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What can be done when I have been cursed?

The simple answer is do not be cursed.

Some cures are nothing more than the victim believing they have been cursed. In those cases the victim is self cursed. Believing that there is a curse, they subconsciously put themselves in position to have bad things happen.

Say a bad card reader (not one like me. See now the page on readings and blessings.) tells a person that they have been cursed and that they are going to die before some date. The otherwise healthy person through the power of the subconscious mind begins to decline and dies.

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about a relative that this happened to. The perfectly healthy man died before the predicted moon phase, because he believed in the reputation of the reader and the pronouncement.

How many times has this same thing happened because of the gloomy prediction of a doctor with bad bedside manner.

Just as the mind can heal you, it can kill you.

The news told of a problem with drug companies advertising. They are required to list in the u.s. all the possible side effects. Shortly after the advertising started patients started having side effects at a much greater percentage of the times used.

If you believe you have been cursed, your subconscious can make it happen in your life, health, accidents, whatever. And then remember sometimes stuff just happens. So, you think you are cursed and more things happen. That is a self cursing.

Every time you think you are cursed just reject the thought. Say something like 1) who does that belong to. Then 2) tell the thought good by and then finally think about something else. Put it out of your mind.

Sometimes people need a good hypnotist like myself or an autogenics coach like myself to help you finally put the self curse out of your mind. (See now the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more info about my work in San Antonio, TX.)

On the other hand there is a real cure. I rejected the idea of a real cursing and a professor at seminary warned me not to be too sure. I later changed my mind.

No real names follow.

I had a lady come to me saying a bruja (witch) had put a curse on her and bad things were happening to her, including things like traffic accidents. I thought that it was self cursing. But she, literally being from a ranch in Mexico, was not ready to hear that.

So to vanquish the self cursing, I made up a ritual and told her it would send back the curse to whoever sent it. She did it. Then in a few days another lady told me what happened.

For effect in the ritual I gave I told her to do it at midnight. The second lady told me that on the midnight of the ritual the lady who was supposed to have done the cursing was asleep.

Her daughter burst into the room and said that the devil had just come in her room. The curse, the real curse, was sent back to the house from where it came.

I was shocked and a little frightened at this. Then I remember a quote from the Bible.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

The lady returning the curse when she did it was resisting the devil and he fled from her.

In a real cursing it does not matter what you do. It is just that you resist and the curse is lifted.

Some people have the need to come to someone like myself to give them a ritual or do a resisting ritual for them. But that is just their way of resisting.

(See now my page on cleansing for more info. Also see the page on rune magic for more info.)

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.


What do you mean when you talk about silent healing?

Silence is the power super charger for almost all metaphysical practices. Wether we are talking about the healer, the magician, or the wizard, one may have some positive results or even good results, but the consistently amazing masters have entered into silence.

This metaphysical silence is how one relates to the the things that he experiences. One might react in emotion. That is there is an experience and a more or less immediate reaction. Another one might react mentally which involves a consideration and a delayed reaction. Notice that both emotionally and reasonably mined persons end up with the same thing, a reaction.

There is a third way of existing with experiences. That is the way of the wizard, the way of silence. This metaphysical silence is not necessarily involving the absence of sound.

The master does not have an emotional or mental reaction, immediate or delayed. He only observes and allows it to be. The reality of what is is what it is. The silence is in quietness letting it be, observing.

In the Bible we are told be still or quiet and know I AM God. What the universe/God has manifested is. Let it be;observe; and know. Do not react; observe; know. That is this silence. In silence the wizard does not feel. The silent healer does think; he sees; he knows.

Deepak Chopra says, “Don’t expect or anticipate any result, but be alert to whatever happens. Whatever happens is good … Without silence, there cannot be any real appreciation of life.”

When we learn not to react, we finally learn to see. When we learn to see, we come to know.

The master healer and the master magician is one who puts himself in a position to see and know. No one can do this 100% of the time. However, to the extent that we move in the direction of silence, we magnify our metaphysical practices.

See now the page on augmented reconnective style healing and also the page on rune magic.


How might the power of silence be applied in a reading?

As you have read in a precious blog from me, silence in the metaphysical sense is the ability not to react which allows a master to openly observe and then know.

