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How to do a Magic Coin Toss

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Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 14


See previous parts for important information.


Observation To Know


Observation is an often missed means of alternative knowing.  We almost alway look, but we not so often observe.  We may see that something is or is happening.  At the same time we may not observe that something is happening.


A good example of is Doyle Burnson.  

 doyle burnsonHe is a legend in the poker world.  If he sits at your table, be polite and excuse yourself.  You are not that good.  


What most people do not know is that poker is not luck.  There maybe some luck involved, like in farming.  But that is not the real issue for a master player.  It is observation to know.  


In an interview Mr. Burnson was asked what was his secret.  He said in effect that he did not play the cards in his hand.  He claimed that he could leave his cards face down on the table and never look at them and still win.  [That is maybe not one hand, but if there were several hands played he would ultimately win.]    Nobody is that lucky.  It is not luck.  


He went on to explain that he observed the other players.  If someone has a bad hand, he acts subtly different than if he has a good hand.  The gamblers call this the tell.  There are a thousand ways that this can happen. Mr. Burnson will only rarely miss a tell; he has seen them all.  He does not just look at who he is playing against.  He observes the fine points.   He observes to know.

A man came into my office for pastoral counseling saying his wife had left him.  He wanted help in getting her back.  I asked why she had left.  His eyes looked to my left.  It was a very fast movement like a flash.  He said he did not know.


I imagine that most would have been looking at their parishioner and not have observed that eye movement.  They would be looking, maybe even noticed that, but not observing.  


The question now is you have observed something, but what does it mean?  When you see things and start asking what that means, you are beginning to observe.  You are opening a door to alternative knowing.


That eye movement as explained in Neuro Linguistic Programing is a sign of auditory construct.  It is an involuntary response to what is going on.  He is constructing something.  If his eye had darted to my right, it would have meant that he was remembering.  [That is not 100%, but it is an observation that needs clarification.]  I immediately began to suspect that he might be making up what he was saying.


I had by observation come to know that I should pursue that answer further.  The standard follow up question is, “Did she tell you why she was leaving?”  Again his involuntary eye movement was to my left.  He is not involved in remembering or did not want to remember.  And he is making something up.  


I had two tells toward the same conclusion.  If it was some ultimately innocuous marital spat, he would have told me and not had to make something up.  I knew that this was not good.  I was observing and thereby coming to know.  


I observed.  Thereby I knew.  And it was confirmed later.  


This is not as complicated as going and studying something like neuro linguistic programing.  You note something, and you ask what does that mean.  You are moving into an observation where you may know.


This brings us into the area of hunches.  Everything that you have seen in your life is in your mind.  You may not consciously know that you know, but you know all that is involved in your memory.  And you can draw upon it as needed.


I once studied a thing called photo reading.  Without detail, there is one aspect of this that shows the amazing ability of the subconscious mind to provide you with knowing that you are not consciously aware of.  You might think of it as meeting prep.


So, you have a meeting coming up

business meeting

that you must attend to discuss something and material concerning what you are supposed intelligently talk about is in a book or a bunch of written material.  You do not have time to read through all that material what do you do.  [I am not giving details here.]


There are certain ways of scanning the material.  You just spend a second or two on each page and move on to the next page.  You may do this several different ways.  Now you are not in the classic sense reading the material.  You are not trying to put things into your conscious mind.  You are for lack of better terms, photographing the page, and you mind just files them somewhere.  


Basically, you have just looked at the pages.  But they go into your subconscious where it is sorted out.  An amazing thing happens; you can do this even by going through the book from the back to the front.  You egoic conscious mind is tell you that you are wasting your time.


But when you get into the meeting, and the subject is discussed, you blend right in.  You can intelligently join in the conversation.   You find that you are knowing things that you did not know that you knew.  


It is not like a photographic memory; you can not see a photo of each page of the material.  However, the content of the material is there when you need it.  It is in your mental hard drive.  


Well, believe it or not, this is how hunches work.  Everything that you have seen in you experiences is in your mind, and you can draw upon it.  


This is what happens with someone like the poker master who observes and knows.  He has these hunches that you are bluffing.  He has seen it so many times before.  He may not have thought about it and analysed it consciously and be able to write it down.  But the subconscious has sorted it out.  When you do whatever the tell is for you, the master has a hunch that you are bluffing.  It is not 100%, but it is usually right.  He knows alternatively.  


