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YOU CAN NOW Practice the Applied Science of Alternative Healing

Science and Alternatives


SURPRISE … True alternative healing is as scientific as any other form of healing, in some cases maybe more scientific.

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Is it Religion or Health Care?

Healthcare should not be a religion. But that seems to be what it has become. More secrets are now detailed in my books at amazon.com/author/billhaerman and in my blogs at ALUministries.com

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Rational Health Care Choices

We should be reasonable about choices not unduly attached to a system. More secrets are now detailed in my books at amazon.com/author/billhaerman and in my blogs at ALUministries.com

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Why Alternatives are not Tested and FDA Approved

There is a disincentive to testing alternatives. More secrets are now detailed in my books at amazon.com/author/billhaerman and in my blogs at ALUministries.com

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Anecdotal Slander against Alternatives

Some of those of “science” prove themselves unscientific with their railing against alternatives. More secrets are now detailed in my books at amazon.com/author/billhaerman and in my blogs at ALUministries.com

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Urine Therapy Pt. 13

See previous parts for important information.




You may not choose urine therapy as you first choice.  But now you know that it is a choice.  Urine therapy may not be your first choice.  But now you know that is a possibility.


Remember that anything can be overdone or misused.  Urine therapy is not something to go crazy with.  Use it judiciously.  


You may choose to use it for sickness or at times when you feel like you are about to get sick.  


You may use it as a spring tonic.  Or it might be  part of your regular preventative program.  

urine therapy

We all have had those times when we just do not feel good.  Urine therapy may be beneficial.  


If you are prone to seasonal allergies, maybe you can preseed that season with a period of urine therapy.


If you are having skin problems, add a little urine therapy or add urine to whatever type of ointment that you are using.  


Add some urine to your bath.  Remember it is anti fungal for things like jock itch.  And it is good for acne and blemishes.  


You might, like the Aztecs, use urine as an antiseptic for a wound.


Doing a medical or relaxing foot soak?  Urine can be added to the water solution.  Remember it is anti fungal for something like athlete’s foot.


Be creative and imaginative with urine therapy.


Your own custom urine can be a go to elixir for almost any problem.



Urine Therapy Pt. 12

See previous parts for important information.

How is Urine Therapy Done?


What follows are some general rules for doing urine therapy.  


There are some times not to use urine therapy.  


Do not do urine therapy is you have in the bladder or urinary tract fungal or bacterial bladder infection going on.  


If you are taking drugs by prescription, do not do urine therapy.  


Again if you are taking over the counter medications, do not do urine therapy.


If you are involved in detoxing your body, do not do urine therapy.

The best urine for therapy is the first in the morning.  


But anytime you collect urine is good.  The first is just the richest in nutrients.


Start to urinate and then stop.  The collect the next urine, which is called the midstream.   Remove the collection cup and let the last of the urination stream go.   [I have found that I can just put the cup under the stream after some urine has at first gone out and then remove it before the last flows out.  That is, I do not stop.  But officially you stop.]


You are in business now to do urine therapy externally or internally.  

Most say to do this daily for a couple of weeks.  Then take a week or two off.  They say it is not good to drink large amounts of urine for extended periods of time.  


If  you are working on a particular problem, you may choose to do this several times a day.  Armstrong did this for 45 days while he was on a fast to solve his chronic health problems.  


Some do urine therapy daily for maintenance and as a preventative.  They do it once a day using no more than an ounce.  This is considered a small quantity and acceptable for extended periods.  It also acts as a stimulant and pick-me-up.


If you are having a skin problem, use something like a cotton ball or a small piece of paper towel to sop up some of the urine and paint it on the problem area.  This is also where you would get the drops for your ears, nose, and eyes. [Be particularly careful with your eyes.  Know that the urine is not acidic and use a sterile dropper for the eyes.]


For an added effectiveness you might gently massage the urine into the skin for a few minutes.  Remember that you can also add urine to your skin cream for the massage.  Do not make up a large batch and keep it.  Make it fresh for each usage.  


Method 1 –  Just chug the midstream urine down.  It really does not taste that bad.   I have taken many medications that tasted much, much worse.  I dare say that the first time you tried black coffee


you did not like it.  But it became more palatable with time.  Method 1 is what you would need to do if you were doing urine therapy while on a water fast.  


Method 2 –  Just add the collected urine to a juice, say your morning orange

 glass of orange juice

or apple juice.  You will never even know that it is there.  Done.  