I once had a tarot student doing a practice reading. One card in the reading was the nine of swords. When she came to it, she was stumped as to what to say. She was so bound up in what to say as she faced that card.

What was she doing? She was thinking for how to react to the experience of having this card in this reading. That is what I would expect of a student, and not a master who would experience this card without reaction. She was not looking for silence but the correct reaction.

Trying to get her to just without a reaction enter into silence, I suggested that she describe what she saw in the card. Just describe it.

She thought of a second. I knew that she was now thinking and not seeing. She was trying to come up with a thoughtful reaction to the card. Finally she said to the practice partner, “I see a very beautiful card.”

That was not a seeing but rather an, albeit thoughtful, emotional opinion or reaction of her in the card context. She was not being silent she was reacting.

I told her that was her opinion about the card and not a description of the card. She was not seeing the card and not therefore in a position to know the card here and now. In thinking she became frustrated now and stuck.

I stepped in teaching by example. Looking at her practice partner, I described the card. “I see now the nine of swords. There is a person with nine swords in her back. Behind her there the sun is right below the horizon.” That is, without reaction, a simple description of the card.

I asked the student if she could see that. She nodded. I said now what do you KNOW.

She said, “I know that the sun is coming up.”

Really I asked, “How do you KNOW that? You SEE the sun is below the horizon. How do you from that seeing KNOW that the sun is setting or rising?”

Once again she had entered into thinking opinion/reaction.

She said, “Well then what do you know?”

“About the sun in this card,” I answered, “I KNOW that I do not know if the sun is rising or setting. To know that you must see something else.”

Now she became more confused as to what to say to practice partner. She was again thinking to react and not entering into silence.

The reading is about the practice partner. I KNOW that I do not know if the sun is rising or setting. I need to see more to know that. I then told her to look at the client and ask to see more. She looked at me lost.

I looked at the practice partner and asked, “Do you think that the sun is rising or setting now?” I waited in silence to SEE what the client would say. Finally, he said rising.

“Now I KNOW that in the subject of the reading the client thinks that the sun is rising,” I said.

I am not saying the sun is rising the client is. And I KNOW that most likely his problem is transient. He expects a rising sun. Now there is another knowing to incorporate into this reading. And in that knowing the reader has entered into silence, just seeing and not reacting. He proceeds in KNOWING and not in opinion or reaction or speculation.

See now the page on readings and blessings for more info.


Why is autogenics added to your unique method of healing, augmented reconnective style healing (ARH)?

Autogenics operates on a fundamental principle called “passive concentration”. Dr. Kai Kermani says, “Passive concentration is the simplest yet most important concept in autogenic training.”

This is a principle, although not so called, often vaguely told to the healing patience and students. In autogenics though this principle is central to the method. So, my current protocol calls for an abbreviated autogenic coaching session. The person in this gets to experience passive concentration. Then when the healing session proper starts, he is ready to do passive concentration in the ARH session proper.

As Dr. Kermani says the principle is simple and with me it is simply coached. There is a combination breathing and mentally instructing your body to do certain things. This is followed by a simple suggestion. The client is not supposed to do anything except observe and see what is happening in his body.

The same is true in ARH. The client just concentrates on observing what is going on in his body, in his mind, and in his spirit. He does not try to make anything happen. He just experiences “passive concentration” in his total awareness.

For example, when I has my first reconnective healing session (under Dr. Eric Pearl system), I had an unusual observation. I observed that I was smelling green. (No, do not ask me what green smelled like.) if I had been trying to do something like heal, I think I would have missed that observation. Passive observation is critical.

I was not doing the smelling. I was not trying to initiate the smelling. I was observing the smelling. This is the essence of “passive concentration”. This ability to observe is what is gained from experiential autogenic coaching first.

Each session is different and what you observe is different. One person saw and talked to family member that had already passed. Another encountered a host of angles. One saw his life as a child, etc. They did not do this or look for this; they just observed it. Some observed feeling in their body. Others saw visions. And more. The key was that it was “passive observation”.

The client will right off the bat be passively concentrating on the happening in the ARH session.

So, with autogenics first the client is not left with a vague direction as to how he is to participate in the session. He instead has has practical experiential knowledge of what he is to do in the session, “passive concentration”.