You meet somebody and you start getting what they used to call bad vibs.   That is not 100%, but it the result of sorted out observations.  You have seen it all before.  Your subconscious is making that available when it is needed.  Listen to what you subconscious has observed.   


Remember the man who came for counseling after his wife left him.  You may not have studied Neuro Linguistic Programing eye movement.  But you as you moved through life have seen this before.  So you for some unknown to your conscious mind mind reason get a hunch that he is making things up, lying.  You have a hunch.   You know by observation.  


One of our problems is that we tend to second guess our hunches.  Then we dismiss them.  Many problem have come from not listening to your subconscious observation analysis.  


While you may not instantly act on a hunch, you are well to be forewarned by them.  [Example, the sheriff was asked why he shoot the man.  He said, “I had a hunch that he was going to rob the bank.”]  But to be forewarned is to be forearmed.  


Listen to your subconsciously analyzed past and present observation. It may not be 100%, but you like the master poker player have the odds in your favor.   


Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 13

See previous parts for important information.



Writing/Speaking To Know


When I use the word writing or speaking in this piece, you can generally assume that I am referring to either or.  For example, if I may write, “You can use speaking to learn,”  I am in fact meaning that you can use writing or speaking to learn.


One of the magic alternative ways of knowing is writing or speaking.  These two can cause you to access the deep mind which has already sorted the facts out.


This phenomenon was discussed in homiletics class.  There was a student that was called on to fill in Sunday preaching at a small church.  

a country church

He came back all excited.  While delivering the sermon, he received inspirational thoughts about the subject that he had not noted before.  I call it inspirational because it was so out of the blue to him that he thought that information or knowing had been inspired by the Holy Spirit.  [I do not know if he thought he was St. Paul or St. Peter.]


The professor smiled with a knowing smile.  He then used this incident to tell us about a common side effect of preaching.  You have studied for your sermon, and all the research information is in your head, somewhere.  Then when you start to preach your prepared sermon, some things that have been sorted out in subconscious mind, pops into the conscious mind.  


This phenomenon, when it happens, appears so out of the blue that many interpolate it to be a gift from the Holy Spirit.  This quite commonly happens with preachers.


How can we use this phenomenon to know?  When you have done all the research or you have the facts, you can make a speech.  I am not talking about a real public speech.  Find a quiet place and stand up as if you are going to preach or give a lecture.  Then deliver a talk about whatever it is.  You will be surprised at the insights and knowings that might come up.  Just start speaking.


In my years in the pulpit I did this regularly during sermon preparation.  I would do my research and go into the empty auditorium and just let a sermon rip.  


I was not worried about proper homiletics and such I just let it out.  Almost always I came to know insights that I had not seen and probably would not have noticed if I had not done the mock preaching.  


Often the knowing was so profound that it completely redirected my message that I would deliver.  Several times I had worked and worked on a sermon and this still happened.  One time I had been called upon to give a lecture at a conference.  I had worked for two months on the message.  I was so proud of the work.  


Two days before I was to leave for the lectureship I went into the empty auditorium


and preached that sermon.  You know just a practice run through.  It was the perfect sermon on this subject which I had been given.   Hours and hours of work had gone into it.  


When I left the mock presentation, I rewrote the entire sermon in a different direction.  In the presentation, I came to know that some of my points did not hold water.  I knew this  because I gave the speech.  I am so glad that I did this because surely someone in the assemblage of preachers would have called me on it.  


You can alternatively know by speaking.


I had an aspiring writer talk to me about a writer’s block

a writer's block


that she was having.  She ask what to do about it.


I said, “Write.”  


She said she did not know how to start.


I said, “Write.”  


She said that what she would write now she knew would be no good.


I said, “Write.”  


She started writing, and she came to know her voice.  


I had a professor in seminary who almost every class would start us off with an assignment.  He would say, “I want a two page article on …”  He would give us a topic sentence.  “You have 5 minutes.”  


Time was short, and you had to get to writing, just writing.  The words were going along as you started.  But suddenly you started knowing what to write next.  It was one of those out of the blue experiences.  There is something about writing that taps into the deep mind and gives you knowing.


To write you have to think, move your hand, be grammatical, be logical, flow in the process, etc.  All this gives you the lubrication to slide out the knowing of the dispassionate subconscious.  It is an amazing alternative way of knowing.


Here is a way that might apply this in your everyday life.  Let us say that you are having a problem with a co worker.  

a workplace problem

It has been a while, and you do not know what to do.


