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How Hypnosis can Help in Healing 2

If you reduce stress, you speed healing. Enter hypnosis. Imagine that. More secrets are now detailed in my books at and in my blogs at

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How Hypnosis can Help in Healing 1

Plant healing thoughts into the heart of the afflicted to make them better. Imagine that. More secrets are now detailed in my books at and in my blogs at

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hypnosis is safe

Can You get Stuck in Hypnosis?

What if you get stuck in hypnosis? Not a problem. Here is why. Imagine that. More secrets are now detailed in my books at and in my blogs at

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stress hurts healing

The Secret Life of Healers 3 – De Stress Mindfulness

Thinking de stressing thoughts can de stress others? Imagine that. More secrets are now detailed in my books at and in my blogs at

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implanting healing

In Healing the Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste

This is a great secret of healing.  Here is a new you tube from


locked out

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 1

Preface Pt. 1


Sometime we look for the complicated solution.   We may think that the complicated way is the best.  But often the complicated way is not the best way or even the way that would work.  This is true of self healing and the work of healers.  


Once I was at a man’s house, and he had locked himself out.  

locked out


I knew the house and remembered a way to get in.  Upon arriving I found the man at the back door taking the door off the henges.  He had found a few tool of the wrong kind and was hard at work.  

I told him he did not have to remove the door.  There is a simpler way.  He got mad at me and said he was not about to call a locksmith.  He explained that a little sweat was worth it to save some money.  He was so upset with the situation I just decided to do it the simple way for him, while he struggled to dismantle and remove the back door.


I knew that in his garage there was of pull down door into the attic.  Inside his house there was a pull down door into the attic for the central heating unit.  

a attic door

I went into his garage and lowered the latter into the attic.  As I was going up the latter, I laughed as I heard him complaining that I was not helping him.  I shouted back that I would be there in a second.  


I stepped into the attic and went to the other drop down door.  After entering the house, I put the drop door back up.  Then, I opened the back door and said, “I am ready to help you take this door off that needs to be taken off now.”  He was in shock as to how I had done that.  


We have an old saying in the Texas Hill Country.  There is more than one way to skin a cat.  


We get fixated on dealing with things or doing something one way, and we sometimes can not see the forest for the tree.  Most of the time that way is not the only way.  And there is a simpler way to do it.


A pregnant lady was brought to me one time for hypnosis.  The doctor had declared her over due.  

pregnancy overdue

[I am making a long story short.]  The medical advice was that if in a week she did not deliver they were going to do a c-section.  [This is complicated and dangerous for the mother and new medical evidence is that is dangerous for the child.  That being said, sometimes that has to be done.]  In this situation there was an alternative, because there was time.


She was brought to me to ask about hypnosis for this situation.  


I said it is possible to get the natural birth sequence started with hypnosis.  When being trained in hypnosis, they taught us how to do it so we would not inadvertently induce a birth at the wrong time.  [There is also an easy way to do this with acupuncture.  I had a doctor from China tell me about it.]


I did the hypnosis and inside of two days she had a natural child birth.  Everything went physically in smooth correct order.  Yes, a c-section would have gotten the baby out.  But the complicated way is not always the best way.  
The doctor would have never thought hypnosis would have worked.  But it can.  Nothing is 100%, but when there is time the simple way is worth a try.  

… to be continued


Getting Stuck in Hypnosis?

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?


That is a great urban legend. The quick answer is no.

The operator will just instruct you to return to normal consciousness and open your eyes.


What if the hypnotist has a stroke or something and can not bring you back?

The trance state, left to itself, will drift into normal sleep, and you will shortly wake up.

In certain situation the subject may decide not to wake up. For example, he may have been under a lot of stress and is therefore enjoying the trance state.

After all these years I have only seen this once. I just repeated the wake up. However it did not work again.

I simply told the client that I knew she was enjoying this time. Then I informed her that I would leave the room. And I gave her permission to wake up in a few minutes after I left.

I left the room making sure that she heard me leave and the door shut. [I did not slam it.] Then in a few minutes she emerged from the room in a normal state.

No you will not get stuck in hypnosis.

