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Thinking runicly

How can I think runicly?

Good question. A key to bringing the energies of runes into your life is thinking runicly.

A good start is obtaining several books on runes, the ancient Germanic alphabet. These books should deal with runes not from the view of divination but a historical, cultural, folklore, etc. perspective. As you compare a particular rune in several books, you will start to get a feel for its individual energy.

For example you may find that the th-rune was called sometimes thorn. Next you read that the thurs were an ancient race of brutish dumb giants. The th-rune looks like a thorn on a limb. Sleeping Beauty (an ancient Germanic tale) slept in a castle surrounded by a thick thorn forest, if you will.

Think now of yourself as a brutish giant trying to force your way through the impenetrable thorn forest to harm Beauty. As you meditate on the feeling of the thorn protection, from the perspective of the giant, from the perspective of the thorns, you will begin to feel the energy of the rune.

Feel that energy. Associate that energy with Beauty’s protection. Memorize the feeling to where you can call the feeling up on command.

Now when you find yourself in a situation needing protection, imagine a forest of thorn bushes between you and the threat. Feel the feeling of protection.

Say you are working late and have to go through a dark and shadowy parking lot to your car. Then you see three thuggish brutish looking men in the shadows.

What do you do? Think runicly. Feel the energy of the th-rune imagine the energy between you and the possible threat. Deeply feel that runic energy. Instead of projecting fear, victimhood, project a feeling of being protected by the thorn forest, runic energy.

Police tell us that walking in a victim projection is a calling card for predators. On the other hand walking in confidence and awareness tends to direct the bad guys to look somewhere else for a victim.

In this case thinking runicly has brought you into confidence and more protected environment. Boldness generally banishes the bully. And the feel of protection, facilitates this protection. But you must remember to keep up your guard pand never, no matter what, drop the feel/energy of the th-rune. Just go your way under protection.

That is an example of one way of thinking runicly.

Belief that does not work

Why does belief sometimes not work to manifest your intent?

When you desire a manifestation, healing, cleansing, salvation, money, relationship, etc. there is an element of faith that is required. Jesus said all things are possible to him that believeth.

Notice first that this is not a statement of probability, but possibility. If all you have is faith you are in the right place but need to have more.

Faith is not here mere conscious believing. There is more. We all know people who have consciously believed something and affirmed it all over but it did not manifest.

You may think you believe, say you believe; you may demand that you believe. That may be nothing but empty words running around your head.

This belief that opens the possibility of manifestation is deep profound belief from the mind, body, and spirit.

James says in the Bible doubts (superficial belief) belief of that type takes from us the right to expect manifestation, a receiving.

Next James says that faith if it has not works is dead. I must live and structure my life as if my deep belief is true.

It would be foolish, to believe that you will manifest being a good student in school and never study. Do all the rituals and meditations that you want. You can pray until the cows come home. You need to restructure life according to your belief that you will be a good student; then that belief is possible.

Restructuring here would say that if you believe that you will be a good student you will start studying.

Lauren Bacal saw Humphrey Bogarde in a movie. She believed she would someday marry him. She believed and restructured her life. We became a model. Then she became from that an actress. She then availed herself of a chance to make a movie with him. Their professional relationship later turned personal and she structured her life to be available. They finally married.

She believed in her mind, body (restructuring her life), and spirit (the way she acted around him).

She believed and then restructured her life as if that belief was true. Her belief was then possible.

Advice for healers

What advice can you give to a healer?

The answer maybe shocking for it is far too simple. This principle applies beyond healings. It is fundamental to hypnosis, manifestations, cleansings, readings, psychic abilities, etc.

Jesus said except you become as a child you shall not enter.

This principle arrives not in learning a particular method or way of intellectually thinking. If that is the way you are thinking and why you look for some method, your intent shifts from healing facilitation to doing the method or thinking right. You have lost your healing focus substituting method focus. This changes actions into a world of happenstance diminishing manifestation.

A child does not approach a situation with a method preconception. What does a child know? He looks through the eyes of instinct.

Think of the rubics I cube. An adult says this is hard or impossible. So, the cube is never straightened out.

A child sees something interesting and plays with it. Then shortly he hands you the finished cube.

Some chi healing masters just feel for unusual places in the aura of the mind, body, and spirit of the person needing any type of healing, mind or body. They start with interest to play with that feeling. They think how interesting is that. Maybe they tap, or apply pressure, or sees how far from the body he can pull that feeling away from the body and still feel it, etc. what ever feels right at the time.

(I have always found it easier to do a card reading with someone that I do not know. My preconceptions about the person that I know do not get in the way. It is a more child like reading)

They do not try to heal. (Some do not even want you to tell them what is wrong.) they just play with it like a child. And shortly there is a healing or a marked improvement.

I once saw a girl with a torn ACL in the knee. I just started fooling around in the aura for something unusual. As I found spots I started pulling the feeling like taffy and playing with it. After twenty minutes, I ended the quick session.

The next day she laid down her crutches and the ACL was healed without the doctor recommend surgery.

Stop thinking of a healer and start thinking as an instinctive healing facilitator, a child like feeler or player.

When a baby is hurt or sick, mommy often instinctively pats, rubs, or just lays hands on the child and there is positive results. MOMMY KISS IT may be good healing.

Those who would be effective healers should become as a little child and without intent of doing a healing just enjoy playing with the instinctive feelings.



Curse removal

What can be done when I have been cursed?

The simple answer is do not be cursed.

Some cures are nothing more than the victim believing they have been cursed. In those cases the victim is self cursed. Believing that there is a curse, they subconsciously put themselves in position to have bad things happen.

Say a bad card reader (not one like me) tells a person that they have been cursed and that they are going to die before some date. The otherwise healthy person through the power of the subconscious mind begins to decline and dies.

Just as the mind can heal you it can kill you.

The news told of a problem with drug companies advertising. They are required to list in the u.s. All the possible side effects. Shortly after the advertising started patients started having side effects at a much greater percentage of the times used.

If you believe you have been cursed, your subconscious can make it happen in your life, health, accidents, whatever. And then remember sometimes stuff just happens. So, you think you are cursed and more things happen. That is a self cursing.

Every time you think you are cursed just reject the thought. Say something like 1) who does that belong to. Then 2) tell the thought good by and then finally think about something else. Put it out of your mind.

Sometimes people need a good hypnotist like myself or a autogenics coach like myself to help you finally put the self curse out of your mind.

On the other hand there is a real cure.

No real names follow.

I had a lady come to me saying a bruja (witch) had put a curse on her and bad things were happening to her, including things like traffic accidents. I thought that it was self cursing. But she was not ready to hear that.

So, I made up a ritual and told her it would send the curse back the curse to whoever sent it. She did it. Then in a few days another lady told me what happened.

For effect in the ritual I grave I told her to do it at midnight. The second lady told me that on the midnight of the ritual the lady who was supposed to have done the cursing was asleep.

Her daughter burst into the room and said that the devil had just come in her room. The curse, the real curse, was sent back to the house from where it came.

I was shocked and a little frightened at this. Then I remember a quote from the Bible.
Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

The lady returning the curse when she did it was resisting the devil and he fled from her.

In a real cursing it does not matter what you do. It is just that you resist and the curse is lifted.

Some people have the need to come to someone like myself to give them a ritual or do a resisting ritual for them. But that is just their way of resisting.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

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