Quick … give me a two page article telling people how to handle a situation with your same problem with a co worker. [You could also go give a lecture.]  “You have 10 minutes.”  [Remember murder is not an option.]


Then when the writing is over.  Write down what you came to know and how you are going to apply that in your situation.  It is amazing what you will often come to know.


a performance anxiety

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 12

See previous parts for important information.

Surrender To Know Pt. 2


… continued…

I practice, not as much as I should, a form of qigong type exercise called “just standing”.  I base my new system on the ideas from Felicitas Goodman, runes, and qigong and more.  With that you can open for health, healing, emotional balance, and doors of manifestation all your energy channels by just knowingly standing.  It is tentatively called Texas Standing Spirit Bear [TSSB].  


TSSB is what the Japanese parallel system name says “just standing”.   Some of the masters of this ancient exercise style, in the east, will just stand for hours.    


But do this for five minutes once or twice a day for a few days or a couple of weeks, and you will see amazing things as your energy channels open.  [Warning if you stand for a long time in the wrong way you will perpetuate or exacerbate issues, disease, pain, emotional issues.  How you stand affects the way you are.]


I hope someday to teach TSSB.  I know it will improve health and spirituality.


I am not here giving all the details of TSSB, because we are focused on surrender.  One of the aspects of this new system, maybe the main one, is surrender.   


I was having some issues with standing correctly.  I tried and tried to force myself through into correct posture.  But I found that the problems were not being handled and/or getting worse and causing me more problems.  I understood what I was supposed to do, but I was not getting closer to my goal [ego] of getting there.  I wanted to do it right, yesterday.  




My goal had become the end product and not the journey.  I tried harder and things were going in the wrong direction.  The problem was I was thinking that the goal was to stand correctly.  I needed to change the goal to being in the journey to where I stood correctly.


For example, I noticed that as I tried to reach the goal of standing correctly, my breathing was not correct.  It had in the effort to stand right become shallow.   When you shallow breath, the oxygen that your blood received in the lungs binds to the hemoglobin too tightly and has a hard time releasing into the cells, starving the cells for oxygen.  [There are other issues too.]


In my struggle to stand right I could not breath right even when I realized that I was breathing incorrectly.  I could not do deep breathing.   As I was failing to breath right and in ego struggled with the goal to correct that, I found myself tensing up the diaphragm mussels and mussels in other parts of my body.  My goal of standing correctly was making me worse off.  I did not know what to do.


I was talking to a friend who had been having some depression problems.  



She was elated in her story.  One night in the throes of depression, she just said to herself, “You know I really kind of like feeling this way. Thank you.”   She stopped fighting [ego] the depression and just surrendered to it.  It almost instantly melted away.  


Her goal had been to be depression free.  In surrendering she started looking at what she liked about where she was at.  She dropped the ego control mind, the doing mind, and turned on the being mind in the reality of where she was as opposed to where she wanted to be.  And that made all the difference.


Dr. Wayne Dyer had a saying, “What you resist persists.”




When we finished our phone conversation, I did some TSSB.  I was aware what standing correctly was and that I was not doing it.  I just surrendered.  I thanked my body for pointing that out to me.  


I just surrendered and imagined standing correctly.  I was not egoic fighting my bad posture or trying.  I was just thankfully looking at what it was.  I started being in the now realty of standing, just standing.  I noticed to my surprise that I could and was deep breathing.   Then I started imagining how I would be when I was standing correctly.  The blocks that I had had in moving to a more correct standing session melted away.  


How did I know how to do this?  I stopped trying; I stopped fighting; I surrendered.  I was surrendering to know how to move toward correct standing.  


Am I perfect at this; am I a master.  That is ego thinking.  It is not the point and counter productive to think about it.  


One Oriental master of standing was ask about being a master.  He said, “When I find a man who can stand correctly, I will be his disciple.”   If you want to know, it is not the ego goal.  It is surrender.  Once you learn how to surrender, you do not need to do session standing any more.  You just live in surrender and you will know.  


The act of sex also is an example of knowing through surrender.  Yes, now that the snickering has stopped there is a spiritual knowing part of sex that most miss.  Male and female sex has become an ego fest.


There is a problem called performance anxiety.  

a performance anxiety


When you have it, you do not know how to conquer that problem.  Take a pill?  No there is a spiritual solution of surrender.  You can surrender to know.