See my page now on hypnosis and autogenics please, because as you can imagine there is more info there.


Hypnosis in Complimentary Medicine?

How does hypnosis help when someone is seeing the doctor anyway?


Hypnosis may help in several ways. We will here talk about stress.

Almost all problems have a stress component. Hypnosis can be used as a take-the-stress-out procedure.


Stress pushes one into things like high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. As one is taken into relaxation those possibilities lessens.

[Some with uncontrollable high blood pressure have brought it under control with hypnosis. Some have reduced their need for as much high blood pressure medication. Some have even eliminated the need for medication at all. This reduction should be done with the advise of the doctor.]

Aside from immediate physical relaxations, with the help of hypnosis you can be programmed to meet stressful situations with different reactions, less stressful responses.

For example, I have been called on to do pre surgery preparation. Doctors have told me that with less stress often the surgery has better results and quicker recoveries.  There is research to support their observations.

You may have seen the situation were a barren couple adopt a child. Then suddenly the woman who could not get pregnant out of the blue gets pregnant. All the stress of trying to get pregnant blocked it.

[ I heard a news report once talking about an increased ability to get pregnant on vacation. Why? The stress is off.]

Hypnosis can relieve the stress and aid in naturally becoming pregnant. If there is no physical issue, it is an easier and cheaper possibility than fertility treatments and test tube procedures. Just get the stress out and relax with the help of hypnosis.

I once helped a family who before had lost a child in pregnancy. The lady was trying so hard to have a cild that it would not happen. Stress. Then with hypnosis she became in the family way. But then the fear/stress about loosing a child before made for a problem pregnancy. Hypnosis helped keep the stress at arms length, and she carried the child to term.

There have been clinical trials were people with broken bones where treated with a hypnosis add on. X-rays were taken every week by a radiologist who did not know which patients had hypnosis and which did not. Over twelve weeks the hypnosis patience consistently healed exceptionally faster.

Stress is a factor in the speed of any recovery and should not be discounted.

There are stress factors in migraine headaches, hemorrhoids, skin conditions, mental issues, etc. … Hypnosis is an easy and productive way to deal with stress.

See now my page please on hypnosis and autogenics because as you can imagine there is more info.

Thank you.


Cursed, The Simple Answer?

What can be done when I have been cursed?

The simple answer is do not be cursed.

SOME curses are nothing more than the victim believing they have been cursed. In those cases the victim is self cursed. Believing that there is a curse, he subconsciously puts himself in position to have bad things happen.  Jesus said as you believe so is it done unto you.

Example, there is a man at an archery shooting event. He believes that his opponent has cursed him to shoot badly. He truly believes that.

There are hundreds of things that can be done wrong in drawing and shooting an arrow. There is an precise anchor point that the arrow is to be drawn to each time. There is the procedure of just letting the fingers relax as the string breaks through. There are three mussel in the back that bare all the tension of the drawing, while all other mussels are to be totally relaxed. There is the no peeking so that you can watch the arrow in flight. There is the follow through in the shot of not leaning into the releasing arrow. Etc.

Believing that he is cursed the archer may subconsciously fail in some of the procedures of shooting form. Perhaps while he draws the bow, he tenses up the mussels in his legs. That alone could give an equally qualified opponent an edge.

Who would have thought it? Well, for one Al Henderson, the former US Olympic coach. He talks about the little things and the way they effect peek efficiency in a shot.

So the shooter believes he is cursed and without knowing he curses himself in lack of full confidence to mess up minute points of form. The result is a loosing score. It is quiet possible that he would believe that low score was the result of a curse. He may not realize that he had subconsciously victimized himself.

Say a bad card reader (not one like me. See now please the page on readings and blessings.) tells a person that they have been cursed and that they are going to die before some date. The otherwise healthy person through the power of the subconscious mind begins to decline and dies.

Dr. Joseph Murphy wrote about a relative that this happened to.


The perfectly healthy man died before the predicted moon phase, because he believed in the reputation of the reader and the pronouncement.

How many times has this same thing happened because of the gloomy prediction of a doctor with bad bedside manner.

