proper energetic or vibrational realm to manifest your desire.

See now the page on rune magic for more info.


How long does augmented reconnective style healing (ARH) work?

The healing when it happens, on what ever gets completely healed, is continual? Done, done, and done.

When Naaman in the Bible received his healing from leprosy, It was compete, and his skin became like a fresh little child. Done, done, and done.

I say this with a warning.

Let us say someone had a augmented reconnective style healing from early stage lung cancer from smoking. He says thank you. As the doctors are scratching their heads, they write this off as a spontaneous remission, which means that they do not know or understand what has happened.

This miracle man walks out of the doctor’s office clean and healed and then lights up a smoke. He returns to smoking 4 packs a day. He may afterwards discover that he has cancer. The first cancer was healed. This is a new cancer caused by the risky behavior of smoking.

If you hit yourself in the head with a hammer, you can get better. However, if after you get better you hit yourself in the head with a hammer again, you have a new injury, not a return of the old injury.

This may happen with other things like diet. If your illness is promoted by bad dietary choices and you will not change, the ARH may work, but the same type problem walks into your life.

If you have early onset diabetes, and a factor is a too sedentary a lifestyle, you may receive a healing. If you though persist in the promoting lifestyle, a door is open for a new case of early onset diabetes to come into your life.

Look beyond the healing to situations that created the need for healing. Deal with those things, knowing that the healing is completed.

One other situation may be a factor.

Deepak Chopra talks of a lady that he helped heal of stage four breast cancer. When she went back to her home town, in joy she told her doctor.

He responded, “Do not worry … It will return.” [Great bedside manner.]

She was shattered. Cancer started to show up. It was a new mentally induced breast cancer. Dr. Chopra got her mind thinking right about healing and the cancer vanished.

If the mind can heal you, it can kill you.

The Bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. In this case, as Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about, when you have cancerous thoughts, you have cancer. When you think healed thoughts your healing is done, done, and done.

Do you wonder why cancers are on the increase? Could it be all the fearful talking about it? Did you know that X% of women will get breast cancer? Be afraid; be very afraid.

This thinking can open the door to mentally induced cancers.

Do not let your thinking interfere with your constantly healing body. Do not let it effectually nix ARH that I will do for you in San Antonio, TX. (See now for more details the page on augmented reconnective style healing and also the one on axiatonal lines.)

Hypnosis and autogenics, which are practiced by me, can help reblueprint your subconscious to eliminate habits and thinking that bring bad things into your life. (Click now on the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more details.)


Is using healing alternatives unchristian?

In the Pentecostal mind set, which is not my mind set, healing is viewed as fundamentally Christian. However, all the things that they, and other Christian groups that believe in “miracles” claimed as Holy Spirit intervention, can be and are duplicated in divergent sects; some Christian, some not; some religious, some not. They see unusual events and read into that event the Holy Spirit.

A true Christian miracle is not an unusual event, but a suspension of natural laws, a suspension of the way things are created and upheld by the creator. Example – The raising from the grave of a several day dead man was a miracle. Or the feeding of thousands of people with a few little fishes and a few loafs of bread and to top that off several baskets of left overs was a miricle.

Greg Braden has published a video from the medicine-less hospital in China. You can actually see on ultra sound a tumor in the bladder shrink and disappear in less than 5 minutes. You can see this on you tube.

This was a non Christian, even a non religious, event. This can be duplicated in many healing modalities, Christian and non Christian.

Unusual? Maybe. Is it a miracle in the literal sense? Since it is diversely repeatable, no. It is not the Holy Spirit intervening either.

It may be people tapping into a metaphysical reality that positively affects physical reality. The Christian may view this as the metaphysical reality which God created being used to affect the physical reality the God created. How can that be unchristian?

In the Bible Salomon referenced this principle. He said, “As a man thinketh in his his heart, so is he.” The metaphysical, thinking, effects the the physical, the man. This in general is in healings like augmented reconnective style healing that I do in San Antonio, TX. The metaphysical affects the physical.

The non Christian may view it as one dimension of the universe affecting another.

Whatever name may be put on it, the naming of it is a superficial distraction. It is best viewed as the way things are. Just tap into it, and witness what is.

This type healing may only be viewed as unusual because most Christians and non Christians have been conditioned not to expect things outside the five senses.

If we were people who expected it and tried it, these healings might be viewed as usual, with the occasional need to consult a physician.

Remember Jesus said the one who continues to be sick is in need of a physician. Did Jesus maybe expect the usual to be these healings and only the cases that continued should to be addressed by doctors? Maybe the unchristian thing would be the rejection of the possibility of what we now call alternative healings.

Think about it. This perspective may take a little time to sink in.

See now the page on augmented reconnective style healings for more info. Also check out now the page on hypnosis and autogenics.

