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    ALU Ministries

    Bringing spiritual healing and harmony to the planet!

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    Contact Dr. Bill now and see if he can use these energies to help you today!

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    Call today for your reading, blessing or healing . . .

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    Eeman Healing

    By connecting positive and negative electrical points in your body into a complete circuit, blockages in the body electric are opened.

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    Reconnective-Style, Hypnosis, Auto Genics, Eeman & Pendulum Healing, and Axiatonal Lines

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  • hypnosis hypnotic


    Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain.

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  • axiatonal alignment lines

    Axiatonal Alignment

    The most simple explanation/metaphor is that Axiatonal Alignment connects us to the universal grid system and the planetary grid system.

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Alu Ministries - Healing and Harmonizing

Alu ministries provides healing and harmonizing on a vibrational level. Whether it's through reconnective style healing, runes, pendulum or Eeman healing or maybe you're looking to get back into spiritual alignment with the Universe with axiatonal lines, we're here to help.

From The Blog

You can do Telepathic Healing

Telepathic Healing   Learn how to do telepathic healing! Telepathic Healing 101 – https://goo.gl/pLXPNs The Secrets of Healing Telepathy book – https://billhaberman.com Check out the previews of the course and read some of the student reviews of Telepathic Healing 101 at https://goo.gl/pLXPNs #telepathy #healing #telepathichealing  

Sep 11, 2017 Admin

Prayers not Working?

Prayers not Working?   https://goo.gl/HQ9udG – Secrets of Perfecting Successful Prayer 101 or Ask for it by name at https://udemy.com In this course we will reexamine the basics of prayer and you can then apply the principles of prayer is a new way toward perfecting successful prayer. Also there are books at http://billhaberman.com #prayer #manifesting

Jun 21, 2017 Admin

Distance Healing Made Easy

Distance Healing Made Easy   https://goo.gl/pLXPNs – Telepathic Healing 101 – The course http://billhaberman.com – Secrets of Telepathic Healing for Healer – The book or https://udemy.com – Ask for the course by name https://amazon.com – ask for the book by name Learn distance healing and so much more with these links. Please share. #healing #telepathy

Jun 20, 2017 Admin

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