This happens mostly with men, but it can also happen with women.  The person is worried that they will not be good at it or that he/she will not satisfy the other person.  That is a goal ego issue that can be solved by surrender.  [Some try so hard that they end up in perversion.]


I heard of a man who was getting married.  He had performance anxiety about the wedding night.  This was back in the 1940’s he was a virgin, and the bride was a widow.   He was worried that he would not be comparatively good enough to satisfy her.  


The proper advice for him was surrender and know.  Dismiss the ego goal and make the goal the journey.  The journey will provide all the knowledge that you need if you just surrender.


What is happening is that the person is goal [ego] focused.  There is a focus on getting it done, whatever part of the act is their particular goal.  Let us say that the woman wants to make sure that the man orgasms, or visa versa.  They are determined to get the job done, for themselves or the other person.  That does not sound romantic, but at its base that is what is going on in the ego mind related to sex.  


However if the person surrenders the ego goal and becomes a human being and not a human doing sex, the journey to the end is so much more filled with the imparting of sacred knowingness.  There can be no performance anxiety.  There is nothing to be anxious about.  It is the beautiful journey that is the goal wherever it may end.  


We are not just talking about foreplay; sometimes foreplay is the egoic goal.  To the contrary, it is you just moving into surrender with total spontaneity and take the time to appreciate the journey.  It is there that you will reach the knowledge of the journey.  There is the place of spiritual sex, the knowingness of surrender.  


When someone loves sex, he is an egotist.  When he surrenders to the journey, he is not a human doing, rather a human being.   


So it can be with all of your life.  
Surrender is an alternative way of knowing.



a horse blinders

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 11

Surrender To Know Pt. 1


We all have this feeling that we need to be in control.  Since we view not being in control as bad [that is egoic thinking], we miss the knowing that can be found in surrender.  Ego says, “I am an adult.”  Remember Jesus said, “Except you become as a little child you shall not enter …”

a jesus with children

The art of just letting go of trying to know and surrendering to knowing is a secret key to enlightenment.  This is often written off by Christians as some eastern navel contemplation.  But it is a Christian principle if they would stop what they already “know” [ego] and surrender to knowing what it says. Consider the passage, “Whoever tries to gain his own life will lose it; whoever loses his life …  will gain it”, which is a quote from Jesus recorded in Matthew 10:39.


Here is an idea to turn a trip, maybe a shopping trip or a full vacation, into a spiritual learning and knowing experience.  It has to do with putting your ego away for awhile.  I got the bases of this idea from Stuart Wilde.


He went to France and rented a car to take a road trip.  

a road trip

He had not set down and mapped out an itinerary.  


[That would have been his ego taking charge of his life.]    He for this journey put his ego in a box.  


When he started out, the car was pointed in a direction.  So, he just drove.  He observed things without any predetermined intent to do this or go there.  Becoming a man being on the open road, he was introduced to many things that he would have never considered and was coming to know things alternatively.  


He was investigating, but he did not have blinders on.

a horse blinders

At the races they often put blinders on horses so they will not be distracted from their goal by things out of where they are headed.   The horse then charges straight down the track.  


We run through life toward our goals, and miss knowing what is right beside us.  We have on our ego binders.  “I got to get there.  I got to get there yesterday.”  We are not looking to see the flowers along the way, much less smell them, know them.   

a flower opening

We will not know the smells that we rush by.  We are ego focused on our goal.  Figuratively, stop and smell the roses, and you will be surprised at what you will come to know.  Drop the ego living life and surrender to what you come across.  


Know that.  Be aware of that because you will not come to know what you can know if you do not surrender your ego.


I, as a boy, always dreamed about being an Olympic archer.  

a olympic archery

Of course, that gives me the ego goal of hitting the bullseye at 30,  50,  70,  and 90 meters.  That was my goal.  Ego blinders up.


While I could see, and move toward that goal,  I could not see what I was missing along the way.  I learned all the scientific technicalities of shooting, psychological and physical.  Although I did not go to the olympics, I did become proficient.  


But what had I learned.  I probably know many things about archery that most do not.  Many even who hunt with modern archery equipment are profoundly ignorant about archery.  Ah, but I am a toxophily.  Most of the modern hunters put on their ego blinders about the goal, which is bringing home the bacon.  They lose archery in technology.  


I was not much better when focusing on the 90 meter bull’s eye goal, even though I learned a lot of technicalities about the sport.  I had the disquietude of ego, the grasping for the goal.  I was not involved in alternative knowing.