ENERGY FORECAST – week of Aug. 17, 2014

Energy forecast for the week of Aug. 17, 2014

Three runes were drawn. The main rune is the e-rune. The two secondary runes are the w-rune and the i-rune. No reversals.

The main e-rune says that this is a week for working together. Great even amazing things can happen this week. So travel by working together at this time.

However, the secondary runes give us cautionary pause.

Do not just jump into partnership. The w-rune says that the good working together is when the partnership has members that are working for the good of the whole. If the partners or some of the partners are working for self good, the partnership is outside the limits of the w-rune and not the good hope partnership of the primary e-rune.

The i-rune tells us that it is better to constrict (not partner up) if the partners are not whole centered partners. If there is the energy in the partnership of self motivation, the loss maybe greater than the gain in that partnership.

Do not turn a blind eye to the self motivated just because this is a time of the hope of great gain. It maybe better to constrict.

This is a slippery bridge time. But a time of possible great things to manifest in the right partnership.

This energy is true, internationally, nationally, and individually.

Proceed with cautionary great hope.

See now the page on rune magic for more info.


How can I think runicly?

Good question. A key to bringing the energies of runes into your life is thinking runicly.

A good start is obtaining several books on runes, the ancient Germanic alphabet. These books should deal with runes not from the view of divination but a historical, cultural, folklore, etc. perspective. As you compare a particular rune in several books, you will start to get a feel for its individual energy.

For example you may find that the th-rune was called sometimes thorn. Next you read that the thurs were an ancient race of brutish dumb giants. The th-rune looks like a thorn on a limb. Sleeping Beauty (an ancient Germanic tale) slept in a castle surrounded by a thick thorn forest, if you will.

Think now of yourself as a brutish giant trying to force your way through the impenetrable thorn forest to harm Beauty. As you meditate on the feeling of the thorn protection, from the perspective of the giant, from the perspective of the thorns, you will begin to feel the energy of the rune. At least this aspect of the energy of this rune.

[Remember what keeps something out (protection) also keeps something in (blockage). Here however, you become a familiar witness to the protection side of this energy. We will not side track into the deep philosophic ideas involved in Odin’s paradox, which is seen in the d-rune.]

Feel that energy. Associate that energy with Beauty’s protection. Memorize the feeling to where you can call the feeling up on command.

You might imagine yourself as Beauty, looking out from a castle tower window. [Yes, I know that she was asleep.]. See the struggling of the giant to get through the thorn forest and failing. How would you feel seeing that protection for you as Beauty. That feeling is associated with that energy of protection.

Now when you find yourself in a situation needing protection, imagine a forest of thorn bushes between you and the threat. Feel the feeling of protection.

Say you are working late and have to go through a dark and shadowy parking lot to your car. Then you see three thuggish brutish looking men in the shadows.

What do you do? Think runicly. Feel the energy of the th-rune imagine the energy between you and the possible threat. Deeply feel that runic energy. Instead of projecting fear, victimhood, project a feeling of being protected by the thorn forest, runic energy.

Police tell us that walking in a victim projection is a calling card for predators. On the other hand walking in confidence and awareness tends to direct the bad guys to look somewhere else for a victim.

In this case thinking runicly has brought you into confidence and more protected environment. Boldness generally banishes the bully. And the feel of protection, facilitates this protection. But you must remember to keep up your guard and never, no matter what, drop the feel/energy of the th-rune. Just go your way under protection.

That is an example of one way of thinking runicly.


Why is the u-rune considered good for healing?

I started using the u-rune in some of my healings as I kept reading about it being used for that. As I began to see positive results, I continued to use it in certain circumstances.

That is how I started to use the u-rune. I could be flippant and say I use it because I have seen it work. But the question is I think why does it work.

The energy of this rune includes the vital energies of life, strength and power, in physical life. This rune appears in fehu eight, the first eight runes. These eight generally deal with physical issues. One who is physically sick or injured needs strength and power to over come his physical healing problem.

The u-rune was symbolized by the aurochs, a now extinct wild giant bovine of Europe and the north lands. The shear largeness and strength of it was the very essence of vitality to the proto-Germanic people.

So as one focuses on this vitality, this power and this energy, the energy of vitality is called into the healing.

Remember Salomon said, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. As one thinks about receiving healing energy, he receives healing energy. This is much like healing visualization.

But beyond that I have noted this rune to work in more or less secret healing when the healed person does not know that I am doing it. I do a signing and sending and positive results are achieved.

I think that thinking about the visceral power of the aurochs becomes a way to focus the right energy to the right place.

I note also that a general sending of this vitality gives room for the universe/God to direct it to the right place for the best results.

This is like in augmented reconnective style healing. You do not focus on an apparent problem. You just play with the sensations in the aura, and then be a witness as to what happens. (See now the page on augmented reconnective style healing for more info.)

That is the hard part. We want to do something. Well, getting out of the way is something.