A familiarity with passive concentration makes for a more powerful healing session.

See now the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more info.

See now also the page on augmented reconnective style healing for more info.


A connection between augmented reconnective style healing and runes magic?

I would not call it a connection, but there is an interesting parallel.

The parallel principle means that doing one practice reinforces the practice of the other. One starts to think in a certain way.

In healing the facilitator must encounter the correct frequencies in the aura, and the vitki or magician must connect with the energies in the selected runes.

The practitioner in both must be aware that the power is not his; he is only a witness as to what the accessed powers ultimately do.

When this truth is not kept in mind, the practitioner will most often slip in to pseudo egotism. The Bible say that we should not think more highly of ourselves then we ought. This can cause the practitioner problems.

If one thinks in the literal sense that he is a healer, he takes the “glory” in a success. That is a real ego trip. However the arrogant joy of being a “healer” has here a dark side. If one is the “healer,” what is he when the healing seems to fail?

As I found early on in my calling to facilitate healings, perceived failures can bring great depression. In this there is even a push to abandon your calling to help others. “Is this really what I should be doing?”

That is why as a healer it is good to think in terms of the reality that you are a witness to healing. You are the witness to what the universe/God decides to do. That takes a load off your shoulders.

The same is true about rune magic. It should be done with a mind of humility.

A lady, having a problem with her boyfriend’s ex, came to me. She wanted the ex out of her life. I did a rune candle ritual. With confidence in my power to do this I connected with the energy of the correct rune and activated it.

Two days later I got a call. The magic worked the ex was out of her life. BUT HOW?

She had a blow up with her boyfriend, and they split. Result, the ex was out of her life. It worked. BUT what had I done.

I was terribly upset and apologized profusely. I thought I was “the magician” and I had done that. There it is, the dark side of ego.

Then it occurred to me that the vitki, runic magician or shaman, is more correctly the witness. One just connects with the correct rune energy and then stands back and watches what the universe/God decides to do. It will be handled in the best way, if the shaman is not in the way.

The lady later told me that some things had happened, and she had realized the boyfriend was not right for her anyway. The universe had got rid of the ex in the best way correcting also another problem.

It is best to think of the facilitator as the witness. He is not the controlling power. The universe/God wields the power to its correct result.

See now the pages on augmented reconnective style healing and rune magic for more info.


Can hypnosis really help in healing?

I read once about the work Dr. James Esdaille. He was a Scottish surgeon who started using hypnosis in his work.

Building on the work of Franz Anton Mesmer, he desired to incorporate hypnotism into surgery. This was the 1840’s with very little pain relief drugs known to western medicine. Like some dentists today, he decided to uses hypnotic anesthesia.

He had also heard that Dr. Mesmer in Paris had many amazing healings by using hypnosis. So, he thought why would that not work with infection. Surely if it could make infection go away, surely it could hold infection at bay.

Infection was the big problem in those days. The surgeons where very good at the surgeries they did. However, many patients died not of the surgery, but of the infections that came. There was no antibiotics and almost no concept of sanitation.

So what Dr. Esdaille decided to do was during the hypnosis for surgery anesthesia to add something. He just said basically that no infection would come from the surgery. Just a throw in suggestion. Could not hurt.

The result began to prove amazing. He did 400 surgeries from 1843 to 1846 using this pre-surgery hypnosis protocol. They included very major surgeries and amputations. No one died in the surgeries. Further there were almost no post operative infections. For that time that was considered almost miraculous.

While many thought him to be the cause, such a good surgeon, it was the patients that were the key to this success. Their subconscious was turned on to fight off the start of infection. The power of the subconscious mind had been awakened. It worked even in that very unsanitary world.

Who knows what wonders hypnosis can open in healing on the subconscious mind?

Dr. Joseph Murphy put it this way, “What you write on the inside, you will experience on the outside.”

Could it be in this time of super infections that respond poorly to super antibiotics we might do a Dr. Esdaille? Just with hypnosis on the inside write that no infection will affect the patient and that is what we will see on the outside. Just like Dr. Esdaille throw in the suggestion. What could it hurt?

The profound power of the subconscious mind is beyond our wildest dreams. The infection example is not the limit of this amazing power. Our only limitation here is our imagination to apply hypnosis in numerous health situations.

