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Why does augmented reconnective style healings (ARH) sometimes not work?

ARH works on three levels, body, mind, and spirit.

Sometimes people look for a specific healing in one place, for example, say a physical problem. They might miss the fact that a healing had happened in the spirit.

In one near death healing an elderly lady woke from a coma. She was able to tell her attending daughter good-by. Then after that she drifted back into the coma and in a few hours passed.

Did that healing work?


She had been in a restless death coma many days. The hospice had told me that judging by her restlessness in the coma while also on heavy medication that she was just hanging on for something. They were at a loss as to what to do for her. She looked very uncomfortable. (I guess they viewed a healer as a grasping at straws event.). They indicated that nothing could be done now.

After the ARH, she was resting calmly in her comatose state. The hospice nurse was amazed at the lady’s resulting calmness. Then suddenly she became conscious and lucid. She talked with her daughter and had some broth.

The physical problems were not healed. However, there was a healing in her mind I think. She got to say her good-by. Her spirit healed evident by her new calmness. It was a beautiful transition after ARH.

The family thought at first that ARH had not worked. However, it had worked beautifully just not the way they expected. That is why they at first could not see it. They were looking only for one thing.

It is not the purpose of ARH to specifically address any problem. Often, however, the presenting problem is addressed,

God/the universe decides what will be healed. We are just the witnesses. We often miss what is done for us by expecting something specific. Being open to healing includes being open to recognizing other possibilities outside our expectations.

[This is like asking to win the lotto, when really all you want is financial security. We should not ask for the how to get there or expect the how. We should ask for what we really want and take our expectations out of the how. Leave the how up to the universe/God. (Yea, I want to win the lotto too.) See the page on rune magic.]

Even if you do not see the healing given, ARH always feels like you have ha good massage. That is even though normally there is no touching involved.


ARH always works on some level.

See the page now on augmented reconnective style healing.

Hypnosis and autogenics can adjust your thinking in healing related situations. See the page on hypnosis and autogenics now.

Energy forecast Aug. 10, ’14

Energies for August 10, ’14 Week

Three runes were draw. The primary was the w-rune. The two secondary were the h- & el- runes. The el-rune was reversed.

The flag is flying high above this casting. Although the flag is in a place of honor and viewed with national bliss, at this time it is a false flag. I flies over destruction and deception.

Beware of a false flag operation. One of the supporting runes in the casting is depicting a chaos beginning. The other is a lay of possible deception.

This maybe in international war situation entered under a flag of deception. Or it could be some political flag waving that leads the people into a hailstorm of troubles.

This could be talking about national or personal situations.

BEWARE therefore IN ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE this week of “too good to be true promises”. And beware of “too horrible to be ignored” depiction, given to induce you to do something that someone else wants.

Look for the false flags, and avoid them.


Can runes protect others at a distance?


What you can do up close you can also do at a distance. Our only limitation is our imagination.

I had a friend who’s son was sent to Afghanistan. Naturally this mother was worried for his safety.

One day she thought to ask her fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle (different names for the same thing) about protecting him. The fetch agreed.

A few days later she started hearing strange stories. The men in her son’s outfit had a few days off. They were thinking about a visit to a near by village. While getting ready to go, he had something tell him do not go. “If you go something bad will happen to you.”

He decided not to go. After telling his buddies, they decided not to go.

That day at the time they would have been there, there was truck bombing. Many were killed. However he and his friends were protected.

Similar incidents started to happen. It became so well known that this man could tell a safe situation from a danger zone that the officers started to consult with him about which way to go in certain circumstances.

Like my previous article on protecting others in general this is the same process the mom saw her fylgja, asked her fetch, and sent the guardian angel.

There is no big ritual involved. This is a mental magic.

There is no need to repeat the magic. Just do it, know that it is done and be thankful for the protection. Sometimes at a distance that is all you can do, but that can do more than you might think.

See now my page on rune magic for more info.

Also see now the page axiatonal lines. Having these run can increase you ability to do this and other types of magic, among other things.


Can your rune magic protect others?


One of the ways that this is done is by the intentional use of your fetch or fylgja.

One of the original forms of rune magic was mental magic. This magic in folklore belonged to and came from the goddess Freja. Later this type magic was combined with ritual magic into a combination form. But here we are looking at it in its original and separate form.

One author tells us that most of the ancient vitki work was done with the advanced use his personal fylgja. In Christian thought think of the fylgja as parallel to the idea of the guardian angle. These are primarily protecting entities assigned to each person. However, they can be directed to do additional things.

