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over planning

Here’s how YOU Plan not to have Powerful Manifesting Faith

Planning for Failure


Oh yea, I do this all the time, and it takes the power out of my faith.

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a horse laying

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #34

Entry 34 – Ehwaz Reversed – Kenaz Reversed


ehwaz reversed


r kenaz reversed


You have mobile power, potential power, the horse.  You have flanked your goal post haste.  You have ridden; the horse has answered your intention and circled the object of your desire and laid siege to the victory.  


But it is only a siege.  It is only potential victory.  


Why has your horse of victory only flanked and not jumped the wall of your desire?  Why is there a block to victory?  Why has the horse become inattentive and laid down?

a horse laying

Focus on you goal, not on the horse.  The horse has become your goal.  Focus on your goal, and the horse will be attentive once more.  

a tornado coming

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #31

Entry 31 –  Uruz & Ansuz Reversed



r ansuz reversed


You act by strength and will.  “Look at me. I am the aurochs.”


There is no answer.  You bellow in the grove.  


Then comes the day when the black cloud comes into town.  

a tornado coming

No one hears your voice in the mighty wind.  


The Nornir speak in the winds,  “You reap what you sow.”   You have no power against the law.  You can not will “no law”.  Once the forces of change spin the black cloud, it spins.  


There is no place to hide from the law.  There is no time.  There is only now.  Be careful what you sow for you have no will against the law.  You have no power mighty aurochs.  

life force

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #29

Entry 29 – Uruz Reversed & Dagaz

uruz - reversed



So your power has died.  That had to be.  But you have not died.  You have the chance.  You lived by your power and so it depleted.  You abandoned the vital life force for your power.  


You now are between the two, no life power, no death dissolution.  Know the ice in the twilight.  Feel the darkness, acceptance.  See the sun, change.  


Plug in and charge.  


The power is not yours.  The vital power does not deplete.  To accept the power you must accept the darkness and the light in the instant of twilight,

life force

therein is the vital life force, the magic of life.

Diary of the Ancients channeled by Bill – Entry #1

May 8, 2016  –  Dagaz & Reversed Uruz


uruz - reversed


Balance is the real power of life.  We think that we can over power another person or a problem.  And when we think that way, we are losing our balance in the masculine quest.  We have lost the feminine.  We are not in the spiritual equilibrium.  


In the dagas there is no night there is no day.  But at the same time there is night, and there is day, the male and the female.  There is a time when all is one.  We call this twilight and dusk.  One is ending; the other is beginning, and both met in these times.  And both are.


During these times the uruz is upside down.  The horns of the aurochs point to  heaven to receive spiritual power, during the time he surrenders his power to dominate the grove.  He has laid down the fight and received the peace that surpasses domination of the forest around him.  He maintains his physical power, but his surrenders it to the spiritual power that can effortlessly move the issue along to its peaceful conclusion.  He moves into balance.


Be still and know that I AM God.  


Physical power is the power of emergency, and not the power of life.  


If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  


The power of life is stronger than the aurochs.  It is the power of balance in the twilight and dusk of the all.  


 balanced rock


Manifesting With Runes Works?

How do you know that you can manifest the powers of runic energies?

The problem is not manifesting the powers; rather it is controlling the energies or powers. Coming to know the energy of the k-rune helps.


It points you to an energy that can control and direct the other energies. But that is not the subject here.

The powers are easy to manifest. Years ago before I knew very much about runes, I made a scary manifestation of power with the runic energies. I knew little except what I knew from my readings as a folklorist.

Figuratively I was a child playing with a loaded gun. The legendary mystery of power was the lure. But I had no idea what I was doing. I was making it up as I went along. In my ignorance I did not know or follow the rules or even know if there were rules.

Young and wanting to have my ego stroked, I started to experiment with the energies. I was just going for the powers unfocused. Mistake.

I do not remember exactly what I did. However I did some ritual that I had made up for power. Part of the ritual involved a candle which I had lit and placed in a bowl candle holder that had been used as a regular candle holder for years with no problem.

holding candle

It had been passed to me from my parents’ time when they had used it often. It was a perfectly good and sturdy bowl of heavy glass.

I did not know enough to make some type of protective circle or such. I just did the made up ritual.

I had experienced nothing in the ritual and thought that this search for power had been a bust. As a grand finally to the experiment, I pointed my gandr (the runic version of a magic wand) at the candle and imagined power shooting to the flame.

magic wand

In that exact instant, the flame flared, in concert with the candle bowl sounding a boom, and glass flying in all directions around the room.

shattered glass

This scared me so much that I did nothing with runes for a while. I still keep the shattered pieces of the bowl in a place where I see it every day. It is a reminder not to do unfocused work with the runes.

shattered bowl

I did not know anything, and I manifested power. I think most anyone can. However doing that does not make one a vitki or magician. The shaman manifests specific power, specifically directed.

[That is why I prefer the elder 24 rune character elder furthark. The energies are more specifically focused than the younger 16 character furthark. This makes for more focusing the the right energy in a magic working. (That is a personal preference and not a put down of a vitki who prefers the younger.)]

What I did back then was like throwing a loaded gun randomly in the air. Then expecting that when it hits the ground it would go off and hit the target. Good luck in that. Unfocused power shattered the bowl.

How can I know that I can manifest the powers of runic energies? When coincidences like this line up, I must start to think that I can manifest the power of runic energies.

See now please the page on rune magic because as you can imagine there is more info.

Thank you.

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