As I got older, and hopefully a little more mature, I began to love archery and not the hitting of the mark.  [Yes, I wanted to hit the target.]  I surrendered to archery.  It became not the goal of hitting the target but the experience of archery, the prep, draw, release, anchoring, follow through, i.e., becoming one with the experience.  My accuracy improved when I stopped and smelled the roses.  The shot is an experiential high, whether I hit the bull’s eye or not.  It became a meditative experience.


I later learned about Japanese Kyudo, zen archery.  


It is a path to spiritual enlightenment.  If I can over simplify, when you become one with the bow and target, you come to know oneness.  


You become totally relaxed because you have no goal no ego.  It is not about hitting the bull’s eye.   You are just being in the experience.  You are just one in a life process.  In the midst of doing archery, you cease being a human doing and become a human being.  The ego of goal is gone, and you come to know.  You have surrendered to just being.  You come to know alternatively.
I am far from perfect with this, but so it can be with your walk through life.  Archery here is an allegory for life, a type of Pilgrim’s Progress for life.  Dismiss the ego of a human doing and embrace the surrender of a human being.  You may be going someplace, but do not be doing that because you are just experiencing the journey.  As some put it, “The goal is the journey.”  Surrender to the journey.  


To Be Continued …

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 10

See previous parts for important information.

Pendulum To Know  Pt. 3


The Third problem with success with the pendulum is thinking too much.  Sometimes you are trying to get the answer that you think you want.  A good example of this is when you are asking the pendulum about relationships.  Your emotional desires can influence the reading of the swing.   


I had a tarot student one time tell me that she did a practice reading on her son.  

nine of swords

And she said it was strange because every card said, “You need to stop spending so much time with video games.”  She was not reading from the cards but into the cards.  Her emotion of what she wanted, her emotional want, was imposed on the cards.  


We can do this with the pendulum also.  You for some reason emotionally want a certain outcome, and so your ego

a ego

imposes it on the pendulum swing.  Ego is related to the conscious mind.  The subconscious has no ego.  


The obvious example of this is in relationships.  When the person comes to the pendulum with issues, the ego is ready to act defensively.  There is a lady who has just come out of a bad relationship.  

a break up

Being very hurt, she looks at men with trepidation.  That is understandable, but a prejudicial emotional outlook.


Her girlfriend is trying to set her up with a man she knows.  So, we are not talking about a blind date, just a date.  When asked by her friend if she wants to be set up, she consults her pendulum.  


While she is waiting for the swing to start, she is thinking about past problems and potential new problems.  Guess what …  She, since she is thinking about all these things, is engaging her conscious mind.  That is the home of the ego, which is in defensive mode at this time.   The ego knows the yes no code also.  


The conscious mind imposes the no swing.  The subconscious has not been involved in the answer or has been overridden by the force of ego.  She was thinking too much.


That does not mean necessarily that no is ultimately the wrong answer.  It just has been that it is not coming from a true pendulum reading.  Because of too much thinking, she has imposed that answer on the swinging string.  


If the unattached lady is to get a correct answer from dowsing with the pendulum, she must first empty her mind of thinking.  It is meditation for the time of inquiry.  When she asks the question and go blank [no thinking, no word], the conscious mind is taken out of the process, and the subconscious can speak.  The answer is a true pendulum answer.


This is sometimes hard to do, but it becomes easier with practice.  Blank your mind for the answer.  Do not think too much.


Since she already knows the man her subconscious has already sorted out the suitableness of this man for a date.  Her friend may think the man is fine, while there may be some things that the single lady finds annoying about that man.  The subconscious might say no to this man.  But the answer would be about the reality of their date compatibility, and not her emotional baggage.  


On the other hand, her subconscious, having already sorted things out in reality, may see that this not a perfect man, but acceptable for a date and getting her back in circulation, if you will.  That yes answer will be based on the assessed reality of the potential situation, and not her emotional blockages.   


You must approach pendulum dowsing with a blank conscious mind.  Stop thinking too much.  There the answer is real.  


What if the answer is not yes or no?  It might mean that the man is not necessarily a bad choice, but she needs a little more unattached time before she reenters the dating world.   The answer is not right now.  


The same is true about the woman wanting to set her up.  If she asks the question of the set up potential wanting to set her friend up, she is thinking too much.  The answer is from the ego and not sure.   
Used correction the pendulum is a good way to access the subconscious where things have been dispassionately sorted out.  It is a great way of alternative knowing.  



a self training

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 9

See previous parts for important information.