The vitki when protecting others would call on his fylgja and ask him to go and protect another person. This is a mental exercise of seeing the fetch, talking to the fetch, and sending the fetch. This does not have to be a long mental exercise; it can be done in a second or two if you are well exercised in using your guardian angle.

Once I was at the convenience store. The man in line in front of me was arguing with the lady clerk about something. He appeared to me to be escalating into something that would be violent.

The former law enforcement officer woke up in me, and I was mentally preparing myself to intervene if needed. I realized that my back was acting up at the time. So, this would not be good.

What could I do I thought? Duh, think runicly, Bill. Mentally I called one of my fylgja and asked him to protect the lady.

This guardian angel has the form of a bear. Like a parent from behind might put his hand in the shoulder of an unruly child, I mentally had my bear stand and put his paw on the shoulder of the unruly man.

In that instant, that situation flipped to calm. The potential confrontation was passed. The timing was amazingly coincidental. Or was it a coincident?

Of Jesus it is written he could have called 10,000 angels to protect. One time he walked away from a situation where they were picking up stones to stone him. He walked right through the crowd and no one even touched him.

My fetch may have been protecting me from a situation where my back would be badly hurt, or it may have been protecting me from the mental distress of the situation. Who knows? I mentally wanted a protection for the lady, and my fylgja obliged me.

See the page on rune magic now.




How can a Christian say the runes are compatible with Christianity?

The first misunderstanding is not one of compatibility. There must first be an acceptance that rune energy does exist.

There are many energies in the universe that God created, gravity, electricity, magnetic, solar, etc. Some are seen; some are not. They are just created energies, energies that we can use for good or ill.

Example you can harness electricity and do many good things. You can also with evil intent throw the electric toaster into the bath water of someone you are mad at and kill him. The electricity is not bad. It just is.

This is true with the metaphysical energies referenced by the runes. These energies are not Christian or antichristian; they just are.

One would not think that the energy electricity is antichristian. Nonetheless, one might think that someone was acting unchristian when they threw the toaster into the bathtub.

One should not think the metaphysical energy of runes is unchristian. Nonetheless it might well be said that to use that energy for some black purpose would be unchristian. Judiciously used, rune magic is on this level no different than other energies used like electricity.

That being said, among the ancients there were two different words that need consideration here.

The first is the vitki. He just uses the runic energies to some end. He might be called now days the magician or the shaman. He is just one that works with the energies. Think of him as an electrician, electronic technician, electrical engineer, something along those lines. Outside of some evil intent he is just working with energies that God created in this world.

The second is the godhi. This was the priest of the pagan religion. (He would sometimes act as a vitki too.)

If the vitki is just using the folklore and runes to direct him to the energies that he will use in a working, he has not become in that unchristian. If he uses the rune energies for evil or in the pursuit of pagan religious activities, he may well be unchristian.

It maybe that in times past the churches condemned the vitki because they saw them as a threat to church power over ignorant masses. I am reminded here of the church in old England trying for several century to stamp out the practice of “will worthing”. Why would the poor come to the church priest and pay him to get something done? He could just go out himself and do a “will worthing” and manifest his desire.

Follow the money.

Of itself rune magic and Christianity can blend well. The ancient Druids in the end blended seamlessly into the then church. The church adapted many runic energy philosophies into theirs.

See now the page on rune magic for more info.



Does rune magic really work?

It can. And the energies of the rune need the direction of a focused vitki or there can be collateral damage.

Almost anyone can access the energies. But they can without intent to do such activate the Midas effect. As you know Midas wanted anything that he touched to turn to gold. That was very profitable until he touched his daughter and she turned into a golden statue. His wish was granted, but was not focused.

A focused vitki will not just decide to do something but will consider the ramifications of the wish and possible collateral damage.

This is particularly evident in a love magic illustration. Many who ask me to do rune magic for love are not asking for love.

One conservative preacher came, discretely because of the church morays on magic, looking for love because the church was indirectly pressuring him to marry and be “normal”. He was content in his marital situation, but it was affecting his career.

In that situation love magic was not the needed focus for this preacher. The vitki told him that working on love magic was not the needed working. They needed to consider working on blockages in a single preacher’s relationship to the church.

However, the years of indirect pressure had imprinted on him that the answer was to find love and get married.

So the vitki finally agreed and did a working. What could be a problem; love and marriage is a good thing anyway, right?

Not necessarily.

Shortly, he met a lovely Christian lady. He fell madly in love with her and she with him. The magic worked. It was for love and marriage.

However, the lady although a good woman had a personality that created conflicts with the other ladies in the church. So, because of her personality, he began to move from pulpit to pulpit looking for a congregation that she could fit in with. The marriage was now affecting his career. He had the same problem from a different direction.

