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A Missing Truth of Thanksgiving & Manifesting Your Desire 12/3/2017 Weekly Message



You need to put thanksgiving in the right place to use it in powerful manifesting of your desires.

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a religious store

Guardian Angels Pt. 7

[I have a book of Introduction to Angels at Amazon.com/author/billhaberman]

Check previous parts for important information.


What about Guardian Angels and Prayer?


Previously, we gave some thoughts on prayer and angels.  So, it might be important to look at angels and prayer at this point.  


Should we be praying to our guardian angels?  Many advocate that, and there is a thriving business built around angel worship.  

a religious store

While there may be nothing wrong with reminders that we have guardian angels, and while saying thank you to them, with an honorarium, for their ministering is o.k.,  that is simply reminders and not portals through which to reverence the angels.  We will explain this concept of angels and prayer.


Should we pray to angels for help?


As we have noted, it appears that the work of guardian angel has to do with making preparations for upcoming events.  They are not seen as jumping in to save the day when an event is ongoing.  


That being said the work that is predone may show up when the event is imminent.  For example the money for the boy Jesus’ escaped showed up at the right time.  However, the process work of the guardian angel, the star, commenced 2 years before that gift.  


So if you see a situation coming, and you at that time pray to a guardian angel, you are most likely a day late and a dollar short as far as that prayer.  The angels work well in advance often before you even know there is a coming problem.


Lot did not know of the coming destruction of Sodom.  The angels showed up with the answer for the problem which he did not know about.  I doubt that Joseph had any idea about the coming mass children murder by Herod.  The angels’ pre ministering showed up with the wise men’s financing of the escape.  He still did not know what was up until in the dream the guardian angel informed him to flee with his family.  


Usually when you see the problem, it is past the time when the guardian angel can be engaged.  He is already on the ball, if you shall be saved from the problem.


Example, you are out and about and get hungry.  You stop in a restaurant.  Of course, I would stop in a taqueria, because one of be basic food groups is Mexican food.  

a mexican plate

The people in the cafe are ministering servants if you will.  That being said they are not there sitting around waiting for you to come in and ask for something to eat.  They are doing all those things that need to be done to have a working beatro.  They are preparing for when the need is there; they are preparing for the right time.  


So when you come in, the food is readily available, the place is clean, the dishes are washed, etc.  Their preparation has readied the particulars for your time of need, your time of hunger.  This is the how in the work of the guardian angels, ministering spirits.      


In such cases our time is best spent considering the possible ways of escape that have been prepared for us.  [In our illustration, the way of escape from hunger is the available cafe.  That has been prepared for you.]  That information is available or signs have been given us if we will look and listen.  


“Be still and know that I am God.”  How many times do we not know what is going on because we do not listen?  We are too busy talking [praying] to hear.  


Going back to the cafe illustration, we get hungry and need something to eat.  What do we do?  Stand on the sidewalk and pray to some ministering servant to come and feed us, and then walk on in need?  Or do we look at the cafe sign on the building,

a mexican cafe

go into the taqueria, and receive the health food that is readied for us.  


So it is with guardian angels.  


In these cases we are absent in prayer when we should be present in reality.  We should look for the message in whatever form it may come, hear the message, and act in accordance to that which is included in the way of attaining the need.  We should be keen observers of reality.  “Speak Lord thy servant hears.”


The angels do not sit around waiting for us to ask them.  They are ministering spirits.  They are working now for us for the needs to be met.  When the time time is right, what they have prepared in there.


The guardian angels are like our spiritual boy scouts.  Their motto may also be “Be prepared.”  

a boy scout

We sit around fretting about things and praying, when Jesus said be not anxious for tomorrow. Guess what?  The way of escape is in the works thanks to the guardian angels.  


What is, is, and the end of it will be what is.  And what is, is right.  If you do not listen, by praying or inattentiveness, and do not heed the message, the end will be a just recompense.  If you hear the message but do not act accordingly, the end will be a just recompense.  That is the reality of guardian angels and their work.  


We pray to God and not to angels.  


That being said our prayer should be prayers of thank you for what the guardian angels are now doing for what we will need when the time is right.  
Remember the apostle Paul said all things are to be received with thanksgiving.  

star of the wise men

Guardian Angels Pt. 5

[I have a book of Introduction to Angels at Amazon.com/author/billhaberman]

Check previous parts for important information.

How did the Angels Guard Jesus-Child? pt. 2


continued …


The wise men came to visit the child Jesus.  

wise men

They brought gifts.  


They had seen the star announcing Jesus birth.  And came with the gifts.  King Herod asked specifically when they had seen the star so he killed the babies under two years.  

wise men and herod

[Jesus is referred to as a child not a baby.]


What happens is, they bring gold, frankincense and myrrh to Jesus.  Money just drops in on Joseph and his family.  Then the angel warns Joseph to flee to Egypt.  And surprise he has the financial wherewithal to lead his family to safety.  


Two years before the wise men saw the star.  It brought the message of the birth of Jesus.  It was an angel in star form appearance, a guardian angel for Jesus.  It was acting on third parties to do something that would help/guard/protect someone else, Jesus.


Did the wise men intend to fund the escape to Egypt?  No, but they did.  It was all initiated by the guardian angel.  


Remember the angels, when manifesting themselves, manifest in a cultural apropos form.  The wise men were astrologers.  So, the appearance of a star

star of the wise men

blends well with how a guardian angel would manifest.


Notice too that the money came to Joseph at the right time.  It came when Herod was about to strike.  When it was needed, It was there.  


We often has our time frame in which we think things should happen.  But God has his time frame.  It is not for us to fret.  Things happen at the right time, so that we can do at the right time.  


I heard of a couple who need money for a special emergency.  They went and prayed and that day they had a check that was owed them came in the mail.  They claimed the instant answer to prayer.


The preacher asked them when the check was mailed.  When they were praying, the check was already in the mail.  The third party was enabled and did pay off their debt with the check mailed days before.  This would blend well with how a guardian angel might work this out.  


The money came in at the right time.  If it had come before, they might have spent it, and they might not have had the money for the emergency.  In all this the guardian angel would have been protecting them and guarding the answer [money] for the right time.  


Jesus said God knows what we need before we ask.  Maybe our prayers should be in faith thanking God that there are guardian angels working things out.  Did not Paul say that all things are to be received with thanksgiving?  

There is a saying a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, and there in a year is a hurricane in Brazil.  This is the butterfly effect.  


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