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Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #47

Entry 47 – Wunjo Reversed & Dagaz


wunjo reversed



The lemniscate is cast.  




This is your infinity.  


The lion roars.  The lady rides. The good and the bad meet in the circuit.  The bad cancels the good at the crossing.  The good cancels the bad.  All the circuit leads to this point.  Being.  For good.  For ill.  Oneness or war.  


Being always exists, but is only known in oneness.  Embrace the darkness and light the night.  There is no night.  There is no day.   They are the divine oneness in dualistic severance.  


If your eye is singular, your world shall be light, body and world.  Accept, forgive coexist with yourself.  Stop duality of personhood and live in stillness at the crossed circuit.  

sun holder

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #44

Entry 44 – Berkana & Dagaz





Freja nurtures the idea in her womb.  All that is and will be is in her hand.  But she must release it.  


You can not take it.  It must be given.  


All that is or has been or will be is an idea.  Receive the idea tentatively.  It needs time.  


Sleep with it.  In the twilight of dawn you will awake and mix the idea with all things. And the day is born.  


Never mix in the night.  Have the temperance to wait for the dawn.   Mix the waters and eat the afterbirth and step onto solid ground.  The day is yours.  


When is the dawn?  


 sun holder


It changes by seasons, but it is always the dawn.  


Wait for the dawn.

life force

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #29

Entry 29 – Uruz Reversed & Dagaz

uruz - reversed



So your power has died.  That had to be.  But you have not died.  You have the chance.  You lived by your power and so it depleted.  You abandoned the vital life force for your power.  


You now are between the two, no life power, no death dissolution.  Know the ice in the twilight.  Feel the darkness, acceptance.  See the sun, change.  


Plug in and charge.  


The power is not yours.  The vital power does not deplete.  To accept the power you must accept the darkness and the light in the instant of twilight,

life force

therein is the vital life force, the magic of life.


Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #14

Entry 14 – Dagaz & Isa




There is a day that is night.  There is a night that is day.  There is twilight.  


There is no day.  There is no night. There is twilight.  


Now is day.  Now is night.  Now is twilight in the one.




Stand in Odin’s paradox.  Freeze in the all of twilight.  


A child of the day does not know the secret of the night.


A child of the night does not know the reality of the day.  


A child of the twilight stands and watches the secret and the reality embrace.  Then she places her left hand in the hand of the night and her right hand in the hand of the day.  There she walks hand in hand in hand in perfect stillness.  
Walk in the stillness of twilight.  

Diary of the Ancients channeled by Bill – Entry #1

May 8, 2016  –  Dagaz & Reversed Uruz


uruz - reversed


Balance is the real power of life.  We think that we can over power another person or a problem.  And when we think that way, we are losing our balance in the masculine quest.  We have lost the feminine.  We are not in the spiritual equilibrium.  


In the dagas there is no night there is no day.  But at the same time there is night, and there is day, the male and the female.  There is a time when all is one.  We call this twilight and dusk.  One is ending; the other is beginning, and both met in these times.  And both are.


During these times the uruz is upside down.  The horns of the aurochs point to  heaven to receive spiritual power, during the time he surrenders his power to dominate the grove.  He has laid down the fight and received the peace that surpasses domination of the forest around him.  He maintains his physical power, but his surrenders it to the spiritual power that can effortlessly move the issue along to its peaceful conclusion.  He moves into balance.


Be still and know that I AM God.  


Physical power is the power of emergency, and not the power of life.  


If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  


The power of life is stronger than the aurochs.  It is the power of balance in the twilight and dusk of the all.  


 balanced rock

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