Method 3 – This involves doing method 1 after you have not eaten anything for 8 hours [only water].  First thing in morning urine therapy usually for most people urine is automatically method 3.


Method 4 – Gargle urine for a sore throat.  


Method 5 –  Drops of urine can be placed under the tongue for a sublingual treatment of urine therapy.  You start with 1-5 drops of fresh morning urine on day one, increase to 5-10 drops on day two, and take 5-10 drops on the morning of the third day and the same amount that evening before bedtime.  You can increase this until you a comfortable with drinking a full dosages suitable for your situation.


Method 6 –  Add some fresh urine to your enema recipe.  

enema bottle

Method 7 – Dr. John Armstrong emphasizes the need to massage with urine. He claims cures work faster and more effectively when the patient bathes, massages, and soaks in their own urine.

For serious illness this is not a strange as it may sound.  Remember that the skin absorbs the hormonal and protein-based contents which slowly return into your system, bypassing digestive juices that otherwise may have neutralized their potency. [This is also true of enemas.]  The added benefit is that it also works as an good cosmetic for moisturizing and healing skin blemishes, burns and scar tissue.



Urine Therapy Pt. 11

See previous parts for important information.


What is it about Urine and Health?


Urine therapy can be traced  back to the Bible.  Historical documents suggest that the Aztecs disinfected wounds with it, while the benefits are also mentioned in Indian and Chinese literature.


Urine, which is made up of 95 per cent water and five per cent nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, is highly sterile. During its processing, the liver deals with toxins and removes them.  That blood then moves to the kidneys  and again it is filtered.  Then the sterile solution we call urine is passed out of the body.  


This natural elixir has the power to control, prevent or cure many maladies.  One writer gave a partial list of things helped by urine therapy, Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure HIV/AIDS, Kidney failure, Muscular Dystrophy, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Hair loss, Mental Retardation and Cerebral Palsy etc.  It does this by boosting the immune system, improving nervous disorders, dissolving and removing the built up body toxins.  It rejuvenates tissues, while it rebuilds the power of vital organs including the brain, heart, lungs, pancreas, liver and intestine etc. It is a natural rejuvenator of our bodies and protects our general Health.


How many problems in the world can be answered by this simple natural elixir?  We may never know, because it is not that widely used.


Here an parallel to this that I shared in my book on fasting.  I went to seminary with the grandson of an old preacher, Bro. Smith.   In the 1940’s he was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer.  The doctors told him if he did nothing he would die in six months or he could have surgery and last maybe a year.  Bro. Smith told the doctors that he would just take the six months.  


He then prepared himself for the coming “doom” in a different way than most would of.  He decided to go out preaching.  


He called all of his preacher friends and started setting up gospel meetings, revivals.   He told his friends that he was dying, and he would set up the appointment with the understanding that he might not be able to make it.


As he readied for the revivals, he fasted and prayed for success.   When he could not continue the fast any more, he finally eased back into eating.  After the long, long fast, he did feel different.  He did radically modify his diet for the rest of his life.  He did gospel meetings for that next year.


In a year he went back to the doctor and was pronounced cancer free.  The doctor was scratching his head.  When he told the doctor about fasting, the doctor remarked that he had heard about that before, but he had never seen it happen.  [I think probably because who is doing it?]


Bro. Smith died several decades later of old age.  He was cancer free.   He swore that the answer had been the fasting.  


A reason that we are not so aware of the benefits of urine therapy is because few are using it and few of those will talk about it.  King Solomon was not so reserved when he wrote in Proverbs “drink water from your own cistern.”


The drug companies and many doctors have no interest in looking into this because it might severely limit their business.  


The major universities are dependent on the medical community to fund their research, and it is doubtful that they will be funding research into urine therapy as such, except maybe to extract a few things to market.  They are not eleemosynary institutions.


Modern physicians continue to say that Urine is poisonous excreta of the body.  Where is the research on that?  It is presumption and not a fact .  It is ipse dixit.  It is an empty box.  

empty box

That is far from truth about “plasma ultrafiltrate”.  


I was talking with a doctor once about urine therapy.  He was quick to inform me that it was unhealthy to do that.  I then asked him if it would be better to use “plasma ultrafiltrate”.  He just as quickly informed me that it would be far superior to urine.  [The emperor has no clothes.]  I guess he assumed that was man filtered blood.  It was clear that he, a good man, in this spoke on presupposition and not on scientific research or 5,000 years of practice.  



Urine Therapy Pt. 10

See previous parts for important information.


What is it about External Usage of Urine?


