Reconnective-Style Healings


While axiatonal lines deals (see that page) with aligning the individual with the universal/God light, Reconnective Style Healings deal with frequency and balance of light within the individual.

Dr. Bill has been trained in both reconnective healings and autogenics, among others. He has developed a unique style not taught him by Eric Pearl which integrates the two healing modalities into a new amalgam. The theory involves integrating the protons of light each cell in your body emits on a regular basis. Jesus said you are the light of the world.axiatonal-alignment

If the proton emission is irregular or stops, there also exists illness (physical, mental, or spiritual) or injury persists. As cellular light frequencies move back to regular, illness and injury heal themselves.

In this modality Dr. Bill prefers not to know what is the problem. This modality (usually non-touch) is directed by playing with feelings/sensations in the clients aura.

It is not the purpose to heal per se, but to be a witness to healing that comes when light frequencies are in balance within a person. We do not look for a healing but for whatever God or the universe want for the client at that time.

One lady came with and for some physical issues, the Reconnective-Style Healings opened up her spiritual problem concerning the grieving needed to deal with the death of her husband some months before.  After an emotional grieving response, her physical problems vanished. God or the universe directs healing to the right spot. God, the universe, knows better what needs to be dealt with.

Reconnective-Style Healings may help physical, mental, and spiritual problems, if one comes with openness to receive whatever comes from God or the universe. That intends to say, if one comes with openness and not expectations.

Some healings are instant. Others are the beginning of a healing process.

Reconnective-Style Healings sessions — $ 30 SUGGESTED donation

Distant healings by Dr. Bill by arrangement

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Reconnective-Style Healings is a spiritual practice. It is not intended to replace licensed medical or psychological advice.

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