He had changed one problem (being a single preacher, “normality”) with another (incompatibility of his wife with being a preacher’s wife). He did not get what he really wanted. He received what was asked for in the magic working.

The preacher later discovered that his wife had been married before they had married. He had married a divorcee. In that church that made him disqualified to be a preacher. He lost what he really wanted but he got the product of the vitki’s working.

There are other magic operations that could of dealt with what that preacher really wanted, eliminating the blockages in his career.

In one of those for example the working might have been done in such a way as to seek the end desired, but leave the way to achieve the end up to the universe/God. Truly the way might have been love and marriage, but the universe would have been free to manifest its better judgement as to the how to achieve that end and not just called on to manifest a particular how.

Who knows, but what if the pressure to get married and be normal was off? Then he might have relaxed about love and marriage and a good and suitable partner might have come into his life also. (Sort of like a barren couple adopting a child and shortly the wife becomes pregnant,)

[This is like when I do augmented reconnective style healing. I turn the choice of what is to be healed over to the universe/God. Often the best result is achieved in healing when something that I would not have thought of is healed. In that unexpected healing the presenting problem vanishes. (See now the page on augmented reconnective style healing.)]

A focused vitki may not try to manifest the how (love and marriage) but he may suggest manifesting the real desire (an unblocked relationship with the church in our illustration).

I guess the point is the old adage, be careful what you ask for because when the gods want to punish you they give you what you ask for.

Do not seek magic except under the guidance of a focusing vitki, like me. And then, listen to his advice.

See now the page on rune magic.



What energies are coming in the second half of August 2014?

I drew three runes.

The w-rune reminds us that the joy that we can have in August relates to how we approach our happiness. We have two choices. Either we can look for our peace in being ego-centric or in being clano-centric.

This rune says that true happiness comes not in taking care of the self but the acting for the good of the society beyond yourself.

A secondary rune is the o-rune reversed. As the w-rune is the final rune of the first eight, the o-rune is the final rune of the third and last eight. The former is physical energies directed toward the society. The latter o-rune contains the culmination energies of the spiritual realm. It is a rune of heritage.

While the United States may be acting with the intent to bring joy by seeking the greater good of society, clano-centric, the reversed o-rune says that the spiritual heritage of the United States is being sacrificed.

The other rune is the j-rune. The rune of harvest. What you sow you reap.

When we sow something outside the United States heritage, what will be harvested will not be the United State, except maybe in name.

There may be more talk about a constitutional crisis, or such.

In the run up to the elections politicians may be talking about their allegiance to the United States heritage but do not be deceived. The o-rune is reversed, and there may be only lip service to heritage.

Investigating their record may expose the truth or untruth of their campaigning speeches in this regard. Their physical historic actions may show that knowingly or unknowingly their spiritual energy is in truth reversed. w-rune to o-rune reversed.

The j-rune seems to say that if the elections are unfolding by appealing to a majority of ego-centric motivated voters, heritage will be sacrificed and true joy, that which is beyond some type immediate happiness, may reverse toward the o-rune reversed.

The way to joy may be bound up in heritage. There may on a deeper level be a struggle between the ego-centric mind set and the heritage mind set. What you sow is what you harvest.

There will be another two months to sort out how this will play out before the election.


How accurate with readings are you in telling the future?

I am not a fortuneteller.

Every time you make a choice you change your future. It is not set in stone.

Joshua called on the Israelites to choose which god they would follow. Obviously they had the free will to choose. If the future choice was their free will decision yet to come, no one, not Joshua, not even God could see what would be in the future.

God, when he gave free will, limited even Himself. The future is not knowable in this context.

Using a Carl Jung type reading style, we can together consider if you make certain choices what will be the collateral results. For example, if someone is about to choose should he step off the top of a skyscraper, we can foresee that making that choice would produce a future with a bad event.

I often use this illustration. Say I told you that tomorrow you would have a traffic accident on Main Street at two o’clock. What could you do? That is your future. Right?

The future is not set in stone. You can choose not to be be on Main Street at two.

The future can be good or bad. For the Israelites concerning their choice to serve God, Joshua foresaw that there would be a relatively better or good future if they chose God. In that same vein, I can foresee if a person chooses to step off the edge, there will be a bad result.

Many of our problems are more complicated than these illustrations but the Carl Jung type reading deals with them in a similar way.

Further, most people know what is the right choice, they just need to get all the mental blockages out of the way. In that clearing they will see the best future that they already know to choose.

I had a lady come for a reading. She was having many emotional problems. (Often readings are more complicated. However, I use this one for clarity of the example.)

