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Archangels – Pt 9

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Using Names for that Beyond? 2

It is a mistake to look to the archangel and not look beyond the archangel.  But sadly most only look to the archangel.


I will illustrate this with the modern magic of the runsters.

 runes reading

The ancient runes predate the Christian age and the ancient practice can act a schoolmaster to help us clarify truths as mentioned earlier.   The modern runsters have missed this point almost universally.  Their faith is primarily in the runes and not what the runes are pointing them to.    [There are some master runster who understand this.]


I will now use an example of this in healing.  As the vitki, runes practitioner, would learn a rune, he would get in touch with vibration or feeling that the rune pointed him to.  When he could contact that feeling or power, he would not necessarily need the rune.  He would go straight to the feeling and apply it to the situation.  The rune always existed in his practice, but it was just a door to that which was behind, the vibration of its meaning.  


[This parallels in the practical use of archangels.  The rune becomes an archetypal symbol of that which is beyond.  You can use the concept of the archangel in the same way.  Calling on the archangel and calling on the rune is doing the same thing using different cultural symbols and jargon.  This is a practical usage methodology.]


In the runes one of healing runes is the uruz.  


It is the ancient symbol of the now extinct aurochs of the northern wood of Europe.  They were a giant wild cattle.  The shape of the rune was a depiction of the horns of these beasts.  Caesar, when he saw these behemoths in his European campaign, wrote in his diary that they were only slightly smaller than elephants.  They were the kings of the forest.  


As a result, they became symbols of vital energy and healing energy.  So the vitki would meditate on the great symbol until his connected with the vibration of vital/healing energy.  He would then use that feeling in his healing work.  [There is more detail but in general this is the why they used this.  The Chinese healers have a saying, “When the feeling of health returns, health returns.]


When I was studying the folklore of the runes, I meditated on this rune and its symbology.  In deep meditation I entered the ancient wood and in the darkness of night had this giant bull come to me.  It was emince and energetically over powering.  That was a connection with the energy that the uruz pointed me too.  


The closest thing that I can compare this to was in the real world when I was in the Canadian out back and heard a bear roar.


You can not believe the power that you can feel.  On that calm day it was like all the leaves in the trees were shaking from the vibration of that sound.   


Now when I do a healing sometimes I call on this vibration.  I can imagine the rune and vibration.   And then I send the vibration to the needed place.  Or I can just remember the vibration and bypass the rune.  It is about that which is beyond the rune and not the runic character.  


Modern runster get all caught up in the character and think the power is in the character or some bindrune.   It is not; it is about that which the character or bindrune points you to.  But many moderns put their faith in the symbol and do not really pass through the door to access the power.  
Moving this into the archangels, the archangel for healing arts is Raphael.


To be continued

bird feeder

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #60

Week 60 – Gebo & Isa






For good or ill it is an eye for an eye.  You have placed yourself in the way of the gift that will come.  You have cast your bread upon the water.  It will return unto you.  


Good things do not just come.  Bad things do not just come.  There are no simple happenstance.  Plan yourself to receive the gift by getting all things ready.   After you put out the bird feeder, the birds will come.  

bird feeder

The birds will not come into the house.  You must put up the feeder.  You must fill the feeder.  Then comes the gift of the birds.


Where do I need to be to receive the gift?  What preparations must I make to have the gift offered?  When you are prepared and in the right place you will have the gift that you desire.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #59

Entry 59 –  Othala Reversed & Kenaz Reversed

othala reversed

r kenaz reversed


When you forget or reject your heritage, you are uprooted.  Then your potential power is unfocused on the the road before you.  


You do not know where you are going if you do not know where you have been.  To reject your past you must look back to rebuke your past and heritage.  


Embrace your past including your heritage, if it were not for that, where would you be?  You do not know.  Without it you do not know where you are.


Come home.  Come home and move forward.  As the plant is nurtured by its roots, the past is your heritage.  


