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power play

Secret Ancients’ Diary channeled by Bill – Entry #8

Entry 8 – Uruz & Jera




The harvest is not the harvest.  It is the year of the harvest.  Outside the year there is no harvest.

 power play

The vital force flashes its fierceness in the forest.  The wood pays him no never-mind.  It is not the harvest of the vital force.  It is the year of harvest.  


Force is not vital force if it is discharged outside the year of harvest.  Rather it dissipates by the square of the distance.  Here today gone tomorrow.  There is no harvest.  


No matter the force applied, the harvest will only come at the right time of the year.  Wasted energy walks away from the year of the harvest and dissipates by the square of the distance.  


Be still mighty aurochs and know the harvest in the year of the harvest.  

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