This is at first blush a radical idea. It is radical in modern cultures, but it has a 5,000 year history of effectiveness.  

ancient urine therapy

It may work for you on many skin and related disorders.  


Have you ever wondered why some of the supermodels say so young looking even into their forties and beyond.  There maybe several reasons for this.  There maybe for some things like genetics that play a role.  Of course we have all seen before and after makeup pictures.  But there are some that are just stay beautiful with or without makeup.  


A cousin of my mother worked as a makeup artist in old Hollywood,


in the days where makeup was the secret to making the average looking actors and actresses look good for the camera.  These people were truly make up artists.  One day they brought in an actress from Sweden for makeup for a screen test.  He looked at her and and turned around to the director and said what do I do.  She was just so naturally beautiful.  She was Ingrid Bergman.

ingrid bergman

We are not talking here about that kind of beauty being created by massaging with urine.  What we are talking about is complexion and such.  Not a few top models today sware by self produced urine as the secret to complexion problems.  What some of them do is add their own urine to the creams that they use on their skin.  This practice some say is starting to be trending in the United Kingdom at this time.


Some add some urine to their bath water.  [I suppose they rinse off when they are through bathing.  But I do not know that.]  It was fashionable for women in 18th century France to bath in urine.  I mentioned earlier that in the ancient middle east babies received their first bath in urine.  


Acne, age spots, some athlete’s foot issues, blemishes, troublesome skin, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections are a few of the problems that have many people attest to the effectiveness of topical urine therapy.  And why not?  It is anti bacterial, viral, and fungal in its properties.  It has generally in it 95% water, and in the other 5% nutrients you will find things such as vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.  And it is made just for you.  


Urine is also used commercially in ear drops.  In the Indian tradition it is used in nose drops and eye drops.  I am not making recommendation, but FYI.  


There are reports from people in the taoist tradition


who have used urine drops for both eye and nose drops to relieve eye itching or inflammation, or for nasal congestion.  For such usages they only use fresh, clear, normal urine.  Using Ph strips, check the eye urine to make sure that it is not acidic.    Also, make certain that the eye dropper is sterilized.  It is also considered as an alternative to use a compress of fresh normal urine as an excellent therapy for external eye inflammations such as styes.


Virtually any skin problem can be helped with urine therapy externally.


Urine Therapy Pt. 9

See previous parts for important information.


What is it about Urine and Medicine?


Scientific research of urea and its poisonous organic solids


found that the digestive and ingestive processes convert these into an essential amino acid, which help our bodies use protein more efficiently.  This is kind of like lemon


that outside the body is acidic, but when digested it converts to alkaline.  The digestive system can convert harmful things into useful substances.  And so it is with urea.

In the research the scientists have found that urea is antibacterial and antiviral, a natural diuretics and an effective skin moisturizer.  

When used a natural diuretic, urea is a oven used by doctors who widely prescribe it in cases of oedema or swelling, glaucoma, epilepsy and meningitis and to reduce excess cerebral and spinal pressure. Urea has received FDA-approved medicinal agent.   


And since it has full ranging antineoplastic properties, it is utilized in anticancer drugs and treatments.


[But remember that is the generic factory form and not the auto generated urea tailored just for you.  The more effective elixir is your individualized urea.]


And then there is uric acid, which most people think is a waste product that can causes gout.  It has beneficial medicinal implications, such as a defense against cancer and ageing by actively destroying free radicals.


Urokinase, which is an enzyme also found in urine, is now used in drugs to dissolve blood clots and is widely used for unblocking coronary arteries in heart attack victims.  That is available you without going to the doctor, getting a prescription, going to the druggist, and paying through the nose.  


There is a widely used fertility drug that uses a ovulation enhancing hormone found in urine.  It is part of Pergonal manufacturing.  Surprise, you make an individualized form of this hormone, and it is available for you in your own urine.   


Here are a few more medical application of urine and urea that is used today in commercial medicines.   


Do you need some ear drops?  You can buy Murine Ear Drops and Murine Ear Wax Removal System.  It is made from urine.


Need a diuretic?  There is ureaphil, which is a diuretic made from urea.


Have a problem with infertility?   There is the factory pharmaceutical urofollotropin, which is a urine-extract fertility drug.


Have a skin problem and need a cream?  There is ureacin, a urea cream for skin problems.


For certain cervical treatments there is amino-cerv, which is a urea cream.


Also there is premarin, a urine-extract oestrogen for skin ulcers, burns, infected wounds,


These are but a few.




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