Urine Therapy Pt. 10

Urine Therapy Pt. 10


Urine Therapy Pt. 10

March 22, 2016
Bill Haberman
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See previous parts for important information.


What is it about External Usage of Urine?


This is at first blush a radical idea. It is radical in modern cultures, but it has a 5,000 year history of effectiveness.  

ancient urine therapy

It may work for you on many skin and related disorders.  


Have you ever wondered why some of the supermodels say so young looking even into their forties and beyond.  There maybe several reasons for this.  There maybe for some things like genetics that play a role.  Of course we have all seen before and after makeup pictures.  But there are some that are just stay beautiful with or without makeup.  


A cousin of my mother worked as a makeup artist in old Hollywood,


in the days where makeup was the secret to making the average looking actors and actresses look good for the camera.  These people were truly make up artists.  One day they brought in an actress from Sweden for makeup for a screen test.  He looked at her and and turned around to the director and said what do I do.  She was just so naturally beautiful.  She was Ingrid Bergman.

ingrid bergman

We are not talking here about that kind of beauty being created by massaging with urine.  What we are talking about is complexion and such.  Not a few top models today sware by self produced urine as the secret to complexion problems.  What some of them do is add their own urine to the creams that they use on their skin.  This practice some say is starting to be trending in the United Kingdom at this time.


Some add some urine to their bath water.  [I suppose they rinse off when they are through bathing.  But I do not know that.]  It was fashionable for women in 18th century France to bath in urine.  I mentioned earlier that in the ancient middle east babies received their first bath in urine.  


Acne, age spots, some athlete’s foot issues, blemishes, troublesome skin, eczema, psoriasis and fungal infections are a few of the problems that have many people attest to the effectiveness of topical urine therapy.  And why not?  It is anti bacterial, viral, and fungal in its properties.  It has generally in it 95% water, and in the other 5% nutrients you will find things such as vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc.  And it is made just for you.  


Urine is also used commercially in ear drops.  In the Indian tradition it is used in nose drops and eye drops.  I am not making recommendation, but FYI.  


There are reports from people in the taoist tradition


who have used urine drops for both eye and nose drops to relieve eye itching or inflammation, or for nasal congestion.  For such usages they only use fresh, clear, normal urine.  Using Ph strips, check the eye urine to make sure that it is not acidic.    Also, make certain that the eye dropper is sterilized.  It is also considered as an alternative to use a compress of fresh normal urine as an excellent therapy for external eye inflammations such as styes.


Virtually any skin problem can be helped with urine therapy externally.

About The Author

Dr. Bill in San Antonio, TX, holds six degrees in religious studies including a Ph.D. and a Th.D. He holds several other certificates and certifications. He has been what some call a professional student. Raised mostly in rural south and south-central Texas, he is equally at ease on the ranch, in the woods, in meditation, or metaphysical pursuits. He was the author of two books now out of print and several that he has not pushed for publication. He has written numerous articles in pier review journals during his time in traditional ministry. He was invited to be on the translation committee for a modern Bible translation but declined, for philosophic differences over translation presuppositions. His studies in comparative religions led him into an in depth study of metaphysics. He has a knack for noticing overlapping principles in different systems. It occurred to him that when things keep showing up in many religions that these maybe the secret truth past down from our ancient past that are applicable to us today. As in folk lore Odin hung from the tree upside down and after nine days, came to know the secret runes. Today Dr. Bill strives to look at repeating truths in a different way. He is willing as needed to take the time to see the secrets that are ready to be opened from different directional considerations. Dr. Bill was a traditional minister for 25 years, filling pulpits two times a week and teaching many classes. Now he has centered his work on the metaphysical of spirituality. Dr. Bill looks at the metaphysical and spiritual from a new eclectic perspective. This rare insight has been a boon to him and as he works to help you can be a boon to you amazon.com/author/billhaberman
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