In the discussion of what was going on in her life it came up that a social group had recently made some rules that she emotionally disagreed with. She had been with the group many years, making moving on from that group emotionally unbearable.

I had her draw one card from the tarot deck. Amazingly the card was the moon card. In this deck it pictured a dog coming out of the water. As he looked forward, there was a passage and road. Also, there was a women with a hand gesture directing the dog to go through the open door and on down the road.

I simple asked, “What does this card say to you?”

She looked for a short time at it as I calmly waited. A smile came over her face where there had been tears. “I should move on down the road.”

Her future was to choose to move on from the group or not. With the association with archetypal symbols on the card she clearly saw what she already knew. It was time for her to choose to move on from the group.

I did not tell her that. She saw what she already knew. The cards in this allowed her to see, to admit, the better choice for her.

Two weeks later I saw her at the market. The crying had departed. All her collateral emotional problems had vanished. She on the reading had seen the good/better future.

She hugged me and said, “You are amazing.”

I smiled, “What did I do?”

Click now on the page about readings and blessings.


How you feel can change your life?

Most are in general aware that how you think can change your life. The old proverb says as a man thinks so he is.

Also many know that how you believe can change your life. Jesus said all things are possible to the one believing.

However there is a third important principle. HOW YOU FEEL CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Some of the work of Gregg Braden made this clear to me. He pointed out that prayer in many religions is involved in establishing the feeling of what you want.

Often when I am doing a reading, I show my clients how to do this. (See now the page on readings and blessings for more info.) There are some tricks that you can use to get there.

In general, there are more details, what I have people do is decide exactly what they want. Then we shift our thinking to how we would feel if we received what we want. Next stop thinking about what you want, and start focusing on that feeling as a separate thing.

Really that feeling is what you really want in your life. As you walk in that feeling, (this may be what the apostle Paul meant when he said pray always.) the feeling calls into your life what ever it is that will bring that feeling for you. The feeling becomes the prayer.

The situation or thing that brings that feeling may be different then you expected. The universe/God knows how best to get you there.

How many times have you heard someone say if he just had X he would be happy? He gets X, but he does not get what he expected. We often are not smart enough to know how to get to what we really want, the feeling.

For example, remember the one wanting to be happy. He should just concentrate on feeling happy wherever he is, and happy things for him will start to appear/manifest in his life. It is magic. (See now the page on rune magic.)

One rune teacher told me if you feel tired and want not to feel tired, walk a little faster. Feel it and receive it is the principle.

By concentrating on the feeling attached to what we want, we turn things over to the smarter universe/God to choose and provide the way.



How can runes help in life?

Let us look at an example.

As some know, I had problems with a boss. She flew into rages of anger and bullied everyone.

One day she jumped me and as to what I just said, “Not true. ” She literally got in my face trying to inflame an argument. She feeds off that stuff, energy vampire. Angry talk.

I called (mentally) my fetch, an aurochs, a now extinct giant wild bull of Europe.

(In ancient runes the fetch of the vitki was called a fylgja.)

Even in that small space I put him between her and me. I said nothing more and just looked in peace straight at her in the eye, unflinching. I remembered a runic saying, “From the west charges the bull to give me might and main.”

Everything immediately changed. Instead of the usual getting worse she got confused and could not find what to say. She took on a look of fear in her eyes. I thought how interesting.

There is another saying in ancient runes which Came to mind. “To the east swims the dragon to the dread of my foes.” Her face strangely turned to dread.

That was strange because she was the boss and had all the power? No, the vitki has the dominant power when the foe is spiritually unarmed, and the vitki remembers to think runicly. (Sometimes I forget, and to that day I had forgotten with her.)

Finally she with slumped shoulders just walked off in a posture of abject defeat, not finishing what she was grasping at to say.

She has always gotten her way running over people and brow beating them. She was this time going no where and knew it. She was blocked.

Another person, who was there, the next day asked me what I had done. It was so stunningly obvious.

He has known her for over 25 years. He said he had never seen anything like that with her. He pointed out she started stuttering. (I had missed that happening.) He remembered out loud that she never backs down, and she did. He, shaking his head, continued, “You won. No one wins with her. What did you do?”

It was very powerful to be present when the incident happened, and made me feel in control of my space,very powerful.

The fetch, fylgja, or guardian angle is important to use when you need it in situations. I can think of nothing but my use of runic powers that gave this result. But the Bible does say a soft answer turns away wrath. However, the change came over her the very second that I called my fylgja between us.

It was like an impenetrable barrier sprang up and prevented her from bullying through. She was defeated by a secret of the runes.

Now click on the page on runic magic for more info.

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