Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 25

Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 25


Too Simple to be True Healing Therapies Pt. 25

May 16, 2016
Bill Haberman
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Check previous parts for important information.

Surrender Therapy Pt. 2

continued ..

Do not doubt the simplicity.  Just go there and surrender.  


The second aspect of surrender therapy is change.  



The change in surrender follows acceptance.  The fact that something is not changing is evidence that there has not been acceptance.  Once you accept where you are, then you can get your bearings to set your compass and move on.  


In any change there is then the time of thank you.  The thank you is that in acceptance you have a starting point.   If you are in a boat and it capsizes, you do not just start swimming.  

 capsized boat


You embrace the turned over hull and then you have a place to look and see your direction to swim.  If you just start swimming you may only be moving into deeper water.  Thank you for the boat bottom turned up.  


A friend had a problem with depression for many months.  



She, one night, in depths of depression gave up the fight against it.  She surrendered.  


She said to herself that she must really enjoy the problem because she was hanging on to it.  While thinking about what she enjoyed about depression, the depression slipped away.  With her having surrendered to the depression the condition had no more power over her.  She had taken charge of her feelings and life in that thankful surrender.  


What you resist persists.  First therapeutic step, surrender and accept the situation.  


The chi masters talk about surrender in the art of standing.  One of the things that you do while standing is scan your body for any tight muscles.  The goal is to be totally relaxed.  


I would find a muscle that was tight, and I would get mad at myself for allowing that tight muscle.  As a result, the muscle stayed tight or got worse.  [What you resist persists.] I continued trying and no therapeutic practice or thinking was working for relief.  


I learned from instruction and practice that the answer was surrender.  O.k., the muscle is tight. [surrender – acceptance]  Relaxed is normal.  Then I would think about the normal and the muscle would relax.  [Change]  


That is the essence of surrender therapy.  O.k., this is where I am at. [Thank you] That is where I want to be.  Change.


Are you having thoughts and feelings that are toxic to you?  Do not resist. Surrender.  


There was a man who had a bad divorce, and he felt that the ex had taken him to the cleaners in the settlement.  This was causing him not to be able to enter any, any type, relationship personal or business with women.  He resisted because he knew that was not normal, but the feelings persisted.  


One day he in effect said to himself that that was the way he felt and he was not going to beat himself up over it any more.  [Surrender]  He just decided to be content with just acting normal even if he did not feel normal.  So he just thought about how to act normal.  Very soon he realized that he was not only acting normal, he was feeling normal about women too.  [Change.]


This is something that has been noted with some lower back problems.  Surrender to the current problem and quite trying to get better.  Just walk the most normal that you can.  Then you in surrender therapy change the condition and you quickly recover.  


In qigong when you are doing exercises

 qigong exercise


you do not fight your way through the pain of a movement.    You just accept that there is that pain.  You move that direction until you feel discomfort, and you back off.  You do not try to force through the pain, for that will just cause further injury.  But in moving as normally as you can [and thinking about normal movement] you bring the change to the pain and with it range of motion increases in time to normal.  You have changed with surrendering to the problem not fighting the problem.


Some of the healings that we have noted in other sections have a surrender factor.  The man who used travel to over come the death sentence of the doctors was practicing on one level surrender.  He did not fight the prediction of death.  He just moved on with his bucket list travel.  And the problem had no power over him.   Bro. Smith did the same type surrender when he started his bucket list revivals.  


Do not try to fight your way through life just surrender through life.  
Surrender therapy is too simple to be true, but it is.

About The Author

Dr. Bill in San Antonio, TX, holds six degrees in religious studies including a Ph.D. and a Th.D. He holds several other certificates and certifications. He has been what some call a professional student.

Raised mostly in rural south and south-central Texas, he is equally at ease on the ranch, in the woods, in meditation, or metaphysical pursuits.

He was the author of two books now out of print and several that he has not pushed for publication. He has written numerous articles in pier review journals during his time in traditional ministry.

He was invited to be on the translation committee for a modern Bible translation but declined, for philosophic differences over translation presuppositions.

His studies in comparative religions led him into an in depth study of metaphysics.

He has a knack for noticing overlapping principles in different systems. It occurred to him that when things keep showing up in many religions that these maybe the secret truth past down from our ancient past that are applicable to us today.

As in folk lore Odin hung from the tree upside down and after nine days, came to know the secret runes. Today Dr. Bill strives to look at repeating truths in a different way. He is willing as needed to take the time to see the secrets that are ready to be opened from different directional considerations.

Dr. Bill was a traditional minister for 25 years, filling pulpits two times a week and teaching many classes.

Now he has centered his work on the metaphysical of spirituality.

Dr. Bill looks at the metaphysical and spiritual from a new eclectic perspective. This rare insight has been a boon to him and as he works to help you can be a boon to you

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