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?HUH? … Knowledge is Ignorance 🤦

From Knowledge to Ignorance

Don’t let your knowledge become the source of your ignorance.

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WisdomKnowledge is knowing that tomatoes are not fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to use them in a fruit salad.

There are many people with a head full of knowledge. That is important and helpful. But it is not wisdom.

Wisdom has to do with discretion about how to use what you know.

We had a saying in seminary. You see some who make straight A’s. Then you hear them “try” to preach. “He couldn’t preach his way out of a wet paper bag.”

It was sad. They knew every thing about homiletic devices, but they did not know how to deliver a sermon.

I see today many healers who know a lot about healing doings. But they are limited in their results because they do not have the wisdom to get past the knowing-doing thing and deliver the wisdom of healing being.

I guess that is way I am moved to be a coach.

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