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #58

Entry 58 – Eihwaz & Berkana




The bow supports your life, food.  


The bow ends your life, weapon.  


You must eat and keep your enemies at a distance.  


Develop your skills or you will die.  Use your skills or lose everything.  Use them for sustenance.   


Think to evade your enemies at a distance.  With your skills stand beyond their skills.  


Know that in the tree is your spiritual support.  Take it from the tree.  Make your bow.  Hone your skills, and as you use it, she will protect you.  
All you need is ready for you.  Without your part it is nothing and you will die.

cotton field

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #57

Entry 57 – Isa & Jera





There comes a time when you have done what needs to be done.  There is the to rest from all your doings.  Stop.  Be still and wait for the harvest.  

cotton field


There are things before the stop.  You must do what you must do.  But when you have done that which is necessary,  you must stop.  


Knowing this is grasping the secret of wisdom and the mystery of manifestation.  


The wise man is patient.   He waits in having that which shall manifest.  It is real now because he had done what needs to do.  It is also real when it comes, which is now.  

Thank you to Alana Gladden

Thank you, Alana Gladden,

for the big surprise of you generous donation thru ALUministries’s blog and its donation button.  It was appreciated more than you know, and received in a time of need.


In Runic philosophy it reminded me of hamingja, which is translated luck, but really means more precisely – the gods are on your side.

It was a gebo event!  That was a great encouragement.


ALU (= A – God’s; L – flowing; U – power)  to you

Bill Haberman
lighting a match

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #56

Entry 56 – Naudhiz & Tirwaz


The nights are cold in the winter.  Be a firestarter.  


The food is raw.  Be a firestarter.  


Do not ask for warmth.  Be a firestarter.


Do not ask for a hot meal.  Be a firestarter.  


 lighting a match


You can not be the judge of the gods for your situation.  Be a firestarter.  


The gods, who see you and your situation, will judge you for your situation.  Be a firestarter.


Get off your knees.  Be a firestarter.


Get off your high horse.  Be a firestarter.  


You bring the judgement that will be on yourself.  Be a firestarter.


Be a firestarter and the gods will supply the fuel.  Hamingja.  

blood moon

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #55

Entry 55 – Othala Reversed & Ingwaz

othala reversed



You have been prepared for today.  You are ready to meet any challenge that is set before you, even if you can not see it.  Nothing is given you except the way of escape, and you hesitate under the full moon.  

blood moon


There is only a little light, but it is enough to see the way.  


Ing will not walk the path for you.  He makes the path for you.  Stop looking up and look forward.  Move on the way is cleared.  
You will learn what you need to know on the road.  Victory is not for the timid.  Let not the one who is doubting expect that he will receive anything.   Move on.

a fist

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #54

Entry 54 – Fehu & Pertho Reversed

fehu rune

pertho reversed


If you do not use it, you lose it.  Life is in the flow and not the dam of stagnation and evaporation.  It is life.  It is living, organic.


Squeeze water tight in your hand, and it goes out between the fingers.  That which you have you have not.  There is an illusion of having.  Your fist has no water.  

a fist

Water in your hand.  Water out of your hand.  Water in your hand.  Water out and in.  You then have water.  


Life is the flow.  What you clutch destroys life in the flow.  It destroys your future that could be.


It is more blessed to give than to receive.  

solar panel

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #53

Entry 53 – Ing & Eihwaz





All is energy.  All energy is potential.  
solar panel

All things are possible.


The world tree must be watered by the nornir.  The potential is in the water that you give them to use.  Be careful what you deposit with Urd for she will give that to Verdandi to spin.  Then Skuld will of necessity teach you.  You will be schooled.   


Your lessons can be pleasant or horrible.  All things are possible, your choice.  But there will be lessons either way.  You hold the potential.  But once you choose, the nornir do and the die is cast.  


If you do not think you live an empty life.  


Make the potential in learning vital in your life.

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