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Archangels – Pt 11

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Calling the Archangels?


How do you call on archangels to help you?  


First, you determine an angle that has the primary function related to what you are trying to bring about.  Then you access that power.  And finally you apply it to that situation by your imagination.  


If you do not know the archangel which specializes in the thing you wish to achieve, Michael is the universal archangel of service.  Like in blood there is one universal donor blood type.  That is Michael.  


When I was thinking about this principle, I got my internet provider bill.  I was shocked that it was about twice a much.  I was dreading the situation.  I have had these jumps in prices before, and it is always a hassle with this phone and internet provider.  


I was so dreading to make the call because I knew I would be put on hold, and not allowed to talk to a real person for a long time.  Then there is the stupid recorded advise that come on every few minutes.  And you can not make the obnoxious recording shut up.  It is totally maddening.  By the time you do talk to a real person you are so upset.  And then they can not help you and have to send you to another person, which means you are on hold again and the same message repeating and repeating.  

a running and screaming

Every time before it had taken three or four calls to get things straightened out.  And that includes all the side benefits of the automated service so my visit can be “better”.  Not.  


It suddenly occurred to me to do something different.  During the second hold session, I decided to call on an archangel to help me.  My first thought was which angel was the one to call on.  I did not know which archangel specialized in internet providers.  


So the universal archangel Michael was to get the call.  I had already done what I could do by getting to the place of having an “important to them call” on hold.  Now it was time to turn it over to a numinous spirit, Michael.  


It was such a complicated problem of dealing with these company bureaucrats that I did not know what to ask for.  But I knew that Michael could help.  So to ease my growing boiling frustration, I just started saying and repeating what I knew.  


‘Michael helps;  

Thanks Michael”


A few minutes after I started the call to Michael, the customer retention person picked up my call.  I told the lady what the problem was and told her that I needed to have the price put back to where it was before.  This is usually where the fun begins.  I was wondering how many times was she going to have to go talk to her supervisor.  


The lady said, “Are you calling to find out why your bill went up?”


I responded, “No.  Why my bill went up is not at issue.  What this is about is are you going to move my bill back to what it was before or is this my last month with your internet server.”


She excused herself to look at my billing records.  “Your old bill was $27.18?”




“Just a second,” she said.


When she quickly came back, she reported, “I have changed you current bill to 27 dollars, and starting next month your bill will be 27.18.”


I was in shock.  All the times that I have called before it had been such a hassle.  Now it was like magic done.  WAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM service.  


“Is it done?  Are we through?”


“Yes sir, you are good to go.  Just pay $27.00 this time.”


It was a done deal like sliding down a greased fireman’s pole.  Thank you Michael.  It was just that fast.  Unbelievable.  


The only difference this time was that I called on an archangel.  And I added a thank you because the Bible says all things are to be received with thanksgiving.   Notice I phrased the call in present tense not in future tense too.  I assumed Michael’s help, and it appears that help thankfully was there.  


This basic process is easily usable.  Sometimes we get all complicated and the result is that we get bogged down in the details of the call.  This is one of those KISS principles, keep it simple stupid.  


If you are calling someone on the phone, you do not try to do something to make them receive the call.  You just call, wait for the answer, and then enter into that which you called about.   So it is with calling on archangels.  


Sometimes when I have a pastoral counseling session and I do not feel up to it, or I have a healing session, I call on archangel Raphael in the same way.


“Raphael helps;

Thanks Raphael.”


Then the feeling of healing returns and I am good to go.   


Archangels – Pt 5

Read Previous Parts for Important Information

What are Archangels?


The archangel Michael is called by Daniel chief among the princes.  This is, to be simplistic, indication that there is a hierarchy in among the angels.  Since the prefix arch means principle, there are princes with is someway lesser angels that are their minions.  


And among these princes there is Michael who is the pinnacle of the angelic realm.  If we were to use a military metaphor, Michael is the angelic generalissimo, the other princes, of which he is one, are his marshals, and the lesser angels are the foot shoulders.  


Why the term generalisimo?  I used the term generalissimo pointedly.  It is very descriptive of the hierarchy of the angelic realm.  That general would be the head general in a military operation.  In a particular operation there may be many generals, but someone has to be in command.  That is the generalissimo.  


In this context the rank of the generals is of no significance.  There may be appointed a general of even lesser rank than some of the generals involved, but for this mission the generalissimo makes the final decision.  There may be a war counsel and much discussion among the general officers.  However, in the end the generalissimo makes the final decision ,and that is the way it goes.  The others follow his order.


In the late battle at Gettysburg in the later war between the states in the United States,  


General Lee was the southern generalissimo.  When the battle plan for the final day was being drawn up, there was a legendary argument between General Lee and General Longstreet.  


Theoretically Lee’s plan could work.   Theoretically Longstreet’s plan could work.  In the end General Lee gave the orders for his plan and ultimately Longstreet followed orders.  


If for some reason President Jeff Davis


had directed that Longstreet would be generalissimo for the sorte in force into the north,  Lee would have followed Longstreet’s orders.  
This will be a template for understanding how the archangels work.  And it will be instructive as to how you can call upon them when you have a special need for their help.

angel and balaam

Archangels – Pt 2

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What are Angels? – Pt. 1


As we have discussed in other books angels are messengers.  In the book on guardian angel we explain how the work of angels is often seen as showing people the door that is open or closed for them so they can make the right choices.  This would also apply to archangels.  


That being said,  the archangels may have an additional function as seen and unseen interventionists.  For example, there was the situation of Balaam going to curse Israel.  

a angel and balaam

The angel in the road served both as a messenger to Balaam and an interdictor to the cursing journey.  At first he was unseen and then he visually manifested.  This is generally assumed to be Archangel Michael.  


It is those two functions that we will be looking at.  


It should be noted that the concept of angels is not a strictly Judeo-Christian concept.  In all religions and worldviews there is the concept of numinous beings that intervene in human affairs to a greater or lesser extent.  We will be discussing the universal concept of archangels.  


So in this book we will not be limiting our research to the Bible.  


Many of the brothers in christendom have just done a double take.  While the Bible is a book of truth about angels, when properly understood, it is not a book of all truths.  And when we view it as such, we get tunnel vision and miss many helpful truths.  


The Bible does point this out in the book of Daniel that Archangel Michael was one of the chief princes.  “… but lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me …” This indicates that there are others not named in Biblical sources.  We must learn about them elsewhere.  


From another direction there is the situation of the Hittites.  They were an ancient civilization referred to in the Bible.  Many in academia rejected this because as everyone knew there is not evidence of the Hittite people.  


However, archaeology accidentally discovered ancient Hittite cities and even a library of their writings.  You can now purchase a grammar of the Hittite language.  The “scholars” had tunnel vision.  They thought that what was in their academic library was the truth on the matter of supposed Hittites.  


Angels and archangel are mentioned in the Bible, and what it tells us is true.  But they are also mentioned in other traditions.  The jargon may be different, but they in Biblical jargon are called angels.  And those other traditions can have truths that are not in the Bible.  
For example, the angel guarding the tree of life in the garden of Eden is not named.  In extra Biblical sources we find a name for it.  And we also learn that it is an archangel.  As you will learn later, that can be useful information.  


to be continued

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