Pendulum To Know  Pt. 2



The second reason some are not successful with a pendulum is because they do not practice.  There is a certain amount of training that is needed.  I am talking mainly about self-training.  

a self training

For example, we have said the main way that you use a pendulum is for a yes no answer.  You have to train your pendulum about what is the yes and what is the no.   Some people have a swing away from you and back to you to be a yes, while a left right swing is a no.   In that case if the swing goes circular that is another answer, that is the answer is not yes or no at that time.   The issue is undecided.  


Personally, I use a clockwise circle to mean yes, and a counter clockwise circle to be no.  In my case if the pendulum goes in some line forward and back or left and right then the issue is undecided at this time.  


Whichever way you decide to be your yes no, when you start with the pendulum you need to practice that.  You need to spend a few days doing that every day until the physicality of yes and no are implanted into your subconscious mind.   


How can you practice that?  


Here is one way.  Take a question that you absolutely know the answer is yes.  I am male so I might choose the question “Am I a man?”  The answer is definitely yes, no ifs, ands, or buts.  


Now hold the pendulum by the string gently between the thumb and one or two fingers on your non dominant hand.  

a pendulum holding

You are about to start blueprinting your subconscious you are not looking for the answer.  You are practicing, self training.  Hold it out where it can swing.


Now.  Start asking and repeating, “Am I a man?”  Now while asking, consciously cause the weight to move in the direction of your chosen for the yes indication.  Keep asking and keep the directional motion going.  You are blueprinting your subconscious to associate that movement of the weight with a yes answer to a question.   Do this daily for a few minutes while you have some free time.   It is your pendulum training time.


When you have done that for awhile during your practice time, do a no question, and do it for awhile with the no motion intentionally caused.  I, a man, asked, “Am I pregnant?”  I swung the weight counter clockwise.  You are training your subconscious to know that this movement is a no.   


When you have done this a few days or a couple of weeks, you are good to go with a yes no pendulum.  Once you have trained with a pendulum, you are trained for all well balanced ones.  You generally will not need refresher training.  The subconscious has been blueprinted and will remember how to communicate with the pendulum.


Then in real practice, you asked the question intended to be answered and empty your mind.   There is a form of meditation called pendulum meditation.  You zone out holding the non moving weight and wait without thinking for trying.  Whatever happens, happens.  It is the answer.  It may take a few minutes.  And when movement starts, wait until the swing is well established.  Do not try to influence the movement.  Your conscious mind is out of it now.  The subconscious will speak.


One morning, after I had trained my pendulum, I was getting ready for work and could not find my keys.


I knew that I had driven home that night, and so the keys had to be in the house.  I looked and looked.  But I could not locate them.  


Something said, “Bill, ask the pendulum.”  So I got my pendulum and asked if the keys were in the house. I received a yes answer.  I  stepped into all the rooms that I had been in.  And room by room asked “Are my keys in this room?”  In every room I got a no answer.  


I thought this pendulum thing is not working.  I thought again, and it occurred to me that the car is in the garage which is technically in the house.  

a car in garage

[The subconscious is literal, and so you should be careful in making your question literally precise.]  Had I left the keys in the car?  I asked if the keys where in the garage, and the answer came yes.  


In relief I rushed out to get the keys out of the car.  And they were not in the car.  I was totally frustrated now.  And headed back into the house.  


I was thinking why had I wasted my time with the pendulum when I could have been looking.  As I reached for the garage door knob back inside, there were the keys.  I had left them in the door lock, i.e., they were in the garage.  


What had happened?


In this case I had known where I last had the keys.  But for some reason I had a conscious mind block as to where I had left them.   That information was in my brain, but my conscious was not able to know where or access that part my conscious memory.  I was mentally blocked.


At the same time my subconscious knew where I had left the keys.  I had to access the subconscious to access the answer of where the keys were.  The information was implanted in my deep mind.  
Since my subconscious had been blueprinted with the pendulum yes no, it was able to answer the question by moving the pendulum.  I had not consciously moved the weight.  The subconscious had moved it.  I had been involved in an alternative way to know where my keys were.  

to be continued …

a swinging pendulum

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 8

See previous parts for important information.


