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snake truth

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #40

Entry 40 – Uruz & Berkana





What you do in pride with your great power is not of your power.  You only do by the indulgence of the great mother.  


But do not mistake indulgence for approval.  She lets you talk to Loki who constricts you.  

 snake truth

When you leave the snake to do it, he giggles and says, “Mine.”  It is the illusion of freedom.  


Thor brings the apple of truth and Loki screams, “What have you poisoned it with?”  


The truth will show your victory of power as the victory of death in the day of truth.  


The Loki’s apple of death tastes sweet but sours the stomach.  Eat the apple of Thor.  


Mother nature says you have free will.  Know by receiving the apple of truth.  Or know by eating the apple of knowledge of good and evil.  
She smiles and says, “You have free will.  But you have no indulgence not to know.  You and the clan will know.  Look and listen.”

a tornado coming

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #31

Entry 31 –  Uruz & Ansuz Reversed



r ansuz reversed


You act by strength and will.  “Look at me. I am the aurochs.”


There is no answer.  You bellow in the grove.  


Then comes the day when the black cloud comes into town.  

a tornado coming

No one hears your voice in the mighty wind.  


The Nornir speak in the winds,  “You reap what you sow.”   You have no power against the law.  You can not will “no law”.  Once the forces of change spin the black cloud, it spins.  


There is no place to hide from the law.  There is no time.  There is only now.  Be careful what you sow for you have no will against the law.  You have no power mighty aurochs.  

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #26

Entry 26 – Naudhiz & Uruz






The aurochs runs wild.  

a aur u

So it must be.  It is the aurochs, forever untameable.  


In the long days the grove shakes with the bellows of the bull’s power.  As the days grow short, in the day of ice, Audhumla, the cow, must come and lick the glacial ice which it stands before and in the quiet tongue friction sculpture Buri.


By need the bull, which must have come first, has yielded the grove to the cow to lick the ice, to form Buri, who was the father of the first gods who kill the frost giant.  


The time of the bull must have been and pass.  The time of the cow must have been and pass.  The frost giant, Ymir, will not die.  He must be slaughtered, death of the old, and so in this the new world of the gods is created from his body.


Masculine, feminine, life, death, life.    

power play

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #8

Entry 8 – Uruz & Jera




The harvest is not the harvest.  It is the year of the harvest.  Outside the year there is no harvest.

 power play

The vital force flashes its fierceness in the forest.  The wood pays him no never-mind.  It is not the harvest of the vital force.  It is the year of harvest.  


Force is not vital force if it is discharged outside the year of harvest.  Rather it dissipates by the square of the distance.  Here today gone tomorrow.  There is no harvest.  


No matter the force applied, the harvest will only come at the right time of the year.  Wasted energy walks away from the year of the harvest and dissipates by the square of the distance.  


Be still mighty aurochs and know the harvest in the year of the harvest.  

Diary of the Ancients channeled by Bill – Entry #5

May 12, 2016 –  Uruz & Berkana






The aurochs charges through the grove.  
a aur u

It is eminence in its power, brutish and untamed.   It bellows in the wood.   


The birch tree is a little seed, small still, quiet.  It listens to the rain and the beast.  In quietness it extends its roots deep into the earth and raises into the sky and over shadows the beast.  It sways ever so slightly as its leaves rustle a soft chime in the breeze.


No one hears the roar of the auroch anymore.  


In the quietness of the day of hot sun we still sit under the birch.  The birch does not ask a thank you.  It just stands in quiet majesty reaching into the earth and sky at the same time.  It sways ever so slightly saying, “Anyway, you are welcome.”  
Blessed be the birch that listens in quietness.  

Diary of the Ancients channeled by Bill – Entry #1

May 8, 2016  –  Dagaz & Reversed Uruz


uruz - reversed


Balance is the real power of life.  We think that we can over power another person or a problem.  And when we think that way, we are losing our balance in the masculine quest.  We have lost the feminine.  We are not in the spiritual equilibrium.  


In the dagas there is no night there is no day.  But at the same time there is night, and there is day, the male and the female.  There is a time when all is one.  We call this twilight and dusk.  One is ending; the other is beginning, and both met in these times.  And both are.


During these times the uruz is upside down.  The horns of the aurochs point to  heaven to receive spiritual power, during the time he surrenders his power to dominate the grove.  He has laid down the fight and received the peace that surpasses domination of the forest around him.  He maintains his physical power, but his surrenders it to the spiritual power that can effortlessly move the issue along to its peaceful conclusion.  He moves into balance.


Be still and know that I AM God.  


Physical power is the power of emergency, and not the power of life.  


If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  


The power of life is stronger than the aurochs.  It is the power of balance in the twilight and dusk of the all.  


 balanced rock

Use the u-rune in healing?

Why is the u-rune considered good for healing?

a aur u

I started using the u-rune in some of my healings as I kept reading about it being used for that. As I began to see positive results, I continued to use it in certain circumstances.

That is how I started to use the u-rune. I could be flippant and say I use it because I have seen it work. But the question is more why does it work.

The energy of this rune includes the vital energies of life, strength and power in physical life. This rune appears in fehu eight, the first eight runes. These eight generally deal with physical issues. One who is physically sick or injured needs strength and power to over come his physical healing problem.

The u-rune was symbolized by the aurochs,

a cave art

a now extinct wild giant bovine of Europe and the north lands. The shear largeness and strength of it was the very essence of vitality to the proto-Germanic people.

So as one focuses on this vitality, this power and this energy, the energy of vitality is called into the healing.

Remember Salomon said, as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. As one thinks about receiving healing energy, he receives healing energy. This is much like healing visualization.

But beyond that I have noted this rune to work in more or less secret healing when the healed person does not know that I am doing it. I do a signing and sending and positive results are often achieved.

I think that thinking about the visceral power of the aurochs becomes a way to focus the right energy to the right place.

I note also that a general sending of this vitality gives room for the universe/God to direct it to the right place for the best results.

This is like in reconnective style healing. You do not focus on an apparent problem. You just play with the sensations in the aura, and then be a witness as to what happens. (See now the page please on reconnective style healing because as you can imagine there is more info.)

That general sending is the hard part. We want to do something, something specifically. Well, getting out of the way is something.

I remember an old man collapsing. The EMS was called. A lady friend was trying to help him as the EMS showed up. She was continuing trying to do something.

I took her gently by the arm to the side. I said, “Don’t try to help now. Just get out of the way and let them do their job. They know what they are doing. And you may get in the way.” She nodded. And we waited.

I could tell that it was hard for her to just stand by. It was uncomfortable. However, it was best.

The same is true of the u-rune healing. Call in the u-rune energy, and when the vital energy arrives, get out of the way. It knows what needs to be done. Become the witness.

(See now the page please on rune magic because as you can imagine there is more details.)

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