Just as the mind can heal you, it can kill you.

The news told of a problem with drug companies advertising. They are required to list in the US all the possible side effects. Shortly after the advertising started, patients started having side effects at a much greater percentage of the times used.

If you believe you have been cursed, your subconscious can make it happen in your life, health, accidents, whatever. And then remember sometimes stuff just happens. So, you think you are cursed and more things happen. That is a self cursing.

Every time you think you are cursed just reject the thought. Say something like 1) who does that belong to. Then 2) tell the thought good bye and then finally intentionally think about something else. Put it out of your mind.

Sometimes people need a good hypnotist like myself or an autogenics coach like myself to help you finally put the self curse out of your mind. (See now please the page on hypnosis and autogenics for more info about my work in San Antonio, TX.)

On the other hand there is a real curse. I rejected the idea of a real cursing and a professor at seminary warned me not to be too sure. I later changed my mind.

I had a lady come to me saying a bruja (witch) had put a curse on her and bad things now were happening to her, including things like traffic accidents. I thought that it was self cursing. But she, literally being from a ranch in Mexico, was not ready to hear that.

So to vanquish the self cursing, I made up a ritual and told her it would send back the curse to whoever sent it. She did it. Then in a few days another lady told me what happened.

For effect in the ritual which I gave, I told her to do it at midnight. A third lady told me that on the midnight of the candle ritual the lady who was supposed to have done the cursing was asleep.

Her daughter burst into the room and said that the devil had just come in her room.

child seeing

The curse, the real curse, was sent back to the house from where it came.

I was shocked and a little frightened at this. Then I remember a quote from the Bible.

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

The lady who was  returning the curse when she did the ritual was resisting the devil, and he fled from her.

In a real cursing it does not matter what you do. It is just that you resist, and the curse is lifted.

Some people have the need to come to someone like myself to give them a ritual or do a resisting ritual for them. But that is just their way of resisting.

(See now please my page on cleansing because as you can imagine there is more info. Also see the page on rune magic for more info.)

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Thank you.


Autogenic Coaching Added To Healing?

Can healing methods be combined?

Autogenics operates on a fundamental principle called “passive concentration”.


Dr. Kai Kermani says, “Passive concentration is the simplest yet most important concept in autogenic training.”

This is a principle, although not so called, often vaguely told to the healing patience and students. In autogenics though this principle is central to the method. So, one of my current protocols calls for an abbreviated autogenic coaching session before and in concert with a method I maybe using. The person in this gets to experience passive concentration. Then when the healing session proper starts, he is ready to do passive concentration in the session.

As Dr. Kermani says the principle is simple and with me it is simply coached. There is a combination breathing and mentally instructing your body to do certain things. This is followed by a simple suggestion. The client is not supposed to do anything except observe and see what is happening in his body.

The client in the best methods  just concentrates on observing what is going on in his body, in his mind, and in his spirit. He does not try to make anything happen. He just experiences “passive concentration” in his total awareness.

For example, when I had my first reconnective healing session (under Dr. Eric Pearl system),


I had an unusual observation. I observed that I was smelling green. (No, do not ask me what green smelled like.) if I had been trying to do something like heal, I think I would have missed that observation. Passive observation is critical.

I was not doing the smelling. I was not trying to initiate the smelling. I was observing the smelling. This is the essence of “passive concentration”. This ability to observe is what is gained from experiential autogenic coaching first.

Each session is different and what you observe is different. One person saw and talked to family member that had already passed. Another encountered a host of angles. One saw his life as a child, etc. They did not do this or look for this; they just observed it. Some observed feelings in their body. Others saw visions. Some channel. And more. The key was that it was “passive observation” in the healing session.

The client will right off the bat be passively concentrating on the happenings in the  session.

So, with autogenics first the client is not left with a vague direction as to how he is to participate passively in the session. He instead has has practical experiential knowledge of what he is to do in the session, “passive concentration”.

A familiarity with passive concentration makes for a more powerful healing session.

See now the page please on hypnosis and autogenics because as you can imagine there is more info.

See now also please the page on augmented reconnective now healing because there is more info.

Thank you.

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