Pendulum To Know  Pt. 1


Dowsing is one of the oldest ways of alternative knowing.  And the pendulum is a type of dowsing.  Anyone can do this it is just a matter of practice.  You can know certain things by the swinging pendulum.

a swinging pendulum

Young children are especially good at this.  Maybe this is because they are innocent to the mindset of “I can’t”.  You just tell them how to do it, and they believe and do.  Jesus said, “All things are possible to the one who believes.”  And again he said, “Except that you become as a little child you can not enter the kingdom of heaven.”

a jesus with children

The three reasons why pendulums do not work for some people is 1) they do not believe, 2) they have not practiced with their pendulum, and 3) they think too much.  We will consider each of these issues later.


The answers from pendulum are generally sought by forming a yes no question toward the answer sought.  That being said the pendulum can also give you locational directions, and more.    


First, of course, you need a pendulum.  


You do not have to buy an expensive shiny one with a fancy stone, although there is nothing wrong with that.  

a crystal pendulum

Any balanced weight on a string, light chain, or thread will work.  I even saw a man use a chain linked together bunch of paper clips and some extra ones at the end.  It worked for him.  


The end of the pendulum can be most anything.  In history you hear about people swinging from a thread buttons and rings.  Crystals are very popular now days.  I would not think that a magnate or something that a magnet would stick to is a good weight, because they may be affected by magnetic forces and not give a true answer.  


Also the shape of the weight should not be such that it easily is moved by the wind.  Wind or the air of the swing might affect the answer.  So for example, something that is flat, or hung is such a way as the flat side would catch the wind, might be a poor choice.   


If the weight is too heavy, gravity might inhibit the swing.  If the weight is excessively light it might in that case not move well the thread.  We are talking balance.  Adjustments in the length of the string can make balancing adjustments for the weight, to some extent.  

The first issue is will this work. Some are ineffective with the pendulum because they think it will not work.  Let me give you the example of Verne Cameron.  He worked as a dowser in California.  In the late 1950’s he let it be know to the navy that he could locate by map dowsing all the submarines in the world.   He in general would hold the pendulum over the map asking is there a sub here.  In no time he had located all the subs.  This was demonstrated to Vice Admiral M.E. Curtis and many other officers in 1959.  


The officers were intrigued.  But Mr. Cameron heard nothing more from them.  In a few years Cameron was invited to South Africa to do some mineral dousing.  So, of course, he had to get a passport.  


When he applied for his passport, he is application was denied.  The admiral had informed the C.I.A. that Cameron was a national security risk.  They thought he might give away military secrets.  He had in effect been put under national arrest.  He, that is, was not allowed to travel outside the country.  


Why did this happen?  The U.S. government determined that the pendulum worked for Cameron.  


Later in the war in Vietnam the Marines used pendulum map dowsing to locate minefields.  And they found them.  


It was not an accident that they were so success with this because pendulums work.  [The Marines are under the navy department.  Maybe the Cameron-Curtis event was the reason the marines did this and not the army.]  


There are many example about this that can cause you to believe that pendulums can work and that there is something to this pendulum thing.


The other problem with believing that pendulums can work is self doubt.  This not believing that you can do it.  Remember when you were trying to learn how to ride a bicycle?  

a learning to ride a bike

They told you that you just had to practice.  But you did not believe that you could, and you kept falling.  


Then your dad walked beside the bike and balanced it as you rode.  Everything was o.k. because daddy was balancing it for you.  

a learning to ride a bike dad

As you enjoyed being on the way with daddy balancing it, you looked back, and daddy was not there.  

a learning to ride a bike dad letting go

You were doing it.  From then on you believed you could, and you practiced until you got proficient at it.  Yes sometimes you fell down, but you knew you could.  So you persisted to proficiency.


So it is with the pendulum.  You just need to know you can and practice to become proficient at it.  [I said proficient not perfect.]


With the pendulum you may think at first that the angels are helping or there is some supernatural paranormal force.  [Sometimes there may be.]  If you need to think that, that is fine.  You can do it.  As you see your successes your confidence and proficiency will increase.   Before long, you will be doing magical tricks with the swinging string.  
Now how to start practicing and knowing with the pendulum.

To be continued …


a indian head penny

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 7

See previous parts for important information.

Guardian Angels To Know


Most of us look for the guardian angels to come in and do something for us.  That is not how you should expect them to operate.  I have an upcoming book on reconsidering guardian angels.  


The word angel simply means messenger.  That is for the most part how they do their work.  They do before situations prepare the best way for you to go when the situation, dangerous or not, looms, but they make the way know.  After you consider the message given, it is up to you to move.