See now the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more info.

See also the page on augmented reconnective style healing now.


Can you jinx your healing?


As a man thinks in heart, that is the way he is or becomes. Solomon penned this long ago in the Bible.

I had a doctor once tell me that most otherwise healthy people bitten once by a rattlesnake should heal. Yes, they will be sick for a time, but heal. The ones in this group who die, die because they think they are supposed to die.

I recently had a lady come to me. She wanted a readings to tell if she would ever get pregnant.

I quickly told her that I am not a fortuneteller. (See now the page on readings and blessings for more info.)

Then she started telling me about how she could not get pregnant. I asked if she had seen a doctor. She said yes and that there was no physical problem.

I thought if it is not physical then is it … So in the style of the great Swiss psychologist Carl Jung I laid out some cards to see if through the archetypal symbols we could remove the mental blockages and see what the real problem was.

As we went through the cards, she told me that she had been pregnant once and lost the baby. Now several times she kept saying, “I can not get pregnant.” She was telling on the surface me, but more importantly she was telling this to herself.

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote, “… if you are constantly naming your your aches and symptoms and discussing them, you give them power over you.” This is another was of saying what Solomon said long ago.

The wisest man that ever lived they say was Solomon. In my head I paraphrased to this situation. As she thinks she can not get pregnant, she will continue to be barren.

Hanna in the Bible was the mother of Samuel. She was all stressed out about not being able to get pregnant. But when the high priest Eli told her that she would, she relaxed and had Samuel and many more children. As she thought she was barren, she was barren; as she thought she was fertile, she was fertile.

If you receive healing, while believing the healing could not work, the healing is jinxed by your thinking.

Sometimes a respected authority figure can set your thinking aright by what he says, like Eli did. Other times one may need a ritual to correct the thinking. The ritual might be a simple as prayer or more complex like I can do for you in Rune Magic. (See now the page on rune magic for more info.)

I know that you know that the principles discussed here go beyond problems in getting pregnant. It is about all healings.

Two other things may be helpful here, augmented reconnective style healing and hypnosis/autogenics coaching about your thinking. (See now the two pages on healing and hypnosis for more info.)


Why do not doctors practice alternative healing arts if they work?

First the question assumes that all doctors reject the alternatives. This is not true. Some doctors do use them.

One example is Dr. Deepak Chopra who does not dismiss the alternative. Even though he is an endocrinologist specialist, he combines alternatives in his practice.

I knew one m.d. who generally considered alternatives first and then he used standard medicine. He used an alternative for a certain heart problem. His doctor friends were very negative about it. Then, one of the doctors got the problem.

The sick doctor did not go for the standard approved medical treatment. He went to the doctor with the alternative treatment. He knew it worked, and it worked for him. Sadly the formerly sick doctor went back to his practice and just offered the approved treatment.

In Europe doctors appear to be a little more open to alternatives. For example the standard medical community commonly uses autogenics as an add on to standard treatment. (See now the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more info. I am an experienced autogenics coach.)

So it may be a hasty generalization to say doctors do not use alternatives. And what follows is not to be viewed as a broad brush answers. There are few things that can be said about ALL doctors.

Possible reason 1 –

The FDA is at least viewed as more than willing to attack alternative approaches and the facilitators of such. True or not, some doctors do not want the burden of the full force of the government to come down on them.

One doctor was tried criminally about 6 times for using an unapproved treatment. This was in spite of the fact that he had a documented 90% cure rate with patients that were already pronounced as terminal. Who wants to put himself and his family through that?

Possible reason 2 –

Doctors are trained and blueprinted to think of things in one way and everything else to them is wrong. I asked a cancer doctor, a good man, one time about an alternative cancer treatment that I had read about.

He said that it would not work. As we talked further, it became clear that he did not know what the treatment was. He soon admitted that he had not heard of it, and he did not know what it was. However, he still insisted that it would not work. I changed the subject.

He had been trained to think one way. Any approach outside that was (without any consideration) quackery.

Possible reason 3 –

I read an article in an old readers digest. A doctor had noted that several of his patients had used a particular herbal alternative for a particular sickness. They were showing good results.

