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MAGIC MANIFESTING TRICK-to Get Better than YOU Ask or Think



This trick will help you get better than you desire.

Books – healing, manifesting, and more, etc at billhaberman.com

Contact for free distance healing – aluministries.com

Course – Telepathic Healing 101 – https://goo.gl/pLXPNs

Course – Secrets of Perfecting Successful Prayer 101 – goo.gl/E7wdJJ

I can make arrangements to be at healing and metaphysical workshops for lectures and classes. aluministries.com

Donations or gifts – paypal.me/ALUministries

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I do not give medical advise only opinion.

better life

A Meditation for a General Better Life

Better Life Meditation


YOU CAN meditate your way into a general better life.

More secrets are given now in great detail in my books at http://billhaberman.com and in my blogs at http://ALUministries.com

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Thank you for your time.

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Healing is a Bad Word for Healing?

This is a strange but true secret of healing






We all are visitors. We just pass through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and then return home.

No matter what happens now we know that it can only and will only get better, when you focus on your purpose.

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