An explicit example of this is the case of Lot in the Bible.  The angels came with the message of the coming destruction of Sodom.  But it was up to Lot to flee with his family the destruction.  [What happened explicitly there usually happens implicitly in the world around us.]


As with the Magi who brought gifts to the child Jesus,

wise men

they were given the message, and they choose to bring the gifts.  Being astrologer they must have considered the meaning of the star that appeared.  

star of the wise men

Then after consideration, as astrologers do, and knowing, they acted.   


Often we receive messages and just do not pay attention.  I had an incident that is a good example of this as I was looking for something to write about in this, my next, book.  I could not think of anything.


I was at the restaurant one evening, and in the give-a-penny-take-a-penny bowl I noticed there a 1903 Indian Head Penny.  That is so rare.  

a indian head penny

I have not seen one of those in circulation since I was a little boy.  I had no idea that any of them were still floating around.  I just thought that was interesting and did not think about it.   But there it was staring at me.  I showed it to the cashier, and she look and put it back in the bowel.  


The next morning I was back at the cafe, and it was still there staring at me.  I thought someone is trying to tell me something.  No one has picked up or unknowingly used it?   A message popped in my head,  “It is waiting for you, Bill.”  So, I gave a penny and took a penny.   


All of the parts of this story are unexpectable.  What is going on?  I had to think about this.


I started contemplating what this meant.  Then I thought about ways to understand the angelic message.  I thought I can do psychometry or meditation, etc.  Maybe one of the alternative ways will tell me the message.  


As I thought, I occurred to me that I was trying figure out how to know alternatively.  I was thinking all these ways of knowing could make several books.  Then I realized I had been searching for a subject for a new book.   The guardians had pointed me to the path.  I started a book on pendulums and knowing with them.  Several other ways of are available and can make individual books or composite books.  Then I started this book on a compendium of alternative ways of knowing.


Thank you angels.  They had prepared that penny to be there for me when I needed it.  They got my attention.  When I at first missed it, it was offered to me again.   


Finally I got the message and acted.  That is the way of the guardian angels.  They provided and showed me the way.  I just had to listen and act.  I eased into my next book.  


Everything that happens good or bad has a message, if we just look for it, listen to it , and act on it.


To the masters of spirituality, everything has a message.  [I so often forget to look for the message.]  


When something unusual happens or catches your attention, look, listen, and act.  You will know what to do.


The guardian angels, often unseen, are a wonderful blessing to the attentive believer in them.   This is a magical way to know.



a dream

Alternative Ways of Knowing Pt. 6

See previous parts for important information.


Dreaming to Know


Dreams are a good way to know.  

a dream

But it must be remembered that dreams normally are not about anything literal.  The subconscious, the source of your dreams, communicates in symbols.  


In some indigenous tribes the clan meets in the morning to discuss their dreams of the night.  

a indigenous people

They are considered to be cryptic messages for the community.  


If you think of dreams as archetypal symbols, that is true.  It is how the tribe interprets the symbols that get the message that is apropos for the community.  This, as in the general use of archetypal symbols, allows them a way to get past the blocks of the truths that they know but can not see.


This also true of the individual.  Do not look at your dreams as literal.  Do not take them at face value.  This is a way to see past the conscious blocks, blocks that obscure your knowing.


Many writers about dreams suggest that you write down your dreams each morning.  That will help you to remember the dreams and symbols.  It will also create a fuller memory of the night dreams over time.  


You always dream.  That is part of the sleep cycle.  When someone says that they do not dream, it is just that they do not remember their dreams.  


When you first get up write the dreams, and over time you will find that you are writing more.  How many times have I had an informative dream when I woke up?  I thought I would consider it latter only to find that I had forgotten it or most of the details.  


I had a man ask me about a recurring dream he had been having.  There was a model T Ford car driving up in front of him.

model t

He could not see who was in the car, and then it moved on.  


I asked him what he thought of when he thought of a model T.  He instantly said he thought of his father who drove a model T.   


I said,  “There you go.   What is your dad trying to tell you when he  comes and moves on?”  


The man had been thinking about changing something in his life.  His dad came and moved on.  It was time to move on.  It was time to follow the lead [message] from his departed father.  


His dad had come into his head as a type of chthonic symbol.  
The man with the model T dream knew that he was protected to change and moved on at that time.  The best way to hear that message for him was through symbolically his father.  So that is the way the subconscious symbolized it.  This blends with the methodology of guardian angels.


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