He wrote to the AMA asking that they support a movement to research this possible effective alternative.

He received a letter from the legal department of the AMA. The responder was both a doctor and a lawyer. He said they could not support that research because there was too much money in the current approved treatment.

Follow the money.

There are I am sure other reasons but this will give you some idea of possibilities for lack of medical community support of alternatives.

Jesus said the one that continues to be sick is in need of a physician. I do not completely reject medical doctors. They have their place.

See now the page on augmented reconnective style healing.

(I as a preacher give spiritual/religious services. I do not recommend that you do not follow a licensed medical practitioner’s advice.)


How long a session is needed for augmented reconnective style healing (ARH) to work?

Dr. Eric Pearl, when he was instructing me in his form of reconnective healing, said that a session should be 35 minutes. However he explained that when you find the right spot in the aura the healing is instant. Whether the healing is a complete healing or the start of a longer healing process, what will be done in that session is done. But still he suggested 35 minutes.

There are many instances in healing modes of instant healings, like in chi gong, energy healing, religious healings, yoga healings, reiki, shiatsu, faith healings, etc,

I remember hearing of one chi gong master who had too many people coming to him for healing. There was just not enough time. So he just started inviting the people to have tea with him in the morning. He would shake hands with each one. Surprisingly by the time of their healing session many had already received a healing from the tea party.

What did he do? Who knows? (Dr. Pearl has a way to heal by just using your eyes?) But this shows unexpected healings in an instant.

One explanation may come from Dr. William James. He was a m.d. who became a psychologist. He said the doctor does more for the patient with his bedside manner than any drug.

Time is not the issue. All there is is now anyway. It is contacting with the right frequencies; and it is done.

The 35 minutes of Dr. Pearl maybe an expression of the bedside manner principle do Dr. James.

A barber once told me that cutting hair can be done very quickly. But the people will not think that they got their money’s worth. When a client said there was something wrong with a quick hair cut, he would just go through the motions of cutting, but cut nothing for a while. The client was then satisfied.

When people think they can not be healed that quickly, they reject the healing in their mind and the problem persists. They are not ready to be healed.

My healing sessions usually last between 35 and 50 minutes. But I have seen miraculous healings in shorter times.

See now the page on augmented reconnective style healings for more info.


Why does augmented reconnective style healings (ARH) sometimes not work?

ARH works on three levels, body, mind, and spirit.

Sometimes people look for a specific healing in one place, for example, say a physical problem. They might miss the fact that a healing had happened in the spirit.

In one near death healing an elderly lady woke from a coma. She was able to tell her attending daughter good-by. Then after that she drifted back into the coma and in a few hours passed.

Did that healing work?


She had been in a restless death coma many days. The hospice had told me that judging by her restlessness in the coma while also on heavy medication that she was just hanging on for something. They were at a loss as to what to do for her. She looked very uncomfortable. (I guess they viewed a healer as a grasping at straws event.). They indicated that nothing could be done now.

After the ARH, she was resting calmly in her comatose state. The hospice nurse was amazed at the lady’s resulting calmness. Then suddenly she became conscious and lucid. She talked with her daughter and had some broth.

The physical problems were not healed. However, there was a healing in her mind I think. She got to say her good-by. Her spirit healed evident by her new calmness. It was a beautiful transition after ARH.

The family thought at first that ARH had not worked. However, it had worked beautifully just not the way they expected. That is why they at first could not see it. They were looking only for one thing.

It is not the purpose of ARH to specifically address any problem. Often, however, the presenting problem is addressed,

God/the universe decides what will be healed. We are just the witnesses. We often miss what is done for us by expecting something specific. Being open to healing includes being open to recognizing other possibilities outside our expectations.

[This is like asking to win the lotto, when really all you want is financial security. We should not ask for the how to get there or expect the how. We should ask for what we really want and take our expectations out of the how. Leave the how up to the universe/God. (Yea, I want to win the lotto too.) See the page on rune magic.]

Even if you do not see the healing given, ARH always feels like you have ha good massage. That is even though normally there is no touching involved.


ARH always works on some level.

See the page now on augmented reconnective style healing.

Hypnosis and autogenics can adjust your thinking in healing related situations. See the page on hypnosis and autogenics now.

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