A remember an old man collapsing. The EMS was called. A lady friend was trying to help him. The EMS showed up. She was still trying to do something.

I took her gently by the arm to the side. I said, “Don’t try to help now. Just get out of the way and let them do their job. They know what they are doing. And you might get in the way.” She nodded. And we waited.

The same is true of the u-rune healing. Call in the u-rune energy, and when the vital energy arrives, get out of the way. It knows what needs to be done. Become the witness.

(See now the page on rune magic for more details.)


Will augmented reconnective healing (ARH) work when someone does not agree to the healing?

If by this you mean that they are rejecting the healing, then the answer is it will not work. I have a doctor friend who thinks that I am crazy about this healing stuff. Although I have great brotherly love for my friend of many year, I would not waste my time offering a healing.

Deciding to be ill, can make you ill. Subconsciously thinking the healing will not work is a form of deciding to be sick. You certainly are not deciding to be well. The wisest man who ever lived, Salomon, said as a man things so he is.

On the other hand, if one does not know about the healing they are not actively rejecting it even though they are not agreeing to it per se.

Example, I went to visit my uncle in a nursing home. I found that he had slipped into a coma two weeks before. My cousin had told me that the doctors were putting him in hospice the next day. He could not agree to anything.

I started doing ARL on him. My cousin came in and saw me working. After I finished, I went into the hall and told my cousin that I had felt something so there was hope. I also during the healing mentally told my uncle that it was not time for him to go yet.

That was in the evening. Early the next morning I was awoken by the phone. I thought oh no he has passed.

It was my cousin. This was the day that hospice was to start. He told me that he had just received a call. It was my uncle. He had awoken from the coma. After telling my cousin that he did not know where he was, he told my cousin that he should pick him up.

He was disoriented for a while. He spent a few more days in the nursing home. Then he went back home and lived 5 more years. He died of other causes.

Agreement in such situations is not a determining factor. There is a similar situation in many distant healings which I do. I have worked with family members about someone far away, like from San Antonio where I live, to Seattle to Chicago. These did not know what the family members were doing with me so they were not rejecting the healing.

So I am thinking that agreement is not the determining factor. A more important factor is if the person is rejecting the healing. That rejection my conscious or subconscious.

You have seen this I am sure in traditional healing often people reject the healing even though they are taking treatments that have a descent success rate. They expect to have a chronic problem; so they do in spite of the good treatment. They expect to die; so they die in spite of the treatment. It is the same with ARH.

(Click now on the page for augmented reconnective style healing for more info. Also the page on hypnosis and autogenics may be informative. Thanks for checking them out.)


How do you know that you can manifest the powers of runic energies?

The problem is not manifesting the powers; rather it is controlling the energies or powers. Coming to know the energy of the k-rune helps. It points you to an energy that can control and direct the other energies. But that is not the subject here.

The powers are easy to manifest. Years ago before I knew very much about runes, I made a scary manifestation of power with the runic energies. I knew little except what I knew from my readings as a folklorist.

Figuratively I was a child playing with a loaded gun. The legendary mystery of power was the lure. But I had no idea what I was doing. I was making it up as I went along. In my ignorance I did not know or follow the rules or even know if there were rules.

Young and wanting to have my ego stroked, I started to experiment with the energies. I was just going for the powers unfocused. Mistake.

I do not remember exactly what I did. However I did some ritual that I had made up for power. Part of the ritual involved a candle which I had lit and placed in a bowl candle holder that had been used for years with no problem. It had been passed to me from my parents’ time when they had used it often. It was a perfectly good and sturdy bowl of heavy glass.

I did not know enough to make some type of protective circle or such. I just did the made up ritual.

I had experienced nothing and thought that this search for power had been a bust. As a grand finally to the experiment, I pointed my gandr (the runic version of a magic wand) at the candle and imagined power shooting to the flame.

In that exact instant, the flame flared, in concert with the candle bowl sounding a boom, and glass flying in all directions around the room.

This scared me so much that I did nothing with runes for a while. I still keep the shattered pieces of the bowl in a place where I see it every day. It is a reminder not to do unfocused work with the runes.

I did not know anything, and I manifested power. I think most anyone can. However doing that does not make one a vitki or magician. The shaman manifests specific power, specifically directed.

[That is why I prefer the elder 24 rune character furthark. The energies are more specifically focused than the younger 16 character furthark. This makes for more focusing the the right energy in a magic working. (That is a personal preference and not a put down of a vitki who prefers the younger.)]

What I did back then was like throwing a loaded gun randomly in the air. Then expecting that when it hits the ground it would go off and hit the target. Good luck in that. Unfocused power shattered the bowl.

How can I know that I can manifest the powers of runic energies? When coincidences like this line up, I must start to think that I can manifest the power of runic energies.

See now the page on rune magic for more info.

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