Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 24

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 24


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 24

May 15, 2016
Bill Haberman
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Check previous parts for important information.


Surrender Therapy Pt. 1


When I say surrender, the ego goes berserk.  


But I do not mean giving up.  On the other hand, I am talking about stopping doing.  That being said, there is a necessary time of surrender, quit doing.  This is related to faith therapy.  There is a time to be still, and know that I am god.  There is a time to stop being a human doing and just be a human being.


There are two aspects of surrender therapy that we will cover.


First, the ego says I must do this or that.  Or I need a little more of this.  Maybe, what else can I do?  All of these ideas are invoking masculine energy.  Balance says there must be a feminine energy also.   


This is what I am talking about when I talk about surrender therapy.  You do what you need to do [masculine], and then your wait in surrender of the doing [feminine] and faithfully expect the harvest of what you have sown.  

sowing seeds

When you have done what needs to be done, forget it, i.e., wait on in expectation.  


Cast your bread upon the water and it will return unto you.  If you believe this is true, you will cast your bread and then surrender your doing for the bread to return unto you.  You do not keep on casting your bread upon the water to get it to return.  You surrender to what you have done and then surrender your doing while the bread returns.  

We tend to think if a little is good more is better.  We want instant healing, or we start to think that it is not working.  As a result, we never stop doing something more [masculine].  We never take the time to receive the healing [feminine].  


All this is a manifestation of doubt.  We start to doubt that what we have done is efficacious.  We begin to expect failure unless we do more.  The Bible says let not the one who doubts think that he will receive anything.  


In the runes philosophy they put it this way.  You put yourself in the place where you can receive the gift and then you wait.  


This is the place and demeanor of miracles.  That is, you stop trying to do and surrender to the coming result, you have cast your bread upon the water.  


I heard of a lady who understood this principle.  She developed breast cancer.  She knew a couple of things about cancer.  1) Cancer can not exist in an alkaline environment.  And 2) Cancer needs a lot of sugar.  


The doctor was recommending, chemo, radiation, and surgery.  She decided to do something else.  She started making sure that her body was highly alkaline and stopped ingesting sugars except for that which might naturally be in fruits and vegetables.  


The doctor was beside himself, when she refused the rush into the carcinogenic cancer therapies of modern medicine.  She went home and put herself in a position to receive a healing.  That is what she figured she needed to do.  While maintaining a position to heal, high alkalinity and reduced sugar, she surrendered from there to receive the gift.  


In a month she returned to the doctor and found that the tumors had reduced in size.  The doctor assured her that this was only temporary and she needed what he was offering.   She chose to surrender to what she had done.  She had no doubt that things were going in the right direction.  


Long story short in 90 days the cancer disappeared.  If she had gone the extra mile and taken the carcinogenic treatments, what would have been the outcome?  At best more would not have given her any better results.  But she had to surrender to receive the gift of healing.  


The interesting thing about surrender therapy is that you do not try to accomplish the end.  You are not trying to get your goal, but to get to where your goal will be.  


When I was a young boy on the ranch, I was taught about hunting to feed the family.  One of the keys to a successful hunt is scouting.  I was taught as season was approaching to start noticing where the deer were, where there was a lot of deer signs.  

 deer track

Then I told to go to that area and wait.  It may not happen the first day of waiting, but it would eventually happen.  That is where the deer were.


What was the hunter doing?  He was putting himself in the position to receive the give and surrendering in stillness to the wait.  

deer sign

I had a friend comment to my dad that he did not know how I always saw deer and he did not.  I said, “I do not find deer; they find me.”  I had stopped trying to find deer, while I waited were they would come by.  


A young boy came one day to the ranch to try for some venison.  I told him to go wait in a meadow that was a opening in the cedar breaks not 75 yards from the house.   He explained to me that it was too near the house, too much noise would come from the house.  I told him that I often saw deer there near sundown.  


That place was just too simple for him.  He wanted some place remote and hard to get too.  He thought he should be doing something, walking through the wood and looking.  I said if you harvest in that remote area then you will have to get it out.  


So he sat in the place I told him.  Then in about 30 minutes he walked back to the house and said that he would walk across the hill.  


The vinson in momma’s freezer was getting low.  So, I decided to go to that meadow he had left.  Around sunset, I harvested a good resupply of meat.  I had gone to where the deer were and surrendered my hunting to waiting.  


The hunting was in the scouting, not in the hunt per se.  The harvest was in the surrender.  After I put myself in position, I surrendered the hunt.  


The young boy thought he needed to be doing something [masculine].  He was walking around hunting.  He got nothing.  I knew when it was time to surrender and in surrender came the gift [masculine and feminine].  


So it is with is with healing.  Scout a therapy that puts you in place where healings have been seen.  The do what you need to do to be in that place.  Then surrender.  [Masculine and feminine]


Do not doubt the simplicity.  Just go there and surrender.  
The second aspect of surrender therapy


To be continued …



About The Author

Dr. Bill in San Antonio, TX, holds six degrees in religious studies including a Ph.D. and a Th.D. He holds several other certificates and certifications. He has been what some call a professional student.

Raised mostly in rural south and south-central Texas, he is equally at ease on the ranch, in the woods, in meditation, or metaphysical pursuits.

He was the author of two books now out of print and several that he has not pushed for publication. He has written numerous articles in pier review journals during his time in traditional ministry.

He was invited to be on the translation committee for a modern Bible translation but declined, for philosophic differences over translation presuppositions.

His studies in comparative religions led him into an in depth study of metaphysics.

He has a knack for noticing overlapping principles in different systems. It occurred to him that when things keep showing up in many religions that these maybe the secret truth past down from our ancient past that are applicable to us today.

As in folk lore Odin hung from the tree upside down and after nine days, came to know the secret runes. Today Dr. Bill strives to look at repeating truths in a different way. He is willing as needed to take the time to see the secrets that are ready to be opened from different directional considerations.

Dr. Bill was a traditional minister for 25 years, filling pulpits two times a week and teaching many classes.

Now he has centered his work on the metaphysical of spirituality.

Dr. Bill looks at the metaphysical and spiritual from a new eclectic perspective. This rare insight has been a boon to him and as he works to help you can be a boon to you

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